5-31-2017 Winning
We won again this week. Another team that we should beat by a good amount. But we
are having fun and our true test comes next week. We shall see how it goes. Im just
glad were kicking on all cylinders.

5-30-2017 Healing puppy
Zoomie had a healing day. I only took him out a few times. His bowl movement seemed
mushy, but it was better than liquid. He wasn't puking anymore so thats good. I kept an
eye on him today. I think hes on the way to recovery.

5-29-2017 Zoomie
Zoomie was a bit sick today. He was having really bad diarrhea. We went to Kristen
and Ches house. So he could play with Billy. He seemed a bit off. But we were grilling
steaks and I was hungry. Tonight. I had to let him out every hour for him to poop. He
was puking as well. I was tired.

5-28-2017 Casino
We stopped at the Green Mill on the way to the casino. It was pretty decent. Can't
complain for $12.99. Becky won like $500 at the casino and I lost about $25. For over
two hours of gambling. That was a win.

5-27-2017 Happy hour fun
Went to happy hour today. Brooke and Ann were getting off work early. So we went
with them to Bamboo bettys. Or station 57. Whatever it is  called now. It was a fun
night overall.

5-26-2017 Friday fun
Memorial day weekend was here and it was off to a good start. I didn't really have any
plans this weekend. So, it was nice to just kinda relax tonight. I need to really get
some stuff done this weekend with Ashley gone.

5-25-2017 Melted ice cream
The oddest thing. My ice cream in my fridge was melting. I didn't know what to think
of it. Cause everything else seemed fine. Maybe I just didn't close the door all the way.

5-24-2017 Kickball
We got a big win today. We blew the other team out of the water. I am not even sure
what the score was. But I think it was 12 to 0. It was fun. People having fun, makes me

5-23-2017 Flash
I have been catching up on my girl CW shows. Tonight was the finale of the Flash.
seems like fall viewing just started. But it all came to an end this season. What to
watch now.

5-22-2017 Mondays
Getting back to work is always tough. Today. I was focused on getting stuff done. I
was thinking about volleyball. We needed some wins tonight. We got 2 out of 3. It was
tough. But we needed it.

5-21-2017 CHs dog days
Went to CHS field for Dogs days. We took Zoomie to the Saints game. He was having
fun I think. He basically was happy to see other dogs. Literally got our samples and
got out.

5-20-2017 Unlimited bloodies
When me and Sarah were drinking on Monday> We saw a sign for unlimited bloodies. So
we thought we would check it out today. There was also a fundrasier today. So that
was exciting. I bumped everything up. I didn't win.

5-19-2017 Easy
We all went to Stouts for Amandas last day at TIES. I know i'll see her again at some
point. I was so tired. I stayed out later than I should have. Either way. i got home and
cleaned up after Zoomie.

5-18-2017 Drinks
I needed a break from life today. Sarah messaged me on the way home from work and we
got happy hour. It was fairly cheap. Which is very nice. I got home and watched tv

5-17-2017 Dball
I went to happy hour before dodge ball today. I was feeling a bit sluggish. But I need
to get exercise in my body. So far it went really well today. I struggled a bit. But I
got my exercise in.

5-16-2017 Less drinking
I have been drinking almost every day for the last 12 days. I need a breather. But I
ended up getting drinks anyways. The moment was stressful and I needed a break.

5-15-2017 Vball
We got beat pretty good today. They were clearly the best team. They made very little
mistakes. We were short a girl. We were out matched in every way. We are starting
the season at 0 and 6. Which is kinda depressing.

5-14-2017 Mothers day
I got up early to make brunch for Maggie for mothers day. Egg rolls, egg bake, bacon,
asparagus, and crab cakes. It turned out pretty good.

Steamers won an  easy game of kickball today. We were pretty happy about it.

5-13-2017 Robert Irvine
I got up early to play dodgeball today. Then I went to go see Robert Irvine live at
Grand Casino. Becky had free tickets. I was pretty excited. Becky won money and I
basically broke even.

5-12-2017 Happy day
I just l knew today was going to be a good day over all. I just wanted to get out and
enjoy the  sunshine. I walked Zoomie quite a bit tonight to get my steps in.

5-11-2017 Quiet night
I was basically doing laundry all night. IU was so tired. I cant seem to get any sleep
lately Maybe I should go back to the mouth piece that helps me breathing.

5-10-2017 ZG week 2
We got a big win this week. We played a easy team, but we were kicking on all
cylinders. We outscored our opponent pretty good tonight.

5-09-2017 Sunny day
The weather is getting really nice round here. I am so excited. I took it fairly easy
today. I have been very tired lately. Just watched tv shows last night.

5-08-2017 Vball week 1
It was a late game and we started our summer season off to a very slow start. We
struggled and was sloppy. But thats what we do in the beginning of the season. So I
wasn't too mad.

5-07-2017 Steamers
We had a double header today. So I didn't want to walk Zoomie too long. I needed to
save my legs. We won both games against our rivalry teams. It was a fun day. But I did
not kick so well.

5-06-2017 Busy day
It was Camerons bday. I went to Target to get him the Ps4 network. I went early and
just gave it to him. Then I left for the Twins game for Maggies bday. Afterwards we
went to downtown Cowboy Jacks. Then to Maggies house. I had nothing left today. I
was so tired.

5-05-2017 Cowboys
I wasn't planning on going out till later tonight. But Rosie convinced me to go to
Cowboy Jacks for a drink or two. I didn't do a shot of tequila. But thats ok. That
stuff just gets me there so much faster.

5-04-2017 Laundry
I was so tired from this week. I don't even know why. I just got lazy and started
making french fries. I am so close to the perfect french fry. I did a lot of laundry
tonight. Just had to get stuff done.

5-03-2017 Back at work
It was so hard to get in the mood to work today. No matter what I do. I just couldn't

Went to Insomnia cookies today. Ashley really wanted them. So we stopped there,
before I went to kickball. We won 7 to 2. Which is a good start for us.

5-02-2017 Day off part 2
I met Mikayla at Cook in Stpaul. It is a nice little restaurant near Maryland towards
Metro state. I went to Costco today and just got some smaller groceries. I got home
and got drinks. I was feeling pretty good.

5-01-2017 Day off part 1
It was a rough day for me. I had a hard time getting out of bed. It was also snowing
outside for whatever reason. I just stayed home and took it easy tonight. I needed to
really relax.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”