11-30-2015 Dball
It was snowing like crazy today. Everybody was freaking out about it. Good thing I live
so close to work now.

I picked up Ashley and we went to dodge ball tonight. I was doing well. But all of a
sudden my bad left foot was just hurting really bad. I had to slow it down a notch.
Went to Apple Bees after. I was tempted to get a drink. But I chose to be sober for
awhile. Or should I say a few days.

11-29-2015 Sunday funday
Me and Becky met up with Gordon and Nina at Cowboy jacks. We wanted to watch the
football game and it was a good game to watch. We had a big tab. But it was fun. We
then decided to goto Sushi Tango and spent more money there. I was so full from food.

11-28-2015 Drinks
I met up with Melissa at Cafe Latte for some food. It was nice to catch up. But after
everything. She showed me a 6 minute video about her work/pyramid thing. I was a bit
bummed. Thats what it was all about. But I get it.

I went to the Hogs to get drinks. Jeff was there with his drunk girlfriend. I ran into
Joe and Linda. I also ran into Jessie. Who was someone I met about a year ago and
never called her. Even though we had a fun night there. So we basically rekindled some
of that tonight. I drove Joe and Linda home. I was pretty tired.

11-27-2015 Mikes bday and party after
I didn't really have a whole lot to do today. I went to Turtle Lake casino for Mikes
bday. I had the buffet there. It wasn't bad for $21 for two people. I went back to the
cities and stopped over at Tanjas. I was pretty tired. But I took it easy.

11-26-2015 Thanks giving
It was a pretty low key Thanks Giving this year. We had a 18 lbs turkey this year. We
did our normal crab legs. It turned out pretty good. I was so hungry. But I got to my
sisters to make fried rice. It turned out pretty good. We did lots of shots. I had like
8 crown shots.

11-25-2015 Dball
My foot was bothering me again tonight. It hurt pretty bad actually. I was wearing my
knew shoes today. Which didn't help things either. But I took some ibuprofen. Which
helped ease the pain.

11-24-2015 Pizza Luce
We went to Pizza Luce for lunch today. It just opened this past weekend. So we
wanted to check it out. It was pretty good. We had a decent group. So we had three
different pizzas. It was good. But I remember it tasting so much better. Maybe those
pizza ovens need to be more seasoned.

11-23-2015 Dball
I tried to do another two a days type of work out. With going to the gym and then
going to dodge ball. My body was pretty tired. But my foot is still bothering me. Its
been bad since two weeks ago.

11-22-2015 Sensors
Started of the day by getting my car in the morning. Then had breakfast at The
Flameburger with Becky. Had some early drinks and eventually met up with every one at
Joe Sensors. I went home to watch the game. I was pretty tired.

11-21-2015 Working out
I got up early today to play some dodge ball. My arm was bothering me quite a bit.
Working out before. Does not help me at all.

11-20-2015 Mario farewell
We went to Stouts for happy hour drinks. All I know is we had a big tab. Well my tab
was about $40. Then we went to Legends and I had another $40 tab. We went down
stairs dancing, but I was feeling it from the whiskey on the rocks earlier in the night.
I had to go.

11-19-2015 Laundry
It was my night to catch up on tv shows. So I watched about 4 episodes of stuff. Took
about 4 hours of my time. I was tired. I took my sleeping pill and I was out cold.
Needed the rest.

11-18-2015 Gophers vball
I met up with Crystal and we went to the Gopher vball game at the Sports Pavilion.
They won all 3 games. It was actually a lot of fun to watch. I had a good time. We took
the light rail back. There was a domestic happening n the train behind us. Crazy!

11-17-2015 Gym
I tried to do some things at the gym today. My body wasn't having it. I did very light
cardio. Since I was there. But like I said. I just couldn't get my body to do anything.
That was a waste of 40 minutes.

11-16-2015 Sore
I was sore yesterday. I am even more sore today. I didn't want to work out or
anything. I just wanted rest. I was a zombie today at work. We had lunch at Station
280 for half priced burgers. It was for my 10 year anniversary at TIES. Its crazy I
have been there that long.

11-15-2015 Drive home
I woke up very early. I couldn't get back to sleep. So I just drove home. I was looking
at my list and I realized I had 5 of the 7 things to figured out. So I figured the last
two on the way home.That was the point of the drive. The whole plan for the trip
worked. It was sad too, cause I knew it would hurt a long the way. But when I got home
I was tired. But I was happy and focused.

11-14-2015 Dball
My team did well today. We were a player short. But we did the best we could for that.
I played well with the foam balls. I started off slow and got caught a lot. But I
figured it out and played much better. I just wanted to make an impact out there. Once
we switched to the rubber ball tourney I struggled with it. I couldn't grip it. My team
got 3rd place. I was making a lot of key catches. The after party was fun. But I drank
so much vodka red bull. My heart was racing.

11-13-2015 Drive to Michigan
I got up early today. Just so I can do my best to get contacts in my eyes. Figured with
the long drive. Why not. It took me about 45 minutes to get them in both eyes. I got
interviewed by Madison news on channel 3. About the speed limit change from 65 to 70
mph. I ate at Freddys pizza. I had their lasagna, chicken parm and alfredo combo. It
was way too much food.

11-12-2015 Happy hour
Becky and Che wanted happy hour today. I was fine with it. I had too much stuff to do
before the big weekend trip. I was well behind. Especially with errands. I caught up on
tv tonight. Jeff wanted me to meet him for a few drinks tonight. So I did it as a night

11-11-2015 Happy hour sushi
Rosie and I got to catch up a little since Milwaukee. We had such a good time out
there. We finally got to have our happy hour. Which is long in the making. But the food
was good. I been here like 5 times now.

11-10-2015 Teresa's
Renee chose Teresa's for dinner tonight. I saw someone post it on a snap chat the day
before. So I wanted to check it out anyways. It was decent mexican food. The
margarita was kinda gross. But what ever.

11-09-2015 Dball
I was throwing the ball pretty good tonight. I had a few drinks for happy hour. But it
really got me going. I jammed my finger. It hurts like crazy. BUt I feel good and I am
happy about it.

11-08-2015 Home
I was feeling pretty tired today. I got up at 7am and I was jsut tired. I really wanted
to go back to sleep. We ubered it back to the airport. I went to get brunch with Becky
at Legends. I heard they had good bloodies there. It was along day of drinking. The
Vikings won a close one. I am so tired.

11-07-2015 MKE EOS
I started the day with Quiss Cross. We won so we advanced. Then IO played witht he
Steamers and we lost 14 to 0. It was an ass kicking. Back to Quiss cross and we got
blown out 15 to 1. It was just a crazy day. The after party was fun. I was holding back
a little. I had a early flight in the morning.

11-06-2015 Milwaukee
I had my work meeting today. It wasn't anything crazy. But at least I didn't get fired.
So thats a plus.

I landed in Milwaukee. Andy and I flew there. I didn't want to sit in a car. We went to
the hotel bar and ended up at a bar next door. Called Cesars. I sadly never knew it

11-05-2015 Car repair
After work today, I was trying to change a sway bar end link. Which took me 5 hours
and I had troubles with one bolt that was stripped. I gave up and had Chris come over
and help me out. I was happy it got fixed though. It was frustrating.

11-04-2015 Dball
My body was pretty worn down. My arms hurt from lifting and I was pushing my self so
hard on cardio. I was tired, but I wanted to do a two a day type of thing with gym in
the morning and dodgeball at night. I sweat my ass off. I was good. I am trying to slim
down on alcohol after.

11-03-2015 Lasagna
I was in the mood to make lasagna tonight. It is one of my favorite foods. I went and
got ingredients for it after work. At Walmart. I know a lot of my friends hate it. But
I don't mind the super retailer. I wasn't sure if Ashley liked it or not. I did make it
healthier. Sorta. There was no salt, but I sure did pour on the cheese. I can eat this
stuff all day.

11-02-2015 Staying in
So I have been trying this staying in thing. I did laundry and tried to watch some tv
shows. It was hard for me. But I just new I needed some nights off from drinking.
I did push it hard at the gym. I needed a break.

11-01-2015 Gym
I was craving breakfast this morning. So we went to Highland grill in Saint Paul. My
eggs benedict were so good. I really enjoyed it.

I went to meet up with Becky The Dog house in Maplewood for tacos and some beer for
the Vikings game. We snuck out a win tonight,

I met up with Ashley later tonight and we went bowling. I wasn't a big fan of their
nacho pizza. But I needed food in my tummy, I bowled well tonight. I have been
struggling forever.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”