11-30-2014 Vikings
What do you know. We finally blew out a team and it was nice to watch for once.

I have been hitting the gym so hard. My body is sore all over. I need to do different
work outs. Lately I have been getting used to it. Which isn't a bad thing.

11-29-2014 Crystal bday
I went to Cider house Brewery for Crystals bday. It was alot of fun. I took it fairly
easy there. I had drinks at the Hogs before that. We all then went to the Vegas
Lounge and I got some mixed drinks in me.

11-28-2014 Cold
Its been so cold lately. I have been trying to stay warm. But then I realized I had the
budget plan at home. So I could easily just turn the heat up. Just old habits keep me
from thinking straight.

11-27-2014 Thanks Giving
I got the green beans and mashed potatoes ready to go today. I was on a time crunch. I
was just way behind schedule. but I pumped it out as fast as I could. my heart was
racing. But it was a fun time with family.

11-26-2014 Night of fun
Me and Joe ended up looking for  a late night place to drink. Were just got done with
the Hogs. I chose the Lamp lighter out of all places. I havn't been there in awhile. It
was fun.

11-25-2014 Happy hour
I was doing some shopping at Cub. Sarah texted me for Happy hour. I met her at Mad
Jacks. Her sister, bro and Andy were there too. I took it fairly easy. I figured I had a
long night of doing stuff around the house.

11-24-2014 Day with E
Me and Erika went to get some food at  Granite city. Their happyhour sucks. Plus there
was some creepo guy that the bartender was freaked out at. Made my night kinda
crappy from just eating crappy food.

The vball team tonight played the best team. We are the 2nd best team. It showed, we
just weren't good enough. We battled but we only won one game against them.

11-23-2014 Vikings
The Vikes could have beaten the Packers tonight. But it just didn't happen. atleast it
was a close game. I was doing bicep curls all day today. My arms hurt a lot. So I went
to the bar to get the happy feeling.

11-22-2014 Night at Hogs
I was trying to get some exercise in today. My body is so sore. My hip is starting to
hurt also. I am unsure what to do. I guess I can't push my body to the max. Bad Idea.
So I guess I get to relax tonight by having drinks.

11-21-2014 Shopping
I have been looking to purchase a new table around the house. I went to a furniture
store but was unable to find anything I wanted. I did some online searching. But I just
cant see or feel it. I want to make sure its sturdy.

11-20-2014 Gym
I forced my self to goto the gym tonight. I really didn't want to go. My body is sore
every where. But I kept telling my self. I gotta keep pushing to receive results.

11-19-2014 Dodgeball return
I didn't feel like going to the gym today. I had pappy hour with friends tonight. I felt
it was time to get some dodge ball in. I struggled controlling my throws today. But it
was the work out I needed.

11-18-2014 Tikki
After I got home from work. I made tikki masala. One of my favorite indian dishes.
Well, its actually a british dish technically with a indian flare. A little history for
you. Turned out pretty good. Spices just tastes right. I could have made the sauce
sweeter. But that requires sugar and I am avoiding that.

11-17-2014 Vball
I didn't do any exercise since last Monday. I knew deep down inside, I wasn't
physically ready. I know I'm about 3 weeks early. I havn't felt like this ever. But I
figured maybe I could take it easy. We won against a good team tonight. Even though
they were short. But I will take it. I felt woozy after the game. But nothing crazy.

11-16-2014 Drinks
Since I have been so good lately. I wanted to go out. After watching the Vikings just
totally suck again. I couldn't take it. I had to get out of the house. I was having the
cabin fever feeling.

11-15-2014 Sisters bday
I had drinks with Erika during the day. Just to catch up. We went to Cowboy Jacks in
Bloomington and then she wanted to go glove shopping.

I went to my sisters house for her bday party. I took it fairly easy. I have been
trying to drink less. So far so good.

11-14-2014 Easy
I am on day 4 of my concussion and it feels like it hasn't gotten better. My face still
hurts. But the side of my head feels like my brain is going to crush my skull. Not
really. But I can exaggerate a little

11-13-2014 Veggies
I have been trying so hard to have more veggies in my diet. I get so grossed out when I
eat it. But I just force it down. At lunch I got a salad and I put way more veggies in
then I normally do. Feeling slightly depressed.

11-12-2014 Pazzaluna
Che and Kristen had gift cards for Pazzaluna. SO we went their for happy hour. it was
really good. Pretty cheap. I got a good deal from the bartender. He only charged me for
3 drinks. Which was really nice.

11-11-2014 Home
With my head feeling groggy. I decided to take it easy and not go to work today. I just
didn't feel right. Erika came over and we had lunch today. Which was nice. We actually
made some food for dinner. Tator tots. That is. Well I used it to make a chicken pot
pie with tots.

11-10-2014 Concussed
We played inter league match this week. The other upper B division. I knew they would
be tough. We struggled against the better teams. We fell flat to be honest. Teams
adjust and we can't figure it out. We were using our new defensive shift. People were
frustrated with the loss. I ran into the wall with my face for the last point. i was
down, but I refused to stay down.

11-09-2014 Vball at the church
I played volleyball at the church near my house tonight. It is such a good work out and
everyone is pretty good there. They aren't douche bags or anything. My ankle was
feeling sore today. But I just played through it.

11-08-2014 Light
I really didn't want to spend too much money tonight. I drove my friends to the Garth
concert. Met up with Sara in Anoka and her friends. It was a fun time. But I took it
easy. Since it was in Anoka. Plus I was driving every one home.

11-07-2014 Open Vball
I  played open volleyball in Roseville after work today. I got a pretty good work out in.
My body is feeling pretty worn down. I have been to the gym quite a bit also. It feels
good. I needed to get back into shape.

11-06-2014 Kobe
After work I went and got Kobe. He had Friday off for some reason. I asked him what
he wanted. He said lasagna. So we went to the grocery store to get ingredients for it.
I made him do all the work. He really likes my lasagna.

11-05-2014 Cash
I was trying to figure out where to put my money since I have my extra paycheck. I
basically spent it on my credit card. I guess is a god thing. Don't want to pay that
interest rate.

11-04-2014 TV
Tuesday is always a good day for me to catch up on tv. I watched a few of my favorite
shows. I was feeling a bit tired from just lounging. But I really needed it anyways.

11-03-2014 Back
I'm back at work since my long week of vacation. I was really feeling it. I really was
not in the mood to do anything. Luckily its been pretty slow lately. I could take my

We won at vball tonight 2 out of 3 games. The only problem, was we played the worst
team and we let them have a game. The team just doesn't have that killer instinct.

11-02-2014 Chee
I went over to Kristin and Che's place to watch the football game. I really wanted to
take it easy for awhile on spending. So I figured this would help. So far so good. I was
tired tonight. I didn't goto volleyball. Figure I would rest my legs.

11-01-2014 Late night
I was taking it pretty easy today. I was hurting from last night. I ordered a pizza for
the first time in a very long time.

I met up at Jeff's house for the Halloween party downtown. I drove. That way I could
take it somewhat easy. It was a fun night overall. I had a very good time to be honest.
I was tired tonight. Thank goodness for Day lights savings.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”