Old Journal Logs

10/31/05 - Jury duty, blah blah, thats all I have to say about that. Went to work afterwards. It
was busy at first but nothing the Tone-ster can't handle. So after work, my boss needed a
right to the paper store. I forget what it was called but it had alot of different kinds of paper. It
was artcraft heaven I think. All I was thinking how fast this place would burn down if there was
a fire. Anyways, I got home and I saw my pitbull in a darth vader costume. Kinda scary, but
funny. Went to Becky and Jamies, Chris was there too. We just all hung out for a bit. I talked
to Heather on the phone tonight. We decided I had to take care of somethings. Today I am
feeling pretty good I have felt at ease for once. Maybe I am finally relaxing.

10/30/05 - I was so tired from not sleeping much the past few days. I watched the Vikings
game and they just suck now. Atleast with Brad Johnson they might have a chance to save
the season now. Since they were losing I just took a nice long nap. I was starting to get
disgusted with them. I woke up and found everyone was gone. I tried to play with the dog, but
he just doesn't like me at all. I talked to Ashley for a bit. I decided she was going to be my
first buddy profile of the week. She was excited, so I did a quick interview segment with her. I
am going to start to do this every week.

10/29/05 - Went to work today. I had to leave early cause of some issues. Later on that day,
went to Don Pablos for Stacy's going away dinner. She is leaving to work in Chicago. She
was a real nice person. After that Me and Laura went to her friend Melissa's party in
Brooklyn Park. Then we went to uptown at the Drink with some of my friends down there. It
was good times. I took a few pictures there that night. It was pretty packed in there I liked it
better then The Drink in Minneapolis.

10/28/05 - I think some guys brought in the Monopoly board game to work today. They were
playing it. Haha, I think that is so hilarious, but it was good management let them do it. Happy
people equal happy production. After work I drove around looking for more accessories for
my cowboy outfit. I realized that adults love halloween more then kids. Since adults were
going crazy looking for costumes. I love it when they wear the hoochy clothes too. Me and
Laura went to Becky and Jamies halloween party. I saw alot of old faces I havn't seen in a
long time. It was fun and I missed all those times.

10/27/05 - Work was the slowest day ever in history. I swear, it seems like nobody was doing
anything. After work I wanted to take Amador on in pool. Since he was a self proclaimed "real
good pool player". Well I beat him 3 games straight, 1 with pure skill, the next 2 since he
scratched the 8 ball. Then he took over and beat me 6 straight times. Ofcourse I won the
final game. He was much better of a pool player then I will ever be on a good day even. I saw
him shoot cuts and shots bouncing off the wall with ease. I was quite impressed. I sure got
my nuts kicked in pretty bad. I got dominated the whole night. Score total was basically 6 to
4. So I kinda made it look interesting.

10/26/05 - Today at work I put in my two week notice. Its sad to see the Tony era go down.
Its time for a change. Went to a couple meetings at work today, it was lame. After work Me
and Laura went to go look for my Halloween costume. We started at Walmart, I found a fe
things there, but man I really have issues everytime I get ready to check out. Theres always
an issue with someone infront of me. Well, eventually we finally found a Party America.
Grabbed some stuff and that was that. Played Starcraft with some guys at work tonight. It
was fun times. We had a long battle in one of the games. It was like an hour and a half long.

10/25/05 - I can't believe halloween is just right around the corner. It seems like its still
September for me. Anyways after work I went home to grab some mail. I have alot of bills.
Haha. I went to go play kickball I played at 7pm and 8pm. We won both games, to tell you the
truth I think I scored the final run again. I don't know why but I seem to do that. I went home
afterwards. I waited but nobody was moving anywhere, I wanted to celebrate my last night of
kickball. Oh well, I came from the shadows in my career and I left into the shadows I guess. I
got home and took along shower. I guess theres nothing left for me to do it seems. I have
one of the biggest days of my life tomorrow. I guess most of you will have to wait and see why.
10/24/05 - I woke up and went to the Champlin theater. I went to go see Doom. It was an
alright movie. I was expecting so much more. The end of the movie was what I expected to
see. I got home and started working out. Ofcourse after working out so much, I get hungry. I
felt like I ate 5 meals today. My right shoulder has been really killing me lately. Ever since I
took that hard dive into 2nd base, it hasn't been the same. I been thinking of going
somewhere for vacation again. I have no clue where. I guess it all depends if I get my special
phone call or not.

10/23/05 - Watched the Vikes game. Wow they were sucking in the first half. Good thing they
did much better in the 2nd half. They actually looked like the old offense. Thats what
happens when the offensive line does a decent job. I am just glad they won, So I can jump on
the band wagon again. I lifted some weights today. It felt pretty good. I did some minor
cleaning, but nothing significant. Tonight I basically just sat around and relaxed. It was a
good weekend, and I am glad to just sit at home and rest.

10/22/05 - Work was really slow today, thats how I like it. Went to go play some football
afterwards. Me and Chris went to the Gopher mens hockey game. We got awesome tickets.
Well because we were in the suites. Haha free food and booze, my first Gopher hockey
game was a great experience. We had a great spot. Totally feeling like pimps haha. Ah Fred
Smoot would be proud. Afterwards we went to uptown for Jess's bday. We went to Chino
Latinos. There were alot of pretty girls there tonight. Ran into alot of people there. Rich, Erin
and Matt from kickball. Heck even Nate Anderson and Amy. Craziness I tell ya. We went back
up to Ramsey, and did some drinking there.

10/21/05 - After work I went right to Coon Rapids. Met up with Chris and we went to Old
Navy, he was looking for some clothes. We went to eat at A and W. We went over to Becky
and Jamies. We went over to Gina's townhome. Shes twins with Andre. Anyways we were
there for a bit. Had to make a cameo basically. I didn't spend barely any money today. Figure
I would spend more money tomorrow anyways. I have been really tired and been feeling
kinda sick lately.

10/20/05 - I decided that today was going to be a relaxing day for me. I got home from work
around 5:30pm I think. I was so tired I went right to bed. I woke up because, my nephew was
trying to make me play this one video game with him. I was feeling so drowsy. Its pretty hard
to focus on video games when you just woke up. I totally forgot to mention in yesterdays
journal post. When we were out at Bradys, I took the bread test. Basically, the theory is you
can't totally eat and swallow a slice of bread in 30 seconds. I thought it would be cake, but it
took me over a minute. So I totally failed the test. I am trying to lose some weight so I need to
get into a strict diet again.

10/19/05 - After work I went to my interview. I think I nailed it this time. She loved me. My first
interview sucked ass. Thanks to Scott I had a second chance. Well tonight was the biggest
game of my kickball career. We won 3 to 2 against Slow and Bouncy in extra innings. I can't
believe it went into 11 innings. It was a hell of a game. Once again I scored the winning run,
they will have to call me MR clutch one of these days. Thats twice now I scored the winning
run. We went to Bradys for a few drinks, its was good times. I am so proud of our team for
hanging in there. We are the only team to ever beat Slow and Bouncy twice in one season.
Also the first to beat them in a playoff game. I scored 2 out of the 3 runs. So I feel somewhat
special. Our team is so well balanced defensively, I am very proud of that. I am just happy for
everyone. There such a good bunch.

10/18/05 - I wanted today to just go by pretty fast, and thank goodness it did that. I had lunch
with Lunzer at Subway, finally a healthy place to eat. After that I walked back to work, and it
was nice and slow. I got home today and my nephew was crying that I wouldn't buy this video
game for him. So I bought it online so he could play. Little brat. He was getting all teary eyed.
I went to eat lunch with Laura tonight at Champps. So I played for Rich's team tonight. They
won 4 to 3. So they advance in the playoffs. I really don't have a team for Tuesdays, I am just
a floater. After the game we went to Lonettis for some bingo action. I came close to winning,
but I didn't want to stay to late. I got a big day tomorrow.

10/17/05 - So today I decided to goto the Maple Grove area to look at possible 2nd jobs.
Well I drove by PF Changs, The Gap, some mexican place, Ruby Tuesdays, and some pizza
joint. I dunno, I guess I couldn't muster the energy to get an application. Haha I know I am a
slacker. When I was driving home, I saw a guy with some hydraulics on his car. We were both
at a stop and he had to show his stuff. Well While it was up, his car was having issues. I
thought it was the funniest thing ever to have his car stuck in that stance and it dieing out on
him. I joking pointed a finger at him and laughed as I got the green light and drove away. I
been eating alot lately. So I am trying to get back onto a diet again. That starts tomorrow

10/16/05 - I woke up right at noon. Just in time for the Vikings game. I wish I would have slept
through it. Man, I don't even know what to say anymore about them. They have so many
different problems its a multiple fix type of thing. I got my haircut today. My hair has been
pretty long lately. So I got it cut pretty short. We when to this one chinese place to eat for my
dads bday as a family. It was over in crystal. I forgot what it was called. I ate alot of food and I
was pretty full. I went to Walmart to pick up some food for my guinea pig. I was in a good
mood and I decided to buy him cedar bedding instead of pine bedding. Lucky bastard. I
upgraded for him since I have been neglecting my guinea pig for 3 months. I basically just
tried to lift some weights. Since my arm is healing a bit, I can slowly work out again.  

10/15/05 - It was nice to have a nice and slow Saturday again. I totally forgot what that was
like. Normally I go and play dodgeball, but they rescheduled it till Sunday. So I went home
and got ready to goto Marco and Lindsey's poker tournament. I never play expecting to win. I
guess I just do it for the sport of it. I get bored pretty easilly when I play it, even when money
is on the line. I was the first person out on the first tourney. Haha I just wanted to start eating
the food. The 2nd tourney I made it to the final 4. So I guess I tried alittle harder in the last
one. I was so full from eating all the food. I got home and I was pretty tired. I just crashed
since I had a busy day tomorrow also.

10/14/05 - Work went by pretty fast today. I got home and I was so tired I wanted to take a
nap but I decided not too, since I had to be over at Jamie and Beckys place by 6pm. Chris
and Emily and Zach all also was there. We all went to Trail of Terrors. It is normally 15 bucks
to get into it, but thank goodness I stole a happenings coupon from work. I thought the place
wasn't worth 15 bucks. I am glad I only had to pay half of that. There was some pretty funny
events, like when I was talking to a bunch of 6th grade girls, they were singing the D.A.R.E
song. Haha, we never had a song for it back in the day. I later went to Sgt Prestons for Barbs
Bday. I took a few pictures, I would have taken more, but I forgot I even had the camera with
me, damn those fish bowls. I had to go home early since I had to work the next morning.
Happy Birthday Barb!

10/13/05 - So at work today, we decided to all chip in and get some pizza. In my 2 years plus
at TCF. I don't think we have done that. I sent my whole "Kick Yo Ass" team an email today,
congratulating them on a big win last night. Lunzer sent it over to the commish Jen, who runs
the league. I guess my email was touching haha. So after work I got home and I was pretty
tired. I took a nice little nap. I told Betsy to call me and wake me up since I usually tend to
over sleep. We won 9 to 8 today in extra innings. I ended up scoring the winning run. So I did
a flying elbow drop on home plate. While I was leaping though, I did something to my
hamstring. Its really soar right now. I talked to Heather on the phone tonight, shes getting a
new kid in her class and hes a little challenged. I am sure it will be an easy transition, she is a
pretty good teacher. I guess since I came home around 11pm tonight. My sister elected to
have me baby sit my nephews tonight. I guess they don't have school tomorrow.

10/12/05 - Today, when I got on the bus, I was so tired I passed out. Russell gave me curry
chicken with rice for lunch, it was awesome, I didn't have to spend anything. Although I did
buy him a dilly bar from DQ. Before kickball tonight, I went to Kohls, and I needed to find a
new dress shirt. It was a purple-ish color. Its kinda hot. I might have to bust that out tomorrow.
Went to kickball and tonight, we played in a very tough game. We won 9 to 7. It wasn't easy. I
am proud of the team for playing hard and never giving up. I felt to need to do something
flashy, so when I ran to 2nd base. I flew straight up in the air like a swan and the guy got me
out. Some people said I was 5 or 6 feet in the air. I landed on my entire right side, covering
my face as I folded into an accordion. I was out, since the guy threw it at me when I was in
the air. I usually get up right away, but these daredevil acts is taking its toll on me. I do
realize, one of these days I won't be getting up. As I am typing this right now. I noticed I have
a very numb feeling on my right arm. I can't lift it over my head. I am having troubles typing
as we speak. It feels so much weaker all of a sudden, hopefully tomorrow. It is back to normal
or else I am in trouble.

10/11/05 - Work was so so today. Nothing special. Just another day in the office. On the ride
home from work, there was this girl that was wearing hooker boots on the bus. I couldn't stop
looking at them. It is one of my weaknesses. When I got off the bus, she didn't look so hot. I
hate it when that happens. So I played for Sofa king Suite tonight. We won 12 to 2. I made a
drop when I was sober, I can't believe it, it was a line drive to me and I dropped it. Oh well, I
guess it happens to all the greats. I told Lunzer I would just be electric tonight. Not
Electrifying. We went to Lonetti's for some bingo. It was good times, I didn't win ofcourse. I
don't even know why I played it. When I got home, my nephew was still awake, it scared the
crap out of me when I walked in, like some creepy kid from a movie just starting at you. I put
him to bed though, poor kid, he was up cause he wanted to carve pumpkins, which will be

10/10/05 - I woke up today pretty tired. I keep thinking I have to work on Mondays. I havn't
really done much today. Except eat alot, I had alot of good food around the house to eat. I
better work off all those calories tomorrow. I really didn't do anything productive, just played
on my gamecube and beat a role playing game I been working on for a couple months. It
only took me 55 hours total. Hahaha. Other then that I did nothing but lay around.

10/09/05 - Lunzer woke me up this morning when he called me. I didnt realize it was Noon. I
went home and cleaned up, then I went to Rainbow to buy some potatoes and other things
since, I told everyone I would make some amazing garlic mashed potatoes. Funny thing was,
I had no clue what I was supposed to be getting. There was alot of cute girls in that rainbow. I
could not contain my self. I finalyl made it to Marys, and made it just in time for dinner. Barb,
Betsy, Lunzer and Mary were watching the Packers dominate. I can't believe I just said that.
Fred wanted to play football, so we got some peeps together and we played at
Rahs(Roseville Area High School) Where we all went to high school. I was playing with my
hurt knee, so I knew I wasn't gonna be able to do much but I did fairly well.

10/08/05 - So work seemed like the longest day of all time. I went to Target for lunch and
bought my first ever bowl. I don't know why really. I needed for mac and cheese I suppose.
Mac and cheese didn't turn out so well. Microwaving only works well with easy mac folks. Just
an FYI. So I ended up making garlic mashed potatoes instead, through the powderstuff. After
work, I went to Gastovs. Marco and Lindsey and Guppy were there. I had a good time. Went
to Stacios, but I didn't drink since I had to drive to Ramsey. Talked to Heather on the drive
up. She was kinda getting mad at me since I was not as sober. So after today, I am not going
to drive unless I have one or 2 beers. So got to Becky and Jamies, I havn't seen them in a
long time. Chris called and said he wanted me to come up there since he hasn't seen me
much either. we went to Ihop. I ended up crashing over there, since I was too tired.
Everybody is doing well it seems. Which is good.

10/07/05 - Friday was a nice calm day. I decided today was gonna be a good night. I found
out tomorrow I had to work like over 10 hours. Tonight, Mary had a bonfire. I aked her to
have one. I dunno, I love bonfires. I got there and we were using pallets for fire wood. I got a
pretty good buzz tonight.

10/06/05 - Today was Dales last day. He was our dept manager. We all went to the 8th street
grill  for happy hour. It sure did kick my butt. Tiffany and Scott came representing the break
out club. I drove to the kickball game and I was pretty wasted. I probably shouldn't have
played. I had my worst performance in my kickball career. I was very embarrassed that I
screwed it up for the team. Afterwords, I talked to Mary for a bit. I was shedding some tears.
Just because I felt I let my self and everyone else down, cause I drank too much. Talked to
Andy for a bit in the parking lot. I was the last one to leave which felt weird. When I was
driving home, I realized I left my jean jacket and shirt at the park still. It wasn't there when I
got there. I called Lunzer and he had it thank goodness. It would have been a long day if I
lost my jean jacket. I really want to forget about tonight. MY ego has been deflated after how
horrible I was.

10/05/05 - So I got a Gmail account setup today. Barb and Betsy were telling me about it the
other day and I wanted to know what the hype was all about. I like it so far, its different but it
will take some getting used too. So we had nachos today. Matt brought in nachos. My
nachos were so good. I ate like 2 big plates. So I feel a bit  full today. I was telling Lunzer that
the more weight I gain the better of a kickball player I become. We won tonight 16 to 10 at
kickball the other team barely had enough people out there. I am glad we won. Betsy and I
decided to go to Perkins, since thats where we park. I get alot of flashbacks when I goto
Perkins. It reminds me of high school. I am pretty wasted tonight. Hopefully I will be able to

10/04/05 - It was raining pretty hard this morning. Kinda weird, but it was rain. I love rain, I
don't know why. After work today I got home and tried to take a nap. I kept getting calls about
kickball. Wondering if the game was going to be cancelled or not. Finally when me and Betsy
drove  towards the field, we found out it was cancelled. So everybody went to Lonetti's to
play some bingo. I almost won on one of the games, but I don't think I wanted to win. I guess I
don't want to say Bada-bingo. I am probably gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight. I been
having troubles lately.

10/03/05 - It was nice not having to come in and work today. I am so glad to not have to work
mandatory overtime anymore. That was a long 4 months. When I was sleeping this morning.
The dog came in and was licking my leg. I woke up and freaked out, cause the dog is a pit
bull for goodness sakes. Thats a scary image waking up. I went to get my oil changed. My
car was well overdue. I decided to go watch a movie since the theater was right across the
street. I went to go see The Corpse Bride. I thought it was a good romantic little story. I went
to go eat at this one mexican place. It was not good at all. I didn't even care to look at the
name. I got home and watched some wrestling it was a good show. I worked out for a bit.
Laura came by since I picked up some Ipod accesories for her, since she didn't have time to
do it before she leaves tomorrow.

10/02/05 - I woke up around noon today. Surprisingly I havn't slept in that late in a long time.
I basically sat around the house today. It is Sunday and everybody is glued to the tv
watching football. I watched the Vikings self destruct once again. I knew they were gonna
lose. There offensive line can not win against a good front seven. Also the fact that Daunte
sucks. I watched the Raw best moments on the USA network. I am a big wrestling fan and it is
returning to the USA network tomorrow. Anyways, I talked to Heather on the phone for a bit
tonight. I totally forgot what she sounded like. She is pretty funny I decided. So happy I can
stay up late and sleep in tomorrow. So happy I don't have to work mandatory over time

10/01/05 - Woke up early for work today. It was nice and slow. Which I can't stop saying how
much I love it. After work I went to go play dodgeball today. I was just horrible today. I havn't
played so bad in a long time. I was kinda lazy today and I couldn't catch a single ball to save
my life. Not the typical sure hands tony everybody is used to seeing. Catching is my best skill
and I was dropping it left and right today. Went home and cleaned up. Went to Betsys
bonfire. Joe, Barb, and Mark came later on. I was building the fire and I was amazed on how
good I am at building a fire without any boys scout knowledge. I guess I really can do
anything I want and be good at it. Although we couldn't get the grill going since it was out of
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