10-31-2012 Halloween
Todays pot luck went pretty well. It hasnt been as big as previous years. My weiners
were good.

At dodgeball tonight. I had pretty fun, but teams were a bit lopsided and I couldn't
mount much offense. We all went out afterwards and that was pretty fun. I think
people just don't want to be home on Halloween

10-30-2012 Quiet night
Tuesdays has always been my quiet night. I am really enjoying it tonight. I did a nice
load of laundry and I am just relaxing right now. I gotta make stuff for the pot luck
tomorrow. Wish me luck.

10-29-2012 Bad game
We struggled tonight at volleyball. We looked nothing like that team I saw last week.
We struggled on all phases. We tried to hard and we got beat by a team we should beat.
We were missing Gail, but it was something we should have adjusted for. My hamstrong
and legs were an issue. I felt really slow.

10-28-2012 Lazy day
I literally slept on a wood floor last night. So I was aching all day today. I slept for
like 3 hours today. Which was really nice. I think I spent 6 hours after waking up in
bed. Not too bad. But I knew I needed the rest.

10-27-2012 End of Season
It was our end of season kickball tournament. I played for the Girl haters and the
Steamers. Steamers went one and done right away. I hurt my hamstring in the 2nd game
. So I just sat out. It was quite painful.

I went over to my dads house for his bday celebration it was a lot of fun.

I went to Sneeky petes for the big Halloween party. It was a lot of fun. I met some
cool people.

10-26-2012 Legion
I was wasting time tonight. I went to the Legion and got some drinks down. I wanted
to take it easy tonight, but you know how that ends up. I hung out with the gang. I had
to leave to pick up Erika from her Lesbian super party at Lush.

10-25-2012 Fogo de Chao
This has to be my 7th time there. We went for Restaurant week. It was good, but I
seem to be getting bored with the concept. Instead of $50 it was $30. Still expensive
if you know what I mean.

10-24-2012 Dball
My arm was pretty sore today. I threw hard, but I just couldn't get enough power I
was satisfied with. I went out afterwards. I wanted to have some fun tonight.
Especially with all the stuff going on latel.y

10-23-2012 Soap Factory
It wasn't as good as the years past. With the prices rising each year. Next year
really needs to break out. No separation this year. It felt more like a haunted house
this year. Makes me wonder if they got in trouble.

10-22-2012 Stupid
I don't know how stupid you have to be to smoke weed in someone elses house.
Especially when they are home. Totally disrespectful and dumb. Not aloud and you don't
piss me off. I never forget. Its like saying I don't give a fuck and I am going to do it
anyways. Learn some respect.

10-21-2012 Vikings win
Vikes win with a 58 yards passing attack by Ponder. Which means we are playing pretty
well. Meaning Ponder is the only thing holding this team back. Defense is strong. Pick
six from us. Havn't seen that in awhile.

10-20-2012 Big Lake
I went out to Big Lake for Billie and adams house warming party. It was a pretty big
house. There was a lot of space to crash which was awesome. I didn't even bother try
to drive home. It was a long drive.

10-19-2012 Blue fox
We all went here for Tim Sigler. Cover was only 4 bucks. Since we had such a big
group. It was a good time. I was kinda tired pretty early, but I made it through.
Trying to save some money.

10-18-2012 Legion
Me and Melissa met up for dinner at the Legion. I thought it was burger night, but it
was actually taco night. The tacos were ok. Cheap but decent enough to fill me. WE had
our talk which went ok. Not the best.

10-17-2012 Dball
I did pretty well tonight. I did exhaust a lot of energy though. With last nights work
out. I really had nothing in the tank left. I was so tired.

10-16-2012 Gym work out
I have been really trying to lose weight again. I pushed it hard tonight. My legs were
really tired after tonights work out. I kinda enjoy going to the gym. It gives me time
to have thoughts to my self. Which is nice.

10-15-2012 Last night of vball
We went 0 and 3 tonight again. There should be no way we lost all 3 games. We
finished the season on a 6 game losing streak. Thats pretty bad if you ask me. I was a
bit frustrated, but I think  we were ready for the season to be over with. Since it was
so cold.

10-14-2012 Lazy Sunday
I woke up at my brothers house. Cameron was next to me. He was so cute. I asked him
if he wanted to watch cartoons. He said yes. With my hang over. I told him to put the
tv at a pretty low level.

Vikings had no answer for RG3. He is amazing. The Vikes dominated the game, but field
goals were going to be the death of them. They made a good effort to come back but it
was too late.

10-13-2012 Jamie and Jaime wedding
The wedding was nice and I didn't really see any issues go. It was a good wedding day.
Even though it was rainy out. I had a good time. It was a nice night to just talk with
friends and such. I was getting pretty hot wearing the tux. I had to go outside to cool
down a bit. My 40 bucks cash disappeared fast.

10-12-2012 Game night
I had some people over for game night. It went well. I didn't want to get too drunk the
night before the wedding. It was a lot of fun though. I had a good time. I had more to
drink then I should have.

10-11-2012 Grooms dinner
We all met at the reception place. Courtyards of Andover. It was a nice place. jamie
really wanted to have it outside, but the forecast for Saturday showed rain all day.
We went to eat at Harvest grill. They had huge portions and it was good. Could have
been seasoned a bit better.

10-10-2012 Dodgeball
I really had a good time tonight. I didn't play too well at dodgeball, but I had a good
time thats for sure. My legs were tired. I did goto the gym the night before and I just
had zero energy. I promised my self next week. I would be going tot he gym and eating
healthier. We shall see how that goes.

10-09-2012 Life
I have been thinking about switching jobs more and more. Also, maybe the possibility of
getting a part time job also. I have been pondering a lot actually. I am uncertain what
I need to do with my life. I guess another one of those mid life decisions are coming
sooner then later.

10-08-2012 Vball loss
We did not play well tonight at volleyball. Serving errors killed us tonight. Winds were
blowing. It was col. The fire wasn't there tonight. With this being the 2nd to last
week. I think most of us are ready to mail it in.

10-07-2012 Vikings win
I really needed this  day to relax and recover. I have been very tired as of late. All
the late night boozing doesnt help. So I must take advantage of every day I can get.
PLus the Vikings win again. They are now 4 and 1. Who would have thought.

10-06-2012 Becky bday
I picked Gordon up and we went to the Corner bar. We all then went to Townhome
Brewery and got some food. Then we went to Grumpys for drinks. Keep in mind we've
had many shots at this point. The night was pretty fuzzy after that.

10-05-2012 Duluth
I drove to Duluth today. Erika really wanted to goto this haunted boat thing for about
3 years now. So I took Friday off and we went. We also ate at JJ Astors my favorite.
Duck was amazing, Erika got it. I just got meat loaf which was amazing too.

10-04-2012 Kickball nightmare
I played a terrible game of kickball today. WE lost a high scoring game. 13 to 11. I had
2 dropped balls. Given it was windy, but I usually make those catches. I can never get
over these late 9pm games. The night time just effects my vision.

10-03-2012 Dodgeball
This was not one of my best nights at dodgeball. I struggled a bit out there. I did
finish strong though. Which was good. I have been battling that cold and it was giving
me problems with the breathing thing again.

10-02-2012 Shopping
I got some clothes that were on sale. I needed to shop. I looked at my clothes now and
they are all company name brands from work. I feel like a sell out.

10-01-2012 W2 and L3
We finished with 2 wins and 1 loss at volleyball tonight. We had the best team in our
grasp once again. But we could not finish. This team is hurt by serving errors. If we
can over come that we wont beat our selves so much.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
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