5-31-2013 Mad jacks
Another Friday at Mad jacks. After grilling burgers today. i needed a night out. It was
pretty refreshing, but I didn't want to spend too much money either. it was a fun night

5-30-2013 Infinite gravity
We won two game and lost one. To our rival Zero Gravity team. Which was a lot of fun
to play with. They had 5 guys. We didn't care though. We rocked them pretty good.

5-29-2013 Dball
I was pretty angry today. I was hitting everything that moves on the dodgeball court.
I tried to use up all my energy. I felt like I was going to have another heart attack
out there.

5-28-2013 Saigon
Me and Karen had lunch with Nancy at Saigon. It was really good today. I just wanted
something light. It is always nice catching up with her.

5-27-2013 Memorial day
I went out and got drinks at TGIF in Coon Rapids and drank at the Legion. I drove
home afterwards. I was so tired. But atleast I am sleeping at the moment.

5-26-2013 Cleaning the grill
Its pretty cheasy to put a  real weber grill  on a charbroil grill. It works and does the
job. So can't complain about that. I have been listening to music all day to help control
my anger.

5-25-2013 Quiet time
I spent all day basically cleaning. I had my spring cleaning so to speak. It was nice and
its been something I wanted to do a better job doing. Sparkly clean. Enough to impress
people when they come in.

5-24-2013 Mad Jacks
Went out for some drinks tonight. I felt like I needed it for some reason. Lately
things have been really tough. But I fight through it like I normally do.

5-23-2013 infinite gravity Vball
We won one game and lost two. The team we played looked pretty good. We seemed
rusty, since we were still trying to figure each other out. I expect us to get better.
We started off slow last year.

5-22-2013 Dball
I had some aggression tonight. I tried to throw hard, but that ball just wasn't flying
tonight. I had a fun time though. I took it easy though. I was kinda tired.

5-21-2013 Tuesday fun
I picked up Erika and we went to my kickball game. I subbed for nagma tonight. We
went to get drinks after that. We went and got some legion drinks in us. Which is
always a fun time.

5-20-2013 Saks
we won all of our games tonight at volleyball. We all played really well. Which feel
really good. We really needed to peak at some point. We have been close, but it was a
break through week this week.

5-19-2013 Rain
Its been raining like mad lately. It rained pretty hard today. Kickball games were
cancelled tonight. Which gave me another day to really take it easy. I fell asleep
around 9:30pm. I woke up at 10:30pm. I was wide awake till 4am. Iill I passed out.

5-18-2013 Quiet
I was trying to take it easy today. I didn't want to spend any extra money if I didn't
have too. Seems like Saturday night has been my quiet night lately. Which isn't a bad

I did goto Chad and Danielles today for ribs. I dropped off ribs earlier today. Since
Chad was smoking ribs.

5-17-2013 Legion
Me and Jay went to Bostons in Coon rapids. To pick up a friend of his. We went to the
Legion after that and got pretty drunk. We went to the Flame burger for food. It was
filling, which we needed.

5-16-2013 Movie night
Melisa and kristi came over. We rented silver Linings Play book. I thought it was a
pretty good movie. It was a bit wacky at first, but once they started explaining
things. It made more sense.

5-15-2013 Dball
Figured since I was a bit drunk at Scotts going away happy hour. I would just go all
out and try to play. I did pretty good. i was in jeans though. I think I sported it
pretty well.

5-14-2013 Dodgeball sub
I had a good time throwing balls at people tonight. I was hobbling around, but I felt
pretty fresh. I was throwing pretty hard. I guess thats what happens when your off
for a few weeks.

5-13-2013 Monday Vball sub
I subbed tonight for vball. I actually stopped over at Andys place cause I needed a t
shirt. I didn't have clothes with me. I had fun playing tonight though. It was a lot of
fun. I don't even remember how we did to be honest.

5-12-2013 Mothers day
We ate lobster for mothers day and pho. It was so good. I actually really enjoyed it a
lot. It was tasty. I will have to replicate it at home sometime. We just hung out and I
played with the nephews. They are always so fun.

5-11-2013 Quiet time
I had Kobe over this weekend. I just laid low. I actually fell asleep at 7pm and didn't
wake up till 10:30pm. The night was basically gone. I really just stayed in. I have been
very tired. Seems like I keep repeating that.

5-10-2013 Time with the ex
I spent some time with Erika tonight we went out and had a lot of fun. For some odd
reason, we just feel so natural together. It was a good night.

5-9-2013 Laundry
I wanted to take it easy tonight. I was trying to keep my self busy with laundry. The
weather is always so unpredictable around this time of year. Its cold, go figure right.

5-8-2013 No Dball
I have been so tired lately. I really didn't even want to play today. Well it didn't
matter. My foot was hurt and I am hobbling around pretty bad. I did meet up for drinks
after. I had the urge to go out.

5-7-2013 Quiet night
I really tried to eat healthy today. I made a turkey sausage muffin with and egg for
breakfast today. I ate decent for lunch and tonight. I tried to eat small. I am always
so hungry. So its tough on me.

5-6-2013 Happy hour fun
Me and Erika wanted to try out Rojo for happy hour in west end. It was pretty good.
The margaritas were really tasty, We did some shopping since we were in the area. It
was fun hanging out again.

5-5-2013 Steamers week 2
We beat the Multiple Scoregasms today. They were pretty drunk but it was fun
getting our revenge on them. They are a good team though.

I wanted to go out on the tonight for Since de Mayo. We went to the Cafeteria,
Stellas and Bar Louie.

5-4-2013 Park Tavern
I honestly wasn't in the mood to really go out tonight. I went with the motions. Troy
wanted to flirt with girls. So I decided to go with him. I spotted the hottest girl in
the bar and talked to her for awhile. She was married but it was a lot of fun chatting
with her.

5-03-2013 Mikes last day
We all went to lunch at Khans. Then after that we went to La Casita for drinks I was
there from 2 to 8pm. It was a lot of drinking, but once I got home. I just passed out,
I knew I needed the sleep anyways.

5-02-2013 NBA basketball
I am a pretty big fan of play off basketball. There were some really good games going
on tonight. I was pretty excited with tonight. I stayed up watching all the games. I
was pretty tired in the morning though.

5-01-2013 Dball late night
I was out pretty late tonight. I spent a lot of money at happy hour already. So I
really didn't want to go nuts tonight or anything. We just all played a fun game of
darts. The pig way. It was a lot of fun.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”