Old Journals

11/30/06  It took me a while to get to work today. I feel I been overly slacking lately. Today I
went out for lunch and I had some subway. Its part of the whole eating healthy thing. I am still
feeling sick. I know it seems like I been sick forever, but thats how it is. After work I went to
Applebees to meet up with Brian. I havn't seen him in a very long time. Looks like they are
having a party this Saturday. I am going to try my best to make it. I went to dodgeball tonight.
It was a big night. Even Mario came to watch us. I kinda sucked in the beginning, but I started
to play better towards the end. We ended up winning, therefor thats my 5th or 6th dodgeball
championship. I kinda lost count. I think we only lost 2 games the whole night. Thats a pretty
low percentage. We went to the VFW afterwards to celebrate. I got to talk to Mary. I havn't
seen her in a very long time.

11/29/06 It was very hard to get up today. Just because I got so much sleep and I couldn't
sleep after the fact I woke up early. I got in an I found out Derrick, the guy we had the benefit
for. Past away. I guess, we didn't do it early enough. It was a sad day, everyone was sad
today. After work I went to Fridays to get some food. I got a chicken finger blt, but it wasn't
going down so good. I went to the VFW to play some poker and I got to the final table. Again I
lost though. I made my way to Bar Abilene. For some reason, I couldn't find the damn place. I
was walking around in the cold. The drinks weren't going down well and I have a feeling I will
have a very upset tummy again. Something is wrong with me. It was very weird tonight. But it
was good to hang out with everyone. I still getting to know alot of them.

11/28/06 I woke up to thunder this morning. I was kind of confused on what was going on. I
looked outside and it was just rain. I was thinking maybe we would have a huge snow storm. Its
kind of weird but I been working at TIES for a year and I never ate at Famous Daves down the
street. Today I finally got my chance. It was pretty good and I stuffed my self full. I got home
and I took a nice long nap. Basically I woke up at 10pm. I was totally out cold, that I missed my
Tuesday night visit to the gym. I also found out that my Chicago trip got cancelled. I was
excitied to go, but oh well. I guess theres always next time..

11/27/06 It was a bit better this morning. The sick feeling is slowly going away, except I was a
bit weak today. For lunch me and Mario went to go eat at Subway. I don't know why I am so
shy sometimes. I wanted to get soup too, but I felt awkward asking for it, so I never got my
soup. I guess, I finally have something to fix :) I been thinking alot lately, this time of year
makes me feel all gushy inside.. I have said that alot, but its true. I was a bit too tired to play
poker tonight. I was somehow convinced to go out and get a drink or too though. Last time I
did this. I felt very sick the next day, and I was laying in my bed all day and night. I told my self
never again. So hopefully so. Mondays gone, so it brings tomorrow.

11/26/06 I woke up and grabbed my phone and was getting ready to tell Ashley, I wasn't going
to make it. Then I changed my mind and said to my self. "This is for Lynn, I got to get up". I
took alot of meds and picked Ashley up. We ended up driving two hours to New london. I was
very happy with my car. It made it just fine. I was just paranoid, since I have the worst luck
with cars. Anyways, we made it to the church camp, where it was at. The baptism went well for
Jacob. It was nice to see old faces again. I remembered Shannon, from Bj's wedding. Lynn was
very happy we were there. I took a few good pictures of it. The drive back was pretty quick.
Usually I suck alot at driving long distances. I got home and I was feeling sick again. I used up all
my energy trying to pretend not to be sick infront of everyone. I got home and saw the Vikes
won, I missed the game, but I am surprised they won. Tonight, I rest up for work tomorrow. I
am preparing my chicago trip this weekend. Lifes just great right now :)

11/25/06 I woke up puking this morning. I felt like ass. I think I had the stomach flu. I could
barely move. I was motionless on my bed all day. I havn't felt like crap like that since I had food
poisoning. I had no energy, I could barely get out of my bed to go potty. I was not able to
physically goto the VFW tonight for poker. Chris would have to represent team Tony by
himself. I slept the rest of the night, I was 95% sure I was not going to be able to make the 2
hour drive to New London tomorrow. We shall see. what happens, I heal fast sometimes, but I
have been sick since Wednesday with everything. I sleep with meds and lay motionless tonight.

11/24/06 I woke up and was thrilled to have it be Black Friday. Nobody ever wants to wake up
in the early morning with me to do shopping. I tried to get up early, but physically I couldn't.
Me and Andy went to Best buy to grab a few things. I thought I was in good shape, and maybe
the sickness was going away. Later on that Night me and Ashley went to go get Lynn's baptism
present for her baby. Since we were leaving Sunday to go down to New London. We went out
with her friends Elijah and Dave to uptown. We went to Williams and I called Dan out. I was
feeling pretty sick. I always thought drinking alcohol cures the sickness. Boy was I wrong when I
got home.

11/23/06 Happy Thanks Giving. I woke up and realized it was almost time for everyone to get
here. This year, we decided to have everyone over and then decide to cook as a family and BS.
It was alot more hectic this year. I was trying to hide the fact I was sick, since I was doing the
cooking. For first timers, the deep fried turkey was great, I don't think I can ever have baked
turkey ever again. Plus it was fun injecting the flavor into the chicken. It was like giving it
steroids or something. Stayed home all night and did nothing, this is the most low key turkey
day ever. Sucks being sick.

11/22/06 I didn't make it to work today. I was feeling so sick, my little coughing got worse, and
i had a runny nose and a bad migraine. Fun huh... I tried to relax at home, but I just wasn't
feeling well at all. I was trying to get focused on the deep fryer for the turkey. I don't want to
screw it up for tomorrow. Made sure I had all the ingredients. The peeps dragged me out for
poker tonight, but I got out and I was feeling horrible. I was unable to do anything. I forced my
self to lose right away so I could go home. Not a way to enjoy the 2nd worst drinking day of
the year.

11/21/06 Today I had this weird feeling. I felt slower then normal, but I felt that maybe I am
getting sick. It sure feels like I am getting sick. Today kind of seemed to drag a bit. I had left
over pizza for lunch, it was ok, but it filled me up. I didn't eat too much of it. After work I went
to Cub Foods and bought stuff to make homemade chicken noodle soup. I havn't quite
perfected it yet, but I am getting better and better. I got home and made it and it was actually
good this time. Trick is to cook it for ever... I went to go work out tonight. I was breathing
pretty hard so I made sure to take it easy today. Tomorrow is basically my friday before turkey
day. I should have took the day off, but I might have too if I don't feel better soon. I am
currently downloading World of Warcraft. Maybe I can get addicted to that.

11/20/06 I was a bit slower this morning. I had no hustle. I decided to do something a little
funny today. Since Ashley was driving home from Boston. I would text her and see what city
shes in and I would mapquest it from when she would be home. Well it entertained me. Haha.
we had left over sloppy joes today. So I made a point to load up on free food. After work, I was
going to go play poker. Well I guess Chris wanted to meet up at Jamies and have dinner there.
I was very proud of him, he did this all on his own. We had pizza and we played cribbage and I
beat Jamies boyfriend Jaime at hockey again. sounds kinda confusing, thats why you never
date the opposite sex with the same name. Haha. When I was driving home I realized how
much fun I had. I am starting to not need to play texas holdem anymore. To get through

11/19/06 I drove to Cub Foods today and got some food for the bbq later tonight at my
brothers new house in Coon rapids. I drove to Best Buy and bought The Wild, the disney
cartoon. I Went to Brads place, since it was his daughters b-day party. Ryann is 3 and Joey
just turned 1. His other daughter Brooke was there too. It was fun, the kids had lots of fun.
After that I drove to Coon Rapids and got the food ready. I was kind of dragging from
yesterday still. I didn't even watch the Vikings game today. I just new they would suck. I hate
them so much I didn't even bother to watch. I am so tired I am calling it a night on the journal.
Just want to start the new week.

11/18/06 I woke up and made my way to McMurray fields for some Kickball scrimmage
sponsored by Nagma inc. Basically there was a mini all star game there. Afterwards, we went to
Halftime Rec. Played some bocceball. I was doing great actually. I then made my way to TIES to
help finish up before the benefit. I was in the beer/beverage area. It was pretty busy there and I
am glad I got to volunteer for it. I was working a sweat back there. I was also working with the
chief executive officer husband at TIES. That was a bit intimidating, but he was a cool guy.
related to drinking and he was fairly nice. After that I couldn't decide if I wanted to goto
Shauns/kickball party or if I should goto the VFW or if I should goto Mike's party. I just went
with the easy way and went to the VFW. Lost right away at poker. After the V closed, we went
to the Bluefox. I am totally exhausted. What a very long day.

11/17/06 Friday is here and I am excited, because this was going to be an action packed
weekend. We all went out to eat at Khan's for Bryan's last day. I really do not like that place at
all. I helped out after work, and help set up for the benefit tomorrow. I was tired, but I got to
chip in some work. I had a nice little dinner at Subway and I made my way to Marco and
Lindseys for some poker. Buy ins were $20 ofcourse. I sucked pretty bad in the first session. I
atleast got some of my money back in the second session. Alot of weird thing happen that
night. Just an odd night. Gordy and Mitch, those kids are just a little to crazy.

11/16/06 I feel like work has been getting busier and busier. I know most of you think I do
nothing all day but I am getting busy. For lunch I had a nice hearty meal. Soup and a sandwich.
Well two sandwiches actually. I made two sandwiches cause I was feeling extra hungry today. I
checked the message boards today for kickball. Nothing seems to interest me. Maybe its just I
am too busy to do it. I went to dodgeball today and we won 7 to 0 against my former squad
the Brickshots. I was taking it easy. I want to save my effort for next week. Me and Danielle we
to go see Ceil play pool at Gabby's. Ceil whopped me at pool and then she whooped Danielle.
We were way out of our league. Wow they weren't kidding around about thug and ho night at
Gabbys up stairs. Ghetto....

11/15/06 I was trying to remember when I was suppose to goto this horror movie thing where
there was 7 or more movies in one night. I think its this weekend actually it looked pretty scary
and disgusting. For lunch we ate at Cosetta's in St Paul area. Ashley first brought me there and I
loved it. I have been itching to come back. After work, I went to FRIDAYS to get a few drinks in.
I wanted to get a nice start into poker. Tonight, I ended up losing  again. This time, I just got
good hands but they were never enough to win. Frustrating but oh well. I been playing more
cribbage lately and I am starting to feel comfortable doing it. I am trying to save money for
Chicago in a few weeks. It will be lots of fun.

11/14/06 I drank a glass of yummy fruit punch today. It actually gave me a nice kickstart to
me day. I was hyper for once at work. I volunteered to help out this weekend for a benefit for a
guy at work here. I believe he has something close to terminal cancer. I didn't know him well,
but I figured I would volunteer so the people who knew him didn't have too so they could
enjoy the moment. I realized this week I been in a very cheery mood. Not exactly sure why
that is, but I feel like I been set free somehow. Right now I don't have any worries. After work
today I went to the gym to work out. I got a nice little work out in. I worked out so much, my
legs could barely move. I spent the rest of my night reinstalling everything on my computer. I
guess maybe I am excited for the holidays this year. I get very gushy around this time of year..

11/13/06 I spent most of my morning waiting for my parents flight to come in. I finally picked
them up, it took forever, then I made it to work. After work today I went over to Jamies and
we all had dinner. First time I have ever ate pink lemonade chicken. It was odd at first, but I liked
it. We all just hung out and bullshited for a bit. We even played some cribbage, but I got
whooped. I made it home and I was so tired. I been very busy lately and the old body is telling
me to slow down, but I just can't. Too many things to do. Atleast I have been in a good mood

11/12/06 - Patricia called and woke me up. She just needed to get her pickem stuff updated. I
watched the Vikings and I was just disgusted. Not only am I frustrated but I was having a hard
time watching. I knew they were going to lose by halftime. They just don't play the right way. I
rather have our old high powered offense and a crappy defense again. I drove down to
Burnsville and got some thigns down there taken care of. I got back and I got some groceries. I
basically bought a few steaks. I felt like splurgin. So I tried to get the biggest steak I could find. I
got home and cooked, but I found out later that night. My parents flight got delayed till
tomorrow morning. So looks like I wont be picking them up tonight.

11/11/06 - I woke up later in the day. Not sure exactly what time. I went to the gym for the
first time in a very long time. Well almost a whole week. I went to the VFW and when I walked
in, I was dubbed as the person running poker tonight. It kinda sucked actually. Since Saturdays
the blinds go up every 10 minutes. People get bitchy, but I don't care. Its free poker. Team
Tony was without there captain in full force tonight. I just couldn't play and run things. So I just
tried to lose. The drinks were getting to me and I was just drunk afterwards. Me and Chris went
to Perkins afterwards. We needed food bad.

11/10/06 - Today was nice and easy. Scott was gone, so things aren't so hectic. For lunch
today we went to go eat at Granite City. Twe had to wait awhile, but it was really worth it. I love
their food and I am glad they have one here. After work I went home and just relaxed a bit
before my sister was having her party. I was basically cleaning for her. Later that night I went to
go out with Chad and Danielle we went to Billiard street, but I forget what it is called now. Last
time I checked I got ripped off there when we were out for Amadors party. Drinks were fairly
priced, so I am glad about that. I went home later on and I had a shot with my sister. It was the
first time I ever had any drinks with her of any sort. It was also the first picture I have taken
with her in awhile too.

11/09/06 - Today was going by so slowly. I woke up early so I could watch an online episode of
LOST. It was kind of disappointing for a fall finale, but oh well. After work today I went to
FRidays and had a few drinks. The weirdest thing happened though. There was this girl by her
self at the bar talking to this older guy. The more she talked the more I started to like her. She
had that sweet and cute personality I was looking for. I didn't make a move, but the point is. I
now remember what I like. I went to dodgeball a bit intoxicated and I was struggling it was a
very bad game for me. Tonight I realized how much I screw up at things when it comes to
other peeps. Especially a certain ex, maybe its time for me to just lose contact and let it go, so
she don't get in trouble no more.

11/08/06 - I walked outside of my house today and I felt revived. It was nice and sunny out.
We havn't seen the sun in the past few days. It felt really refreshing. I ate out at Mcdonalds
today. I did a good job of avoiding fast food so far. Figured I would splurge. After work today I
went straight to the VFW. I brought my laptop, so I could get some work done. I sucked at
poker tonight. It was not a good outting at all. I even lost in the consolation table. I drank a bit
tonight, so I had to take it easy and slow down a bit. I missed LOST tonight. It was the fall finale,
but luckilly I can watch it online.

11/07/06 - I felt very sleepy today. I got plenty of sleep so I was not sure whats going on.
Went to get a sandwich from Mary at the coffee shop today. It was actually a very good one
this time. Today for lunch, we had a soup cook off. I had about 9 different soups. Ceil's soup
was the best, but she got jipped. Afterwards I got home and I had 2 hours to cook all the food
and clean. I threw the chicken in and it was quite yummy. The garlic ashed potatoes could have
been better, but I didn't have the proper tools to mash them with. Chris, Jamie and Jaime came
over and it was a good night of bullshiting and we even played cribbage. It was a fun night and
I am glad it all worked out well. The first ever "Tony Cu hosted dinner" Just can't stop saying

11/06/06 - Today things seem to go by pretty good. I was in a great mood. I been trying to
eat healthier and it seems as if I can't eat alot like I used too. I miss working out. I been too busy
to do it lately. I don't feel sore right now so thats a very good thing. After work today I ran to
Cub Foods and got food for tomorrows first ever "Tony Cu hosted dinner". Lawrence came
over and we just watched t.v. We made our way to a chinese buffet, one that was close to my
house but I have never been to it. Wow that place sucked. I didn't like it much at all. We went
to go play poker at Majors. I didn't do to well. But I can't win them all.

11/05/06 - I woke up and I was just happy to be sleeping in a nice big bed again. I am sure its
going to help out my lower back which has been very sore lately. I been cleaning around the
house and if I had it my way I would finish off the project down stairs but I don't have time. I
found out today Lynn, finally had her baby, little Jacob Robert Johnson has come into this
world. Congrats to her.. I watched the Vikings suck horribly today. They were bad. They suck
so bad that I would even say fire Brad Childress. His west coast system sucks. We don't have
the correct wide receivers to run it, but still. Also, Troy Williamson sucks, we should have never
traded away Randy Moss. I was bored so I made a nice fancy chicken breast dinner with
mashed potatoes, garlic ofcourse. I also, had a nice side of vegetables.

11/04/06 - Once again I woke up and felt like crap. Me and Chris just watched alot of college
football all day. Since he had his truck. I figured I could finally move my bed home from my
sisters house. Its been over there for about 10 months and I wanted it back. Since the crappy
twin bed I was on now sucks really bad. So now I have a nice big bed again. We made our way
to the VFW, and both Jamie's were there to help make Team Tony strong at texas holdem
tonight. 3 out of 4 of us made the final table at both sessions. I made the final table twice also.
But was unable to finish. It was a fun night. Nice and simple.

11/03/06 - I was hurting pretty bad today. I think it was extremely hard to get out of bed. I
havn't gotten my ass kicked like that during a work week in a very long time. I don't even get
that bad on poker nights. I found out my dad is going to Australia too today. So I will be home
alone starting .... now... I guess I am now the man of the house. I went to the VFw and me and
Chris had a pitcher of beer. We were meeting up with Mary, Katie and Heather there. We went
to Sgt. Prestons for those darn fish bowls. They were half priced, so that got us in trouble. Then
the extra shots hurt too. We made our way to Grandmas and we met up with Lindsey and
Lauren there. It was quite the interesting night. I got in trouble for saying something stupid
while I was drunk, sigh.

11/02/06 - Today seemed to go by so slow. I kept looking at the clock and it would just never
speed up. I was a bit groggy, due to the night before. I been looking at taking cooking classes
and weird things like that. Just something different to do. Tonight at dodgeball we won 7 to 0
again. We have such a good team. We are almost too good. I went out with Danielle and them
cause it was her cousin's bday. We went to Jaros, Psycho Suzies and then Gastof's. I was
feeling pretty drunk tonight. I was just very thirsty tonight. I got home and past out. I should
have saved my energy for tomorrow night. Thats when the drinking will be even worse.

11/01/06 - The day after Halloween, and now all I can think about is preparation for Thanks
giving. I decided we are going to deep fry our turkey this year. So I am going to buy a cheap
deep fryer for like $60 bucks online. I been tired lately, but at the same time I feel a bit healthier
too. I guess thats the risk you take when your working out all the time. The peeps are going to
Milwaukee and I really wanted to go, but timing is just all wrong right now. Today at Poker I had
Levi and Mike P. come play poker too. Its been awhile since I seen them. Although Team Tony
didn't do well in the regular tournament. I did win the side table. It was the longest side table
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