11-30-2016 Dball
I have been playing more to get back in shape. I just have such a hard time moving
lately. Its a easy work out I can burn 600 calories on. Which is great. It keeps me

11-29-2016 4k TV
I decided to pull the trigger and get a 4k tv. It was from walmart and it was an odd
brand I used to have at my old house. It will arrive soon. Reviews were mixed, but I
figured I got lucky last time.

11-28-2016 Mondays
I wasn't feeling the best today. So I just worked from home. I needed a break for my
body to catch up from the long weekend. We won at vball which is nice. We are on a 6
game winning streak.

11-27-2016 Happy hour
I went out for happy hour today. I was having a good time. I just get the nice
treatment at Cowboy jacks. Its cheap and they treat me like a superstar.

11-26-2016 Shopping
More shopping happened today. I really liked how I was trying to not spend money but
thats all I know how to do. Went to Walmart and Target. More things I don't need.
Its all about me this year I guess.

11-25-2016 Lamb chops
I wanted to make my self something nice. So I went and got lamb chops for lunch today.
I took it fairly easy. But I wanted to go out for drinks tonight.

11-24-2016Thanks Giving
I laid low all day today. I really didn't do much. I just waited till stores opened and
then I was able to go out and buy things. I got some things for my self tonight.

11-23-2016 Happy hour
Every one was leaving work early. I stayed a bit later than I wanted too. But I went
and got drinks at Cowboys. I had fun. I was feeling pretty good. I had a good time
though. When its busy and the bartender kicks people out for you. You are special.

11-22-2016 Quiet
Usually we go to happy hour today. But Becky was working. I really didn't feel the
need to go. I was in full work out mode. I am trying my best to get into better shape
for vegas. My body is sore and tired. Alcohol wasn't gonna help. But I have a busy
weekend of drinking.

11-21-2016 Mondays
Amber subbed for us tonight at volleyball. We played an asian team. Which usually
beats us. But we played well. They didn't, so we took advantage and won all 3 games. It
was nice to have the gang back together. It felt fun again. Especially when you win.

11-20-2016 Vikes/Survivor Series
Gordon and Dave wanted to watch the game at the bar. So we went again. We actually
won for once. Which was exciting.

I got home and started frying stuff for my wrestling pay per view tonight. It was a
dud of a pay per view. But we had a lot of fried food laying around.

11-19-2016 Thanks giving Saturday
I really didn't do too much today. It was Thanks giving at my sisters house. We had
crab and the regular turkey stuff. We ate around the table. But it didn't feel like
thanks giving at all. I got drunk and got home. Another cheap night for me.

11-18-2016 Friday night in
I was trying to save some money tonight. But we just kinda hung out at home and
watched tv. It was nice to stay in on a weekend night and laying in pajamas. Actually
passing out. Maybe I have finally found life being a home body.

11-17-2016 Quiet
It was so nice to have a night with no activities. I really just got a lot of things done.
I have been in a very good mood lately. Very content. People sure have noticed. But its
been very nice at home. I'm getting things done and we always have food int he fridge.
Which always makes me happy.

11-16-2016 Drinks
I had happy hour again and I was feeling pretty good. I convinced Ashley to goto
dodgeball with me tonight. I needed to burn off the alcohol and I needed the exercise

11-15-2016 Drinks
Becky wanted to have drinks tonight. I wasn't going to this week. But since its so
cheap at happy hour. I couldn't help it at all. Tuesday has become my bill paying day. I
need to stick to a routine of some sort. We went to El Tequila on Central ave. That
place sucked.

11-14-2016 Case of the
I had a case of the Mondays today. I really didn't want to be here, but I had to be. I
got through the day though. We got our butts kicked at volleyball tonight. Probably one
of the ugliest performances for our team of all time.

11-13-2016 Vikes
Me and Gordon went to cowboy Jacks again. This week we fell again and lost. I was so
sad we lost. But they are struggling badly. I got home and me and Ashley took Xmas
pictures. Probably not a good idea since I was wasted. But oh well.

11-12-2016 Fun
I was feeling pretty tired today. I really didn't get a chance to do a lot of house work
around the house. I have been feeling really lazy and my tummy sure shows it. I had
some drinks out tonight. But I tried my best to take it easy.

11-11-2016 Drinks
I was doing a good job of doing very little today. I had Davannis pizza and it was so
filling. I had a lot left over. Went out and got some drinks tonight. I had a good night

11-10-2016 Sober
I tried to be sober today. I really didn't want to go out anywhere. But I did a good job
of staying in. I think I was able to get some wine down tonight. So I did drink.

11-09-2016 Walking
I did a lot of walking today. After work. I went for a long walk and even got on the
tread mill. So it was good to just get my body moving. So far so good today. But I am
always so hungry.

11-08-2016 Tired
I have been struggling with my weight lately. I work out. But I keep gaining weight. I
can't stop eating. Its so hard.  But I am trying to find ways to do better.

11-07-2016 Vball collapse
I lost my cool tonight. We played a very good team and we got destroyed. I blamed
many things. I was tired of this. We are all on so many different levels. I almost
wanted to walk off the court.

11-06-2016 Vikings
We all went to Cowboy Jacks tonight. Dave was ripping on Gordon and vise versa. Andy
and Sarah came out. Che came out too. The Vikes sucked but it was entertaining being
with everyone.

11-05-2016 Seafood broil
Amanda , Scott and Danielle came over for my seafood broil. I didn't tell thew what I
was making. But I am glad they liked it. I am working on my culinary skills again. Lately
I havn't been doing a good job.

11-04-2016 Friday
Drinks at Cowboy jacks on non happy hour. Impossible. But it was fun and we ran into
Andrea Medina there. It was so nice to catch up. Its always fun seeing a blast from
the past form high school.

11-03-2016 Vacation
I am on vacation and its tough to decide what to do. I just don't know what to do. I
have been really relaxed. But I am happy. I am just chilling right now. Feeling good
about it too.

11-02-2016 Energy
I have been so tired as of late. I am trying something new and will try my best to get
up so early tomorrow. I have been trying to change my habits. I have been eating
terrible lately. Just quantity wise.

11-01-2016 Business
This was probably the first time in my life I honestly had a decision to make in a life
to move forward. Jolene my current boss is leaving and I applied for her position. We
shall see if I get it.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”