Old Journal

10-31-08 Halloween bday fun
This year I didn't even bother getting a costume. This is two years in a row I have decided to
take the night off. The potluck was ok today. Nothing spectacular, nothing bad either. I wasn't
too hungry for lunch today. After work I got home and just relaxed for a bit. I was just super
tired all day today. I went to Buca's in Maple Grove for Christines birthday. The food was fine. I
get tired of Buca's after awhile. We went down to 7 corners at the Corner bar. After that, I
drove to Shoreview  for Mike and Heidi's party. I knew I had to keep it nice and easy tonight. I
went home and went night night.

10-30-08 Seiler bday dinner
It was another exciting busy day at work today. I was just getting tired. I wanted to take a long
break. There is food all over the place today. I couldn't help but eat, eat and eat more. So
naturally for lunch I went to Rainbow and hit up the salad bar and got soup. Figured I would
give it a shot. Clam chowder is one of my faves. It was blah, but it was also cheap. For dinner
tonight, We went to Lindys or Cy's belated bday outting. I have never been there before. I
thought it was ok. I think it was one of those places that I can eat at once a year maybe. I
dunno, we went to the Legion afterwards for drinks. Then to the vfw for drinks. Since I am
under the new not driving drunk policy. I instated like last week. I stayed over at Joe's since i
was somewhat intoxicated.

10-29-08 Dodgeball final resolution
I am just dreading the fact that I am going to have to get used to signing 2009 on checks. I
had lunch with Lauren and her friend today. She had a training class down in our training
center. We went to Dino's. I was upset that the cashier lady took ten bucks from me. I told her
I gave her a 20 and she said I only gave her a 10. Annoying, but she wouldn't budge. So I said
fuck it. I didn't have time for this. Tonight, I did pretty good at dodgeball. I made a rookie
mistake by not eating dinner before hand. So my tummy was feeling very empty and I was
having a hard time breathing. I got home and I was feeling tired. I woke up at 5am this morning
and I couldn't sleep. I think I will be able to sleep tonight. If not there will be hell to pay with my

10-28-08 Jo Marie Bday Happy hour
Too see that thin layer of ice on the windshield in the morning, just gives me that cringing
feeling. I was so lazy to scrape it. I just tried to peak through the bottom of the windshield for
the first 5 minutes of my drive. I took my Iphone to the apple store. I had an appointment with
the Mac genius. I hate that title, but I do like saying it. I was told they can't fix it and it is a
hardware issue. Looks like my speaker on the receiving end is broken. Everything else still
works. He said I could pay $200 for a new one. I was basically like "screw that". I picked up
Papa Johns pizza on the way back. I figure I could splurge one last time for pizza. Pizza has all
the ingredients I am not allowed to eat. Wheat, dairy, you know that type of thing. After work,
I went to Old Chicago for Jo's bday. It was nice to see every one out. I think I had a little to
much vodka. I didn't think I could ever have such a high happy hour tab. I ended up going to
Wild Aces with Becky. I have never been. Joe and Steve was playing in the tournament. The
food at the bar sucked.

10-27-08 Kickball Champion?
I realize toady was just one of those days I had to get up early. With Scott and Nancy gone for
basically the rest of the week. I am the lone wolf at work. Speaking of wolves. I decided the
Timberwolves might actually in about 30 games this year. I think the experts agree also. Well
thats what Yahoo says. I think I am going to try to make it to a few games this year. I went to
Park Tavern for happy hour today. The free pizza was pretty gross. What do you expect
though. We won tonight 11 to 2. I didn't have my cleats with me. I felt like at times I was
purposely trying to suck. So the other team had a chance.  I had one good kick and the rest
sucked. We went to Texatonka for a few drinks. I needed Peyton Manning to score a bit for my
fantasy league. Luckilly he threw a couple TD's. Makes me happy. Anyways, back to kickball,
not sure if we got first place or if we are tied for it. I guess we have to wait and see how it turns

10-26-08 Cold day, equals pho
So today I was so busy doing so many things around the house. I forgot to eat lunch today. I
was going to go pick up Joe, but my car wouldn't start. It was doing the old ticking noise. I
didn't have time for this. So Joe picked me up. We went to go eat some pho at some place on
University. It was alright. I was so full actually. I got home and attended to my vehicle. Looks
like the battery has gone down the shoot. Brought the battery in to Checker Auto parts. I said
something in the lines of "I think my battery is dead". Smart ass behind the counter says "you
dam n right its dead". I was like ok. Just get me a new damn battery. I didn't say it like that, but
you got the gist of it. So I decided to goto the VFW to play some bingo. I won. I had to chop it
with someone. So I only got 49 bucks. Thats ok, I  bought my table buckets of beer. I wanted
to stay out late tonight. I ended up going home. I need to be real fresh this week. Also, my
Iphone has been acting stupid. I think its broke. I can't hear or no one can hear me when I
answer a call. Unless I put it on speaker or use a head set thingy. That means I have to look
retarded with a blue tooth headset. I always made fun of people who wear them. I guess I will
be a loser too.

10-25-08 Feeling the guilt
I got up pretty early this morning. I did my regular stretches I would normally do for dodgeball.
Since 35W was closed. I had to take an alternate route. I was so annoyed by construction right
about now. I mean seriously. Why can't they do this at night now. I did pretty well today. I was
catching everything throw at me. Even with the smaller court. I hurt my fingers though. Too
many tough throws just bounced off my hands. I went to the mall to find some new dress
shirts. I wanted something more white. I have a lot of colored button up shirts. Nothing in plain
white though. I know gas is like $2.29 a gallon right now. I was so lazy. I drove to Maplewood
mall since it was like 5 minutes away. I got home and took a nice long nap. I woke up and
decided to have some dinner at The Flame. I got the ribeye steak. It was probably one of the
best ribeyes I ever had. It was cooked perfectly. Not sure what the other food is like. As I looked
around. Everyone seemed ok with their food selections. I will probably give it a B- grade in my
food reviews. Annie and Becky stopped by and we went to The Happy Gnome, but it was too
crowded so we went to The muddy pig. Laura and John came up to. I didn't know she actually
goes outside of uptown. After I drove my drunk comrades home. The drive home I was still
feeling the guilt of not going to Chicago. I should have been there this weekend. Instead I tried
to keep my mind busy all day today to not think about it.

10-24-08 Indecisive day
I wanted to get in early today. I knew I had a lot going on since Scott was going to be gone
today. Actually the next few work days I will be all alone. Running the show. I can see the
business now. We went to Wendys today. I was just starving. Danielle had an extra chicken
sandwich she was not going to eat. She asked me to eat it. I said no, since I am trying to eat
less. When she ended up throwing it away in the trash. I was having such a hard time believing
my eyes. It was tough but I got over it haha. I was feeling guilty about not going to Chicago. I
was actually getting ready to book a hotel and everything. I just felt bad, cause its not like I
have stuff going on this weekend I got home today and I was just tired. I watched "Forgetting
Sarah Marshall". It was pretty good, it kept me entertained. I ended up going to Ol Mexico for
two for ones.

10-23-08 Taco Morelos dinner
I was looking at my little change cup I had at work today. I had about an estimated $8 worth of
change a week or two ago. Now I barely have enough to get pop. I am so mad at my self for
getting back on the soda. It was hard to stop after I got back on it. After work today, I met up
with Mike and Heidi at the fox for happy hour. I tried to get Shannon to come out but she was
stuck working. I picked up Jen after that and we met up with everyone at Taco Morelos. Well let
me go back a step. I went to the wrong place at first. We were talking about a few different
places earlier in the day. So I forgot we changed it. Luckily it was like 5 minutes apart. Anyways
the food was good. I got the Tilapia. I like it when they have the whole fish. Eyes and all. I was
so tired tonight. I didn't go out afterwards. I was just pooped out.

10-22-08 Flashes of sweetness
I was a slacker today and was late to work today. I am just having a hard time getting out of
bed. Maybe I am getting too much sleep. Who knows. I tried to eat healthy today. Then when I
got to Rainbow. I decided to get the 8 piece of chicken. Usually 4 pieces is a lot or like one
person. I guess I am eating for two. I have been looking at vacation destinations the past
month or so. My spending budget is around $500.00. I have never been to the North East
coast. People say its pretty boring and some say its like MN. I drove to uptown after work. I was
trying to find a place to eat at. I failed pretty bad. I got of work real late today. I was busy doing
a few things. So all I could do, was to walk into a deli and grab a sandwich. Tonight at dodgeball.
I did well. I was running around pretty hard, throwing hard. I felt good. Nothing too bad for
injuries tonight. I went tot he Vfw to get a drink or two in. I was sore.

10-21-08 Off and running
It is cold cold cold today. I had to drop a friend of at the airport this morning. I hate driving on
35e south when it goes down to 45 mph. It seems like I always get pulled over there. Luckilly
someone in front of me got pulled over. I had lunch with Chris today at Wendys. Not much too
choose from since he works in Shoreview now. Well Deluxe is what its called. After work today, I
drove out to the Mall of America. I went to Johnny Rockets for dinner. I used to love this place
when I was younger. I guess my taste buds have grown since then. I really didn't like it too
much. I tried to do some shopping, but I was getting tired. I got home and watched Disturbia. I
only saw half the movie. Since, it froze on me. I tried to put it in my computer and it wouldn't
even read it. How frustrating. It was just starting to get good.

10-20-08 Too the night off
I think there was some ice on my windshield this morning. With a mix of fall colored leaves. Oh
Fall is finally here. For lunch today, I made open faced turkey for everyone. I figured I was  
being lazy this week. So cut up some turkey, bought gravy out of a can. I also bought some
texas toast style bread. I like the really thick type of bread. I got home today. I took the night
off from kickball. I am still hurting pretty bad from Saturday. I later found out tonight. The team
ended up playing a tough team that we didn't beat last year. We won 7 to 3. I felt bad for just
being lazy. I could have played. I just would have played through pain like I always do. I am
glad they won. I popped some pills and tried to goto sleep tonight. It didn't work so well. So I
put in "Maid of Honor". It wasn't too bad of a movie. I am a sucker for romantic comedies.

10-19-08 Me and my bed
I tried to get up real early today. Why would I do that to my self on the weekend. Well, so I fall
asleep early at night. I watched the Vikings game, I was sickened to my stomach. I know sports
analysts are raving over how good Kyle Orton has become. I am not buying it though. They
had a weakened secondary. We had a weakened Lineback corp. Ugly game, I am positive
Childress will get fired int he next couple of days. I laid around in my bed while watching football
all day. I also watched some movies while I was at it. My back is in a lot of pain since dodgeball.  I
don't know what I did to tweak it, but it hurts like hell. I decided I was hungry, decided tog et
some food and drinks at the blue fox tonight. I went by my self. I just wanted to be alone
tonight. I left before the regular vfw crowd came in. i was tired and needed to call it a night at
8pm. I got home and went to bed around 9pm. I guess my plan from this morning worked.
Also, I found out I wont be making it to Chicago next weekend. So I am going to miss my
cousins wedding.

10-18-08 25 year reunion?
I woke up today a bit early. I wanted to feel tired later tonight. It helps me sleep a lot easier. I
picked up Andy and Lawrence and we were off to dodgeball. I tried to stay less active this week.
I aggravated my pointer finger. So I was unable to throw it the way I wanted too. I still had lots
of fun. I got home and cleaned up. I went to the mall to get some shopping done. I didn't find
anything. I went to University ave to get some food. I was starving. I wanted to try what was
considered the best pho in the city at "Pho Ca dao" by western and university. All they have on
the menu is pho. Your screwed if you don't like it. I went to Jimmys with Becky. Joe was having
his 25 year high school reunion there. So we decided to go since it was happy hour anyways. I
was a little hammered tonight. 9 Vodka red bulls will do that to you..

10-17-08 Belated house warming
Today was one of those days I tell ya. I was busy moving all over the place. For lunch today we
had Lee Ann Chins. We got a huge discount from Stella who works there. I think Mario was
doing his espanol magic to her. I barely ate the food, cause I hate this place. It just didn't sit to
well with me. I kept looking at that clock. I just wanted to go home today. I was tired and
needed rest. I got home and did a few things. I was actually just actually doing laundry. Nothing
too special. I picked up Andy and we went to get some food at Legends. After that we went to
Erins house warming party, even though its a year late.

10-16-08 Another scare
I tried to find a certain energy drink this morning at Cub Foods. I failed, thought I would let
everyone know. So anyways, today I went to Jimmy Johns with Scott and Nancy. I was trying
to eat a decent portion of food. Tonight I wanted to make my stomach all stretched and empty
for tonight at treasure island. It was a nice quiet long drive. I felt stupid, I didn't take my normal
short cut. I got lost. Jenni had to ask where to get to TI. Once we got down there. The line was
so long. I mean longer then i have ever seen. There was now way were getting food. It was
kind of sad actually. I could see the disappointment in every ones face. We went to some other
place in th casino to eat. Java or something like that. Wow that place sucked balls. My
porterhouse steak was only $17 bucks. So I can't complain. On the way home, I got pulled
over by the cops. Luckilly I only had 3 drinks tonight. The cop let me go on a warning. I was
going 43 in a 35. The cop was nice, I was friendly. I was driving so slow on the way home after

10-15-08 Off night
I am just having a hard time getting used to the cooler weather in the morning. I had salad at
rainbow again. I also had a pizza. The pizza tasted like a $2.00 pizza that has been sitting out.
Still did the job though. I went to Fridays after work today. I needed to waste some time before
dodgeball. I sucked tonight at dodgeball. My throws were way off. I had no power. I was
worthless today. I felt out of breath a lot faster then I normally do. Maybe its a combo of the
pills and the alchy. What ever the case, I was limited tonight. I went out with some of the guys
afterwards to Joe Sensors. It was nice to just hang back and relax. Since I didn't throw to hard,
my shoulder is in much better shape after a session.

10-14-08 I saw the light
It was so cold this morning. I need to check the weather more. I was so undecided about
whether I was going to Chicago next weekend. I am still on the fence about it. I estimated it
would be about $300 for me to go. I got the money saved up for it. I just don't know if timing
is on my side this time. After work, I went shoe shopping with Cara. She needed shoes for her
grooms dinner next week. I had her drive since she needs to get more experience driving. I had
a near death experience. All I saw was a big grey truck. I was so close I could see the VIN
number. Other then that she did fairly good for driving the 3rd time in her life. I got home and I
was just tired. Scott told me he would buy me lunch if I beat him into work tomorrow. So I am
going to get up early tomorrow. I am already thinking of breakfast for tomorrows victory.

10-13-08 On the pill
I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night. I just couldn't sleep at all. The only way I could get
out of bed was to just roll right off. So I did. Me being the idiot that I am. I fell right on my head.
So now I have a small bump on the back of my head. For lunch today. I made Danielle goto
Rainbow with me. I havn't seen the new Rainbow yet on Larpentaur. They tore down my
favorite cheap theater in the whole world. Lots of memories at that place. Anyways, I found a
salad bar in there. I was so excited cause I havn't found one in this area. I was so spoiled having
this luxury in downtown at a few places. It was cheap$3 bucks for my own salad creation. I will
definitely go back. I have been doing  some research lately. I am supposed to be taking
something called "Lysine". So today I went to the local drug store and bought some of it. I
guess I am living my life on this from now on. I know this will affect me while I am on it. So, I
guess if I act different you know why. Right now its making me feel pretty good.

10-12-08 Rising from the bottom
I wanted to be very productive outside today. I don't think we will ever see a nicer day like
today. I was trying to update my fantasy football teams for victory today. I think I did fairly well
with the out come of todays games. I watched the vikings get handed another victory. I don't
know how many times the refs can actually help them win a game. I decided to skip the Blue
fox tonight. Since I was already there watching the game. My head hurts today. Just tired and
warn down. Time to watch some Sunday night football. I got some muscle rub from the local
Walgreens and called it a night. Every thing just hurts right now.

10-11-08 Josi Birthday!
This morning I did some light stretching. Why would I be doing light stretching? Well, I picked
up Lawrence and Andy and we made our way to dodgeball. I did well today. But I hurt my right
 elbow right away. So I was not throwing as much. I took a hard dive and fell on my knee again.
I think I am ok though. Not many major falls after that. Thank goodness. We went to Jimmy
Johns after that. I barely could eat. I was so dehydrated. I got home and tried to just lay down
for awhile. Andy, Jenni and I, went to Saji Ya tonight or Josi's birthday dinner. This place is a
Ichibans and Benihanas cook in front of you type of place. It was less expensive then the other
places. The show the cook did was pretty mediocre. Anyone of us can bang spatulas and knifes
on the grill and make lots of noise. There wasn't much flipping  of anything like the other places.
There was a reason this place is a bit cheaper. I hear the sushi is great though. We went to
Patricks out of all places for some reason after. Then our way for 2 for 1's at Ol Mexico.

10-10-08 Pay day yeah!
I woke up this morning not feeling too well. I couldn't even move. I slept for a long time. I don't
know how I could be so out cold. I spent most of the moping around. I was checking my
account online. I can get some new tires this week hopefully. I was reading online that most of
the healthy foods I thought I was eating is actually pretty bad. I went over to Andy and Jenni's
tonight for pre Josi bday bonfire. I could have gone to Rascal Flatts or other things tonight. i
was just weak and knew I could only do something simple and quiet.

10-09-08 Quiet beginnings
I couldn't figure out a simple problem at work in my head today. I realized it was right in front of
me all along. I guess thats what happens when your brain just stops working. I drank some
Powerade today. I think i am feeling dehydrated. I was getting back into looking for swim
lessons in the winter time. I was able to find some places. The main thing is, I can talk about it. I
just never seem to do it though. I cant stop eating mac and cheese lately. Tonight I was
watching some dvds. I was so tired and out of it. Its nice knowing there is some extra cash in
the old piggy bank. Plus getting paid tomorrow sure makes me feel good. It took awhile for my
saving habits to kick in. I am glad things are going the right direction.

10-08-08 Greatness returns
When I was walking to my car today. I was looking at the trees all around me. I noticed, that
they havn't really changed colors much. Since its October, it feels like were a few weeks behind
here. Then I started to think about global warming and the economy for some reason. Then I
realize I normally don't care about that stuff so I decided to just blast my radio real loud for no
reason. Totally random, but thats what makes me, well me. Me and Mario wen to Wendys
today. I was starving for some reason. Maye its cause I was working hard all day. After work
today. I had to pick my dad up, since his car wouldn't start. He left it at the house he bought in
the ghetto. When I was helping to jump start the car. I was feeling like I was going to get
jumped. I could see everyone looking into my car. Maybe they were wondering why I have a
sledge hammer and a bat. I played great at dodge ball tonight. I was making catches and
making good throws. Well I still got lazy and made bad throws. We had a great turn out tonight.

10-07-08 Missing it a little
I really hate it when highway 36 is backed up at around 8:40am. The thing is, it shouldn't be
that way. I don't think rain can really make people so scared. I could b wrong though. For lunch
today I had some tacos. I went out with Joe and ate some pho off some place called Ngon
Vietnamese Bistro. I was kinda surprised when I walked in. I was expecting some run down
place. It actually looked nice inside. Kinda had that nice euro feel with a bit of Vietnamese twist
too it. Waitress was white and she had that brunette hair and  blue eyed look. You know, that
look I am so in love with lately. Gets me every time. Anyways, the food was good. Not the best
pho in the world. It sure was the biggest bowl I have ever seen. It got the job done though. I
got home from work today after staying late. My brain was just tired. I was writing up
procedures for what I do. It felt like I was writing a paper. Which i was never good at in high
school at all. I caught up on my tv shows(Heroes, chuck, Sarah Connor Chronicles). I did some
light exercising. I am really determined to get into better shape.

10-06-08 Kicking obsession
I was moving and thinking all day. I was trying to multi task so much. I think my brain just
started to freeze up on me. Danielle brought in food for us today. So far, it seems like were all
saving money so far by doing this. Tomorrow will be Mario's turn to provide us with food. After
work today I went to Fridays for happy hour. I realized I needed to go home to get my kickball
shirt. Once again I forgot it at home. Tonight we won 12 to 0 in one off the most odd kickball
games that I can remember. The other team was such punk asses. Not the typical punk asses I
know at kickball, but they were just idiots. People who just never had a chance in life. Either
way I am glad we won. We went to Texatonka to watch the Vikes game. We got very lucky,
but I am happy for the win. Next up a struggling Detroit team.

10-05-08 Rainy days
I couldn't believe that I set my alarm for the wrong time when I woke up this morning. I
thought I set it for 5:30am, but instead it was set for 5:30pm. I felt so dumb. I mean I bought a
fricking poncho for no reason. I went back to sleep and got some more beauty rest. Watched a
lot of tv today. I was really resting my sore body. I am aching in pain all over. I was cleaning my
closet looking for some things that was hidden far in the back. I was actually looking for old
baseball cards. Of course they weren't there. So I have no clue where they went. I went out to
the Blue fox tonight. Hung out with the guys for a bit. Luckilly my bill was nice and small. It
makes me happy when its like that.

10-04-08 Uptown return
I got up early and went to dodgeball in uptown. For two long hours I was able to run around
and get some action in. I stayed hydrated the whole time this time around. I hit the ground a
few times. I will be sore for sure tomorrow. I felt tired and out of it. I got home and took a long
nap. i could feel my body just warming up. I felt the calories burning out of me. I took a nice
long nap. I was so tired. I almost felt sick. Once I woke up again. I went to target to get a
poncho for tomorrow. Then it was off to Fridays and we met up for dinner for Beckys birthday.
After that we went to uptown and just hung out at Bar Abilene for a bit. It was a nice night, I
was in a peachy mood.

10-03-08 Full of Joy
I think I was stuck in time today. Work seem to be going by so slow. Today our first day of the
new system to save money on lunch starts. I brought in food today to share between the
three of us. I ended up spending more then I should have. After work today I got home and I
was trying to stretch my body a bit more. I feel like I have been a bit tense lately. I did some
minor work outs. Just to stay lose for tomorrow. I need to stay in better shape. I ended up
getting a quick one at the VFW. After that I met up with everyone for Joy's birthday. I was
very rusty when it came to bowling. I was satisfied though. I had a hard time controlling the ball.

10-02-08 Vice pres debate
I can't seem to understand how in 7 days I have gained so much weight back into my body. I
almost disgusted by it. I need to learn to eat salads again. Today lunch was a nice casual day at
the cafeteria. I brought food from home. It was nice to just sit back and eat. Tomorrow we are
starting a new plan. Each one of us will make a food enough for every one else. Hopefully this
works. I went to Cub and bought some food. I easilly went over my budget of 20 dollars. i
couldn't help my self. I wanted to go all out. So I made fajitas tonight for tomorrow. I also made
a side dish. I can't say yet, cause its a surprise tony cu special. I watched the debate tonight. I
am not normally into politics. I was quite amazed on how it went. I knew Palin would lose. It was
nice to listen and hear their points or statements.

10-01-08 Recharging the batteries
I have never seen the burger king on snelling ave ever be busy. I couldn't even find a spot to
sit. I did some stretching at my desk today. I was trying to get my back to be less sore. This is
why I am supposed to be slowing down heavily from sports. I got home today. I didn't want to
go anywhere at all. I was just pooped out. I sat and watched tv shows all night. Catching up on
my Heroes and other shows. I was getting the itch to go out, but I put most of my clothes in
the wash and that forced me to stay in. Good thing for that. I was trying to do some push ups
but my back couldn't hold up the strain. I was getting a bit frustrated. I feel like an old man right
now. Not being abl to do so much. Knowing me, I was still play through it.
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