5-31-2016 Sick
I was sick today, so I couldnt get in today. My throat was killing me from something. I
couldnt sleep all night. It was so annoying.

5-30-2016 Memorial day
I invited people over. I had so much food. Egg rolls, pork chops, ribs, chicken, blue
crab. It was delicious. Dave and Tracy came over, it was fun having them there.  Or
else I would have been all alone.

5-29-2016 Mike and Heidi Memorial day porty
Its been awhile since they had their Memorial day party. We brought Rupert with us
today. It was a zoo back there with all the dogs. It rained on us. But we all snuck in
the garage. The egg rolls were a hit. Like every year.

5-28-2016 Christine bday
Went out for Christines bday tonight. Gordon and Dave were there too. It was a lot of
fun though, Gordon got pretty drunk and loud. WE went from George and the Dragon to
Pats tap, to Herkimer. I lost my phone that night.

5-27-2016 Happy hour
I had happy hour with Mikayla today at Grumpys. We had so much fun. We just talked
about everything. Next thing you know it was so late. I was feeling really good though.
But the tab was small. So even better.

5-26-2016 Lazy night
I have been so tired. I am just not getting the best sleep. I did order a foam mattress
topper though. I will try that out tonight and hopefully I will feel better.

5-25-2016 ZG
We had a big win this week. We won 10 to 6. We really got our offense going. Which
makes everyone happy.

5-24-2016 Training
I have been in training for the new product at work. Its pretty tough. So muich detail.
But I am doing my best.

5-23-2016 Rain out
We had the late game for volleyball. But we got rained out as we were arriving there.
Which kinda sucks. But atleast we got two free pitchers out of it. I neded up going to
Cowboy jacks later. I was in a good mood Lebron and his Caveliers lost tonight to the

5-22-2016 Steamer double
We had two games for kickball tonight. Since we ahd a rain out date. It was a long day.
It was pretty hot and I was feeling pretty sore afterwards. We got the wins. But my
body is hurting a little. It didn't help I dove into home plate.

5-21-2016 Peeps
I wanted to lay low this weekend. What better way by having people over. Andy, Sarah
and Nina and Gordon came over. We grilled and hung out and played games. It was a
nice fun night. I was worn out. But I had fun.

5-20-2016 Du bday
I went over to get some groceries after work. I had to get stuff for the bbq
tomorrow. Also to grab some crown for Du's bday. They ordered crawfish. Well 30 lbs
worth. It was good. I actually ate some this time. We did a lot of shots. I had a lot of

5-19-2016 Summer
Today was such a nice day out. I took Rupert for a walk. Or a light jog, yeah that
sounds more like it. I tried to wear him out. But we got a lot of steps in. While
Courtney was gaming somewhere.

5-18-2016 Zero Gravity
Its only been our 2nd week of the season. But we are off to a good start. We made
some mistakes, but we played better than we did last time. We are improving. Which
was the plan.

5-17-2016 Chilling
I have not been getting a lot of sleep lately. All I been doing is staying up late and
getting up earlier. Its been very difficult for me. The funny part is I am not even
drinking that much right now.

5-16-2016 Condiments
Our volleyball sand opener was today. We won the first game, but they figured it out
and beat us the lat two. I was playing with the gout. I don't know if I was hurting
them or helping them.

5-15-2016 Mom bday
Today was my moms bday and we had a lot of seafood at my brothers house. I had
marinated chicken that I brought for the party. It tuned out pretty good. It was fun
and we hung out all day there.

5-14-2016 Moving
I really didn't get a chance to move too much today. I took Rupert over to Kristen and
Che's after our short walk. I couldn't walk. Hung out for a bit and Played on Che's new
VR. It was a lot of fun. I had a good time.

5-13-2016 Friday
We really didn't have too much going on. Just kinda sat back and relaxed tonight. I
was so tired. I have been going through the motions. Cause the pain was still high. I did
schedule a Dr's appointment for Monday.

5-12-2016 Couch
I made it to work today. But I really just sat at my chair. I had to pee and I didn't
even get up for it. I just held it. Once I got home I laid on the couch non stop. I just
did not want to move at all today.

5-11-2016 Pain
The gout pain was just too much today. I couldn't handle it. On top of the fever, This
was just a terrible feeling today. It really hurt more than anything I have felt in a
long time.

5-10-2016 Sick
My gout has come back full form and I am struggling to move today. On top of that I
have a high fever and I fill so ill. This is such a painful process. I wish I didn't have
to deal with.

5-9-2016 Rest
I literally sat on the couch when I got home from work. I don't know why I was feeling
so tired lately. But Something is up with my knee and im getting a fever. Hopefully its
just nothing,

5-8-2016 Steamers
I had a double header today. I subbed for a friend and then played for my steamers
team. My leg was a bit sore still, but made it through the day. The steamers had a big
win. Almost got a home run.

5-7-2016 Jeff bday
Jeffs bday tonight at Park Tavern. It was alot of fun hanging with everyone. The
karake is ever so interesting. But I was worn down from drinking earlier in the day
with Becky. But I still had a lot of fun.

5-6-2016 Noy bday
We went to go see Captain America Civil war today. I thought it was pretty good. $15
each for 3d. A bit spendy, but it kept the crowds away.

We went to My sisters bf's bday afterwards. it was nice and low key. BUt I was
pretty tired. Seems to be a pattern.

5-5-2016 Cinco de Mayo
I had drinks with everyone at Cowboy jacks. I had so much fun. I down drinks so fast.
I was hurting thats for sure. But in honor of our mexicans to the south. We did patron
instead of our typical shot.

5-4-2016 Zero Gravity
My kickball team has been reborn. My Zero gravity franchise has gone through a lot of
changes over the years. Ever since 1999. Whether it was vball, softball, kickball, dball.
It did not matter. We rise again. We lost today. But we lost to a good team. 4 to 3. I
was happy with how we played. We ill continue to improve. Our new Zero Gravity
shirts look good though.

5-3-2016 Laundry
I have been pretty tired lately. I'm slowly gaining weight and I feel lazy. The new job
change at work has put some stress on me. But I have always adapted well to anything.
I guess thats been my skill set for ever.

5-2-2016 Dball
I was planning on laying low tonight. Me and Courtney had a late night last night. But
Ashley convinced me to goto dodge ball, so I went and tried to get some exercise in. I
was trying really hard to get my steps up on my fitbit.

5-1-2016 Steamers
Today was opening day for us for the Cleveland Steamers. As year 6 with this team.
We played well. We won 3 to 0. I played well. All my throws from 3rd base was on
point. It was fun to move around be around everyone.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”