10-31-2015 Halloween
I was pretty excited about tonight. I went to dodgeball during the day to just get
some exercise in.

I went to the Hoggsbreath. I was having so much fun. I went hard on the booze right
away. Eventually I slowed down. But I got a lot of compliments on my Yoshi costume.

10-30-2015 Gym
At lunch today I went to the gym to do more cardio. I just feel so fresh right now.
With the gout in my foot. I was just not doing anything active at all. But I pushed my
self even harder.

I made salmon tonight. trying to go a bit healthier with fish. Well it was also on sale.
I also made a honey mustard dressing to go on top. It was very healthy.

10-29-2015 Catching up
I went to the gym today and it felt pretty good. My body was feeling pretty slow. But
I can't complain. I stayed home and watched all my tv shows that recorded this week.
It was nice just having a night off. I really needed it. I took a sleeping pill. So I
wouldn't be tempted to go out.

10-28-2015 Dball
I went to dball after work today. I was testing my arm a bit. Since, I havn't been
lifting weights as much, I just have been feeling a bit lazy. I did well. I didn't even
wear my goggles. So it was a bit blurry.

I met up with Ashley for late night snacks at Applebees. She picked something for
once. So I just went with it. It was cheap. So I can't complain. We ran to Cub Foods.
Since, I need to get stuff for my potluck tomorrow.

10-27-2015 Dinner
I have never made Chicken parmesan before. Renee was gonna be over in about 40
minutes. i was behind schedule. I was a bit nervous. Since we had a dead line with the
movie. Naturally I got it done on time. It turned out pretty good.

10-26-2015 Football
Last football game of the season. I threw a few picks. Which was bad. Seemed like
everyone else quit on us this season too. Just wasn't me. But I am kinda glad its over.
I wanted to see if I still had it. I obviously didn't. I injured my ankle on the first
play again.

10-25-2015 Vikings
I got up today and I had a caramel roll frozen from the school benefit. I also made
bacon wrapped tator tots. Which turned out to be a hit. I got it all done just before
the game. I brought it over to Kristin and Che's. It was nice hanging out there and
having drinks.

I went out for Cys bday dinner tonight. I was fun. We just went to Chianti Grill.  We
went to Vadnais inn for drinks later. I was trying to take it easy.

10-24-2015 Kickball EOS
Steamers had a late game today. It was at noon. We played poorly. My self included. I
was ok with the loss. I went home and took it easy. I made food all day. I wanted to
relax. I made it out to Herkimers. Shawna called and I hung out with her , Christine
and Kristin. I met up with Andy and his girlfriend Daria at lyndale tap room. It was a
good night.

10-23-2015 Friday
This was one of those days I just wanted to have fun tonight. Seemed like everyone
was busy. So I just kinda gave up. Ashley messaged me. Her timing couldn't have been
any better. We went to Osakas. I still had my Groupon for that place. It worked out
well. Were talking again. So that made my evening.

10-22-2015 Sober day
Another sober day for me. I am trying really hard. I am feeling so plump lately. I havnt
been able to work out in two weeks. I have been eating a lot also. I watched all my tv
shows tonight. I fought off the urge. Taking my sleeping pill helps too. Then i dont
have the crave.

10-21-2015 Dballing
With my foot still healing. I didn't want to sit around. I wanted to do something
active. I did alright. I couldn't really move too well. My arm was sore from working
out. I was pleased with my progress though. I hope i am ready for kickball saturday.

10-20-2015 Taco Tuesday
For some reason taco tuesday came in my head. I went to the grocery store and got
taco stuff. I went healthy and got turkey meat instead of beef. It was delicious.
Craving got fixed thats for sure.

10-19-2015 Foosball
I was out cause of the gout again this week. My foot just wasn't ready. I tried
jogging at work and it just wasn't enough for me to play. We lost again this week. But
at least we were more positive this week. I wanted to play football though. Next week
is our last week.

10-18-2015 Dads bday
My dads bday is actually on this coming Tuesday. But we celebrated at my brothers
house. I was full. We had a lot of food. I was feeling pretty drunk. We had so much
beer to drink. I felt like ass when I got home. I passed out right away.

10-17-2015 Zombie pub crawl
This was my first zombie pub crawl. I had so much fun. I was into all the food trucks
too. It was a long evening of drinking. But the concerts were a lot of fun. I will do it
again next year for sure.

10-16-2015 Meetup
I dragged Becky out to a meetup event at Cowboy jacks. We had a good time. I really
needed a night out. My gout was alright that day. But I was embarrassed to be gimping
around still.

10-15-2015 Drinks
I was unable to play kickball tonight. The gout was still in full blown mode. I was
missing the championship game for kickball. It really bothered me.

I went out for drinks with Keilani at Hoggs. Jeff was there too. Even Jordan came
out. It was a good time. I had fun.

10-14-2015 Tv shows
I got a chance to catch up on my tv shows tonight. I am such a big fan of the Flash and
Arrow. I also like Agents of Shield. It just keeps me busy and I don't think of
anything else.

10-13-2015 Gout
I am really struggling to walk today. I called in and tried to take it easy from home.
Its just so painful. I can't think of anything more painful then this.

10-12-2015 Back
I was back at work today. I sure didn't feel like doing much. But I got caught up.

Football tonight was tough. But we didn't lose by too much. I was on the sidelines with
gout. Unable to play. Which sucks. I like it when its cold. I hope it gets better by
Thursday. So I don't miss kickball.

10-11-2015 Gout
My gout is still bothering me. Today was not a good day for it. I was hurting so bad. I
never left the house. Its unfortunate. Today was a beautiful day. 80 degrees for this
time of year is crazy. I needed a break from alcohol. It felt like I was on a 3 week

10-10-2015 Becky bday dinner
It was Beckys bday dinner tonight. I went ahead and got Costco steaks. Filet Mgnons
to be exact. 8 of them. I made home made mac and cheese and egg rolls. It was a busy
evening. The night went by fine. I was a bit tired. More just wanting to change
scenery. I ended up at the Hoggsbreath and ended up talking to a couple lesbians all

10-09-2015 Friday fun
I wanted to take it easy tonight. But I ended up going to the Hoggsbreath. I met up
with Jeff there. I eventually made my way to Coup de tat in uptown to meet up with
Kristin. I had a good time there. It was a late night.

10-08-2015 Back home
We went to Partillos for food. We needed food badly. We were told they had good
hotdogs and burgers. I was starving. We didn't have any dinner last night and that
must have made me throw up. It was time to get home and I had a blast. Till next time
in Chicago.

10-07-2015 Chicago
My foot was bothering me. It was a gout attack. I felt it last night and it was painful.
But I refused to let it bother me. We got some Cubs gear today. We had lunch at
Marios aunts house. Then we went to the bars near Wrigley. We went to the Cubby
bear bar. It was such a great experience. I had so much fun. I have never been around
anything like that. WE stumbled to another bar and it was just a nice drunken night. I
threw up when we got back.

10-06-2015 Off to Chicago
Things were off to a good start. Spent about $42 at the bar at the airport. We got to
Chicago and everything went smooth. Went to a few bars and just took it easy. We all
knew tomorrow was going to be a big day.

10-05-2015 Football
I stepped down from quarterback today. We lost 28 to 0 We were short players. I
felt bad. We didn't even have a chance today. I know we have the right pieces. But not
everyone is on the same page. We will try to fix things next week. But it seems we
need more fixing than I expected.

10-04-2015 Vikings
The Vikings played against the best defense today. They matched up. But fell up short.
Were good. but not good enough yet.

I went out tonight. I had the itch. So much on my mind lately. I can admit. I need the
alcohol right now to help me sleep. I just want to get stuff out of my head.

10-03-2015 Vball banquet
It was the annual volleyball banquet for New Hope. It was the first year we can enjoy
it with my team. They gave us free pizza and drinks. We drank for awhile it seems. We
also got free bwling. Which be bowled till literally 6pm.  I had so much fun. We then
went to Willy McCoys in Champlin. I drank for 8 hours straight. I went home and
didn't have the energy to come out.

10-02-2015 Dball
They had an open gym in battle creek in st paul. Figured I would check it out. I really
had nothing going on tonight. I did fairly well. It was a small court. Which benefits my
style. I was playing well. My arm seems fine. I was worried. I wouldn't be able to
throw with only one day off.

10-01-2015 Steamer train
I decided not to try the contacts tonight. Figured I would  use it for sports where I
would need it. We won pretty easily tonight. It was a cold night. But I like the cold.
Even though my warm body doesn't seem to be warming up as much anymore. I was
pretty tired tonight. I went home and went to bed.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”