10-31-2016 Halloween
This was probably the quietest Halloween I have ever had. It just didn't feel like it.
Especially on a Monday. But We won at volleyball tonight. We won all 3 games against
the 2nd best team in the league. Then I made my way over to Kristen and Che's house
for the Vikings game. Too bad they sucked.

10-30-2016 Busy
I had a pretty busy day today. I got alot of things done and just really relaxed all day.
It is so nice to just be ahead for once in my life. I am quite happy. Just waiting for
something bad to happen.

10-29-2016 Park Tavern
I was freaking out tonight. I tried my Vegeta costume and it didn't quite fit at all. So
I panicked and started ripping it apart. Since he always gets so beaten up. But it was
a waste of $50 if you know what I mean.

10-28-2016 Friday fun
I was trying my best to take it easy tonight. I just wasn't feeling the halloween
spirit quite yet. But I made it out to Hogs for some drinks. I had a good time. I was
careful with my new car.

10-27-2016 Catching up
Being busy all week. I finally had the chance to catch up on my television shows. I also
did more adulting and got things done. Which is always a good thing. I have been so
busy. But this was a good catchup day.

10-26-2016 Drinks
We decided to have drinks today at Cowboy Jacks. I was feeling pretty good. I went
with Ashley to the Crystal VFW later for Tanjas dads benefit. They had all you can
eat fish. So I did that. I was feeling happy.

10-25-2016 New car
I have been looking at options for a new car lately. I met up with my brothers
dealership friend and we made a deal and I bought a new car. Toyota Corolla 2016 S
Plus. I was really happy with my purchase.

10-24-2016 Bye week
We are on a bye week for volleyball. So I went and played dodge ball for the first time
in awhile. Like 2 months. My gout was still lingering so I didn't really move around too
much. I got a sweat work out though.

10-23-2016 Vikes
The Vikings laid a dud and sucked this week. First loss of the season.

Went over to my brothers house for my dads 77th birthday. We had so much food and
crab legs. I was feeling pretty happy. I drank vodka all day.

10-22-2016 Cleaning
It was Saturday and I didn't know what to do with my self. I have been gone on
vacations and I knew I needed to clean for a bit. Scrubbed the toilets and vaccuumed.
I consider that a big win in my book.

10-21-2016 Drinks
Becky was craving drinks tonight. Usually its me pushing it. But we went and got
drinks at Hogsbreath. Just a typical night. Nothing to crazy went down. But I was
feeling pretty good.

10-20-2016 Long week
We have been so busy at work. That I have been just behind on everything. I have over
30 tickets open in my queue and I can't seem to get anything to work right now. I am
happy I have such good people around work. Keeps me going.

10-19-2016 AHS
One thing Ashley got me into watching is American Horror Story. We have been
watching it every wednesday. It is a nice routine and I kinda like it. Usually scary
stuff freak me out. I still sleep with one eye open.

10-18-2016 Work
I had a hard time moving around today. It was just too painful. But I was in good
spirits. I didn't want this to ruin how good of a mood I have been in lately.

10-17-2016 Gout
My gout was flaring up this weekend. There was nothing I can do about it. But one
things for sure. It is definitely the darker beers that get me in trouble. I will have to
learn to cut that out. But when your in a city you don't know. I went with the cheaper
one and it cost me. I stayed home from work today. It is unbearable today.

10-16-2016 Zoomie bath
I had brunch with Becky and her mom today. I am basically the son she never had. We
went to Red Cow for brunch. It was good.

I took Zoomie to Petsmart today for a bath and nail trimming. He did well. $41 later.
He smells great.

10-15-2016 Chicago
Took the morning flight and I was off to Chicago. Met up with Shawna and Christine
there. We went to a Food truck festival and we went to Wrigleyville. There are so
many bars there. There was a huge line to get into them. We ended up at a Ohio State
bar/ OH was playing Wisconsin so that was a big game as well. The Cubs won so
everyone was happy.

10-14-2016 Friday
Becky wanted to get drinks tonight. Usually its me wanting to get drinks. But we went
tot the Hogsbreath. I didn't want to get too crazy since I am leaving for Chicago

10-13-2016 Lazy
We watched American Horro Story tonight. It was such a good episode. I really
enjoyed it. The mystery for next week is pretty good too. I hear its a good one.

10-12-2016 Times have changed
Wednesday used to be dodgeball night. Now we finosh our last game for kickball and it
was a good win. I got home a bit lat. So Ashley and I will have to watch AHS tomorrow.
But I had fun staying out late with everyone at McCarrons.

10-11-2016 Happy hour
I was really craving happy hour this week. I wanted to take it easy this week. I am on
a pretty strong budget. But it was nice to get a good buzz tonight. It is always so
cheap as well.

10-10-2016 Vball
We played against a good team. All their guys were tall and could hit. We played well.
But had some mistakes. I am happy with all losses if we play hard.

10-09-2016 Vikes
Looks like the Vikes got another solid win. For once in my life. They have a super team.
It feels really good.

I went out tonight. I felt I didn't really buy much for Becky for her bday. Every one
bought their rounds. But I was being cheap. So we had drinks tonight.

10-08-2016 Nola P3
I did some exploring on my own today. It was pretty fun. We went to the casino again
and I ate even more food. At the end of the night. I finally got my wish and went to a
strip club. I don't usually care for it. But I wanted it. I was so happy it activated my
desire to be with someone again.

10-07-2016 Nola P2
Determined to do better today. I started off pretty strong. I have been eating
everything New Orleans. I had a lot of fun today. But Unfortunately some drama
happened and ruined the night. As I predicted. I saw it coming. Just hoped for the best.

10-06-2016 Nola P1
I have never been to New Orleans, but today is that day. It was so much fun. I had a
good time. It was short lived. I think I woke up so early. i fell asleep at like 7pm and
never woke back up.

10-05-2016 ZG
We were down all game came back and it was the top of the 9th. We were up by one
run. They scored 10 runs to beat us. We couldn't recover. We struggled. But settled

10-04-2016 Happy hour
I was feeling pretty good tonight. I had drinks with Becky for Happy hour. It was a
good time. I was a bit drunk when I got home. Me and Ashley ordered pizza. It was good.

10-03-2016 VBall opener
We played pretty good for an opener. But we made way too many mistakes to win. We
won 1 out of 3 games. We almost lost all three. We did well though. we will get better
every week.

10-02-2016 Home
I was so sad we were leaving today. But we stopped at Denver and had some food. The
place was pretty neat and I enjoyed my pork belly ramen. Which was $16. The flight
home was good. Sad I am going home. But I have a very clear mind.

10-01-2016 Estes Park/Denver
It was so nice to relax in the cabin today. We made breakfast again. We went on this
trail up the mountain. I thought I was going to die. There was no rail guards or
anything. We made it to down town denver today. Chilled at some fun bars. There was
this bar called the Tilted Kilt. Basically scottish hooters. We had late dinner at
Mellow Mushroom.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”