11-30-2011 Sick
I don't know how I keep getting sick. I felt down and out today. I felt hot and I
couldn't stop coughing. I wish I knew why I keep feeling this way. I havn't gotten this
sick this often in a long time.

11-29-2011 Not much
Today was just one of those days. I don't know why. It felt like everything was going
wrong. Although, I will just have to bounce back. Seems like a rough stretch.

11-28-2011 Mall of America
I went to the Mall of America today. It was my day off so I had to go do something. I
was shopping, but I realized it was all stuff for me. I needed to shop for others. Xmas
will be spendy this year. Its tough not knowing what everyone wants this year.

11-27-2011 Walking dead marathon
The Walking dead marathon was on for season two. I havn't seen any of the episodes
for this year. So I figured it would be nice to just lounge on the couch and watch
every single one. This show is amazing so far. I really like it a lot. It just seems so
real to me.

11-26-2011 To the Cloud
Erika wanted to goto St cloud to visit her friends. We went to the Red Carpet martini
lounge area. It was more my speed anyways. We then went to the Vfw over there. It
was pretty fun. We ended up at some other bar after that. I forget where though. We
stayed the night. I was so tired.

11-25-2011 Black Friday
There wasn't much too it this year. There wasn't anything I really needed or felt I
could get a good deal on. I went to Walmart, but it wasn't much of hassle as every one
says. It was busy, but I ended up getting what I needed.

11-24-2011 Thanks Giving
I went over to my parents house pretty early. I wanted to set up the deep fryer and
make sure everything was working properly. So far so good. The thing worked like a
charm. The turkey was really good this year. A tad over done but thats ok. I followed
the 3 minutes per pound rule of thumb.

11-23-2011 Tummy issues
My stomach problems have once again risen. This time it was before the busiest day of
the year. It was tough, but I know I saved a lot of money and its not like I missed
much. Those days of me drinking heavily are long gone.

11-22-2011 Triggers
I have never been a fan of Thanks giving commercials. But this year they decided to
really annoy me. The Target lady is really annoying. I didn't even know she was a local
comedian. How she got a job I don't know. She creeps me out. Kohls has the Friday song
form Rebecca Black. What the hell were you thinking marketing. They should all be

11-21-2011 Slow day
I really enjoyed the slow day at work today. It was nice to catch up and get things
done. Plus I had a lot of energy for some reason.

I needed to get a lot of things done tonight. Put together the deep fryer was one of
those things. I didn't get too it though. I better work on that.

11-20-2011 Vikings
The Vikigns keep getting beat time and time again. This time they almost came back.
but came up short. There just isn't enough talent to win. Ponder needs more talent. he
tries, but he can only do so much.

11-19-2011 One brick
I woke up and saw snow this morning. It was all covering the ground. It was quite the

We went out to Shamrocks for The 10 dollar beer bust and the 20 dollar wine tasting.
It was fun socializing with everyone. I forget how drunk people get at these things.

11-18-2011 Kobe and Cameron
I was watching the boys tonight and I wanted to go watch happy feet 2. They decided
they just wanted to stay in and lay low and surf the internet. I made home made pizza,
but cameron thought it was too crunch. I rented Xman first class tonight. To keep my
self occupied. It was ok.

11-17-2011 Late night pickups
From the comforts of my home. I took it pretty easy tonight. I was tired and just
wanted to sit in and watch tv. I figured I paid money on that tv and direct tv. I
better use it.

Casey and Erika needed a ride from Sallys near the U of M campus. Funny how it used
to be my hang out. I drove them home late last night.

11-16-2011 Dodgeball # 87
I think I have been to dodgeball 87times according to my Meetup counts. Thats a crazy
amount. I believe its a little off. There were times I just showed up. I had a good
outting tonight. Except I jammed my pinky and lightly sprained my ankle.

11-15-2011 Back to the gym
Tonight I made my return tot he gym. I finally got to use my membership. I used the
treadmill for about 40 minutes and 20 minutes on the elliptical. It felt good to get
that work out in. I will try to do a better job getting there. The goal is 3 days a week.

11-14-2011 Lazy night
I felt pretty lazy today. it was hard getting back in the swing of things. But I did it.
Work has become quite interesting as of late. I don't know how I feel about it.

I subbed for the old vball team tonight. I felt pretty rusty. I didn't have that fire I
used to have. I tried my best though.

11-13-2011 Bw3 wing party
I don't know how Joe gets these wing party things. But he gets to have 50 free wings
with his friends. It was fun eating all of it. I had a good time tonight. Just being with
friends and chilling.

For dinner tonight. We went to my parents house for bun rieu. Its a tomato based
asian soup. Its so good. It was for my sisters bday dinner.

11-12-2011 Calm day
I was pretty tired today. I just didn't feel right. I went over to Erikas today and
hung out. Andy came over too. It was just the typical day I wanted. Just to hang out
and low key. I need more of those. I guess as I am an older guy now. Its ok to accept

11-11-2011 Still sick
I called in sick again. I just need sleep and hopefully this will go away. I am starting
to think it may be mono or something. Or maybe it really is strep throat. What ever it
may be. More rest for me tonight.

11-10-2011 Tired
I just can't seem to g et over this sickness. I ended up leaving work early today. I
don't know what this is. i have never had anything like this before. I will rest tonight
and see how I feel tomorrow.

11-09-2011 Dodgeball big gym
For the first time ever we used the big gym. It really was tough throwing in there. Al
though it gave everyone plenty of space to throw. I did fairly well, but any good
catcher who sits int he back can just sit there and catch balls.

11-08-2011 Sick day
I just didn't get much sleep. I kept waking up. I think I was choking my self with my
narrow passage. So I woke up. Kinda scary if you ask me. I made soup today. I needed
to budget and save on money. Making soups is a step forward and it is cheap on the
budget. I have all this freezer space anyways.

11-07-2011 Day off
I took Monday off to recover from the long weekend. I actually ended up getting sick
over the weekend. My throat was killing me. I felt like I was going to pass out. I
couldn't breathe. It hurt to swallow and it felt like everything I ate was just painful.
Soup and rest.

11-06-2011 Madison
We made a nice stop in madison to check out state street. I had to stop at Ians pizza.
since it is my favorite place for pizza. We stopped at some cheese store off the free
way. I wanted to pick up 3 cases of spotted cow. The guy only rung me up for one. I
was pretty excited. We got back tot he cities around 8:30pm. What a long weekend.

11-05-2011 Milwaukee tourney
Nagma lost to Super dudes, but we did alright against them. I played for my beloved
Steamers and we scored a big upset to advance. We then had to play Rec hazard. We
scored 2 runs against them. I think they got 13 on us. They ended up winning it. We
went downtown to check out the city. I was so exhausted from the long day. It was fun

11-04-2011 Long drive
I was excited to take Erika to Milwaukee. Since shes never been. I was pretty tired
from the drive. We went to the bar down stairs and hung out with everyone. I was
gonna be playing in multiple games Saturday. I knew I needed some rest.

11-03-2011 Calm before the storm
With Milwaukees long fun drive. I decided to take it easy tonight. Just did some
laundry and tried to eat healthy. I have been tired. So sleep is a good thing for me.

11-02-2011 Dodgeball
We got there a bit late so I didn't have a chance to warm up the arm. I felt warmed up
half way anyways. It was fairly crowded tonight. I wasn't able to get to the line to
throw as much. I got a good work out anyways.

11-01-2011 Erika bday
We went to gardens of Salonica for erikas bday. She wanted to go there for Greek
food. I am not a big fan of greek, but thats what she wanted. After dinner we went to
Chino latino and Stellas for late night oysters and drinks.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”