11-30-2013 Hunger Games catching fire
Heidi picked me up today. Since, my car was acting up. It wasn't starting actually.

The movie was pretty good. I actually liked it better then the first movie. Even the
geeky kid at the ticket line said it was better then the first. I am exciting for the
next one. Which will be split in to two.

11-29-2013 Low key
Just got a couple drinks at TGIF tonight. It was nothing crazy, but I needed to get
out. I felt kinda lame this weekend so far.

11-28-2013 Thanks Giving
I just laid low all day. I had nothing to do till 3pm. When I started prepping the
turkey and everything. I was looking forward to making it. I don't know why I enjoy
doing it. But I think it just gives me something to watch over for a few hours.

11-27-2013 Dball
With this being my last week. I struggled a bit. With me struggling in all sports
lately. I wonder if I am slowly losing that step. Just not as focused as I used to be.
My hearts just not in it as much anymore.

11-26-2013 Vball
We lost 2 out of 3 games today. We had chances, but we came up flat. The 4rd game we
played better and won. But the other team eased up. Which was frustrating for me. I
need more reps hitting. I will just wait and see how next week goes.

11-25-2013 Work
Short week at work this week. Which is really nice. I need some time off. I can't
really do that with out a procurement person around. Hopefully they get that spot
filled soon. For now I will look forward tot he short week.

11-24-2013 Thanks Giving with the fam early
I was really excited for the food tonight. I really didn't eat much during the day. But
we had crab and everything. It was really good. I stole some left overs thats for sure.
I got pretty drunk. But it was with the fam. I have been doing good on my drinking less

11-23-2013 Bj's
So the Dball group wanted to go out to a strip club tonight. They wanted to goto Bj's
out of all places. It was an ok time. It was my 3rd time there. But its such a trashy
place. Everyone got back to my place for some post drinks production.

11-22-2013 Roseville Legion
I was wanting to go out and about today. Once a couple plans fell through. I figured it
was a good night to go out to the Roseville Legion. The karoake is always terrible. But
it was a fun time. I really missed everyone.

11-21-2013 Easy
Work has been slow as of late. Things are changing at TIES. With Andy leaving soon.
The face of our whole dept has really changed a lot the past year. It me wonder. What
I should do next.

11-20-2013 Dball
I was out for redemption tonight. I wanted to destroy anything in my path. I did
pretty good for letting my anger out. I actually was having a good time. I just wish I
could translate my anger on the dball court. I just can't do both,

11-19-2013 Vball
We played a very well and balanced vball team tonight. We were out matched. I was
frustrated with my ankle. I was worthless on offense. Our weakness is our offense.
Which goes down to us guys. I felt worthless and I lost my cool tonight.

11-18-2013 Bad ankle
My ankle isn't fully healed yet. I have been trying to take it easy. I actually want to
goto the gym, but since its hurt. I can't really get to doing that. So healthy eating it
is for now.

11-17-2013 Quiet day
I did laundry today. I just didn't feel like doing much today. I did eat some of my
sisters food from her house. Since there was so much food. I did a good job of spending
very little this weekend. Which is pretty good for me. I think I am finally figuring it

11-16-2013  Sisters bday
I took it fairly easy all day. I went over to my sisters house for her bday. It was a
lot of fun. They even ordered the PPV fight. I did plenty of shots. Henessey and Yag
and Jameson oh my. I got home safely though. I had a pretty good time tonight.

11-15-2013 Easy night
Becky wanted to go get drinks tonight. I told her I havn't been feeling well. Plus I jut
wanted to be out and take it easy. I think I did pretty good. I took it easy. I think
trying to be more sober is a step int he right direction.

11-14-2013 Night cap
Andy wanted to get some drinks tonight. I told him I would. But when I was going to
Mad Jacks. I noticed my head light was out. So I knew I had to take it pretty easy
tonight. The bartender told me that I was drinking slow. I didn't know if I was
supposed to be insulted or not LOL.

11-13-2013 Ankle
My ankles really bothering me lately. I can barely walk straight. I tried playing
dodgeball today. I took it fairly easy. Once my adrenaline kicked in I was moving more
then I should.

11-12-2013 Vball destruction
We lost all three games tonight. Against a team we should beat. It was hard to watch.
I didn't do much of anything with my bad ankle. I looked around and we were just
broken. We knew we should have taken these games from them. I stayed up till 1:45am
to write a long email to the team.

11-11-2013 Zombies
So Me and Erika have been playing this walking dead game. Its actually quite fun. Its
like watching a movie and playing it. Its pretty neat. I made asian soup. It was pretty

11-10-2013 Benefit
I went to a benefit for Sarahs aunt today at Tuttles in Hopkins. I ever been there
before. The music was quite loud. But it was for a good cause.

11-09-2013 Cleaning
Today all I wanted to do was clean. I cleaned everything that I could get near. I was
in the perfect cleaning mood. I got alot of things done around the house. Little things
I normally put aside.

11-08-2013 Happy hour
I was driving home and I wanted to have happy hour. I figured I would give Sarah a
jingle since I havn't talked to her in awhile. It was fun. We had wings my favorite. I
forget how unhealthy bar wings are.

11-07-2013 Ankle
I seem to have reoccurring ankle injuries. Its always my left ankle. It just seems to
always get sore and its near my heal. I don't recall doing anything to it. I am getting
really frustrated by this. One of these days I will need to see a specialist.

11-06-2013 Changes
Dan quit today on the spot at work. Which means life may be a bit different for me. I
will be eating healthier I guess. He was a good lunch buddy. But now what do I do.

I went to dodge ball tonight. I was in need of throwing balls tonight. I had a good time.
I couldn't be awesome like I normally am. Because it was full of people on the court
this week. I have a feeling its only going to get busier.

11-05-2013 Vball win
I knew this week would be our week to win. Our offense played much better then in
recent weeks. We played against a team that was weaker int he standings, but now we
can build our way back up. I was proud of everyone tonight.

11-04-2013 Sandwiches
I have been trying to eat better. So I convinced to try to eat sandwiches for lunch all
week. We spent about 17 bucks total in deli meat and bread. We shall see how it goes. I
got carrots too. Which I'm going to eat with hummus.

11-03-2013 Happy
I've been really happy lately. A lot of events have happened in the last few weeks. I
was out one night and was talking to someone. She made me remember what I used to
like in a girl. She didn't know it. When I look at her. I see a bright happy light. I think
all these girls I used to date. Just weren't lose to what I wanted. I reached for the
ones that had issues. Tried to fix them. I realized I needed to be fixed. Letting things
go really helped. I used to be that bright light. Till my pure heart got dark along the

11-02-2013 Laura bday
I was actually really waiting all week for this. I told Becky I was saving money for
this all week. We went to the Republic in uptown.

We ended up leaving and going downtown to the 50. Amy was there and we got sick of
uptown pretty quick> Andy met us there. It was a fun night.

11-01-2013 Dball
I had a conflict of interest tonight. I was not sure if I was going to be able to make
to party events. One was in Richfield for Erikas bday. The other was in Roseville for
Mikes going away. I decided to do both. I went to Erikas but it just went late. I knew
it meant a lot for her to be there. Well she was there for my birthday. I've been to
Mikes going away party 2 times now. I guess its ok for me to skip this one.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”