Old Journals

11-30-09 Quiet time
I have been aching all over lately. My body has just been in pain. I havn't even done
anything physical. So I am not sure what it could be. Mentally I am falling apart at the
same time. Other then that. I am doing pretty good. Tonight. I sit in my own home

11-29-09 Khans
I woke up early and picked up Erin from the airport. It was crazy there today. Then I
realized it was all the people from Thanks giving coming back. We went to Barbette and
had breakfast. It was good.

Erika and her friends wanted to goto Khans. I just sucked it up and went. I was pretty
full, but I still think its the same. I felt very fat afterward.

We went over to Mike and Heidi's house for the Vikes game. It was fun to watch it there
as usual. There was a lot of people over. I had a good time enjoying a few beers.

11-28-09 Loved ones dinner
I went to dodgeball today. I felt my arm was losing strength pretty quick. My arm is
severely fatigued in my eyes. I could feel it burning every time I threw the ball. I had
fun though. It is a very good work out for me.

I went over to Andy and Jenny's for dinner tonight. I was basically a nice Thanks giving
part 2 type of feel for me. We played Jenga. i got a little lucky and didn't knock the damn
thing over. I remember being so bad at that game. I am glad I seem to be better for now.

11-27-09 Black Friday
I woke up around 9am to goto Best Buy. First thing on my list was to buy Madden 2010.
Once I got that. I made my way to Walmart to see if they had any tv's left for sale. The
place was basically bone dry. The electronic section was still a zoo though.

Tonight was a nice relaxing night. I was tired of all the drinking the past two days. Erika
came over and we basically ate the left overs I had from last night. It was so good. We
went and did some shopping. I was in need of some groceries.

11-26-09 Thanks giving
This year was not the type of feeling I normally get. Maybe I just wasn't feeling it this
year. What ever it may be. I went over to the parents house. Still weird for me to say
that now. I deep fried the turkey. I ran into a couple issues with the deep fryer. Luckily
with my brains. I got it figured out. The turkey wasn't cooked all the way through. i don't
think my sister thawed the turkey enough.

11-25-09 The rage
At dodge ball tonight. I played a lot better then I have the past few weeks. I was
throwing it hard and I was able to move around pretty good. My elbow and shoulder held
up. I had a bit of anger in me today. With all the stress I have had this month. I just let it
out. I actually had fun this week. Maybe its cause it wasn't overly crowded. I am not a fan
when there is so many people I can't move around. Regardless it was a good work out and
I was sweating like crazy. I am sure my arm is going to hurt tomorrow.

11-24-09 Weight gain
I currently weigh 182 lbs. That is 2 pounds over what I weighed last year. I feel like a
little fatty right now. I think its stress from the townhome. The whole process has really
made me not happy. I think it has to do with not being able to do sports. I will once again
get the right mentally and shake it off again.

11-23-09 Internet
I finally have internet at my place. I was so excited. I felt a part of me was missing, but
now I feel complete. It is funny how much my life revolves around being online all the
time. Also, its nice to have cable tv again. I just enjoy flipping through channels even if
nothing is on. Gosh I am a sick minded person.

11-22-09 Mr Clean
I went over to Andy and Jennys to watch the Viking game. Well It wasn't really much of a
game. The Vikes just dominated their opponent for once. Which is nice. I was starting to
think they always just play down to their opponents level.

I spent more money today on buying groceries. I spent a lot of time cleaning today. I did
my dishes for the first time. I have a new dishwasher, but I refuse to use it. I guess I
have never been the dishwasher type of guy.

11-21-09 Arm pain
I went to play dodgeball today. My arm was really killing me. I was struggling to throw the
ball. I tried to throw it hard, but it was getting caught all day. I was doing a decent job
catching the ball though. It was frustrating today. I feel like I am starting to lose some

I got home and started to do more cleaning up. I was rearranging things and it sucks just
trying to get everything done by your self. I actually got a lot done. I feel like everything
is starting to fit. Kinda sucks. I wish things would be under different circumstances. Just
got work with what you got I guess.

11-20-09 More moving
Chris brought his truck down and we loading the rest of my stuff today. We got the bed
and the dresser. I packed up every little thing I figure I would need. Everything else I
left behind. It was kind of sad in a way, but also it was a fresh start as I move forward.

We went down to Erika and Caseys for drinks and to hang out. We ended up at th
Frenchmans, but we didn't stay there too long. I was having so much fun. Chris drove us
home and I was just so tired. The late night showing last night really made my fuel tank
all burnt out.

11-19-09 New Moon
I have never ever gone to a movie where I had to see it at Midnight. Erika wanted me to
go watch New Moon with her. I watched the Twilight and I thought it was alright the first
time around. We got to the theater at Edina and there was 2 long lines. We actually got
there at 9:45pm. Two hours before the movie even started. I felt so old being around all
these kids and they were 95% girls. Every second of the beginning of the movie. The girls
were screaming like crazy. Kinda sad I thought.

11-18-09 Dodgeball injury
It was only a matter of time till I hurt my self again. This time it was at dodgeball. I was
moving around in the back and I jumped towards the wall. My left elbow hit the door hinge
and it was bleeding. I was in a pretty big amount of pain after that. I basically just
coasted and tried to play through it.

I tried to move some items into the house. I had a hard time carrying the tv into the
house with my bad elbow. I struggled real bad. I managed somehow though so thats good.

I learned today there  was  few glitches in my loan and I am supposedly now approved for
the loan. I am still scrambling to get things figured out, but it just bugs me nothing ever
comes easy for me.

11-17-09 First night
Tonight I drove over to my new home. Erika came over and we made chicken breast. I was
so excited for our first meal. Andy came over too and I had him check out the house. It
was kinda ironic. He ate dinner with us in the inaugural first dinner I thought it was quite
fitting. I tried to clean some stuff, but it just feels weird. I feel like I am camping in a
house to be honest right now. Danielle and Chad came over to check it out also. It was fun
having a few drinks on the first night.

11-16-09 Busy nights
Today was one of those filler days. I really just tried to get through it. I was so tired
this morning. No reason really. Its not like I stayed out late or anything.

I am now 7 days away from closing and its time for me to get a little excited. I always
seem to bottle it up and eventually I will pop. It should be an exciting week for me.

11-15-09 Sister fam bday dinner
We went over to my brothers house for dinner. It was pretty good. I was quite full.
After dinner I went over to my house to see how things were coming along. Things look
really nice with the new appliances. There wasn't any carpet since it just got ripped out.
At least the new carpet is coming in today. I am slowly getting excited for it finally. Just
knowing that its real close. I must be good on my humble skills. I havn't really told a lot of
people yet.

11-14-09 Vball tourney
What a rough morning to drive back to the cities. We had to get back in time for the
volleyball tournament at Saks. We had only 3 original members. With Me, Heidi and Mindy
the only originals.  We had Jason, Pete and Erika sub for us. Honestly I felt we should
have gone all the way. We beat teams we were supposed to beat easily. We had high
motors. Just small mistakes killed us as usual. I get frustrated when the other teams
don't hit it to me. I just stand around with hands in my pockets.

11-13-09 St Cloud return
I was anticipating my long awaited return to St cloud. Actually the drive out there sucked
so bad. It took me nearly 2 hours to get there. Trying to leave during rush hour is not one
of the brightest ideas I have ever had. I had a good time though. I don't know if my
sister even remembers seeing me. She was so long gone. I puked at Timber lodge out of
all places. Me and Erika were visiting her brother. Who is a bartender.

11-12-09 Legion return
Heidi texted me and told me everyone was at the Legion and getting drinks. Naturally I
got done making food and came out. Joe signed me up to play texas holdem. I started of
strong. Then I fizzled quite a bit. I made it tot he final table with Joe. We ended up
getting to the final 3. Joe was first in chips and I was 2nd. The other guy barely had any
to pay for the blinds. He somehow won 8 straight hands and I got eliminated and Joe lost
too. What F'ing luck. We should have finished one and two. It was all luck and there was
nothing we can do to derail that guy.

11-11-09 Losing a step
Today for lunch. Erika and I went to Hoa Bien for lunch. Its a ok Viettnamese restaurant
at best. It is on Lexington and University.  She ordered the pho which  I thought was very
average at best. I ordered a spring making contraption. I ate very light in a way. I need
to do a better job of eating lighter.

At dodgeball tonight. I moved around pretty good for a sore back. I felt like I didn't have
a lot of mustard on my throws. I tried, but I couldn't get a good throw to save my life. I
think with so much on my mind lately. dodgeball was a great cure to get my mind off things.

It was a hard day for me. i was pretty emotional all day today. With evelyn getting
married. I can finally get over it. I am quite happy right now actually.

11-10-09 Chinese buffets
I havn't ate at a chinese buffet in awhile. I mean, I have ate at every single good one in
the cities. I usually just go to town when I eat there. I was actually planning to make
dinner tonight. I bought some pork and chicken and I left it in th fridge at work. I forgot
they had a meeting up there from 4 to 8pm tonight and I didn't have a way to get to it. I
was so sad. I was actually really excited to make something fancy. Well it wasn't fancy at

11-09-09 Tired and more tired
I just woke up real tired this morning. I have been eating so much lately. I think I have
just gotten lazy. I really need to eat lighter. I feel I was in great shape 3 weeks ago.
Now I feel over weight.

Tonight I just had some dinner and watched a movie. Anyways, "Crank:High Voltage" was
not as good as the first. I was so tired I fell asleep right away.

11-08-09 5 hour drive home
I actually woke up pretty early. I felt like getting out of town early. Thats why I took it
easy at the end of season party last night.

It was a good ride home I drove Stacey and Casey home. They kept me occupied and I
wasn't bored at all. It was such a  fun weekend, a part of me is willing to go again next

I was so tired when I got home. I just laid in bed and tried to watch tv. It was a long fun
weekend and I wish it didn't end so soon.

11-07-09 A nice run
We all met up down at the breakfast area around 7:30am. Everyone looked tired. I ended
up throwing up in the morning. We played our first game and we were down 3 to 0 in the
first inning we came back and won in extra innings 4 to 3. Our 2nd game we were down 5
to 0 and we came back in the final inning at the bottom to win 6 to 5. The 3rd game we
had a 3 hour wait. We were sluggish again in the first inning. We were down 6 to 0. We
couldn't come back this time and lost 7 to 4. I was proud of our team and we just had a
lot of people who came to play. We were the last o the Mn teams. Most of them didn't
make it out of the first round.

11-06-09 5 hour drive
I was actually quite excited to go on my long spiritual journey by my self. I needed some
alone time and to think about things as of late. It was actually very nice. I got to do a lot
of thinking and it sure helped me clear my mind.

I got so drunk once I got to the bar hotel with everyone else. It was a lot o fun the first
night down there. I wish I could have stayed a little more, but I needed to sleep ince we
had a 8am game.

11-05-09 More home stuff
I took pictures of my place today. Well its the before pictures for now. Atleast people
can get an idea of what it looks like. I am pretty excited deep down inside, but outside I
have been very quiet about it. I just want to make sure it goes all the way through this

The gas guy came and turned on my stuff. I have heat in the house. How exciting. I
naturally turned the heat down real low to save on costs since I wont be there for awhile.

11-04-09 Dodgeball energy
With the stitches taken out. I felt like I could move around more freely. With out any
injuries slowing me down. I felt real good actually. I was bouncing all around.

We went to Rudolphs for drinks after. I was pretty tired, but I wanted to have some
drinks to relax my mind and body. It was nice to just get that done.

11-03-09 End of an era
Tonight I went to have a talk with Erika. We both decided to try to be friends and it was
a mutual thing. It was hard for me at first, but I am so used to this that its always the
same pattern. I am supposed to try and fight for things, but this time I decided to not do
that. This way I can focus on my the big November and try to get by what I call one of
the biggest months of my life.

11-02-09 Day off
I got so much done today. Well it started off real slow to be honest. I wasn't moving
much at all. It was really hard to get by today. I just felt so lazy. I think this weekend
did a lot of damage to me.

Tonight I got a lot of things done with the house. I guess I did a lot more then I
expected. I figured I can sit back in coast mode for now. I know this will be a very tough
month for me. This may be one of the biggest months of my life.

11-01-09 Erika bday
I was in rough shape this morning. By the time I got home. I knew it was one of the most
drunken Halloweens I have ever had to deal with. Once I got home. I just rested and

Tonight for dinner we went out to Pancho Villa for Erika's birthday. I was kinda curious to
see how good the food was. I have always driven by it and have heard mixed results over
the years. I guess the birthday girl only gets 6 free drinks. We thought it was unlimited.
Now we know.