Old Journal

10-31-07  Its halloween and I havn't done anything for it except Trail of Terrors. I guess its
true, you do let go of it when you get older. I remember when I was little I always used to think
I was going to dress up all the time. Boy was I wrong. We had pot luck from our departments.
There was so much food I could not stop eating. I felt like I was just eating  thanks giving
dinner, but with better food. I stayed at work pretty late today. But I was jsut wasting time also
for the VFW later tonight. I did pretty good, I got to the final table but got 4th place. Just
outside of the money. I went home and just basically crashed. I am tired from all of the busy
events this week. I just cant catch up. I havn't even packed for milwaukee yet. Basically for that
trip all you need is athletic clothes and may be a nice shirt for the long won's party at the end.
Its not like I have anyone to impress now these days anyways. Thats a big hint I guess.. Hahaa

10-30-07 i started off the day at a school district, it was one of those rare times I get to be
away from my desk. It was nice seeing what the consultants do, cause I was supposed to goto
school for what they are doing. Every thing was way over my head. After work today I had to
make another long drive to Chanhassen. I was helping Mindy move. Seems like I am driving alot
lately. I got a good work out doing the heavy lifting. Good thing there was another boy there
to help out. I was feeling so tired after I got done. i went to Sams club and did some shopping
for the potluck tomorrow. I just didn't have time to make anything so I bought some pre-made
cut up deli wraps and of course tailored it up with some tony spices. I ended up going to the
Corner bar for drinks. I just couldn't drink, alcohol is not really going into my tummy the way it
used too. I just don't care to drink much anymore. Ever since that time I got overly hammered
I havn't been drinking much.

10-29-07 it seems like I just cant get out of bed lately. I sure rolled off of it onto the ground
today. It seems like its the only way to wake me  p lately. I knew I had a busy day and night
planned out. I drove over to St Louis Park and there was no traffic at all. I just blazed right
through it. Which is weird, that never happens for me. I went to the Park Tavern and I was
drinking away. i got there so early I was by my self. Jeff finally came and the Packer aura was
taking over. The rest of the team got there and we were watching the game. i was playing darts
with Brynn, thank god she did well at darts. I pride my self on my horrible dart play as of late.
We went to the kickball game drunk tonight. I think we lost like 11 to 1. Against a crappy team.
Since we have 2nd place secured we didn't care for the game. just a bunch of drunks trying to
play kickball. I even saw players get pulled out by the ump for the first time. Never in my kickball
years have I seen that. Getting kicked out for being loud and rude. Hahaha.

10-28-07 I had t make a far drive to burnsville today. It actually wasnt that bad. My day today
was quite busy. I had to go out for my dads bday outting. I got there on time, and my family is
usually pretty late all the time actually. I went shopping next door. I havn't been buying too
many clothes lately. Dinner was good, i actually ate alot. I got home and I just relaxed and did
some laundry. I am tired from my long weekend. Just seems like I can never catch up. i
watched the Vikings game, but that was just plain horrible. They suck, and thats all I can say
about that. I watched the red sox game, it was pretty good. I can't believe its almost halloween.
I do like it and I still might goto some halloween activities this week. I need to save some money
for milwaukee though. I decided its time to call it an early night. I just feel older and tired more

10-27-07 I picked Andy up and we went to Rice and Arlington for the twin cities EOS(End of
Season). I think we got some good luck on our side. We played a less experienced team when it
came to playoffs. We won with room to spare. Up next is the best kickball team around. A team
that eventually will win its 5th straight season. We put up a good fight though we only lost 11
to 6. Ofcoruse Tarsi won it all, they always win. We all went to the Hoggsbreath for drinks, too
bad they didn't even know we were coming. I stuck around there for a bit. I didn't feel like
doing anything else. So I just went home, unless someone needed a ride and I would drive
them home. As of right now I am going to lay low for now, but who knows what can happen. It
was a long day and I got up way to early.

10-26-07 Pay day is always a great feeling. Especially when your trying to pay your bills. i was
up for anything for lunch today. I let Danielle pick, and she wanted Applebees. They changed
their menu once again. The take two is still there, but theres some new steaks, well they are
trying emphasize it. After work today I drove over to Liz's place. I met up with jamie and chris
over at trail of terrors. It was pretty good this year. It just seems to get more and more busy
though. Which kinda sucks. The best thing to do is too always get there early. It is always fun
for a little spookage though. You definitely get your moneys worth there. Afterwards, I went to
Majors in Bloomington to meet up with Susan and Katie. It was pretty fun, it was happening. I
guess I am not used to a Majors being busy. Since the Roseville and the Maplewood locations
are so dead. I was tired and I knew I had a big day tomorrow. I think I was going to take it easy

10-25-07 Tired, thats all I can think about is how tired I am. I went to the fridge and made sure
to go get my food I made the night before. Even though I brought food, we had left over
famous Daves sitting around for lunch anyways. I am glad they always over order when it
comes to lunch meetings. We just steal their food like savages. I knew it was going to be a pain
to get to the football fields today. I had to take an alternative route. Bringing back the days of
being in the highland area. That was along time ago now. I got there early to practice throwing
the ball to Jen. She has improved from week one to the end of the season. We played our
toughest team this week. They were all so fast and big, we just couldn't match up. They were
way more physical then most teams and we just couldn't match up. We had some nice plays
drawn up this week. They worked well, but we didn't execute them as well. Or else we would
have scored on them. I am a offensive genius what can I say. We scored on the final drive.
With no time left on the clock, it was awesome. I think the official score was 56 to 7 or
something like that. We went to the Corner Bar for drinks afterwards. I saw Kristin again, shes
getting big.

10-24-07 I have been out of breath when it comes to just running lately. Maybe I am just too
tired to do anything, but who knows. I am quite cheerful as of late. I think the sunny skies,
have really kept me quite happy. I don't mind the cold as much. I was a bad boy today and
had kfc buffet today. I don't know why but I was feeling very hungry. After work today I just
went over to the vfw for happy hour. I had the most chips at one point in poker, until I had the
biggest collapse of my career. I was just getting angry and kept losing. I went from king of the
world to nothing in a span of 10 minutes. I let me cocky side take over and I sure lost quick. I
got frustrated for once and I went home after that. I don' know why, but either I will not be
patient or I will just get pissy and not care and play every hand. Not sure what it is. I got alot of
rest tonight. I better pack my self a lunch for tomorrow tonight. I don't want Danielle to yell at
me again.

10-23-07 I was so tired it wasn't funny at all. I am supposed to be eating in the rest of this
week. Ofcourse I screwed it up and went to Subway. Danielle was not happy. We have this
plan, kind of like a pact. As long as all 3 of us eat in, and don't go out for lunch, we can all go to
Oceanaire for a nice dinner. 5 days is all we had to do. I am the weak link so far. We have a total
of 0 days. I went right to Cub Foods after work. I felt like cooking. I made my self a fancy pork
loin dinner with potatoes. I tried to take a picture with my phone, but I was an idiot and didn't
exactly take pictures right. I even made a sauce for it and everything. I was so mad. I am
supposed to bring it to lunch tomorrow we shall see if that happens. I was trying to watch
Heroes online last night, but my internet sucks at home and its pissing me off. Its just so slow.
Don't get dsl, get cable. I was watching a cooking show about making pickles. I want to make
pickles now.

10-22-07 Last night I fell asleep watching the Red Sox game around 7pm. Well I woke up at
MIdnight and laid in bed till about 5am. I didn't get to sleep at all. I got up out of bed at 5am
and just moved around and made breakfast for my self. I havn't done that in a long time. I
knew it was going to be a long day. I got into work before 7am and I was just tired through out
the day. I went to lunch with Mario to Pizza Hut. I don't know why we go there, but they got
the worst service ever. I went to St Louis Park and ate at a crappy chinese buffet, for the first
time ever. I only ate one plate. The food was just horrible and I didn't want to have to much
food in my tummy for the early games anyways. We Had a double header and we won our first
game , but we lost our 2nd game. It was our first loss of the season and it was against the other
undefeated team. My body felt like i was going to collapse after I dove for a ball. The ground is
quite hard this time of year. Roth subbed again, since we needed a guy last minute. He had our
only homerun of the season. We went to Texatonka lanes for drinks afterwards. I got home
after that and went right to bed. Staying up 24 hours is never any fun. I somehow made it
through, without a energy drink or coffee, amazing if you ask me.

10-21-07 I woke up around 11am today. I went to the Stadium with Andy and Jenni. I was so
hungry for lunch today. I had a nice big juicy burger. Watching the Vikings lose was the typical
thing to do. I mean, every Viking fan knew we would lose anyways, its just a matter of time,
until we screwed it up. Once they turned hockey on every tv there I no longer had any football
to watch. I started to get a headache and it was bugging me. I got home and went right to bed
at 7pm. I tried to watch the red Sox/Indians game but I fell asleep. I woke up around 12:30am,
and woke up feeling refreshed. I havn't had that feeling in a long time. I was thinking o ways for
me to be more excited in the mornings. I didn't really think of anything to exciting. I couldn't
stay still, so I was moving things around. It was a fairly quiet weekend for me. The slowing down
process has begun and is in full swing.

10-20-07 The weather was wonderful today. I got outside and thought it was going to be
about a good 50 degrees. I was waring my hoodie and everything. I went to TIES, to try to
finish updating my computer. Since I have all these programs I need to install. I didn't want to
waste most of it installing on Monday. I really wanted to limit my spending this weekend. So I did
alot of cooking at home. I didn't get a chance to goto the mall today. I was going to look for
some new hats, but I was just feeling a bit lazy. I got ready for the long drive to Northfield. I
have been missing out on the pig roast/bonfire the past couple of years. It was alot of fun, since
you got some good pig, alot of other food and 3 kegs of beer. What else would you need. The
sawdust into the bonfire thing was pretty cool. Big flames are always fun to see. Someone came
up to me and said I looked like their dead friend. I didn't know exactly what to say, but as long
as it made someone happy I don't care. I got home and just went to bed, I was tired and I just
havn't been sleeping well lately.

10-19-07 My computer at work today was just going to crap on me. Bluescreen error after
blue screen error. It was so annoying. I felt powerless. Eventually I realized the  memory was
bad, but by that time I already tried to reinstall Xp on it. Now I have a reformatted computer
and I gotta reinstall everything. Talking to technical support, was like them telling me I am an
idiot. I went to the CC Club in uptown for happy hour. It was Stephen and Amanda's combined
bdays. I went home afterwards and was just watching my sci fi shows. Luckilly I have gotten
pretty addicted to some of the shows so it helps me to stay home on a Friday night. Especially
since I am trying to save money and things like that. I havn't really been working out much. I
feel I get to stiff in my arms when I work out. Since I am making my comeback return to
dodgeball now. For the 11th time, haha. I lost track. I want more of fluid of a throw in my arm.

10-18-07 Today i was feeling pretty good. i was a bit more hyper then my normal self. I knew I
was in charge and I got to just do my thing. For lunch, Me, Mario and Danielle went to Apple
bees. We had a special visitor, Andy met up with us there. I had a light lunch there, even
though I had brought food from home anyways. I can't say no to food at a sit down
restaurant anyways. I got home and did some cleaning up. I made some dinner and it was
amazing. I didn't think it was possible to make potatoes taste more amazing then the standard
flavor, but I did it. I went over to Mario and liz's place, Chad and Danielle met up with us there.
We had pizza and some beers. I was really pumped for football tonight. I kept checking the
weather line to see if our game was cancelled. It was raining hard all day, but it never got
cancelled. We played in the rain, it was a late game. I was more determined then ever to win.
We won 14 to 12, in a classic game that went down to the last few plays. We had to stop the
two point conversion to win. Then we had the ball and they got the ball back and our stellar
defense stopped them or the win. I finally got a bit selfish and tried to run more and stay in the
game more. Dan, Mike and I went to the corner bar, but it was just packed, so we went to
Bullwinkes for drinks. We had a couple shots there and we made our way to the corner Bar
again to have a shot with heather. I am glad we won tonight, it meant alot to the team. I am
proud of that.

10-17-07 I was a bit hyper today. I don't know if it was the brief hint of sun or what, but
something kicked into gear. I was pretty active, but busy. I had lunch with Lawrence at KFC, I
was craving chicken. You know me with my cravings. After today, I should be eating a bit
healthier now. After work today, I went home to take care of some stuff. Luckilly I barely made
it in time to the  vfw for some poker tonight. I wanted to do better since I have been struggling
lately. I did better, until Lindsey took me out. I went to cub foods afterwards and bought some
food to last me the rest of the week. I made some lunch for tomorrow. I know I wont always be
bringing food from home, but atleast I can try. I was tired tonight. I think with me getting up
earlier and just sleeping slightly earlier its taking its toll on me. I iced up my knee some more
tonight. I am planning to have a big break out game tomorrow and I want to be ready. Our
only game we might win should come tomorrow and this is one I need to win. It was cool seeing
someone with a hacked iphone lat night. It was weird with a bunch of different applications and
just even the fact of it showing T-mobile on it. It was pretty neat.

10-16-07 My knee was in a bit o pain today. Actually it seems like its got a bit of a bruise. It was
from my collision with the 2nd baseman yesterday. I got up a bit slower then I normally do. I
have trouble bending my knee. It should be slow me down for the big game thursday. I will be
on artificial turf so I am confident I would be alright. Since I hate being on grass anyways. I
wanted Mcdonalds , but once again it was so busy in the parking lot. So we had Arbys instead
today. I was feeling hungry today, since I ate a normal meal everyone else would eat. I had to
run over to the gas station to buy some cheap ice cream. I was just getting these weird
cravings lately. I got home and I was basically watching the food network all day. I don't know
why i get hooked on such weird things, but I just do. I guess there is never anything wrong
with that. My imagination lately has been crazy, I have been thinking weird lately. More then
normal. I need the sun and I need it soon. I should sleep well tonight.

10-15-07 Another exciting cloudy day today. It just makes t harder for me to get up every
morning. I couldn't remember the last time I had ice cream, so I wanted to get ice cream today.
I didn't exactly get the chance too though, so that made me sad. I was going to have Mc D's
for lunch for the first time in two weeks, but it was packed on snelling so me and Danielle
decided to goto Bk instead. I stayed at work pretty late, since I knew I had to go to St Louis
Park. I decided to goto the vfw for some cheap burgers. I talked to Scott for a bit. We won
both of our games tonight. Roth subbed for us and he did well, actually he me the most
amazing front lip while catching it with his legs. I banged up my knee when I rain into the 2nd
baseman. I seem to run people over lately. I still can't describe it. Afterwards we just hung out
at the fields. I was feeling pretty tired tonight, plus I didn't want to drink to much. Since I am still
tying to get into better shape after all. When thing at a time I guess. Next week we play for the
title and the battle of unbeaten teams. It sounds like we are the under dogs.

10-14-07 I woke up really early today. With this weekend, being a very short and quiet
weekend for me. I have been resting up. I have been in hiding this weekend, I just wanted to
lay low for once. The busy work week has caught up to me and I am just tired alot lately. I
guess its a good thing when i havn't been feeling good lately. I went to KFC to get some
chicken before the Vikings game. It was nice to see the Vikings win a game. I went tot he VFW
Booyah, which I donated $4 bucks for the booyah soup they have. It was a bit bland for a
soup that looks so good. I did pound it with alot of salt and pepper and some hot sauce for
flavor. Once the karoake got going, everyone was on there way out. I basically was on my way
out. My head ache seemed to be coming back and I headed home. Katie was there, I havn't
talkd to her in awhile, but I am glad shes not mad at me at the moment. Seems like I have been
pissing everyone off lately. I did some push ups since I have been eating alot all day. I talked to
Katie last night. I guess I am back on the relationship advice thing haha.

10-13-07 I had lunch with Tim and Buffalo Wild Wings. I can't stop raving about their burgers. I
love them with a passion. I got home and lifted some weights. i have been taking it easy on
them. Actually I have been lazy and I had a little shoulder injury slowing me down. I should
probably get an allergy test done in the next few weeks. Maybe I will remember to go if I just
keep telling my self that. I went to the vfw to play cards tonight. I have not been doing well
lately. I think its the fact that I got so used to trying to lose to leave I can't just change my
style back to that. I went to broadway Pizza in Champlin later that night. I was not feeling well
though. I had a very bad headache and it was really bugging me. It just seems to get worse
and worse. So I went home right to bed. It sucked, but atleast it kept my drinking to a
minimum, which is always a good thing. I could hear people calling and texting my phone, but I
was just to weak and out of it to answer. So sorry whoever called.

10-12-07 I am so glad its pay day today. I sure did need it. Since I have alot of bills to pay this
week. I hate it when it all seems to just come at the same time. For lunch today we all went out
to California Pizza Kitchen. Or CPK. I had a little temper tantrum and started swearing for some
reason, some lady cut me off while we were waiting and I just started cussing away. Not sure
where all that anger came from. I had one of them neopolitan pizza's. It was very good. I got
home and did some laundry. I was watching tv and I totally fell asleep. by the time I got up I
was tired and out of it. I wanted to make a last moment horrific effort out but it wasn't enough.
I guess its ok to stay in tonight. Since the next 2 weeks will be very busy. I need to slow it down
a bit anyways. Tonight, I sleep in and watch the sci fi channel all night.

10-11-07 I wore a sweatshirt to work today. I was just so cold, not even my natural warm
body could deal with the coldness. Work went by pretty fast today. I have no major injuries
that are slowing me down. I am jut slowly, getting back into good condition. Tonight was the
big showdown for football. Well we are playing a better team then us and I am not sure how we
will do against them. We made it very close, the score was 16 to 6. We had many chances to
wwin the game, but we had trouble moving the football in the redzone. I wanted to do more,
but I never had many chances too. We should have won, but thats my fault for not taking
more command of the team. So we can stick with out game plan. We went to the Corner bar
for drinks. It was lots of fun there. We did shots and stuff. That wasn't such a good idea. What
the heck were we thinking. We just got to look forward to the big game next week. The big
battle between teams that havn't won yet.

10-10-07 Its not cool, when you wake up with a very cold feeling. I tried to go back to sleep,
but I couldn't ofcourse. More gloomy days make me sad, I think its the whole chemical
imbalance thing. I wanted something a bit different for food today. So we went to taco bell.
After work today I went to the vfw to have happy hour with Tim. Just to catch up  on things. I
sucked horribly at cards tonight. I was the first out. I just keep thinking everyone is lying about
their cards. I can have 2nd or 3rd top pair and I will still try to win. Not sure whats wrong with
me lately. Just have lost my patience. Or the fact I don't care as much anymore. I called it an
early night. I was just tired and I wanted to sleep. I had a really weird dream. It was 2001, and I
was with Evelyn at the mall. We were attacked and I lost evelyn. Then some weirdo came up to
me and said you can have her back if you would do some crimes for them. So I did. Then when
I was supposed to have her back. She wasn't there. Sad dream for me. I just thought it was
weird. I think the dream was a reminder of 2001, when Evelyn broke up with me and I had to
cope with being alone till now. So I guess it should be considered a nightmare. Anyways, I am a
different person now and I guess thats why I have changed.

10-9-07 Its getting colder and I am not sure what I can do about it. Basically not much. I am
the stubborn type, so I wont be wearing a jacket of any kind till its about 35 degrees. I didn't
drink any alcohol tonight either, I am doing pretty good about it. I havn't been lifting weights as
much lately. I felt kinda bulky when i was and I rather just slim down. So I had to readjust to
different exercises. I got home today and did alot of laundry and other various things. I havn't
done anything exciting for cooking lately. I was supposed to make quiche this week. I think I will
delay it till next week though. I talked to a few friends on the phone last night. I just like to
catch up on people. Thats what I did best 6 years ago. I am the super nice guy, so I am trying
to get back to that. I feel like my memory got wiped out and I am trying to get things back to
the way it was along time ago. Or maybe I am just watching to many sci fi movies. Thats got to
be it. I caught up on all my tv shows last night. Thanks to the internet of course. What would I
do with  out it.

10-8-07 So I went to Target on my lunch today with Danielle. We were looking for food, since
we wanted something different. I had an egg salad sandwich and some wings. Not your typical
lunch, but it was good enough and it was pretty cheap. I banged my knee into my desk by
accident today. It hurts so much. I am doing good on the health side of things. Just been
slowly losing weight and toning up. I went through downtown after work. i was just cutting
through to get to my kickball game. I was pretty tired today, so I just really wanted to get it
over with. I picked up Kate and she became the new ringer. I sucked so bad tonight. I was
being retarded and kicking left legged twice. I just felt like advancing the runner today. Didn't
want to be the hero I try to be hahaha. I went over to Heidi's and watched Heroes and
Journeyman. It was pretty good. i was just so tired tonight. I need to get some sleep. Ofcourse
I didn't do that and was busy watching the travel channel. I just can't stop watching haha.

10-7-07 I spent most of the day watching football today. I had no Vikings to bitch about, I was
a bit sad about that. So I had to find something else to bitch about. I went to go watch "The
Kingdom" It was pretty good, it was like watching 24 on steroids. I liked it, it was tense and
exciting. I normally don't like to watch drama/actiopn movies, but I was in the mood for it. I had
Davanni's for dinner. They havn't been screwing up much lately. Actually my past few
experiences have been good. I spent alot of time today putting pictures online. Fromt he
wedding yesterday ofcourse. I was forced to use a new photo album online, since my old was
going to be out of business. So they moved me to shutterfly, which I am not too much of a fan
of. I went to the blue fox for a drink or two. Since I have been good with less alcohol, figured I
would treat my self.

10-6-07 I woke up feeling pretty tired today. I havn't been getting to much sleep. I went to the
mall to get a dress shirt. I couldn't decide if I was going to wear a dark solid color or not. It was
a fall wedding, but it felt like 80 plus degrees out. So I had a hard time deciding which way to go
with it. I figured since it was really warm out, I went with the summer wedding look. I picked up
Andy and Jenni and Sharon at their apartment, i couldn't believe it was so hot out. The wedding
was good, I was holding in tears. When Mark was choking up it kind hit me a bit. We went to
Players for a quick bite to eat and drinks. Well I had pop, wasn't in the mood yet to drink. The
reception was good, I eventually made it to the dance floor. I was drinking a bit, but it just
wasn't going down. It was lots of fun though. I am glad it was just a fabolous evening.

10-5-07 Friday went by a bit quicker then I thought. i was in such a good mood I even ate at
Lee Ann chins, and I hate that place. Its supposed to get pretty warm this weekend. I am
hoping to enjoy that a bit. I wasn't sure what i was going to do tonight. I wanted to hang low,
but there was a few different things going on. I was looking up somethings lately, I just don't
feel like drinking to much lately. I went to Target to get a gift for the Rios wedding tomorrow. I
ended up getting tv tray tables. The girl ringing it up, was kinda dumb and I think she rang it up
wrong. I am sure she didn't scan the registry paper. She was a putz. I went to the Corner Bar, it
was for Beckys bday outting. I wasn't going to be around all day and night tomorrow since I will
be at the wedding. The zero gravity gang came out and it was lots of fun. We made a stop
over to bullwinkles. I was tired tonight, but I didn't drink to much. Chad whopped me at pool. I
am obviously not in his league for pool.

10-4-07 It felt so cold this morning. I was just shivering all morning. Me and Danielle went to
Wendys for lunch today. I ate a somewhat healthy meal. I have been looking into some winter
sports as of late. Sounds like things are going in motion. I had football tonight. We played
against a team we should have competed better against. We scored first and we went down
the field when they answered back. we went away from our zone defense, which i was not
happy about and we tried to go for the deep ball every time. Which is not our plan. They blew
us away after that.  It was like 50 to 18, we scored 3 touchdowns this week. Just frustrated
overall. I wasn't supposed to be since this is for fun, but when we don't even play to our ability
it makes me mad. Me and Jen went to Fridays for drinks and food afterwards. We were trying
to figure out the weekend and such. I got home and I was pretty tired. I took it easy tonight
and went to bed early. i wasn't feeling well all day.

10-3-07 I felt like crap this morning. I was not feeling well at all. Something is not right and I
might have to goto the Dr if it doesnt get any better. I was feeling a bit nervous today, my
instincts are all out of whack. I did go to market place in Macys for some lunch. Its been awhile
since I have been down there. It always brings back memories. I met alot of people down there
who I am friends with now. That was like 10 years ago now, but still. Its sad to see some old
faces still working there. Sad sight, but sad they couldn't move on from it. Talks of indoor
volleyball is coming back. I am glad, I was interested in doing soccer, since that would be a
challenge for me, since I have  little to no experience. Maybe that can be my 2nd sport this
winter. After work today I went to the VFW for a drink, I didn't even drink it at all. I ended up
puking outside and I went to kickball afterwards. I got a powerade, so I was drinking that all
night. I was not feeling well at all during the game. We won 5 to 2 or 6 to 3 I can't remember
the score. We were down right away, I have to throw a bunt down to just get things rolling
again. My retirement was on the line, so I am glad we won, even if we lost I would have been
ok. It would have been my way to break free. I got a GI Joe trophy, since we were in the GI Joe
division. I guess I was MVP. I don't think I deserved it. Just like to run around and play I guess

10-2-07 I was dragging again today. I just have been having a hard time keeping up it seems.
Not sure why, but things have been weird for me. I don't feel quite 100% at all. I had burger
kind for lunch, but it just didn't seem to hit the spot. We celebrated Danielle's bday today, she
finally got to see her desk and every thing totally moved to another spot. It was funny, but I
don't think she took it so hot. I didn't have any plans for tonight. I wanted to take things very
easy tonight. I am just tired and pooped out. I had a chance to catch up on my tv shows this
week. I was excited to catch up on Heroes, Chuck, and other tv shows. I just relaxed and it felt
great. I couldn't lift any weights do to me re-injuring my shoulder. Who would have thought,
you could injure it at bowling. I have been looking at some other things to catch up on, but I
got lazy again. I have been in a good mood lately. I just don't want it to end. Tomorrow may
be my last kickball game for MUSA. If we lose I plan on retiring. I guess I have wanted to stop
for awhile, but this way I can give it a cop out reason. I just don't seem to blend it as well as I
thought I would with everyone anymore. We shall see what happens tomorrow.

10-1-07 The first day since my week off. I felt a bit sluggish and it was hard for me to get back
into the groove of things. I was busy re-setting up my desk, since I got new monitors and I had
to move everything around, plus I feel like a neat freak lately. So I had to clean and wipe down
everything. Me and Mario went to the mall to get Danielle her bday present. I had pizza at the
mall and ate most of it, but I couldn't finish my food at all. After work I went to go pick up the
bday girl, even though her bday was yesterday. We met up with Mario and we had dinner at
Chino Latino's. It was supposed to be a surprise of where we were going to eat, but I gave it
away on my website and she found out about it. Stupid tony. We had her try wine, mussles,
and calamari. It was fun, we were there for a bit. I was feeling full, once again I didn't eat to
much tonight. I felt so dumb, I didn't know chino latino was a mix of both asian and mexican.
Stupid tony again. Oh well it was fun. I felt all fancy when I bought a bottle of wine.
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