10-30-2017 Another tough one
We had a girl sub bail last minute and one of our guys realized he had a concert ticket.
So we needed a guy sub. The guy we got thought he was so good, but he sucked and
brought the whole team down. I was disappointed. But thats what losers are all about.
I pouted when i was younger, but I never gave up. We were already short handed a

10-23-2017 Another Vball loss
This week we struggled once again. We just can't seem to figure out. That when we
make mistakes we can't over come them. Balls being hit out of bounds. Serves into the
net. Little things that we should be able to control. To make matters worse. We blow a
16 to 6 lead. In the 2nd game.

10-22-2017 Vikings & TLC
I went to TLC tonight for the pay per view at Target Center. The last few matches
were really good and kept me on the edge of my seat. It was a good time thats for
sure. I was so tired though.

10-21-2017 EOS
Both my teams did well for EOS. I got to play 5 games and I was really tired. We
played int he rain. So we were all soaked.

I went out for Morissa's bday tonight. We all went to Chino Latino and then Stellas.

10-16-2017 Vball
We returned this week and we won the first two games. We lost the final game. But I
was more upset we weren't able to get it done. I said we need to learn to have the
killer instinct to put teams away. Winning two games isn't enough anymore.

10-11-2017 Dball
I made my exciting to return to dodge ball. I hurt my back right away and struggled to
throw the ball and even catch it. I think old age is finally setting in. Its kinda
depressing, but it happens to everyone.

10-7-2017 Casino
We went to the casino for Beckys birthday. I won some money down there. I was so
happy. I never win money at Treasure Island.

10-4-2017 ZG
We got a win to finish the season. We needed a win badly. We finished at .500 this
year. After winning the Spring division. It was a fun season regardless.

10-3-2017 Duluth/Goosebury
Me and Ashley made the drive up north today to see the colors. Well it was still very
yellow and not enough orange. Since, it has been so warm lately. The trees just havn't
changed colors yet. We took a bunch of pics and we went hiking. It was a fun time.

10-2-2017 Vball indoor
Our indoor volleyball season has started. We lost all 3 but we put up a good fight. I
was hitting well. So it turned out good. But it was a nice start for us. Since we
usually take a whole season to get going.

10-1-2017 Viking loss
Another loss for the Vikes today. I ended up watching it at the bar and it just wasn't
any fun to watch. Luckily my tab wasn't too terrible.