5-31-2015 Kickball
Today at kickball. We play our rivalry team the Scorgasms. We beat them 3 to 0 today.
Which was great. We havn't beaten them in a long time. But our defense was awesome.

I met Che and Becky at the Hoggsbreath for drinks after. I was telling them my mom
conned me into giving $50 to some church in Vietnam. We met up with everyone else at
The vadnais inn. I havnt been to that bar in a very very long time. Its still the same.

5-30-2015 Christine bday
I went to Christines party bus. I picked up Dave and Gordon downtown and we met up
at Town Hall Lanes. it was a lot of fun. The bus took us to some weird bars. But either
way. There was a keg inside and everyone was happy. I made jello shots. Everyone was
pretty wasted.

5-29-2015 Dball
I played with rubber dballs tonight. I havn't done that in a long time and my arm was
sore afterwards. I can't seem to throw them as hard anymore.

I met up with Che at the Hogsbreath tonight. It was nice to get cheap drinks, even
though it was kind of ghetto in there. I had a good time regardless.

5-28-2015 Downtown
I met up with Shawna downtown to have  some drinks and some food. I was at home all
day and I was tired of sitting at home. So it was nice to get out and hang out. We
went to Mackenzies and sat on the back patio.

5-27-2015 Feeling chubby
I went to go get a salad for lunch again today. It was good. But I got  a bag of chips
and I couldn't stop eating it. Basically it was a wash. But oh well. I went to the gym
today to get my body moving again.

5-26-2015 Cleaning
I have been doing more cleaning lately. I just wanted to clear out any junk I have. I
put alot of stuff in the trash today. My body is still aching from my multiple dives
last week.

5-25-2015 Memorial day
We celebrated my sisters fiances bday today. We went to the buffet on university.
Where I have been eating a lot at lately. It was fun. We went to my sisters house to
eat more food and drink. I was feeling pretty good.

5-24-2015 Shawna party
I have chicken drummies marinating for her party. I was feeling so tired from drink
the last couple days. I needed to get some rest. after I got done grilling the food. I
hung out for a bit. But decided to just go home. I needed sleep badly.

5-23-2015 Eau Claire
Me and Shawna drove to Eau Claire to Kumars house. It was nice and low key at first.
Once everyone else got there. It was a fun drunken time. We had a bus driving us
around and we were partying like it was a party bus. I had a good time. But I'm pretty
wiped out.

5-22-2015 Exchange
Tonight was one of those nights. I knew I should stay home. But I decided to go out
anyways. I went to the Exchange near Kristen and Ches house. We all were feeling
pretty good.

5-21-2015 Day off
Still using up that vacation time at work. But today. Ran into some complications with
the AC for the inspection. Looks like I will have to get it repaired. Which will cost me

5-20-2015 Vball subbing
Me and Amber subbed for my brothers volleyball team at Calhoun. It was on grass.
Which was weird for summer. I dove a lot and my hip finally gave out. It was swelling
up so fast. I was in a lot of pain after the games. Amber and I went to Burger Jones
for drinks. it was nice to catch up.

5-19-2015 Sleep
I have been a little behind on sleep lately. I havn't had much time to get stuff done.
But things are almost done with the house. I really can't wait to get out of here. So
hopefully the Ac things turns out fine.

5-18-2015 Dball
I was unsure if I was going to play today. My body is very sore and my hip was
bothering me. I figured I would go play and see what happens. I was fine through out. I
was tired though.

5-17-2015 Kickball cancelled
Storms have been making Sunday kickball fun day a bit dull. I went and had drinks
afterwards at the Exchange. I ran into Russ and Ashley. I havn't seen him in a long
time. I miss those days.

5-16-2015 Buffet
My dad came over to do some of the electrical outlets today. I didn't want to deal
with it. We went to the buffet afterwards. My sister and Du came too. We were so
full. I had a good time though.

I went to uptown to meet some friends. I got plenty of drink in me. We went from
Uptown Tavern to Mesa to Bar Louie. Bar hopping it till closing time.

5-15-2015 Payday
Thank goodness for pay day. I spent money all day today. Whether it was getting
supplies for the house or going out to eat. I spent quite a bit of money tonight.

5-14-2015 Burch steak
I met up with Dan for dinner. He wanted to take me out for my belated bday dinner.
Dan always wants to go big. I mean real big. He made me get the ribeye for two. We
ordered margherita pizza also. A burger. Dumplings. beef tartare. I was literally full.
It was really good. I really enjoyed it. Since I didn't have a fancy bday dinner this

5-13-2015 Forward
I havn't packed a lunch at all this week. I been going out to eat left and right. It is so
weird. I don't feel like my self. With the move to Austin happening. Its like I literally
feel different. I think I have finally just woken up.

5-12-2015 Happy hour
I was just sitting at home. I had the day off from work today. Keilani and I were
talking on facebook. I was hungry for pho. So we met up for pho. We had happy hour
right after. I was just happy to do something today. I was kinda tired of fixing stuff
around the house.

5-11-2015 Dball
After work today. I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I could goto dodgeball or I
can fix the 12 things the inspector wanted me to fix for the sale on my home. I said
dodgeball. My arm was tired and I wanted to run around and get some exercise.

5-10-2015 Kickball
Well I only got a few weeks left with everyone. It was kinda sad. But I was a little
nervous. It is sad. Since I have been kickball meeting so many different people for the
past 11 years. I Guess my motto with everyone late. Has been, lets make the rest of
our time count!

5-09-2015 Ambers wedding
I went to the gym this morning. I wanted to get in really good shape. When I make it
down to Austin Texas. I also got the parts in the mail to fix the gas dryer. i was a
little worried. But I didn't blow anything up. So I guess it worked. The $30 igniter
was the issue. Woohoo.

Me and Shawna got to Ambers wedding and we were late. But the ceremony hasn't even
started yet. So we got lucky. We met some new friends at the reception. We got kinda
lucky the people we sat next too were a lot of fun.

5-08-2015 American Sniper
I had the day off today. I was cleaning up around the house cleaning some more. I went
and played volleyball tonight. Afterwards, I went over to Kristen and Che's to watch
American Sniper. I thought it was pretty good.

5-07-2015 Dryer
My gas dryer broke today. I opened it up and went to see what was wrong. Everything
seemed fine. The lint trey and exhaust area was a bit clunked up. But per my research
online. It is either the thermo sensor or the igniter itself for the gas dryer. I
ordered parts online. Lets home I don't blow the place up when I install it.

5-06-2015 Gym
I hasn't really hit me quite yet that I sold my place. I filled out the paperwork online.
I announced it on Facebook. It was tough seeing the reaction. But my heart is set for
Austin, Texas.

I went tot he gym to clear my thoughts. But oddly, I wasn't really feeling too much. I
don't think it has hit me quite yet. The last three weeks have been crazy.

5-05-2015 The offer
I had an offer right away this morning. I didn't want to jump on it. Since I had
another showing today. The first offer, increased their price for me to just accept. It
was a crazy day.

5-04-2015 Home is on the market
It was crazy today. I had a couple showings and I was feeling pretty nervous. Well
nervous for me since I can hide it. But I got the place cleaned and ready for staging.

I went to dodgeball today. I had more then a few drinks. I was feeling pretty happy.
But it was a good time.

5-03-2015 Hail
At kickball day today. I got there early and tried to just get a few games in. It rained
then came the hail. Everyone was near the shelter. But not everyone could hide under
it. It was big gold ball sized hail. I had some minor hail damage to my car. Our game
was cancelled.

5-02-2015 Busy day
I was all over the place today. I got up super late and had a lot of different errands I
had to do. With the house going on the market. I was doing whatever I could to clean
things up. I was throwing alot of stuff away. its not like I had a lot of stuff.

5-01-2015 Some drinks
I went to go meet up with Nina and Gordon at a some mexican place. We went
downtown towards Lyons pub. We were meeting Dave, Tracy and Shawna there. It was
nice and low key. I took it easy tonight. I been trying to stay a bit more sober.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”