11-30-08 Home body day!
I got up real slow today. I didn't get too much sleep last night. I was watching a lot of tv to keep me
occupied all day. I ate more left over thanks giving food for lunch. I am a bit excited to make some
type of turkey soup on Monday. I did a lot of laundry and tried to just relax a little. I took another
nap again. I havn't taken this many naps in a long time. The past 5 days have been full of naps. I went
to the Blue fox to watch the Vikings game. I didn't stay too long. I was so tired. I ended up leaving at
half time. I noticed some pain by my left ear. I hope its not an inner ear infection or anything. I don't
know what thats supposed to feel like.

11-29-08 Night at Billys
I was so confused what day it was today. I really thought it was Sunday. I got home and I got cleaned
up, well tried my best to at least. I decided to go to dodgeball. I did pretty good. I was doing a better
job catching then throwing. I threw out my shoulder right away. I was having such a had time breathing.
I got home and I basically stood in the shower. My arm was in lots of pain. I took a long nap and just
laid around all day. I am just tired. I ended up going to Billys for Emilys bday. It was fun, we got out
of there before it got overly busy. We all went to Annie's and just played some beer pong. We played a
friendly version. Not a lot of beer in the cups at all. I was so tired and out of it. I stayed the night.
It feels like I havn't been sleeping in my own bed in awhile.

11-28-08 Freds in town
I woke up very sluggish this morning. I went to Walmart and Old Navy for the deals. Of course I
couldn't find mostly everything I wanted. I got a few different toys or my nephews. Well that was the
plan anyways. I got home and I was just so tired. I had left over turkey and very thing else. I ended up
taking another long nap. I need to stop doing that. I went to Bradys, since the whole gang was going to
be there. I talked to Amy quite a bit. Jenny wanted to go to the Hoggsbreath. I saw my sister there.
We did a shot. Hit the dance floor for one song and made it back to Bradys. We were all just a bit
hammered. We went to Cubs foods and got like 4 pizzas. I had a full van on the way back to Andys. I
was tired. So I went night night. It was late anyways.

11-27-08 Thanks Giving Part 1 and Part 2
I woke up so early today. With the hang over in the back of my mind. I got everything rolling. My
brother was able to get a deep fryer last minute. So I had to run and get some propane. Since ours was
a bit dry. Turkey turned out great. I didn't have time to take care of my mashed potatoes or gravy. So
they were a bit bland. I just couldn't give it the love it needed. I ate, but not too much. I think I was
just exhausted. I went over to Annie's and got the other turkey going. I brought over the Ronco
rotisserie oven.  Chucked the turkey in there and "set it and for get it". I took pictures of our dinner.
I think Becky was better pictures. My Iphone can only do so much. It felt very festive. This was a
great idea. Usually people don't want to be with their families. This was our way of wanting to spend
time with friends.

11-26-08 Day off
I had lunch with the gang at Applebees. Mario needed to borrow my poofy yellow jacket for skiing. I
dropped off the 2nd turkey at Annie's place. I also had to run to th grocery store and grab a few
things. Its just best to do this early before the mad rush. I was prep cooking a lot of different things.
I wanted to go out later. I just didn't have time too. I met up with everyone at Saks. Which is the new
Bentleys. It was busy with a loud band. It was cool, because Trista and her sisters came out with us.
They were fun. Lots of fun actually. We went to the Blue Fox and had more fun there. Never seen
Trista drunk before. It was a fun sight though.

11-25-08 My Friday
I was just feeling pressured at work today. Seems like customers or vendors were just annoying me. I
just wanted to go home and get the heck out of there. I was trying to calculate how much my Thanks
giving was going to cost me this year. I was fairly tired tonight. I got home and just did nothing
tonight. I was tired and had lots to do. I popped in a movie and dazed off to sleep. Not how I expected
my Holiday jump start.

11-24-08 Chef Cu returns
With Thanks giving right around the corner. I have a lot of things on my plate. Literally. Haha, not
sure why I am laughing so hard. Anyways, I went to Rainbow today to get another turkey. I was looking
for a certain one. The turkey pro guy at Rainbow asked me what I was looking for. He asked me why I
wanted such a small turkey. I think he thought it was like a tiny tim scenario. I told him I just wanted
a turkey small enough to fit into my Ronco Rotisserie oven. He laughed and walked away.  I made some
pork tonight. I was testing my green bean casserole to see if it was up to my liking.

11-23-08 Viking win?
I woke up this morning from a text message. Joe was trying to get people together for the Vikings
game. So we met up at Grumpys. I paid $15 bucks for the brunch. It is totally not worth it. Maybe ten
bucks on a good day. I was there till about 9pm. It was a long day if you know what I mean. The Vikes
got off to a good start. I was surprised they didn't screw it up. I don't feel like they won. It was an
ugly game in my eyes. We decided to goto the Blue fox for more drinks. Heidi wanted to plan Vegas
stuff for this February. I have never been to Vegas. So I am a bit excited. I figured I would wait and

11-22-08 The Tavern
Waking up this morning was not a great feeling at all. I was so out of it. I didn't know if I was going
to make it at dodgeball at all. I got up and did what I could. I got to dodgeball and I kinda sucked it up
tonight. I was playing with a big hang over. It sure affected my play. I was goofing off the whole time.
It was still fun though. I got home and just watched some tv. I took a long nap. I just havn't been in
the mood to do much lately. I went to The tavern on Grand ave. I have never ate there before. I guess
they are really popular or their walleye. I had their nachos. I think it was one of the best nachos I
have ever had. I really wanted a low key night. I feel I am slowing down a bit.

11-21-08 Pay day
I have been anticipating today since, I dunno Monday. I actually just wanted to get today over with. I
was grouchy all day today. I was just not in the mood for anything at all. Lunch today I had the Wood
oven flavored chicken at Joe Sensors. Which is like one of their new things. They were promoting it
heavily. I got home and I was just not in the mood for much tonight. I knew I wanted drinks.
Chris,Jamie and I decide to goto the Blue fox. It was a mini reunion of sorts. I was actually excited to
be able to hang out with them to tell you the truth. It was just nice to get some drinks down. I was
craving it.

11-20-08 Feeling Foxy
Apparently, I have been waking up around 5am for no reason the past 3 nights. It seems to be the same
pattern over and over. I am starting to think about taking sleeping pills. My arm is killing me this
morning. It just hurts more then it normally does. I went to happy hour at the Blue fox tonight. Mike,
Heidi, Cy and even Chris came out. It was fun, I had a good time. I am starting to  hate photo hunt. My
eyes just get tired when I play that stupid game. I am not good at trivia so I can't play that either.
Oh well, it was all worth it.

11-19-08 Getting all Mavericky
Things have gotten pretty busy at work lately. I am starting to wear down a little. I had lunch at
Fridays to meet up with Joey. I havn't seen her in a pretty long time. I actually don't remember the
last time I saw her. After work today, Lawrence picked me up and we went to Mavericks. He's never
eaten there before. He liked it. I wanted to get the open face turkey. I decided against it. Figured it
was too much for before dodgeball. I did ok tonight. We had a packed house. I am estimating nearly 26
on 26. Maybe more who knows. My arm was tired, I got caught a lot towards the end. It was fine. I am
so tired. I will sleep well tonight.

11-18-08 The boar in me
I try so hard to get up early(6am), It just doesn't happen. I automatically raise my hand and hit that
snooze button. I got to work today. I have  a little pantry area at my desk. I have a loaf of bread
there. I like to eat a piece of bread when I get hungry. It helps fill me up. When I am hungry. For lunch
today we went to Rainbow. I got a small salad and some chicken. I should know better, I actually just
got salad but I couldn't seem to stop staring into the hot food area. I eel like I was pouting at the
fact I shouldn't eat it. Except I couldn't control it and I had to get chicken. When we got back to the
office. They had left over pizza from one of the meetings I ate two more slices of pizza. I am such a
pig. After work, I went to happy hour at TGIF. I havn't done that in months it seems. I got some food
to go. Kinda weird doing that there. I got home and barely ate any food. I figured I should starve for
my obsessive eating performance.

11-17-08 Hunger was too much
I had the sniffles this morning. I wanted to call in sick today. Problem was, I just wasn't sick at all. I
seem to get sick a lot in the winter time. So I figure I would just suck it up. For lunch today I had
sushi. I am still counting my calories and I am doing a decent job. I decided tonight for dinner I was
having a rib steak. I figure, since I have been doing such a good job with eating. I can reward my self. I
was driving home around 5:30pm. Its just so dark. Its kind of depressing to tell you the truth. I was
at home for most of the evening. I had the craving though. I needed a alcoholic beverage. So I went to
the fox. I tried to fight it off. Its just a hunger I can't control at the moment. Maybe it was
boredom. Who knows.

11-16-08 Nappin and chillin
I woke up this morning. Got in my car and drove home. I was trying to decide whether to hit up Target
and get all of my things I needed. I went to Grumpy's in Roseville to have lunch with Andy and Jenny.
Amy arrived a bit later. I don't mind their $2 domestic taps during game day. I just wish their food
was a bit tastier. I went over to Andy's to watch more of the game. I just got frustrated watching
the Vikings. I got home and did some laundry. I was looking at the calendar and I was trying to figure
out my budget for Xmas this year. Seems like I will be just fine this year. I am thinking about sending
a X-mas wish list to my family. Although, it might kinda come off a bit selfish. I took a two hour nap
tonight. I knew this is going to mess with me tonight. So I went to the Blue fox to get some booze in

11-15-08 I love lasagna
I got up and got ready for dodgeball. I was running a bit late. I wanted to get some food in me. I
wanted something a little light. So I went to the St Paul bagelry on lexington ave. I ate half a
sandwich bagel. I did ok for today. I had a hard time catching, since I hurt my index finger. The
confidence wasn't there today. I think I was goofing off more then anything. I was throwing left
handed once I re-injured my finger. Once the adrenaline got going. I was able to throw with my right
hand again. I seem to throw harder as the game goes on. Or everyone else is getting tired. Who knows.
I had alot of text messages from friends or even facebook comments asking how my date went. I think
it went fine. At the same time, I think I am still not ready to be in a relationship. I dunno if thats me
talking or if my nice side is saying that to protect my date. I don't know. I went over to Annie's for
dinner. She made lasagna. Which is my favorite. We got liquored up. Rad and Emily came over too. A
game of beer pong busted out. Me and Rad lost to Annie and Becky. I stayed the night. I had a bit too
much to drink. Once again, I am serious about the new Tony Cu not driving drunk policy I instated

11-14-08 Blind date
Today was my 3 year anniversary at TIES. I have not stayed that long at any job that I can recall at
the moment. I know I like to make a big deal out of the littlest things in the world. I think everyone
around the office thought it was kind of amusing. So I decided to have a 3 year anniversary lunch. We
went to House of Wongs. We got sat in the back today. I don't think I have ever been that far back
before. For happy hour today. We went to Old Chicago for my 3 year anniversary. I know I have said it
like a lot of times already. Just trying to make you feel the moment. I had 3 beers I think. Maybe more.
I had a good time. I went to Rosedale to meet my blind date for this evening. Mandy and I decided to go
to The Flame. I really enjoy the atmosphere here for some odd reason. I got the most expensive thing
on the menu. The fillet mignon. It was a bit over rated. i will stick with my Rib eye. The date went ok in
my book. Not sure what else to say. It was my first date since the Evelyn era. I went home and I was
just tired. I needed rest. I have been tired all week.

11-13-08 Fully recharged
I was so busy today I had to find ways to make things easier for me. I went to rainbow for lunch today
with Karen. I got some soup and salad at Rainbow. I was so hungry for some reason. I tried drinking
water to push off the hunger for a little while. I got home today. I was watching tv around 7pm. I fell
asleep at some point and didn't wake up till 10:30pm. I really hate it when this happens. It just usually
means I can't sleep at all. Regardless, it was another day off. As I try to save a few bucks for now.

11-12-08 Dodgeball return
I honestly can't remember the last time I watched cartoons this morning. I mean actually get up, clean
up, dress up. Then watch cartoons. It was some whack as cartoon. Regardless it reminded me of high
school or middle school. Not sure which one. I had lunch with Shannon today at the Blue Fox. Not sure
when the last time I saw her was. I think it was along the lines of maybe 9 years ago. I had a buffalo
chicken wrap that I barely ate. I like their food for some reason. Tonight I went to dodgeball I wasn't
moving around as much. I got home and watched som tv and went night night.

11-11-08 Resting it up
I was so tired this morning. It was really hard to get out of bed. Its getting colder. I can see people
already bitching about it. Well I am bitching about it now. I guess that makes me a hypocrite. I decided
to get a pizza at Papa Johns today. I saw someone with a pizza earlier today and it got my hunger going.
When I got back. I found out there was extra sandwiches and pasta from a meeting. I was so
frustrated. I spent $20 bucks on a pizza and wings for nothing. I tried eating both the free sandwich
from Nelsons deli and the pizza and the pasta. I am sure I went over 2000 calories for sure.

11-10-08 Night of Champions
Today I announced that I was taking down the website. It wasn't really too big of news too me.
I have just been getting tired of updating it every day for the past 5 years. The only reason
why I did this for so long. It was supposed to keep my mind off my ex back in the day. Kind of
like a hobby. I no longer need the website to keep my mind off it. I went to Rainbow today to
get salad and some soup. Nancy told me not to get the soup, because she said it smelt funny.
It was Cream of broccoli by the way. Of course I get it anyways. I got a small salad too. Trying
to be healthy. After work, I went straight to Park Tavern for happy hour. Nobody went with
me. So I was by my self. It was actually good alone time for me. I ate the Irish fire wings. It was
actually pretty good. I went to Park Tavern to meet up with every one else. I had a good time
tonight. I was pretty relaxed. Plus I can be more myself tonight. We got our free champion
t-shirts. Well, they didn't say champion on it. Thats ok though, we are champions and thats all
that matters. I got home tonight. I was thinking about what some people said about the
website. Whether on facebook or in person. I guess some people do read about my life. Maybe
theres a slight chance I can change my mind.

11-09-08 Reality hurts
Once again I woke up not at home. Just like the night before. I got home and slept some more.
I woke up just in time for the Vikings game. I really predicted the vikings to win. I didn't think
they would win the way they did. I mean they won and all. But they were just bad every
where. Except defense. I feel we stole one from the Packs. I watched some dvd's  to rest up a
little. We had the family over for my sisters bday dinner. We had dungenous crab. I got pretty
full. Since I had such a light lunch today. I watched some more football. I went to the Foxs that
rocks for a couple drinks. I had the hunger for beer. It was fun, I called it a night and went to
bed. I need to get some serious sleep. On the bright side. I am using a new photo management
website. Shutterfly was really pissing me off. So off to picasa I go.

11-08-08 Tom's bday at Ted's
I woke up and I was unsure where I was. I guess I am so used to waking up in my own bed
room. I felt confused and dazed. I woke up around 12:30pm. I havn't done that since my
young days. I guess, its been that long since I have done that. I got home and I just took a
long shower. I was laying at home in bed. I was so out of it. I ended up having dinner with
Becky and Annie at Pad Thai off of grand ave. Its not too bad. I was just taking it easy. I was so
out of it. We got back to Annie's and we watched "Be Kind Rewind". I really enjoyed this movie
to tell you the truth. I went to pick up Andy and Jenny and Amy, since we were going to Ted's
for Tom's birthday. I somehow got drunk amazingly. I wasn't planning on it. I was actually
wanting to start a fight. I am not sure what came over me. Just talking shit, you know how it
goes. I ended up staying the night at Andy's I knew I couldn't make it home.

11-07-08 Flash Back Party bus
I woke up a bit early today. A lot earlier then I wanted too. I felt so blurry, as in out of it. Today
we went to House of wongs or lunch today. There was actually a wait. Surprisingly. So we went
to Khans for Mongolian grill action. Every one knows Khans is not one of my favorites. Its was
fine though. After work today. I Knew I had an action packed weekend. I met up with Chris and
we went to our meeting point. Which is the place where Becky is staying. From there we ate
food. Knowing it was going to be a rough night. We went to some place called Lindee's by
Coon rapids blvd. Place was kind of odd to tell you the truth. We met up at the house the bus
was picking us up at in Coon rapids. I don't do enough activities with my sister. So how could I
miss her bday party bus. I mean a party bus to St Cloud. Seriously!!There was a lot to drink on
the bus. There was also a lot of jello shots. I believe 500 of them were made. I believe I
consumed 6 of them through the night. We went to The Press first. After that, me and Chris
felt we had unfinished business at the Dug out. Why you say, well thats where the hairy buffalo
was. Most disgusting drink ever. Chris knocked his over by accident, cut himself and spilled it all
over my pants. We made out way to the Red Carpet. After going through the various bars.
We decided the martini area was the best place for us. Why, cause it was nice and quiet. The
whole theme of the night for Becky, Chris and I was. " One last hurrah" Since were all trying to
be young like all the kids all over again. We went to Perkins to get food. We were wasted. Chris
was puking in the bathroom. I barely event ouched my food. We got back on the bus and it
was a quiet ride home. Well, the kids that were probably all drugged up on coke were awake.
The drive back to Beckys house though, well that was another story. Got home, but it was
scary. I never fell alseep so fast in my life.

11-06-08 La Gran Columbia
What is more exciting then to almost see a car accident. Well nothing really. I saw a car
merging over from the off ramp and almost hit someone, cause they didn't slow down or speed
up when they merged in. I love morning drivers more then anything. It was finally kinda cool in
the building at work today. Its been so hot lately. I had a salad and a slice of pizza from Rainbow
today. I wanted to go healthy. I went to eat at La Gran Columbia. Its a Ecuadorian and
Columbian restaurant on 65 by the Lowry area. It was pretty good. Mario knew the owner so
he sat and drank with us. He got us two free bottles of wine. So that was very nice. Jen had a
good time drinking the wine. I got home and I was just tired from tonight. I turned on the tv
and fell to sleep.

11-05-08 VFW return, kinda
I was so mad that I got stuck in traffic this morning. I try to get up early to come in early and I
just get stuck. Stupid people, just cause its darker out doesn't mean that something is going to
hit you. I had a salad for lunch today. I always walk over to the sushi area at rainbow, but I
always just put it back. Salad and a small sandwich today. Actually they were both small. i was
still starving afterwards. I went to the Blue fox for happy hour and then to the VFW for cards. I
sucked tonight. I don't even know why I tried to play. I got owned right away. I decided to
spend more time with my sister by going to her birthday this weekend. Its on Friday actually.
Shes getting a party bus that will take her from Coon Rapids to St Cloud. I thought to my self,
how can a guy like my self hang with all these little kids. I mean a keg, two stripper poles, jello
shots and booze all on the bus. There is no way this 27 year old body can handle this. I begged
Becky and Chris to come with. They decided to go. This is going to be considered a last hurrah.
That we are all past our prime, but we figure we would do it one more time. To get crazy drunk.

11-04-08 Historic election
I didn't get out and vote this year. I don't vote any year actually. I really should be more
concerned about politics. Being busy at work is not a good excuse. Today was our election day
potluck. I know it seems like we have a potluck for every occasion you can think of. I went to
the white bear vfw for happy hour. Then it was off to dinner at Don's little bar. I had their
burger and appetizer. It was super greasy,  but thats alright. I got home, I was just so tired
tonight. It was just so nice to look at the clock knowing it was only 8pm. That I had the rest of
the night to relax. I have big news regarding tonycu.com next week. I fell asleep watching the
electoral stuff. How boring is that. Anyways, Obama wins easilly. Which was much expected. I
still think that it should just be most popular vote. If that was the case. I would probably vote
knowing my vote counted more.

11-03-08 Night at BW3
I was in such a good mood this morning. I was all over the place, bouncing off the walls
practically. Not sure what the reasoning for this is. I think I just got too much sleep. I was
getting a bit antsy for lunch today. We went to Chianti's since we have a new hire. So free food
always taste much better to me. Me and Lawrence are keeping a calorie spreadsheet of what we
eat for lunch  every day. Hopefully this motivates us to eat healthier. So far for lunch today. I
am at about 900 calories, not good! I got home and did a few things. I was trying to decide
who to vote for. I am kinda unsure who to vote for. Either way, I got bored and decided to
goto Buffalo Wild Wings in Roseville for wings and drinks. I don't ever remember what its like to
close this place down. I needed Big Ben to suck it up tonight for fantasy football reasons. Good
thing he sucked.

11-02-08 Fully intoxicating
I woke up so early today. I was confused about what time it was this morning. I didn't know if it
was supposed to be today or tomorrow. I watched the Vikings today. I am surprised they
didn't lose that game. They really need to be consistent. I went to the Legion to make my big
return at cards tonight. I havn't done it in so long. I don't remember the last time I played
holdem. Regardless, I was at the final table and I was down to the final two. It was against Jeff. I
didn't care if I won or lost. The money was going to my friends for drinks and shots anyways. I
ended up winning anyways. We went to the Bluefox for a quick two. It was pretty busy in there
tonight. I had fun, I met someone cool. So thats always exciting.

11-01-08 Dads belated bday dinner
I spent most of the day at home today. I did run to the local asian market and buy some crab
though. It was for my dads bday dinner. Which is at 4pm today. We shall see if everyone even
shows up on time. I hate people who are late. I was trying to get some cleaning done. Once we
all arrived. We didn't start eating till after 5:30pm. I was just starving. I laid around after that. i
was just full and I was not motivated to go any where at all tonight. I watched a lot of my tv
shows to catch up on them. I called it a night. I just been going through so much physically. I
needed tonight off.