11-30-2010 Timing is all wrong
I have been trying to think of ways to calm down my life. I thought about it for a
second. I realized. I have calmed down my life. I miss a lot of my friends I don't see
all the time. The close ones still email me from time to time. I am doing what i was
supposed to do.

11-29-2010 Withdrawn
With my body still feeling sick. Soreness all over my body. Mentally I am just tired. I
looked outside today and saw it was raining. Kind of depressing for me today. Doesn't
help it was pretty quiet around my desk today. Had a lot of time to think about things.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I was going to put up the Christmas tree, but I
figured I would wait till Decemeber 1st.

11-28-2010 Vikings win
Watching the Vikings today. They sure looked like the team they were supposed to be.
The played well defensively and their offense didn't make mistakes.

I was really tired today. I have been sleeping so much, still not getting over this.

11-27-2010 Away from the cold
It was cold out and I did not want anything to do with the temps outside. Me and Erika
made food. I have not been eating much at all since I got sick. I hate being sick, but I
am sure saving a lot of money not going out. Thats for sure.

11-26-2010 Black Friday
I was planning to get up early for Black Friday. I ended up getting up around 1pm. I
was so tired and out of it. I had to goto Best Buy to get some video games. I should
have had someone drive me. I was dosing off when I was driving.

11-25-2010 Thanks giving
This year felt a bit different then normal. I didn't have that holiday feeling at all. I
guess I am getting older. Or maybe its cause I was sick and didn't enjoy it as much.

The deep fryer didn't work. Which made me very angry. Every year we deep fry the
turkey. Luckily we had the Ronco Rotisserie over.

11-24-2100 Called in       
I was very sick today. I just didn't want to move at all. I felt bad about missing today
So I did what I could on my laptop for work. Its been pretty boring today. Just tv and
bed. Fun, well not really.

11-23-2010 Sore throat
I felt the sore throat feeling coming all night last night. Today it was just full blown
and it sucked. I had a hard time breathing today. Every swallow just hurt. I hated this
feeling. I knew I was getting sick. I decided to leave work a bit early to get home and

11-22-2010 Childress fired
Today was the end of Brad Childress. Thank god. I been waiting for this day a long
time. The guy was never a good coach. The players won him his games and he never game
planned well int he 2nd half.

I weighed my self today. I was pretty happy with my weight. I am slimming down again.
All it took was a liquid diet. Not booze, but a lot of soups. Which sees to help control
the hunger

11-21-2010 Vikings season end
As I sat on my couch today. i watched something pretty special today. It was a
professional football team, looking like a mens softball team with a bunch of people
pointing fingers at each other. You need rhythm and timing for any sport. This team
hasn't had any rhythm since last year. This team is going to take a step back next year
and beyond. We are going to be 5 or 6 years away from being a good team again.

11-20-2010 Jamie Housewarming
I spent the day making egg rolls for Jamies party. She has begged me for egg rolls
ever sine she got her house. So I made a one time exception. We had a good time at
Jamie's. We drank and played tippy cup and poker. it was fun. I had a stellar time.

11-19-2010 Work party
After work today. We had a work party for our hard work this year. Which I thought
was pretty cool. I just pretended it was a Christmas party. Since we never get one of
those. I had a good time and I enjoyed the free drinks from 4 to 7pm. I was pretty
drunk afterwards.

11-18-2010 Dinner party
I had friends come over for dinner tonight. I made asian beef stew. It was so good. I
felt I could eat it all day. I made it a tad salty, but the flavor was still yummy.

We decided were going to make a road trip to a casino in a couple months. Which i
think is pretty awesome. Should be a lot of fun. Trying to mimic Turtle Lake casino.

11-17-2010 Double duty
Tonight after happy hour. I had dodgeball then a tough game of volleyball. I was pretty
worn out by the time I had volleyball. I just don't get a chance to get much exercise
lately. I definitely felt sluggish afterwards.

11-16-2010 Expectations
Shoulder surgery is becoming an option for my shoulder. After 4 months now. Its still
not healing. I have just been able to get by with my shoulder hurting.

Today was just not my day at work today. With the conference inching near. I have
been getting angry about my review last year. I have let it get to me and I have
become bitter. Its not my fault.

11-15-2010 Turkey day
Joey stopped by at work and I havn't seen her in a very long time. It was nice to catch
up and just chat. We had some history together and it was nice to just say "hello"

I stole some turkey from Erika's house and ate it for lunch today. I didn't have any
gravy, so I decided to just buy some gravy from Rainbow today. I am trying really hard
to not eat out. I am saving money this way. Plus, it should be healthier.

11-14-2010 Seasons over
The vikings lost another one today. Against a suspect bears team. With this loss. The
season is basically over. Unless we win out. Thats asking a lot for a team thats
struggled this year.

I have a  lot of soreness in my legs right now. I don't know what I should do. My body
has really taken a beating this past fall and spring. I need to rest all winter it seems.

11-13-2010 Laziness
So last night i drove down to Albertville to get a hanging pot rack. I have been
coveting this item for a long time. I was going to hang it up on the ceiling, but I got
lazy and decided it was a project that could wait another 2 or 3 weeks.

I went out to the Vfw tonight. It was a retro night for me. To see old faces and play
cards. I won money so it made my night, since I got to drink for free and hang out with
good friends. Just like the old days.

11-12-2010 People
I don't know why people make such a big deal when I say things. I have always kept to
my self. When I say things, it seems like its always a big shock value type of
announcement. Times have changed and I care what people think these days. I have
grown bitter in time and I have hate for many people on this earth. I care less about
everything and is a lot more selfish now.

11-11-2010 Losing weight part 49
So its back to losing weight again. I figure this year. I should get a head start on
things. I weigh a whopping 189lbs. Which is about 6 pounds heavier then last year. I
have been eating a lot lately. I been trying to slow down a bit. I try to get as much
exercise as I can. I just don't have the time.

11-10-2010 Moss in me
We won our first game of volleyball tonight. Wait, we had to forfeit, since Shannon
got their late. Which sucked, but I guess we won in our hearts. The 2nd and 3rd game.
I sadly watched our team revert back to last years team. We degressed, and I watched
it happen before my eyes. We gave up on the system. I gave up tonight. I pulled a Moss
and checked out of New England and MN. I should take the blame this week. I havnt
been giving it my all this year. I been drunk before every game and I felt the team has
gotten better. I may have to take the team on my broad shoulders once more.

11-09-2010 Back breaker
I feel like my back was going to fall off today. I had a lot of stiffness in my lower
back. Its been hard to move around, but I am managing. I was walking around funny at
work today. I think people just thought I was being weird.

11-08-2010 Steak, Love it!
i couldn't decide what to make for dinner tonight. So I decided to make a rib eye steak.
It was so yummy. I had it with garlic mashed potatoes. I didn't eat very much of it. I
am trying to slim down right now. So I am saving it for lunch tomorrow.

I did a lot of laundry tonight. Pretty relaxing evening. I havn't had those in awhile. It
seems I have been out a lot again lately. Although I am in money saving mode right now.
Xmas isn't too far away.

11-07-2010 Sisters bday
Erika and I went over to my parents house for my sisters birthday. My mom made pho
and a lot of it. We had a lot of relatives over at the house. Most of them, I had no
clue who they were to be honest. The food is always yummy and delicious. I was pretty
full after eating all day.

11-06-2010 Trying to save
I got to make one of my favorite vietnamese dishes today. It is basically a pork and
eggs in a sweet asian sauce. Erika my soux chef helped me prepare it. It was quite
yummy. I am going to be making this a lot from now on. It just tastes so good over
rice. Definitely comfort food.

I went over to Jamie's house warming party. It was about 15 minutes north of my
house. It was pretty neat and very spacious. Seeing the old furniture brought back

11-05-2010 Day off
I got my oil changed today at the dealership. The free oil changes have been real nice.
They vacuum and wash my car also. Today they informed me. That I needed to keep up
with the maintenance to keep my warranty. Trans flush, brake flush, coolant flush.
Kinda sucked, but I still get a good deal. I don't have to do it all right away.

11-04-2010 Night at the Legion
I wanted to get through the work day as fast as I could. Today was basically my
Friday. I had tomorrow off. Originally I was going to Milwaukee. I changed my mind
and decided to stay home.

Me and Erika went to the Legion tonight. It was a lot of fun. Jeremy makes our drinks
nice and strong. They are more then doubles every time. We definitely get our moneys

11-03-2010 Happy defeat
We played well at volleyball tonight against the best team. We were able to dominate
the 2nd game and win it. We played our best volleyball then. I struggles getting off
the ground again this week. My weight gain has effected my jumping abilities. I am
happy with the way we played and the loss does not bug me at all.

11-02-2010 Surprise fun
Today was a long day. I just wanted to get through it. I have been pretty tired most
of the day. The weekend definitely took its toll on me. I was sitting at home and my
door bell rings. Erika came over to surprise me. i was totally shocked. I thought
someone was going to rob me at 9:45pm.

11-01-2010 Erika Bday
Me and Scott went to downtown Minneapolis for lunch today. To talk to Patty. Its
been awhile and we havn't seen her in a  very long time. It was nice catching up with
her again. I do miss the old days.

I went out tonight for Erika's birthday. It was a fun night overall. I originally got
her basketball shoes for her bday. She started school and had to skip basketball. So I
had to return them and get her something else. I just bought her some jewelry instead.
I know she likes that stuff.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”