10-31-2010 Halloween
I decided to hand out candy. I figure, with this being my first home. Why not give some
candy out. I was known as the cool guy. Since, I was handing out handfuls of candy to
all the kids.

I went out to the Blue Fox for Trista's last day there. I spent a lot of Sunday
evenings there. For the past 4 years. I don't go there much anymore. Those were the

I went to the Gay 90's to meet up for Erika's birthday. I was basically sober cab. I
have been trying to ease up on the spending. It was a  fun night overall.

10-30-2010 Kickball tourney
My first game was at 10am. Before that I made everyone an egg bake that turned out
amazing. We lost to the Cooters who ended up winning the tournament. My Cleveland
Steamer team won the first game, but we ended up playing the Cooters and we lost. It
was a fun tournament.

Went out for drinks at Shamrocks tonight. It was such a long day of drinking. i was
pretty tired early.

10-29-2010 Light night
With all the excitement of Halloween. I had to dress up. This year I dressed up as
White Goodman from dodgeball. I went over to Lindas house and then went over to
Erikas brothers house.

10-28-2010 Hotel night
Thanks to Joe. I got a free hotel night stay at The Park Plaza in Bloomington. I lvoe
staying in hotel and me and Erika got a free breakfast vufet int he morning. it was a
nice relaxing night out.

10-27-2010 Volleyball/Dodgeball
I had double duty tonight. I went and played volleyball. We won the first 2 by forfeit.
Since the other team didn't have enough girls. Eventually they had a full team the 3rd
game. We lost the final game.

I went to dodgeball and just tried to get back into shape. I did an ok job. I was happy
with my performance.

10-26-2010 Potluck
I got up pretty early today. Just so I can put those pre made weiners in the oven. I
got to work a bit late, but it was worth it. Everyone loved it. Which made me really

10-25-2010 Nothing to do
I went and got some groceries for tomorrows pot luck. Its supposed to be halloween
themed. I couldn't think of anything. So I decided to make bacon wrapped lil smokies. I
remember tasting them once when Heidi brought it over one time. So I stole it form
her. I pre-wrapped everything and I will bake it tomorrow in the morning.

10-24-2010 Vikings why
I watched the Vikings just suck. Brett Favre stunk it up. Coaching sucked. Refs
sucked. Not a good day to be a Viking fan.

I went to Costco and saw some crab legs real cheap. I decided to buy some and eat
them. They were so tasty.

10-23-2010 Sleep
I have been sleeping a lot lately. Not sure whats been wrong with me. Except, maybe I
am just really tired. It is nice. I got to do some things to relax. al though the late
night drive to Shamrocks wasn't the best idea ever. Still trying to save some money.

10-22-2010 Lame
Bought some wine tonight and watched a movie. I fell asleep around 10pm. Pretty lame
for  Friday night. Weird, but maybe I needed some much needed rest.

10-21-2010 Royality
I have been thinking about what I have been doing the past 5 years. Besides drinking.
Meeting good people. What do I really have to show for. I would normally blame my self
here but I have always been in the wrong environment. I never got to chose wher I
came from. It chose me.

10-20-2010 Life changes
I have been in need of working on saving money. Today I decided it was time to take a
major step back. Not even a little but major. I decided my life is over and I have to
just do things at a short glance. What ever that may mean. Its time for change
anyways. I have been slowing down anyways. I just need to do it more.

10-19-2010 No internet
Internet was down tonight. I had no choice but to watch tv. Weird how life can change
with such little things. I was pretty tired tonight anyways. I did all the things I
needed to do at home. Called it a night and went to bed early.

10-18-2010 Steamer champs
We won our division tonight with a big win. I was pretty tired but I mustered up the
strength. I got to play with another team after our game. So it was kinda nice to do
that. This has been a bi season in kickball for me. Two nights, two championships.

10-17-2010 Dads bday
I went and tried to get some crab legs at the market. I was in the check out lane when
the guy told me that my card didn't go through. I was pretty surprised. I got to my
dads and checked my account online. I really didn't have enough funds. I have decided
this automatic payment stuff is screwing me up. We had a good time though at my dads.
My brother just picked up the fees.

10-16-2010 Day of nuttiin
I went and watched my friends play volleyball at Saks. I was still a bit hung over from
the night before. Although I did have a few or more beers. I got home and I just
passed out. i took a  lot longer of a nap then I planned. I missed a lot of festivities.

10-15-2010 Kickball championship
When I have my heart set on winning. There is no chance for failure. Tonight. I wanted
to win so bad. I promised the Old Tony Cu would come out and lock down. My kicking
wasn't so good, but it was a good time.

10-14-2010 Softball destruction
Tonight was just not one of those nights I was happy to play. We were short and I had
a tough time finding girls. With our off season coming soon. Players will be evaluated
and we shall see who returns next year. We lost both of our games tonight though.
They were tough teams.

10-13-2010 Volleyball wins
We finally got our selves a win tonight. We lsot the first game by a lot. Their serves
were a lot tougher then I expected. We settled down and won the next two games. It
was a good experience for our team.

10-12-2010 Chicken burgers
I went over to Annie's after work today. She made chicken burgers and it was pretty
good. It was nice catching up. Its been awhile since I have had a chance to. i realize I
need to catch up with people more. i feel I have lost touch with everyone. Tonights a
step in the right directions.

10-11-2010 Tired and stressed
I was tired from just having a pretty busy weekend this weekend. I was pretty rested
thogh, and I was able to pop around at work.

I was stressed due to the Vikings game. Man they were horrible the first 3 quarters.
I have to put the blame on Brett and Childress. Its tiem for change.

10-10-2010 Lazy day
I had some delicious pho to just cure my day today. It was Erika's idea and I went
with it. I was so tired today I took a nice long 3 hour nap. It felt so good, but it made
me groggy.

I got to make my baked macaroni and cheese tonight. It was so good. I don't now how I
will ever get back to regular craft mac and cheese.

10-09-2010 Sober cab
I was so tired today. I didn't want to do anything at all. I am trying so hard to save
money. I want to have an easy living these days.

Tonight I had to pick up my brother from Forest lake. His truck had a flat tired.

I went over to Mike and Heidi's party. It was fun just hanging out with everyone
again. Playing the fun drinking games.

I picked up the girls from the bachalorette party in River Falls. Nothing like driving
drunk girls on the way home.

10-08-2010 Maniac playoff win
Today was one of those days I had no energy at all. When I woke up this morning. I
was super tired. Through out the day i was tired.

Me and Erika made chipotle beef burritos. We used real chipotle peppers and made a
nice burrito out of it. With the pico de gallo and the beef and shrimp and french fires.
yes french fries. This was a tasty treat with the special chipotle sauce on it.

Maniacs won tough vs the Dipsos. We mixed up the teams a bit and we were still able
to get the job done. Everyone was more sober tonight. I believe it was cause of the big
night tomorrow. The zombie pub crawl everyone is doing. That was fine with me.

10-07-2010 Softball struggles
Tonight we played the best team in the division. We lost the first game and the 2nd
game we lost also by a few. We were tied going into the last inning. We led both games,
but our defense struggled a bit tonight. Too many balls popping out of the glove. Balls
were being juggled all over thew place. My hitting is still struggling. I think next year
when my shoulder is better. it will be a different story.

10-06-2010 Vball subs
We had a lot of subs tonight for volleyball. Andy, Shannon, and Christine were gone for
the Twins game. I had Erika, Jen and Michelle sub for us. We lost all three games, but
we did well for our make shift team. I am glad everyone had fun. It was the first white
team we have faced all year. They were older, but they were taking our spikes pretty
good. They had good floor balance. I feel we are learning each week.

10-05-2010 Tv time
I got home from work today and all I did was catch up on tv shows and watch and watch
and watch tv. I needed a break and today was a perfect day for it. I marinated some
pork too. So they should be very yummy tomorrow.

I been trying to be very cheap when it comes to spending. I feel i need to do a better
job at it. Not going out too lunch is a start. Although I sucked today with my pizza

10-04-2010 Steamer thriller
So we were supposed to play one of the easier teams. We ended up letting them play
with just two girls and we snuck out of that one with a 3 to 1 win. i was nervous all
game. We didn't have out Cooter players. I was determined. i kicked to 3rd and ran all

10-03-2010 Impromptu
Erin wanted to get brunch and I figured its been awhile since we have had brunch. We
drove around to a couple places, but they were closed. So we ended up downtown at the
Firelake grill house in the Radisson.

When we were walking into the restaurant. We saw a scalper and we got some cheap
tickets to the Twins game. We both havn't been to Target Field yet. Wo it was
perfect opportunity. It is a pretty cool ball park.

10-02-2010 New phone, new number, new identity
I went to the mall today to get a new phone. It wasn't a fancy phone like my Iphone I
have had for the past 3 years. Nope, it was a pre paid phone. Why prepaid. Well I was
paying over 90 bucks a month for that phone. With a prepaid phone. I get 300 minutes,
and unlimited data and texting for $25 a month. I don't talk much on the phone
anymore. The texting deal was too good to be true for me.

10-01-2010 Kickball win
I was pretty tired from last night. I am still not over my cold and I should be taking
it pretty easy. I have been exhausted as of late.

Tonight at kickball we won 9 to 3 I believe. It was a fun game against our sister team.
The dipsos. We had yet another theme night. It was eye patch night.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”