11-27-2017 Vball loss
We played a very good team and they beat us all 3 games. But we put up a  very good
fight. That is when I am ok with those losses.

11-24-2017 Raking leaves
My parents back yard is huge and they had a lot of leaves. It took two nephews and two
brothers to get it all done in 3 hours. It was nice. My mom made pork chops for us. I
ate like a speed demon.

11-23-2017 Thanks Giving
I was watching the Vikings game and making food at the same time. I was able to get
the mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls done in time. Luckily my sister lives close
by. We had a lot of fun overall. We ate and drank. I didn't make it out for shopping,
but most of the stuff will be there tomorrow.

11-22-2017 Dball
I went to get some exercise tonight. Even though I went to the gym earlier in the day.
I did pretty well. My arm strength is slowly coming back. I was pretty exhausted
tonight though.

11-20-2017 2 wins, 1 loss
WE played a team from the other league this week. Inter league. We won 2 to 1. They
are our rivals. We usually get the best of each other. Today was our day. I am happy
with that. Since we are very even teams.

11-13-2017 3 wins
We finally got some wins in. But they were against the worst team in the league. We
also struggled a bit and should have dominated. Errors on serves and some

11-10-2017 Fun
Went over to Kristen and Ches for drinks and had a doggie date. Zoomie wore him self
out pretty good. But he always has the energy some how.

11-06-2017 Another loss
We didn't exactly put up a good fight. But we sure did struggle when we had leads. Too
many errors every week. It gets frustrating. We won only 1 of 3 games tonight.

11-04-2017 Dball return
Well, After playing for two hours. I am really out of shape. I was breathing so hard. I
had to sit down at times. It is really sad I thought I was in better shape then that. I
need to do a better job of getting my breath back.