10-31-2013 Halloween
It was a good day for potluck. I made the bacon wrapped weiners. Which is always
really good. I wasn't exactly in the Halloween spirit this year.

I went out to TGIF Fridays in Maple Grove to get some drinks. Andy wanted to go out
so we picked this place. It was a good night. I took it fairly easy.

10-30-2013 Dball
I wasn't feeling the best today. I called in sick at work. I still got work done, but as
dodge ball time approached. I wasn't sure if I was going to go. I felt sluggish. I
wanted to sweat out what ever I had. I took it easy tonight at dball. I was feeling
some pain in my ankle form last night.

10-29-2013 Vball
We lost all three games tonight. When I saw Sam. I remembered our battles at Saks.
Tonight, he crushed us. I knew it was going to be a long night. Were night there yet.
But we made good progress tonight. I need to get better soon.

10-28-2013 Monday
Today went by pretty fast. I was just going through the motions. I was tired and
wanted to go home and get some sleep. I tried eating a military style meal in a bag
from one of my co workers. It wasn't too bad actually. I don't know if I could do it all
the time. Gross.

10-27-2013 Sore
I was so sore from yesterday. All I wanted to do was clean my house and get a lot of
crap done. Which is something I knew I had to do. I made lasagna tonight. It was a lot
healthier then how I normally make it. I made it witch cottage cheese instead of
ricotta. I also didn't use much salt when I made my meat sauce.

10-26-2013 Sneaky Petes
Today was the MN EOS kickball tournament. Our steamers made it to the final four.
It was a such a long day of kickball. It was a lot of fun too. I was so sore afterwards.

I put on my SWAT costume for the Halloween party. It was a lot of fun actually. I
tried to not spend so much money, but I couldn't help spending $60. It was part of my
budget for the night.

10-25-2013 Friday night out
I went out for drinks tonight. I really didn't even want to go. I was really trying to
save my money for Saturday night. But I went out with Becky and Jodi. It was fun, we
had a  good time. We ended up at the Legion. I was sober cab. I ended up getting
everyone home.

10-24-2013 Feeling ill
I havn't been feeling good lately. The last week or so. My stomach has just been off.
More off then normal lately. I am not sure whats wrong with it. I havn't changed
anything to my diet. I better go out and buy some yogurt.

10-23-2013 KBall & Dball
I played in the all star game for kickball. We lost, but we should have won. Long story,
but we won. We would have beaten everyone else.

Dball, my legs were a bit tired but I tried hopping around. I wanted to get a good work
out in. I had a good time though.

10-22-2013 Vball
We won only 1 out of 3 games. We put up a fight but our slow starts are killing us. We
will get better and I know were getting there. Seems like the team is confirmed for
the winter session also.

10-21-2013 Vikes bad
I probably seen the worst Vikings game I have ever seen in my life. It was so terrible.
I have no idea what to even say about it. The organization is just out of control. 16
over throws is just terrible.

10-20-2013 Dads bday
I went to the Bangkok Thai deli for my dads birthday. I got a to go order for the soft
shell crab entree he likes. Its expensive. About $20 bucks each. I ordered two of
them. It was fun eating all the food tonight and drinking.

10-19-2013 Night out
After dodge ball today we all went to El Paraiso. We decided it would be a good night
to go out and have some fun. We met at Jakes and just got drunk at the next two bars.
I forget what the first bar was, but we ended up at Rail station.

10-18-2013 Trail of Terror
After work I picked Erika up and we went to happy hour. We went to the Trail of
Terror. I wanted to get there early so we didn't have to wait in the long lines. It was
a lot of fun. They have made it better of the years. They hay rides are gone, its a
haunted walk in the forest now.

10-17-2013 Low Key
I went to the grocery store to get a few things. I wanted to make spring rolls this
weekend. So I basically bought all the ingredients for it. Except I didn't factor in the
part that I wont be home much this weekend.

10-16-2013 Couch time
I was sitting on the couch when I got home from work. Jessie texted me and wanted to
me to come out to dodge ball. He wanted to take me down. My hand was hurting from
punching the wall last night at volleyball. I came out and beat Jesse anyways.

10-15-2013 Vball
I went to happy hour with Erika today. We were going to see Gravity, but lost track
of time at Toby Keiths. Next thing you know. I was 8 drinks in. Vball might not be
pretty tonight.

I struggled a bit at volleyball tonight. We lost all three games, we played a tough
team, but I felt I dragged us down. I got to be sober for this.

10-14-2013 Slow Mo
I was feeling pretty slow today. I have had a fun weekend full of activities and I am
just beat. I ordered my Halloween costume today. It should arrive in the mail. I never
really spend over $50 for a costume, but we shall see how it looks.

10-13-2013 Vikings blow
With the death of Adrian kids 2 year old son. I was expecting a big performance.
Instead it was a blow out. I had people over. I made pulled pork tacos.

This past Friday. I finally realized it was time for me to just settle down. I think all
this time I never felt ready. As I was driving down Hennepin towards Uptown. I
finally felt it was right. The time felt right for once.

10-12-2013 Heimbuch's party
I drove all the way too Oakdale for Heimbuchs party. It was nice and low key. I didn't
really drink that much. I was kind of done drinking from the long week of drinking to be
honest. It was nice taking it easy. No pressure on the ride home thats for sure. I
dethroned Jesse and Heimbuchs bags throne though.

10-11-2013 End of season vball banquet
I went to Tilia with Erika today for dinner. It was pretty good actually. I have never
been there. But Andrew Zimmern raves about that place. I thought it was pretty good
actually. I was craving more.

Tonight was the end of season party at New Hope bowl. Free beer and food and bowling
too. It was  a lot of fun.

10-10-2013 Steamers
We won the last game of the season. Lunzer got us these cool new pink socks that has
a train logo on the back of it. I actually liked them. They were very nice fabric. We
won thanks to some subs, but I was happy we ended on a good note. Seems like I only
played half the season this year.

10-9-2013 Easy
With all this drinking. I needed a day off. Tonight I went and had happy hour a bit
early. Before dodgeball and then went home. I was pretty tired. I needed a break. I
sucked at dodgeball tonight anyways.

10-8-2013 ZG vball reboot
I signed this team up for competitive volleyball. Upper B's. I have a lot of new faces.
I wasn't sure what to expect. We got blown out the first game. It was like 25 to 10
or something like that. We won the next one 25 to 23. Then we  won the 3rd game. In
come back fashion. Down 19 to 24. We score 7 unanswered to get our first win,

10-7-2013 Week off
I have been waiting for this week off for some time. It was really nice to be honest. I
had lunch with my dad today. Something I have been trying to do for awhile. Its always
been hard for me to be close to my dad. Today was a good break through day. I paid for
the bill.

10-6-2013 Football
I spent most of today catching up on things. I watched football and just napped. I
knew I had a lot of time to just relax today. I took advantage of the opportunity.

10-5-2013 Big Lake
After a long night of being busy all night. I wasn't tired at all at mid night. I slept in,
so I decided to goto Big Lake for the party. I was wide awake. I had a lot of fun I am
glad I went.

10-4-2013 Becky bday outting
I went and did open volleyball tonight. It was pretty tough competition. It was a lot
of fun though. A good work out and to get us ready for league come Tuesday.

I met up with them at Joe Sensors, we made our way to Sushi Tango. It was a lot of
fun there. I was feeling it pretty good. Laura knew the bartender. So it was nice
getting stuff drinks on the cheap.

10-3-2013 Day off
I took the night off from kickball. For obvious reasons. I decided to just lay low and
get a lot of things done today. I was actually going to book tickets for Vegas. They
doubled today. I am kicking my self for not even booking them. I was being a cheap ass.

10-2-2013 DBall
I was crazy to even play dodgeball today. My knee was hurting real bad. I struggled,
but I did have a 10 on 1 moment that I took every one out. Not bad. I'm certainly going
to be paying for it tomorrow.

10-1-2013 Lazy
I wanted to feel better today. But my knee was in so much pain. I struggled getting up
and down stairs. I feel this may be the injury that finally puts me on the shelf.

I went over to Sarahs place to see the new place. She made me burgers. I brought over
some of the Naked Wines. They were so terrible. I will never buy that brand again.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”