10-31-2014 Halloween
For the life of me. I couldn't find the turtle costume I wanted. IT was a Raphael
costume. But it was kind  of for sleep wear also. I figured it would work for both.

Went out tonight, ended up at Lush for Erikas birthday. It was so loud in there. I
couldn't keep my head straight.

10-30-2014 Finish
Christina and I met up at Pho 79 for dinner. It was pretty good. We havn't seen each
other in awhile. So it was nice. We walked to the coffee shop down the road to have
coffee. It was a bad idea for me. Cause I couldn't sleep at night with all the caffeine.

10-29-2014 Late night
I did some garage cleaning and I ended up putting up the curtain rod. I was feeling
pretty tired today. But I met up with everyone for happy hour. I ended up staying till
1am. Jesses met up with me around 11pm. So we hung out and drank for awhile.

10-28-2014 Curtain rod
I needed to replace my curtain rod. I bought it for the down stairs. But I decided to
wait till tomorrow to do it.

I went to The Hoggsbreath for lunch. Figured I would chill with Marya for lunch. We
actually talked a bit this week.

I went out with Erika tonight. We were looking for Halloween things to do. But came
up a bit short.

10-27-2014 Faucet
I am off all week this week. So I decided to get some things done around the house.
Today, was all about the bathroom faucet. My faucet is rusting out and falling apart. I
got most of it done. But my dad had to help me with the stop plug.

10-26-2014 Dads bday
I went and got Dairy Queen ice cream cake for him today. I got it early and dropped it
off. I then went to the Hoggsbreath to watch the football game. The Vikes won a close
one. They never get that lucky.

10-25-2014 Jacks
My new favorite thing to do is hit happy hour at Cowboy Jacks down town. Specials are
so cheap. How can I say "no. I was feeling a bit groggy after this. My drink count is a
little high today.

10-24-2014 Vball
I was driving home. I was basically at home. Emily convinced me to drive back to
Roseville to play volleyball at brimhall. I havn't been as active with my health lately.
But playing 2 and a half hours. Really took its toll on my body. I was really sore when I
was done.

10-23-2014 Me and E
I had drinks with Erika tonight. We went to The Red Dragon. Then we went to
Mortimers for darts and drinks. I always win. But I was on fire tonight. Just couldn't
stop hitting trips.

10-22-2014 Bills
So far this month. Bills are looking pretty good. I want to take advantage of these 3
payday months. Hopefully I can just take it easy for awhile. Its been rough lately. I
am just so busy with stuff. Its hard to just stay home and relax.

10-21-2014 Fogo
With it being restaurant week. We went to Fogo tonight. It was a lot of fun. I had a
good time just getting meat rain down my mouth. That sounded bad. But this was my
10th anniversary of going.

10-20-2014 Vball
We won all 3 games pretty easily. we had some mistakes. But we played well as a unit.
It was the first time this year. We had our full team. Which was nice. Our defense
needs to get better.

10-19-2014 Sunday fun
With a full week down. I finished with 36 drinks. My goal was 13. But Sunday was a
rough night. That put me over the edge. I now can try to beat 36 next week. This
shouldn't be a problem.

10-18-2014 Sway bar links
I went to Walmart to get the hydraulic pump and lift stand. Then I went to Autozone
to get my parts. Which with all the costs was about $100. I started at 12 and finished
around 4pm. I was so nervous ever since the car falling on me incident 10 years ago.
But the lift stands made me feel very safe. I saved my self $400. It was a great

10-17-2014 Friday fun
I had lunch with Erika at Pho79. I took a long lunch with the boss gone today. Plus by
the time I got back. He sends us a message we can all go home early. Which was great.
I got a lot of things done. When I got home. Tomorrow is the big sway bar project on
my car.

10-16-2014 Counting
This week. I have been keeping track of how many drinks I have. Right now i'm at 6.
But After tonight. I hit my max of 13 for the week. I had 7 alone at the Legion. Which
sounds terrible. Just realized Thats probably like 10 drinks there. Jeremy really kills
me there.

10-15-2014 Biffs gift card
We wanted to use up our 100 gift card to Biffs. There was four of us. We spent about
$80. But nobody brought tip money. They just assumed it was all free. They were
hoping to use the card as a gift card. I got screwed and ended up paying tip. But I got
to keep the gift card. Dumb.

10-14-2014 Lazy
I have been inspired to get my stuff done around the house. I looked at things I needed
to get done. Curtain rod, bathroom faucet, tiles, were the big three. I am hoping to get
one of them done this weekend.

10-13-2014 Vball
Tonight we had two different girl subs. We struggled a bit on offense. But it wasn't
cause of our girl subs. Our guys need to do a better job. We lost 2 to 1. But This was
a game, we could have won. We are just always outsmarted by the older team.

10-12-2014 Volleyball banquet Biffs
We got our T-shirts and trophy and gift card tonight. It was pretty neat. Since we
didn't have to pay. The gift card was for $100.00. We played in the tournament but we
were all beaten up. So we just couldn't finish.

10-11-2014 Volleyball banquet New Hope
Today was our end of season banquet for New Hope vball. It was just me and Shawna
from my team. So We invited people. Dave came and Tracy came. me and Shawna got
pretty wasted. We were drinking for free for four hours and eventually we got mad at
each other. Drunkenly of course.

10-10-2014 Friday Lasagna
I made lasagna tonight for dinner with friends. It was really good and I kinda forgot
to put pepperoni in the middle. So I just put it on the top. I was off my game and I
just had it sitting there and forgot about it. I would have been chopped!

10-09-2014 Safe
I figured I should be playing it safe today. I didn't want to hurt anything. The Dr
basically told me my liver was fine today. Which was such a great relief to hear. I was
stressed about it. The stomach pain. They wanted to do more blood work. They have no
idea what the pain is. Gall bladder area. We shall see.

10-08-2014 Soup
I wanted to make some more healthier food. Since, I have been in a health kick. So I
made a light Bok Choy soup with shrimp. It was pretty light. But I didn't want to over
do the salt. I am tempted to put more in.

10-07-2014 Happy hour
With the pain in my tummy. I decided to get some drinks. I went to go see Marya at
the Hoggs. Alcohol seems to numb the pain. I then went to the Legion to put in my
football picks. I got 2 free drinks cause I guessed every game right except one.

10-06-2014 Ultra sound
I had my ultra sound done today on my liver. I was still having the sharp pains from
yesterday, but the lab lady said she can't look over there with out the Dr's orders.

I decided not to play volleyball tonight. The pain was too much. Usually I never miss
with any type of injury.

10-05-2014 Sharp pains
I woke up in the middle of the night with some sharp pains. It affected me all day. Had
brunch at Granite City, but I wasn't really hungry at all. Even at Joe Sensors, I was
feeling kinda out of it. After the Porter House tonight. I was feeling better, but I
think it was from the alcohol.

10-04-2014 Becky bday weekend
We started the day at Tony Jaros, Then made our way to Leaning tower of pizza.
Between all of us. Emily, Rad, Kristen, Che and Becky. Our tab was like $140. Then we
made our way to red Dragon for Wonderous Punches. Ouch we were feeling it pretty
good. We made our way to the Legion. But it was a fun time.

10-03-2014 Pay day
I went over to Andy Dorans house warming party tonight. I knew Rob and Josiah would
be there. So I got them some beers for their bday. Since I missed it. I was feeling
pretty good tonight. So i had to leave early. I had happy hour with Gordon earlier in
the day at Wild Onion.

10-02-2014 More rest
With the  rain showers today and the Vikings and Packers game. It was a good thing
kickball was cancelled. But the Vikes got blown out too. I had a chance to rest my
ankle some more.

10-01-2014 Biffs
Tonight was a pretty cool night. It was just me and Emmy playing tonight. Brian had to
leave and Josh was out. We did pretty well. We still won. Even though we have the
league in the bag. The banquet is about a week and a half from now.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”