10-31-09 Halloween
We  all went to the kickball tournament in the morning. I wasn't feeling to well. It was
cold out and I did not dress accordingly. It was fun watching the games and cheering the
peeps in action.

It was a long afternoon after that. We did lots of drinking and  we went from the F bar
to the house and got a lot of predrinking in for the party. Most of us didn't last very long.
My self included. I guess I wanted to go out to the bars, but once I realized we weren't
going anywhere. I figured I would just call it a night.

10-30-09 Halloween Eve
Kickball got cancelled yet again tonight. I realized the season may be over. There is really
no point to even play anymore with the end of season tournament tomorrow. Another
season in the books.

We went to Jessie's party tonight. I forgot what it was like to goto a apartment party.
It was so loud and people all over. I am surprised that it didn't get busted sooner. It was
quite an interesting party I must say.

10-29-09 Mcdonalds
I feel like I have been eating so much Mcdonalds lately. Lately I have just been craving it
so much. Its like I forgot I love it so much. That I am slowly getting my love for it again.
I was watching a commercial last night. Right when I saw it. I almost wanted to just leave
and go get it. I was able to fight my urge for it. Well for now.

I was trying to find some Halloween movies on tv last night. There wasn't really anything
on. Well Leprechaun was on an that was a classic. I feel asleep and was unable to finish it

10-28-09 Oil change
So during my lunch today. I went and gone my oil change at the dealership. I get 3 years
worth of oils changes for free. Which I think is exciting. I walked over to Fuddruckers
and ordered a burger. I was trying to eat it, but it kinda fell apart. I was actually
disappointed. When I got back to the dealership. I noticed they washed my car and
vacuumed the interior. I thought that was pretty bad ass.

Tonight I tried to play dodgeball. I thought I did pretty good. I once again was struggling
to catch the ball. We were in the big gym so I can totally understand why my vision was a
mess. I thought I did  good. It wasn't one of my stellar performances but I had to be
careful with my stitches. A ball actually grazed the top of my head where the stitches
were. I panicked I thought it was bleeding but it was nothing.

10-27-09 Dungenous crab
Erika came over and we made dungenous crab. I was so excited. I was actually excited all
day. All I could think about was crab really. Erika didn't like the live crab moving around in
the pot. I thought that was hilarious. I guess I am so used to it. PETA wont be after me
anytime soon.

I was so tired tonight. Not sure why, maybe its just old age. Or the fact that i was hoping
the Wolverine movie would be more kick ass. I was just dozing in and out. I guess it was
an ok movie. I just expected more.

10-26-09 Salut
Tonight we went out to Salut for dinner. Well most of us got wine. It is so cheap $10
bottles of wine is such a good deal. Its almost like buying it at a liquor store. I had the
Fries again. I cant go wrong, but they are just so greasy. It was fun with lots of laughs. I
was trying to be cheap tonight. I have been watching the budget lately. I guess not haing
sports I am not out at the bars as much.

10-25-09 Lazy day
I really didn't feel like doing too much today. I wanted to kick back and watch the Vikings
game. It was a good game they should have won, but bad play calling, bad officiating has
cost them this one.

We went to Porterhouse for cy's birthday dinner tonight. I havn't ate there in so long. i
think Andy's birthday was the last time. That was possibly 3 or 4 years ago. It was so
good, my ribeye was so thick. I loved every bite.

We went to the blue fox for some drinks. Figured it would be fun to go out on Sunday
night. Like I used too. Although I was so full I had no room for booze.

10-24-09 9pm Surprise
I woke up today feeling pretty good. I wasn't hung over or anything. Well thats the
benefits of taking it easy last night. I drove over to Joe Censors in Bloomington to pick up
my check card. Its been sitting there since last week. It was kinda nice. I didn't really
spend much. Since I had no check card.

I drove over to Andy and Jen's to see what they were up too. We decided to go out
tonight. We went to Jimmy's but the place was way too busy. So we decided to goto Saks
for a drink or two. We ran into Dan and we just kicked it for awhile. We decided to head
up to the Roseville Vfw. Jen was a bit drunk, but it was quite entertaining.

10-23-09 What a day
I was so swamped at work today. I was catching up from stuff from yesterday and the
hectic business of today. I wanted to pop, but my head was doing that for me. I wanted to
get everything all straight. I was determined to stay late today anyways. Just being
stressed with so much in my life. I have a hard time with work right now.

I went out to Half time Rec for a bit tonight. I came out pretty late. At about midnight I
believe. I was trying to see if I stayed out later if it would help me not spend so much.
Well same results I guess. That plan didn't work as well as I hoped.

10-22-09 Not the best
I got no sleep the night before when I did wake up it was about 10. I was so embarrassed,
but what could I do. My head was in so much pin. I looked in the mirror and my stitches
were overlapped by the swelling I was trying to sleep it off with my anxiety pills that
knock me out. Today was just not my day at all.

10-21-09 Bad day
My head was just hurting all day today. I couldn't tolerate it anymore. I don't think its
supposed to hurt this much. I think my head is just readjusting it self. It was so hard for
me to eat or anything. I didn't want the stitches to break. All I could do was just take it
easy. I was forced too and I didn't even want to.

10-20-09 Surgery again
All day at work today I was binge eating again. I was just so nervous about my surgery
later today. All I could do was eat and eat. Next time I realized I should just chew gum.
Well atleast now I know.

The surgery went pretty well. Except the fact they found some weird residue. Which
kinda scared me. I have scar on my head and stitches. Looks like someone cut me with a
big blade. My head s wrapped in bandages at the moment. Not really looking forward to
the mummy look.

10-19-09 In the darkness
When I got to work today. Nobody really turned on the lights. It was kinda nice. I was
working in the darkly shaded room all day. The only light I had was from the windows. It
made my day real relaxing and I felt so at peace. Hopefully its this way tomorrow. I can
sure use some quiet relaxing time.

I stayed in once again for lunch today. I am doing such a good job of not going out to eat
for lunch. I guess, this new saving money idea is working pretty good. I just like to get
out of the office. Maybe I can cheat for one day and do it tomorrow.

10-18-09 Surprise! well kinda
I watched one of the most energy draining games of football today. The Vikes were just
dominating. Then all of a sudden they were getting their ass kicked. Then they stole it
back with a lucky missed field goal. I mean I wanted to believe they are finally an elite
team. Only to be fooled they are still weak in areas.

It was my dads surprise birthday today. Well we just all came over and he was like what
are you all doing here. I think he was happy. I mean their was crab legs and pho. What
more do you want.

Paranormal Activity was pretty good. Its not scary like jump at you out loud. It was more
scary freaking creepy. I liked it though and I can see why some people didn't like it.

10-17-09 Volleyball, a lot of it
So I played a lot of volleyball at the MLK today. I wasn't feeling so well. I had such a big
hang over. There was a round robin tournament and we did pretty good. I liked my team.
It was different for me. There was a lot of really good players from different teams. It
forced me to learn to be a better player. Which is nice. Since I am so used to owning
drunk people at the bar.

10-16-09 My home made lasagna
I had a hard time at work today. I was so hung over. I felt like I was going to just fall
apart. I somehow mustered the strength to get through the day. I think this is a big
learning lesson for me. Or is it.

Erika came over and we made our version of lasagna. First rule about the way we cook.
There aren't really any rules. We don't follow directions and just improv our way through  
it. Why does it work. Well we don't need no stinking directions. I always say. "Great
recipes are never written down".

10-15-09 Hard times
Lately I have been having a hard time trying to figure out things in my life. I seem to
make the wrong decisions at the wrong time. With the potential house in waiting. Things
get harder for me. I feel a lot of pressure right now.

I went out with Erin, Rafael and Sarah. Since they are in town from Milwaukee. I got my
butt out of bed and met up with them at Bonfire on grand ave. It was a very fun time. I
don't even know how I even got drunk. It was probably because I was around great

10-14-09 Sour fish soup poisoning?
I don't know what my deal was this morning. I was not feeling good at all this morning. I
ft like someone hit me in the stomach with bat over and over again. I refuse to believe it
was my sour fish soup. I also had a allergic reaction with something else. I was breaking
out in hives all over. What the heck is wrong with my body. Who knows. I am not a happy

10-13-09 Home cooking
After work today. I went to the asian market to get some ingredients for my sour fish
soup I was making. I couldn't figure out which fish to use. I ended up using red snapper
for a few different reasons.

I went to kickball and we didn't even have to play tonight. The other team didn't even
show up. Which was pretty lame.

Back to the sour fish soup. It turned out amazing. I thought it was just as good as how my
mom made it.

10-12-09 Furnace I love you
With the furnace off for the past few days. Its been freezing in this house. I was so cold.
My little portable heater can only do so much. I finally had my brother walk me through on
how to turn the damn thing back on. Heat, what a wonderful thing.

We went out to Salut for dinner and wine tonight. It was a lot of fun and just nice to sit
back and relax. I was pretty tired all day today. From my late night heroics.

10-11-09 Lounging around
I spent most of the day just lounging around. I was so tired from this weekend already. I
feel kinda pathetic to tell you the truth. I think time is ticking on me and I am just not
my normal fresh self anymore.

I watched the Yankees put away the Twins. The Twins had there chances and they
screwed up. Poor Punto. He is always the hero and for once hes the big screw up. Poor guy.
Happen though.

10-10-09 Volleyball finale
I woke up early to goto Saks for the volleyball tournament today, It was could out. I
believe 29 degrees. There was snow on the ground. A part of me wanted it to be
cancelled We won the first 3 games and lost the last two. We got to finally play Dan's
team. We didn't play to well. I think we  were just happy to be there. It was a long day of

After m nap Erika came over and we went to Guldens were everyone else was. I had been
so out of it. I didn't drink too much. We went to Macaluso's after I think I forgot my
jacket there.

10-09-09 Friday night delight
Me and Erin went to the red Stag for wine week. The food was good. I wasn't expecting
much out of this place to be honest. I have been there for late hour drinks. The food was
good. I had the beef shanks. I could have made it at home, but oh well.

At kickball tonight. It was our Country club theme night. I wore khakis and a polo shirt
with the collar popped up. With a sweater tied around my neck. Also a visor too. I felt so
retarded, but I had fun.

10-08-09 Take them away
Today would be a day of "fresh air". Why you say. Well I am taking the parents and the
sister to the airport. Which means I have all to my self. Which should be super nice. I can
do the fun cooking I used to love to do.

I have been feeling kinda funny lately. I my throat just cant seem to get rid of this awful
little cough I think its going away slowly though.

10-07-09 Quiet time
I was so unmotivated tonight. I was watching the Yankees whoop the Twins. I mean
seriously. Do people really think the Twins can win, with a bunch of no talent players. We
all knew the Twins would be too tired to even compete.

I have been getting closer and closer to getting a new place to live. I guess I am just
trying to be somewhat patient. The Osseo and Champlin area seems to be the options I
have been picking as of late. It sucks my dad isn't helping me like I thought. I am going to
have to come up with the money alone. Its tough!

10-06-09 Kickball cancellation
I needed a break from everything. i was actually quite happy we got rained out. I was so
tired and just needed to rest up as much as I could. I felt the weekend drained me out. I
watched some movies and fell asleep early tonight.

My hunger has been out of control lately. I have been eating everything in sight. I don't
know how to slow it down. I don't know if its cause I drank so much booze this past
weekend. What ever it is. I need to eat a bit less.

10-05-09 Monday night history
As I watched the Vikings dominate the Packers in all phases of the game. I realized this
is them playing somewhat a perfect game. I mean they beat the Packers down. All though
I find it funny the refs have been on our side this year. We seem to be getting a lot of
calls go our way. I will take it regardless. I am excited to be a Vikings fan this year. I
hope it ends well. The bar was rocking tonight. Felt great.

10-04-09 Home to the motherland
We had an extra passenger on the way home. Guppy needed a ride so we had him tag along
with us. We stopped at some place called Bluphies for brunch. I was so tired, but I knew I
had a long drive ahead. The Mimosa and martini was a nice thing to get me going.

When I got back. Ashley was in town. I went out to Azia and got some food. Chris came
with also. I figured we can do drinks and such. i was so tired, but I had a great time out.
Just getting to old for this.

10-03-09 Dean and Kelleys wedding
Me and Erin had lunch at Qdoba. I have always been so curious about why this is supposed
to be better or equal to Chipotle. I decided I like Qdoba better then Chipotle. I like the
flavors and variety a lot better.

We went down state street to do some shopping. I was watching parts of the Gopher
game down there. I was afraid to show any MN  clothing. I ended up buying a Wisconsin
hat. I am sure I am going to get shit for that later. I wanted a new nice hat.

The wedding was absolutely the most awesome weddign I have been too. I was so much
fun and I was drunk as a skunk. The shuttle buses was a great idea and it made it easy
for me knowing it will take us back to the hotels. I had so much fun I didn't last pass 1am.
Congrats to Dean and Kelley for their big day.

10-02-09 Madison
I have been getting so much sleep. I feel like I have been really recharged. I think it
shows at work and my attitude as of late. Maybe I just need to sleep more. Or maybe its
that bottle of Jameson helping me sleep at night.

I picked up Erin and we were off to Madison. She wanted to stop at Culvers for some odd
reason. I figured I was going with the flow the whole weekend anyways. The long drive
really made em tired. We didn't even stop at all. I was really proud of my self. I hate
these long drives.

I had dinner with Courtney tonight. I am so glad I had  a chance to do that. Every year I
am down here and I don't get a chance to get any personal time. Since shes always
working. We went to some place called Harmony pizza and bar.

I late joined the wedding party and we were off to State street. I met some pretty cool
people along the way. I was semi sober cab driver so I had to take it easy. Well I did do a
shot at like 1:30am. Haha. Ikes pizza was probably one of the tastiest after bar pizzas I
have ever had. We need one in MN.

10-01-09 Legion return
I really had no plan for tonight. I had no clue what to do. So I decided I would go play cads
at the Legion. I made my big return. I did well, made it to the final table. I made a couple
big mistakes. I don't even know why I was making such dumb decisions. I guess that was
my bad. I got tired and I wanted out. It was my Friday anyways, so it was nice to be out
foe awhile.