11-30-2012 Emily bday
I really havn't seen Emily in about 3 years. We all met at Joe Sensers. Then made our
way to the Legion. It was a lot of fun. I only spent about 25 bucks. So thats  a pretty
good night for me if you know what I mean. We were all pretty drunk so we just went
and stayed at Beckys apartment.

11-29-2012 Happy hour
I had happy hour with Sarah. We stopped at Mad Jacks since its close to her work and
close to my home. Jay joined us and we went to The Legion in Roseville. Quite the drive
but it sure was a fun night. Andy and Jesse came out also.

11-28-2012 Another late night
I wanted to not stay out so late tonight. The past 4 Wednesdays have been really hard
on me. We just stay out so late. It sure takes its toll on me. I left around midnight
tonight. I was trying to be good. But I was hammered regardless.

11-27-2012 Left for Dead 2
Me and Erika have been playing this fun zombie game on the computer. It gets her
walking dead fix if you know what I mean. Plus its just fun playing some of the
missions. We have spent over 15 hours playing this game.

11-26-2012 Vball win
We started off slow once again. We lost the first game, but we adjusted well and won
the next two. We started hitting the ball harder. Confidence with this team is high.
We need to keep it that way. I think were figuring out who we are.

11-25-2012 Vikings lose
This years NFL has been pretty unpredictable. The Vikes could win a game or they can
lose them. This year we cant  beat good teams. I try watching but its so hard. I think
we should have been able to beat the Bears.

11-24-2012 Mario Kart tournament
I had people over tonight and it was a lot of fun. we played Mario Kart and had lots of
drinks. We played a game of spoons and that was really out of control but fun. I was
exhausted. Went to bed at 3am.

11-23-2012 Friday thanks giving
I woke up really early today and put that turkey in the oven. I was so exhausted. I
didn't even remember putting the bird in the oven. It was a good time with the fam
this year. We had dungenous crab and it turned out great.

11-22-2012 Thanks Giving
My family is celebrating thanks giving on Friday since every body is doing things with
their significant others families. I just stayed home all day. I napped since we were
out so late last night. I was being lazy. Me and Andy went to Walmart to look for NBA
2k13. They were out at both Walmart stores. I was a bit frustrated, but what can you
do. It was such a good deal.

11-21-2012 Thanks Giving Eve
After dodgeball today. We went out for drinks. Given I had a bunch of drinks with
Andy before dodge ball. I was so tired. I didn't know if I had it in me. We all decided
to go to St Paul . We just parked at Jesse's and we went to Tin Cups. We went to the
Tiki place, since the Lamp Lighter wouldn't let us in.

11-20-2012 Half ass gym
I really didn't want to goto the gym today. I forced my self to do it though. It really
showed by how easy of a work out I had today. I was lazy in everything I did. Oh well,
at least I made it to the gym. Gotta get good use out of the membership I spose. Next
time I will just push harder.

11-19-2012 Vball
We played well tonight. The guys were hitting harder and we just all played well. We
let the last game slip away. But we went 2 for 3 again. Looking to be a good 2nd round
so far. I am gaining confidence in my hitting as well. We are improving.

11-18-2012 Sunday nap
I was so tired today. I think staying up so late last night. Affected my mood today. I
was just worthless. I took a nice long nap and it sure messed up my sleep at night. I
was wide awake.

11-17-2012 Deering Thanks giving
After dodgeball today. I baked a turkey for Hollys thanks giving party tonight/  It
turned out pretty well. I smothered that thing with poultry seasonings and butter. It
turned out pretty good. I was actually really happy with it. After party at my house
was a lot of fun too. Good night overall.

11-16-2012 Downtown at Dan Kellys
Me and Erika went to Normandy hotel and bar with Shannon. She was their with her
family. It was a lot of fun, We went over to Dan Kellys for drinks after that. I had a
good time. Everyone was pretty drunk.

11-15-2012  Gym time
I pushed it pretty hard today at the gym. I knew I have been taking the easy route
lately. I figured it was time to push hard. I was really sweating. My joints were
hurting all over though. I did the best I could. I just need to eat a lot better.

11-14-2012 Dball
So much for trying to take it easy tonight. I went out after dodgeball and stayed up a
lot later then I wanted. We were all having so much fun at Pats tap though. I couldn't
just go home.

On the drive home. There was a cop hiding on the free way. he could have easily pulled
me over. I was going about 67 mph. Consider my self very lucky. I would have been a

11-13-2012 Sick
I was feeling pretty crappy when I woke up this morning. I knew I was pretty sick and
I should stay home from work today. I did work from home though. I made my self
chicken noodle soup. I tried a different technique this time. It turned out great

11-12-2012 Vball win Round 2
Our 2nd round of our volleyball season is under way. We played a team that man
handled us a few weeks ago. With the new schedule. We are playing teams towards the
bottom. We lost our first game but we won the last two. Having Erika there. Helped us
win some hard earned points.

11-11-2012 Lazy Sunday
I was still not feeling good today when I woke up. I am really starting to come down
with something and it isn't pleasant. My throat hurts and I feel very tired. I have
tried to take some meds, but it just temporally takes care of it.

11-10-2012 Jess party
I went to dodgeball today to get some exercise in. I was actually still not feeling good
from the night before. I took a 2 hour nap. Hoping my jello shots would settle in time.
They turned out fine.

Jess's party was fun, for an apartment. They made some noise and we didn't get in
trouble which was nice. I think everyone had a good time. I was taking it easy tonight.
I didn't feel the best. So I just drove Jay and Andy.

11-09-2012 Sushi tango
Talk about a place that is highly over rated. I didn't think it was going to be any good,
but for the prices I expected better. In my eyes this place is more known for a bar.
Plus me and andy wern't feeling so good after we ate.

11-08-2012 Day 4 of Life recovery
So I promised my self I wouldn't do the small things that got me in trouble with my
health anymore. I always ate a bag of chips at work. I love eating at buffets. I knew I
needed to cut those things off. There is more about this. But thats for another day.

11-07-2012 Dball
I started off real hot. I was on fire, but then my bck started hurting and I totally
cooled off. I need to stress more. I think if I do that. My body would feel a lot better.

It was a late night at the bars. But I had a good time. Just enjoying the night out and
it was two for ones.

11-06-2012 Dinner at Sarahs
Traffic was really bad tonight. I am guessing all those people getting out and trying to
vote. Today Obama retains his presidency. A good day I would say. I am not much into
politics, but I think the right guy won.

I went over to Sarahs for dinner. She cooked up some sturgeon. It was pretty good.  
It was nice to catch up again.

11-05-2012 Rough night
We got dismantled at volleyball this week. Last week was already hard enough. This
week. This was a winnable game. But we were intimidated. The other team lost their
worst player to a knee injury and we could not capitalize on it. It made the other team
better and we just watched our selves get destroyed.

11-04-2012 A nice day
I ran some errands over in Roseville. I had to drop something off at my parents place.
I drove towards home. I was really trying to not spend any money. I was gonna hit the
gym. But I knew my body needed rest from physical activity. With Vball Monday. I
knew I needed too rest.

11-03-2012 Laura bday
I woke up pretty early today. Not bad for a Saturday actually. I went to dodgeball and
we played in the back gym. It was pretty fun. My arm and legs were killing me. I laid at
o home all day. Me and Becky went out to laura bday. We went to Chang mai thai. It
was pretty good. I never been there before. We went to Sushi tango and then to the
cafeteria. It was a fun night.

11-02-2012 Friday no fun
I didn't go out tonight. But I stayed in and watched movies. Jillian rented some
movies, so we just watched them. It was kinda nice not going out. Although I had the
itch. I knew I was tired from a long week.

11-01-2012 Quiet night
Today I was determined to change my life style. I wanted to lose weight and eat
better. So I just ate my left over gyro for lunch. It was pretty good actually. I got
home tonight and went to the gym. I pushed it hard, but my injured hamstring can only
handle so much.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”