10-31-2011 Halloween
Me and erika decided to goto uptown tog et drinks. It was fun seeing people in
costumes and well there were people who wern't in costumes. We had a good night out.
It was fun she was happy and i was happy.

10-30-2011 Vikings
The Vikes pulled off a squeaker against Carolina. They kept Cam Newton in check.
Ponder moved the offense. Especially on 3rd down. We have a bright future ahead.

10-29-2011 MN EOS
I played for Ass in class and we advanced. My beloved Steamers didn't advance. Which
was pretty sad. I was hoping we would do more damage. Honestly, we just can't match
up with those good teams.

10-28-2011 Soap factory
I went to the Soap factory with some friends tonight. We met up at macs for some
drinks before hand. I thought it was pretty cool this year. I like how they mix it up
every year. They truely do a good job of the effects.

10-27-2011 All star game
I played in the alls tar game today. I was pretty tired actually. I was hoping we would
lose. So I could go home early. We won our first game and lost the 2nd. It was fun

10-26-2011 Roses
I sent Erika roses today. I vowed never to send anyone roses ever again. But I gave in
and wanted to do something nice. I guess thats the side of me that sucks. I am so
caring. It is hard to control it. I hope she got a lot of attention for the flowers. I am
wonderful, so I think.

10-25-2011 Cys bday
I went to the Blue Fox for Cys bday. I had dinner before hand. I had the top sirloin
with red potatoes. It was really good. I remember talking to Jeff about what they
needed to do to fix the menu their. I am glad, that hopefully he listened to me. The
food was awesome. I had fun at Cys bday. I think he was happy to be out.

10-24-2011 Getting things done
I spent a lot of time cleaning and getting things done tonight. I cleaned out my car. My
trunk was full of stuff. I finally cleaned that out and got a lot of stuff int he wash. I
felt like I had so many clothes back there. I am pretty tired. I am gonna call it an
early night.

10-23-2011 Ponder era
The Vikes started Ponder this week. I thought he was going to be terrible, but he did
fairly well. Showed a lot of promise. Hell we even almost beat the Packers. Andy came
over and we went out with Sarah to Mad jacks for drinks. It was fun, I was pretty

10-22-2011 Vfw return
I went back to my old VFW to get drinks with friends. It was nice catching up with
every one again. Playing darts even. Also, making one of the greatest comebacks of all
time. Kelli was excited we won.

We went over to Mindys house after to do some post partying. It was really nice
there. I wonder what it would be like to have a home near every one else. I like where
I am at though.

10-21-2011 Friday night
I was planning to go out tonight with Erika.  I was excited to go to the Anoka haunted
house. Things fell apart and we didn't end up hanging out. I ended up going to Mad
Jacks with Sarah. We had money to spend, since Natalie gave us some money for
letting her stay. It was a nice drunken night. I havn't felt the need in awhile.

10-20-2011 Quiet night
With the big Halloween weekend and Milwaukee the week after. I am just in money
saving mode. I hate that it took me so long to learn how to save. I should have learned
this 10 years ago it seems. I have always been a late bloomer. All those years I tried
to impress, with nothing to show for. Spending money throwing it left and right. Finally
got it figured out.

10-19-2011 Dodgeball dominance
My arm strength is starting to come back. I was throwing the ball hard. its not how
hard you throw really. How consistant you can keep throwing it hard. Most people wear
down. Sometimes I feel I get stronger. It was fun though. I wasn't feeling good
though. The wings I had with Andy at Legends put my tummy in a bad mood.

10-18-2011 Sick day
I wasn't feeling the best this morning. My tummy was just turning and turning. I had
to goto the bathroom so much last night. I felt I didn't get any sleep at all. I don't
know why I feel this way. Hopefully it will pass.

10-17-2011 Sick,
I have been having stomach issues as of late. Just a lot of dhiarrea. I don't know what
it is, but I am going to the bathroom so much. At times, its painful. I need to take it

10-16-2011 Vikings party
Well I had people over. Hoping this would turn around their season. That was not the
case. The vikes struggling from the get go and this one  was way over. The Ponder era

10-15-2011 Saturday fun
I spent most of the day just laying around. I was so tired. I didn't want to do
anything. We ended up just hanging at Erikas house. I was tired and needed to take it
easy. I think I almost got mugged last night at the ATM.

10-14-2011 Kickball showdown vs the Charm School
This was probably one of the greatest kickball games to ever watch. We went into
extra innings. We lost, but we had bad umping and bad everything else that went wrong.
This lost took a lot out of me.

10-13-2011 Softball finale
We went out with a bang. We won 24 to 17 and 12 to 17. It was quite the offensive
showdown. I am glad we won and we all had fun just hangin out.

10-12-2011 Steamers win the division
We played wellt onight. We got off to a good lead. I struggled tonight in the rain. I
dropped two balls. The first one was easy, but the 2nd one was a rocket. I didn't wear
my glasses cause of the rain. We won 9 to 8 regardless. I am happy.

10-11-2011 Day off 2
I cleaned out my furnace today. It was a 3 minute job, but whos counting. Me and Erika
went to eat at the Hibachi grill supreme buffet on university. It was worth the hype.
I will for sure go back.

10-10-2011 Day off
I didn't really do anything to exciting tonight. I had a few drinks and just took it
easy. Me and Erika goto the Tailgate quite a big now. We like the specials there.

10-09-2011 Vikes win
The Vikings finally won a game. They actually had such a big lead. They couldn't give it
up this time. The Vikes D line dominated the game.

10-08-2011 Madden 12
Andy came over and we played Madden 12. I thought the game was pretty good, but it
will take some getting used too. It was hard to get used to the controls at first. We
got the hang of it and it was pretty fun. Same typical game.

10-07-2011 Tony Cu hot dog night
The Baby shakers won another dramatic game. I was running on all emotions. I wanted
to win tonight. For some odd reason. It was a very pressure filled game. It was fun
though. It just seems like we get the screw job on calls every week. We are the
Yankees of the division.

10-06-2011 Unforgiven
I skipped out on softball tonight. We were missing a girl and I felt the need to not
search for another girl. I decided to take the night off. I have been tired of sports
every day this week and just needed a breather. I may have gotten shit from my team
mates, but I would hope they understand.

10-05-2011 Food
Today it finally hit me that I do have a eating problem. I can't stop snacking. Its not
like I like to snack on healthy food. Its all junk food or candy. Another thing for me to
fix I guess.

The Steamers had an easy game tonight. We won 12 to 6 I think. We were messing
around. It was a good game to just bounce back from. Big game next week.

10-04-2011 Focused
We lost tonight. I played for Ass in Class once again. We are now 5 and 1. We just got
off to a slow start and it took us out of the game.

I have been looking at my finances lately. I need to do a better job. I say it time and
time again. I really need to work on it. Maybe this time it just sticks in my head for
once. No more 2nd chances.

10-03-2011 Volleyball
I felt that I struggled last week. But it is these late games that play to my weakness.
I can't see at night. I am blind as a bat and I just cant judge the ball well. We only
won 1 out of 3 games tonight. We are like the vikings, we just blow the lead. Al though
we won the last game. That was the only one that matters to me.

10-02-2011 Vikes are done
Even with the Vikes slow start. That being that they are 0 and 3 coming into todays
game. I felt some hope left. I was really wrong. We sucked at all phases today. We are
now 0 and 4. The season is basically over. I tried to be patient, but its clear. We are
just a bad football team.

10-01-2011 Kobe day
I Picked Kobe up and he kinda just wanted to surf the internet all day. I didn't know
what to do with him. I made him goto Lowes with me. He was pretty bored as I was
looking for screws for my wall mount. We picked Erika up and went back to my place.
We made home made meat loaf. He liked it. He also made breakfast earlier int he day. I
think he really liked the eggs and bacon.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”