5-31-2014 Hoggs
I was feeling pretty tired after dodge ball today. I didn't really want to go out. But I
made my way there. Met up with everyone. Two for ones. Can't go wrong on that. My
future girlfriend bartender was working.

5-30-2014 Ashley
Ashleys home for the weekend. We went to Haute Dish for dinner. The food was so
good. I had the kielbasa in a can. With a light cheddar sauce and pretzel. Ashley Had
the King crab mac and cheese. Which was awesome. We had some drinks on the roof top.
Made a trip to uptown. it was just fun catching up.

5-29-2014 Rest
I have been feeling pretty good lately. I am getting good rest and just having energy
again. This summer is off to a good start so far. I have been having a lot of fun.

Infinite Gravity vs Zero Gravity. We totally destroyed them. It was a mis match. I
am glad we have come a long way.

5-28-2014 Dball
I forgot my shoes at home today. So I drove all the way home. I was gonna stay home
but I had the desire to get out and get some exercise. I knew the gym would be warm.
So I would sweat a good amount. I went home after. I took it easy tonight.

5-27-2014 Push 75
We were playing a older team tonight. We struggled early and lost the first two. It
became clear we need some people to really step up. We finally looked like a volleyball
team the 3rd game. Hopefully we can build on that. We got the win finally.

5-26-2014 Vball
I went to a intermediate volleyball group today. It was fierce competition. I struggled
at first, but I finally started to play well. I am just not used to all these good
players around me.

I went to meet everyone at the Legion. I was going to get a brat there. But it was way
over priced. We then went to the Hoggsbreath for drinks. I was feeling pretty good.

5-25-2014 Home
I wanted to really light it up tonight. Since we had tomorrow off for Memorial Day. i
took it pretty easy though. We had drinks. But we knew we would all go out tomorrow
for Memorial day  drinks.

5-24-2014 Casino
So after lunch we made our way to another bar. Then we made our way to the Hole in
the wall Casino. Everyone was ahead. I was up $9.75. I was proud of that. The crab
buffet was pretty awesome though. I was so full eating there.

5-23-2014 Camp'n
I went to walmart to get some last minute things. I was just excited to get the hell
out of dodge. The drive up was good. We drank at a couple bars. It was nice just
getting everything set up at the camp grounds. We had steak tonight. It was awesome.
It was an early night for everyone. With the early drinking.

5-22-2014 Brasa
John at work wanted to try something different. So we all went to brasa for lunch. I
have never been a fan of sitting outside. But it was a nice day. Cool breeze helps. I
was just looking forward to the end of the day to be honest.

5-21-2014 Stuff
Tonight was jamie's birthday. We went to the Acapulco in ham Lake. She likes going to
Acapulco for her bday. Usually its in coon rapids. It was a good time. We stayed
pretty late. But I was pretty tired when I got home.

5-20-2014 Push 75
we played a tough team this week. The hard part of it. We struggled on the simplist
things. We shouldn't have been that bad. We looked like we were in the wrong league.
Time to step up our games. I need to lead.

5-19-2014 Home
Feels like I have not been home in awhile. Today was a good day to do laundry and get
things done. I really needed a break. I have been feeling so tired lately. I guess thats
whats life is like when your a celeb.

5-18-2014 Steamers
We won today against the kicksters. We played pretty well actually. All my throws
from 3rd were right on. I did a decent job kicking too. My ankle. Was tweaked again.
Not sure if it will ever heal.

5-17-2014 BBQ
We had the bbq at Jesse's place since. Dana was out of town. It turned out to be a
good time. I was trying to take it easy tonight. I felt good. Didn't go too crazy. I
tried too. But maybe I am just acting my age.

5-16-2014 Beer
I went out with Crystal and her peeps tonight. We were at Dangerous Man Brewery. I
thought it was pretty good. I think I like this one the best so far. Compared to the
other places I have been.

5-15-2014 Hoggsbreath
I don't remember the last time I was here for happy hour. But it was fun. I was
flirting with the bartender pretty good. She kinda reminds me of someone I know. I
was feeling pretty drunk though. I went home and just passed out.

5-14-2014 Dball
I took it fairly easy tonight. I didn't want to hurt my self. I started trying when one
of the newbies wouldn't go out. Got to feel my wrath. I went out after and I was
hurting pretty bad. I was tired. Late nights are just too hard for me.

5-13-2014 Push 75
We changed the identity of team to Push 75. Zero Gravity is now dead. We won only 1
out of the three games. We were all out of sync. The girls did not like the cold. We
shall do better next week.

5-12-2014 TV
I have been trying to catch up on tv lately. I am still pretty behind tonight. But
hopefully I will get some time this week. I am fairly busy this week.

5-11-2014 Mothers day
We went over to my moms for mothers day. We had a nice variety of food. I was
pretty full.

I went to kickball and played through my ankle injury. We lost. But it was alot of fun.
I went to the Doghouse after that. To get some drinks. Then I made my way to the

5-10-2014 CowBoy Jacks
After dball today. We all went to the mexican place and decided to go out. I was trying
to be good last night. So I could go nuts tonight. I picked up Gordon and we went over
to Lindseys. We all then went to Cowboy Jacks and it was just a ton of fun. I need to
stop spending so much. I spent 100 tonight.

5-09-2014 Drinking
Today seemed like a good night to just go out and get some drinks. Of course I was
trying to stay in, but I had a good time and took it fairly easy. I went up to Hidden
haven to hang out with everyone up there. We ended up at Maxx. But the band was
pretty lame.

5-08-2014 Poopy
I have been craving burritos lately. but tonight. When I got home I decided to just get
some shrimp and eat that. Tomorrow maybe I will be able to make a burrito.

5-07-2014 Dball
My stupidity made me decide to play dodge ball even though my ankle is pretty
battered. I thought I did pretty well. But I was hurting pretty good. I wanted to go
out tonight anyways. It was Jedi's birthday. So I bought his food for him.

5-06-2014 D-spot
Had lunch at the D-spot today. It was pretty good. Had a dirty sanchez burger. It had
two beef patties. A chorizo patty. Fried egg. Cheese and a southwest aoli sauce. I was
so hungry today. At night, I wanted something healthy. So I made a curry stir fry. It
turned out pretty good.

5-05-2014 Cinco de mayo
After work today. I went over to the Legion. They were serving fajitas. So I figure
we would try it out. It was pretty good. But for $11 bucks at the Legion. It was just
way too much. Thats more expensive then some mexican places.

5-04-2014 Day drinking
With it being Sunday fun day. We went to the Legion and made my way to The Dog
house and back to the Legion. Some drama tonight. But it wasn't my issue. I was
feeling pretty good tonight. I wanted more. But realized. It was late.

5-03-2014 Sprained ankle
Today at dodge ball. I rolled my ankle after jumping up to dodge a ball. I went down and
I was rolling around. It hurt pretty bad. I heard something pop. I sat on the side with
ice. But I tried to play still. I just didn't want to sit around.

Went out to the Doghouse to see Uncle Chunk. Then made my way to Park Tavern for
Jeff's bday. It was a late night. I get reminded why some people who just hinder at
parties. Just need to grow up.

5-02-2014 Happy Hour
I didn't want to spend too much money with it being pay day. So I just went to happy
hour. Sarah was in the area. We met up at Old Chicago, since Stouts was so busy. I
spose it was Friday.

5-01-2014 Planning
I been wanting to go get some shopping done lately. I was looking at my wardrobe
lately. I noticed it was a lot of work and vendor shirts. I feel I needed some summer
clothes. So I went and did some shopping.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”