Old Journal Logs

11/30/05 - Traffic went alot better for me this morning. I feel so stupid, I brought a can of
soup and a can opener so I could have something for lunch. So when it came to lunch time I
still decided to go get food. Get this, I went to Marshall Fields and got soup and a salad. I
don't know why I did what I did, but I did it. So atleast I kinda tried, thats all that matters I
guess, baby steps. After work I went to good old Roseville 4 for a cheap movie. I went and
saw Flight Plan, which was a very good movie. I liked it alot actually. Then I went to go play
dodgeball We won 6 to 1 I think. So thats good. After that I drove in the snow to go to Emilys
Bday outting at the Mermaid, Heather was bartending that night.

11/29/05 - This mornings traffic was horrible. Yes, it was our first big storm kinda of the year,
but yes it was very busy on the roads, it took me over an hour to get to work. Which I was not
happy about at all. Work was ok today, I was not feeling well at all. I got a call from Brad, I
havn't seen him in over 3 years. He finally got my number again so we went to get a drink at
Chili's to catch up on things. He's still the same old Brad. After that I went to Champps to eat
dinner with Lisa. Brian came later on and I came over to their house and played with there
new dog. Or I tried to play with it. I havn't been feeling well lately and I don't think its a cold or
anything. I am getting a bit worried but I will give it a few more days.

11/28/05 - My throat was killing me today. I had to go drink tea as soon as I got to work. I was
just not in a talking mood, it takes too much energy for me to talk now. So much for my diet
today, Scott asked me if I wanted to go eat at Burger King. I think he knew I wont turn down
eating out. So much for my soup I brought in and for some dumb reason. I decided to bring it
home. So now I have to try this all over again. Hahaha. Bowling tonight I kicked ass. I had
games of 121, 148 and my new career high 184. I was so happy tonight.  I got home and ate
more food, I need to seriously figure away to stop eating so much. I bought some cough
suppressant at Walmart tonight, hopefully it will help me with my cough.

11/27/05 - So today I woke up just in time for the Vikings game. They actually won today,
they were ahead right away and they never let up. I am not jumping back on the bandwagon
yet, but right now I can't help it. After that I went to the store to buy some healthy food
starting Monday I plan to go on my diet and try to lose some weight. Not that I need too or
anything. Just a goal I had for my self and to try to eat less at work. I figured the more I am at
home, the more I eat. Later on that night, I went to this place called Grumpys for some
laughs, that had some pretty bad comics up there. It was all good though.

11/26/05 - I woke up and just basically tried to watch some tv. I don't seem to do that
anymore. Went over to Betsy's to help her move new furniture in and old furniture out. I got
to keep her old bed. Its a full sized bed. A upgrade on my current twin sized bed. After I took
a nap in it. I went to the VFW for some poker tonight. The first game I got eliminated pretty
early out of 30 people. Around 9pm. There was another tournament and there was around
60 people I think. I made it to the final table and the final four. I didn't have enough chips to
do anything, but I was ready to do good and I did. I had alot of stuff on my mind so I just felt
the need to stick around hahaha.

11/25/05 - So today I woke up early for the early morning sale. I took my nephew because he
wanted the Call to Duty 2 game for the PC. So we went and got it. He was so happy. Later on
that day, me and Andy went to go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. Ate some Burger
King and we went to the Mermaid for some drinks, we met up with Becky and Jamie. I think
Heather just got off of work also. After that we went to a pool bar called Biffs, we got free pool
there. It was a nice simple night. It felt like it was Saturday night though. This, Thanks Giving
weekend went by way to fast.

11/24/05 - Gobble gobble gobble, or I meant to say Happy Thanks giving. Today was a weird
day. It didn't have that Thanks Giving feel like I used to remember having. I went to my
parents house early to throw the turkey in the oven and cook other various foods. My mom
had surgery on her rotator cuff so I did alot of work there. The turkey turned out pretty good.
Every body came and it was good times. Afterwards I went home since I was feeling sick and
decided not to call anyone to go out. I just wanted to be at home and relaxing. So today was
a quiet day for me. A day where I can just relax and figure out how to take things forward
from here.

11/23/05 - After work I was feeling pretty sick. I couldn't feel my throat at all. I was so pissed it
took me so long to get home. It seems like there was everybody on the roads around 4 or
5pm. What the heck people. I took a nice little nap. I just had no energy in me. I later went
out with Sara and Becky. I havn't seen Sara in a very long time, I think it was my birthday,
around March 31st. We went to Fridays in Coon Rapids, but it was alittle packed so we
ended up going to Applebees in Northtown. I think I always argue with Sara for some odd
reason, she just never listens. We later went to the Main event, I have never been there but
its basically a Champps with a dance floor. I was surprised to see Jackie there. I also got to
meet Randy for the first time, he reminds me of Brie's ex Ryan.

11/22/05 - I was feeling so grouchy this morning. I think it was because I was feeling sick
today. My throat hurts, especially when I talk. I refuse to take any throat medicine since it
gives me the Barry White voice. I had chinese for lunch today. I was all alone. I felt retarded
sitting by my self, especially when they ask how many and I say one. It was pretty gross food
though. After work I went over to Andys. Then we went to the VFW for some poker. I was
doing so good. I was chip leader at my table and just dominating, then this old lady kept
beating me over and over again. I was so mad, finally I went all in and she took me out and
called my bluff. Afterwards I went to Hoolihans to meet up with Becky and Jamie, and Renee
was there too. Can't say no to, two for ones.

11/21/05 - Went to Old Country Buffet with Scott. I think we ate so much, that we barely could
move. I know I couldn't move. After work today I went home and got ready to go bowling. My
scores were pretty bad today. 96, 102, and 74 was the final scores for 3 games. I was told to
mess up a bit. Since they are on the handicap system. I got home and watched the Vikes
game. I am glad they were able to sneak a win through. I am starting to kinda feel sick, my
throat has been killing me today. It hasn't effect my voice yet, but my history of throat issues
and coughs usually get pretty bad and I get a deep voice, when I talk.

11/20/05 - Today there was more football action, this time, Nate wanted me to play and Mary
called me to remind me, I was so soar I could barely run from football yesterday. It was alot
colder today. I really didn't do much. I was just jogging along and trying to cover people on
defense, for the first time, I was blown by multiple times by some guy who was faster then me.
Which is unheard of. I couldn't keep stride with him. I did have alot of extra layers on and I
couldn't run as well since my hamstrings were not feeling too hot. After football I went home
and cleaned my room and did laundry. I am really trying to iron some things out in my life
right now, and its mostly just paying bills though. Funniest thing happen tonight. I was
emailing Sara S. on myspace. She was really good friends with Evelyn back in the day.

11/19/05 - Woke up early this morning and got ready to play some football. It was at Breck
High School on their artificial turf. It was pretty cold out, I was running routes, but I couldn't
turn much. After a nice long work out. I was feeling pretty soar and I knew I was going to be
hurting tomorrow. I went to bed and decided to take another nice little nap. Becky called and
wanted to see if I wanted to do something. We ended up going to play pool. I sucked tonight,
but its fun playing pool. I need to get better so I can whoop Amador when I play him again.
The way I played tonight, he could have beat me with his eyes closed. Also,an FYI, their
Nachos sucked ass at this pool hall we were at. I forget what it was called, its the big popular
one off of University ave in Brooklyn Park or is it Blaine, I don't know.

11/18/05 - Today went pretty fast for me. Once I got off work, I went straight home, and I took
a pretty nice little nap. I think I was out cold for about 3 hours. I woke up and I didn't feel like
going anywhere. I wanted to go out, since this was the first time in a very long time, that I
didn't have to work weekends. I am so glad I dont have to work weekends anymore. I ended
up going to Becky and Jamies house. Chris and Matt came by also. So we playd some
drunken card games, I miss playing drinking games in general. I had a few beers and passed
out there. I am really trying to work on, not driving drunk. So I just slept there.

11/17/05 - So today Me an Scott went to Office Depot to pick up my new chair. I didn't realize
there was 3 levels of chairs. 0 to 3 hours, or 3 to 5 hours or 8 hours plus. I for once had to
pick a comfortable chair over a cool looking chair. After work I went to Rosedale, to pick up
Betsys card. I though t it was a cool one. I went to Chino Latinos for Betsys Bday. I basically
had no money to pay for food, but it was for Betsys Bday so I splurged. We went to The
Independance afterwards. I had a good conversation with Ben and Lunzer tonight. I had a
good time out tonight just hanging out with everyone. It just sucks I have no money now till
next Friday.

11/16/05 - Today I got to goto Burnsvilles district office. It was quite the ok visit, they are
weirdos over there I decided. After work, I met up with Mary and I got to see her office and we
later went to Legends for happy hour. We got a good chance to talk about alot of things.
After that went to dodgeball. I think we won 6 to 1. We basically won, and did well, I did ok,
but I was pretty rusty. I talked to Heather tonight on the phone, she seems to be looking for a
new place to live. I was so tired tonight. I wanted to just fall over. My car seems to have a
rough idle lately, its kinda annoying.

11/15/05 - It was pretty cold this morning. Another day at Ties, me and Scott went to KFC for
lunch. I love that place. After work it took me about 45 minutes to get home. It was pretty
annoying. I got home and did some laundry. I watched my nephews running circles around
the house. They are so loud I can not get my train of thought all focused. Its snowing today,
snow, snow, snow. I noticed it got colder too. So I wanted to look for some posters online and
poster.com as pissing me off cause their website was being slow. Ugh, I am feeling frustrated
right now. I don't know why everyone seems to get so frustrated that Christmas is almost
here. I am confused why they aren't freaking out that Turkey day is near. Ok the last two
lines weren't meant to rhyme.

11/14/05 - Today was my first day at TIES. It went pretty well, I kinda got to figure out a bit
what I would be doing. I got to eat at Chianti's for lunch. That place got some good food. I got
home and ate basically. I wanted to go see some of the peeps bowl tonight. I didn't realize it
was so close to my house I had to stop by for a bit. The gang was basically there, heck even
Peter, who is a frequent www.tonycu.com visitor. Hahaha. I wanted to get home and watch
the RAW show, since it was dedicated to Eddie Guerrero's passing away.

11/13/05 - I found out early this morning Eddie Guerrero was dead at the Hiatt hotel in
Minneapolis. I couldn't believe it. I just saw the guy get on and off my flight late Saturday
night. He seemed hunched over at times, but I assumed he was just tired. I was very sad
today. It was a very sad day. Later on that day I went to go eat at a chinese restaurant for my
sisters bday. After that, I went over to Andy and Jenni's to check out their new apartment.
Today, is Eddie Guerrero's day. He was a very good man. He shouldn't have died so young.
He was too good to his family and everyone he entertained on a nightly basis traveling on
the road. He was a person I imagined me being.

11/12/05 - After we woke up I wanted to get some good lunch. So we went to Salty's
Ofcourse more drinks during the day. After wards we went to the mall and walked around
and shopped. I was kinda sad that I was already leaving. It seems like I was only there for a
very short time. I tried to call to see if I can get my flight bumped back another day, but there
was a $100 fee plus price of flight change also. So that was pretty lame. When Heather
dropped me off at the airport. I saw Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero and Val Venis at
the airport and they were on my flight. How exciting was that. I realized the super show was in
town and they would be doing their taping tonight. I wanted to say Hi to  them, but I didn't
want to be one of those fans. Becky picked me up after my flight landed, and we went to the
Mermaid for a few drinks. I got home and I just fell asleep, I couldn't sleep on the plane it was
the bumpiest ride ever.

11/11/05 - Today I really wanted to goto the Arizona Science Museum. It was pretty cool. We
went to their little omni theater and saw Whales. I thought it was kinda funny since Patrick
Stewart was narrating. Afterwards we went to the Elephant bar. I remember last time we were
there the first time I went to Arizona, its a pretty cool place. Appetizers and drinks were so
heap during happy hour. We went home to take a nice little nap. I was so buzzed. Then we
went to Tempe around the college area to get a few drinks down there. I think I was pretty
heavilly buzzed at this point. Actually stopped at Hooters again this time around. I am glad
they wore there typical outfits not the horrible black colored outfits.

11/10/05 - Woke up early today and drove Heather to get to work. I was so tired. After I got
home, I added some memory to he super low computer. It barely had 64 megs of ram. It now
has 256 megs of ram. Now its alot faster and working so much better. I then went to Walmart
and picked up some stuff. We went to the BJ's for some happy hour, I thought it was a pretty
cool place. After wards we went to rent a movie, The Interpreter. Wow that movie was boring.
So we ended up going back to Blockbuster to get Alot like love. Which actually kept me
awake hahaha.

11/09/05 - All I got to say was what a hell of a day. I went to work on my last day. I already
packed my stuff for Arizona so I brought it with me. Today felt like it was taking forever. I had
a blast, although it seemed like nobody cared I was leaving. When I left work, I didn't feel I
had the sad goodbyes like others have had in the past. The past 2 days, when I went to 8th
street grill for my going away only a couple of people went. I was pretty sad about this. I
though I was more of a figure in TCF. There are a few things that could have happened.
Maybe it was a Wednesday and people are nickle and diming everything. Or the fact that,
everybody knows I will still be around anyways. One or the other, so that made me feel alot
better. Patti, Doni, and Matt came to 8th street. Didrik met up with me and we took the light
rail. We had a good talk on the way there till he had to get off then I was all alone till m y next
stop. I finally made it to the Lindberg terminal. I was so tired and drunk. I finally got on my
plane and I was just overwhelmed on how much things are going to be different. It was a very
bumpy flight. I guess we were on a tail wind, so that meant we would be getting there in 2
hours in 15 minutes compared to 3 hours. There was a screaming crying baby on board too.
It was so irritating, I was trying to watch the movie "must love dogs" onboard the plane. I think
everyone was trying to listen to it. Heather picked me up. Poor girl she was so sick. What a
hell of a day, thats all I got to say about that.

11/08/05 - Today was the 2nd to last day of TCF. It really felt like it. I was starting to feel the
good byes. Went to 8th street grill for a few drinks. Went to Gamestop to buy Mario party 7.
Went over to Jamie and Becky's since they really wanted to play it and borrow my Gamecube
for the weekend. I thought the game was ok so far. I packed tonight, I wasn't planning on
bringing so much, but I had to get an extra bag for baggage claim. I wanted to skip the whole
process but I just wasn't able to fit everything into my little backpack. Dang it...

11/07/05 - Went to work and just got through the day. I went home and basically took a nice
long nap. Today was a very less productive day and I was so tired. I am glad I got to finally
relax and just email friends all day. I feel retarded, I was running up my stairs and I tripped
and fell all the way down the stairs. Hahaha, I was laughing so hard. I am glad nobody was
around. Clumsy me. Talked to Heather tonight, I think I might want to go watch a Phoenix
Suns game while I am down there.

11/06/05 - Woke up early this morning. Met Lunzer downstairs at the continental breakfast. I
guess one of those guys from Tarsi(the other MN team to compete in the MUSA tournament)
and Nate's friend Justin from Chicago got into a little fight outside of the bar. Craziness I say,
only from kickball events. It was a long drive back. Me and Lunzer had a "state of kickball"
conversation. I think we talked for about 3 hours. I guess theres alot of things going on and
my retirement also. Finally made it back, but I guess my keys were still in Betsy's car. I was
thinking back, and I thought it was great everyone made it out. Especially Vinny, I never got
to talk to the guy and I learned hes an awesome person. I got home and just relaxed, my legs
are in pain from cramping up so bad. I should be ok in a couples days. All I know is, we could
have gone further in the tournament if we just had a few more people come. Oh well, this was
the best showing out of our group of teams. I am proud of that. I told everyone our Kick Yo
ASS team will make an impact in Milwaukee and we did that. We weren't even suppose to win
any games at all.

11/05/05 - So we all woke up around 8ish. I was feeling pretty crappy. I think when Ben was
too. He used to do sales, and I guess they always yelled at "TODAYS GONNA BE A GREAT
DAY". Very loud when they wake up in the morning. I felt so sick I couldn't even drink
anything. We made it to the fields and We played against the first team. I promised Lunzer
we would walk away with atleast one win. I was not going to go all this way to just lose in the
first game. The first game was at 9:45, and it was pretty defensive. We barely pulled it off.
The score was 2 to 1. I guess in tournament play its only 7 innings. I was walking to the
bench, thinking we were still playing. But we were lining up shaking hands, haha. The second
game was at 12:45. We played a high scoring affair. The final score was 15 to 9. For the first
time I had a ball go over my head. I was so frustrated. We had some miscues, but we had
enough scoring power to beat them. We advanced to play at 2:15 I believe. This team blew
out the other team, so we were prepared to stop them. I cramped up in my calf, I had a big
knot and I couldn't really move. So I had to sit out the remaining of the game, since I couldn't
run. Luckilly Lisa was helping me stretch it out, but it was so painful. The final score was 4 to
5 I believe and we had a chance to win it, but we just came up alittle short. We were one big
kick away from winning it. I will always forever think "what if" if I had played the whole game. I
would have bunted or something. I am angry, I just had to go out this way. We also went to
this place called O'briens in between games for drinks. Later on we went to Long Wongs, I
don't remember how to spell it correctly. It was good time, but I just ran out of energy and I
had nothing left, not even to party. So I called it a night at midnight. I ended up sleeping in
Amanda and Kelleys hotel room tonight. I decided they are pretty funny. I didn't realize I was
such an ass to Amanda when I met her at first.

11/04/05 - I woke up pretty late today. I am glad I had today off. I went over to Betsy's place
and we carpooled to Milwaukee. Ben and Nate were with also. I was so tired I couldn't sleep
the whole trip. We made it in about 5 and a half hours. Me and Ben ended up going to
downtown Milwaukee with his ex and her friends. It was good times. We went to this bar
called Kenadees then to the Tangerine then we ended it  off at Eve. Lunzer came afterwards
and the last thing I remember is puking in the streets in downtown Milwaukee. It was so
emberassing, there was some cute girls across the street just staring at me. Haha, It sucked
pretty bad actually. I made it back to the hotel we all stayed at. I got back into the room and
Betsy and Nate were sound asleep. Ben later stumbled in and was calling people for some
odd reason. He was acting as if everyone was still awake. Hahaha.

11/03/05 - I am so retarded today. I had my Tony get together with the ex TCF'ers and I set
the time for us to eat dinner at Khans and I basically came almost an hour late. I totally forgot
I had it set at 6 instead of 7pm. How restarded can I be. Anyways it was good times seeing
everyone again. After that I went to the Corner bar to get a few drinks. Heather and Keela
was working. Becky and Brie came up later. I liked Brie's haircut, but I couldn't figure out how
to describe it. I ate more food there. I need to stop eating so much.

11/02/05 - Today I bought tickets to goto Arizona next week to see Heather. I am quite
excited a nice little mini vacation before I start my new job. After work I went home and took a
nice long nap, then I was reminded that there was an outting at Legends tonight. I went,
since I never had an official Tony getting a new job drinking outting. So there it was. Mary,
Lunzer and everyone else was there. Kim, sarah, was also there. Heck even Matt mother
fucking Merritt arrived. Sorry, I was trying to remember who was there. I got to talk to Leecy
and Kim for a bit, I never got to talk to them before, and I decided they are both very nice.

11/01/05 - Wow today was an extremely busy day for me. I got on the bus this morning and I
noticed this homeless guy get on the bus. He had 2 trash bags of junk and a laundry basket.
I was thinking what the hell, this is a suburban bus, its suppose to be nice. Anyways, after I
got to my park and ride, I drove back to Minneapolis. We went to the 8th Street Grill for Erik
Granse's last day, well its technically two days from now. Hes a cool guy and very smart.
After that I went to Burnsville to visit with Susan. We went to Applebees for a drink. It was
good times. Me and Susan always get along really well. We even said we would be a good
married couple hahaha. Oh well. Good times regardless. I am tired tonight, so I guess its time
to call it a night.
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