Old Journals

9/30/06 - I got up and ready for the Twins game. We all met up at Fred's place and we made
our way to the Dome. Twins ended up losing, Me and Joey decided to not goto SGT Prestons,
since we were suppose to go up north. She was sick so we stayed at her place. I made my way
to SGT Prestons for a bit. I made my way to the VFW and was determined to win. I was
eliminated right away. I didn't do anything well at all, even when I tried to bluff I got called with
crap. I played some drinking games and was nicely hammered. For once I needed a ride home
and didn't drive. Wow how responsible.

9/29/06 - Friday is finally here. Work seemed to be going by pretty slow. After work today I
basically went home and got prepared for the evening. For some odd reason, I thought
tomorrow was Chad and Holly's party. Well  I guess its next weekend. Tonight I played poker
and Dan and Bens. I was only down 10 bucks for tonight. I sucked pretty bad, my cards just
don't seem to be hitting. Once again I struggle at peoples houses. There was alot of bluffing
going on and I still struggled.

9/28/06 - With another exciting day today. We play kickball tonight at 8pm. I got there a bit
late today. Usually I am there pretty early. We won 12 to 2. It wasn't much of a battle at all.
They sucked pretty bad. I made quick work tonight, I used it as a tune up for Tuesday. Since it
will be a big day that day.

9/27/06 - I was really determined to do well in poker today. If it was my day to win it all, it was
today. Actually I was trying to leave so I kept going all in blind with out looking at my cards and
I kept winning, people were pissed, but oh well. Finally I got the green light for staying and I
made it to the final table and got 4th place. I just can't finish. Oh well, it was an interesting
thursday, twins lost, looks like they are out of the division title.

9/26/06 - Another exciting week of kickball. Nothing too interesting. We won our game 16 to 5.
I did a great job kicking and fielding I might have made one mistake but it wasn't exactly my
fault. Interesting tidbit, The Kickbusters are trying to recruit me for next year. Very interesting.
It was drunken talks, but the lady seemed serious. I was feeling pretty good. I had more then a
couple of beers.

9/25/06 - Today was a bit interesting, we had a long staff meeting that was  very boring. We
got free pizza so that is always a good thing. The part for my car also has finally arrived. I will be
driving again soon I hope. Today I was sitting and reading an article online. I decided, most of
these people just write things over and over. It took me this long to figure it out. Tonight, I was
going to rent the final dvd for lost season 2. I got lazy and decided not too though. Tomorrow
is a big day for kickball. Hopefully I can build momentum from last week.

9/24/06 - I went to church today. My dad doesn't have to do charity time anymore and he
decided to stop doing it. So I went with him today. It was major bonding time. I went to go
watch the Vikes game at Ol Mexico with everyone. We ended up going to the VFW for a
cribbage tournament. I didn't play, cause I dont know how too. So I had to just show my
support. I got home and I was not feeling well. I had a big headache.

9/23/06 - I got up pretty late today. I was trying to figure out what to do later tonight. I
decided I was going to the VFW since it was alot closer then driving to Blaine. Anyways tonight,
I was determined to do well at poker. I was not getting cards at all, but I made the most of it. I
actually did alittle bluffing tonight. It worked well, but I just ran out of steam when I got to the
final table. Next thing I knew it was around midnight and I was going to make my attempt to
goto Blaine. Then the party was over so I turned around midway. Nothing to exciting tonight.

9/22/06 - I almost didn't get out of bed today. I was tempted to call in sick. I am just not
motivated to do anything right now. I feel full of anger for some reason. For lunch today a
group of us went out to Chili's for food. I over ate again. When I was at Rosedale today. I ran
into Jeremy from the old kickball team. He seems to  be doing well. Today I got home and just
did lots of laundry. I didn't feel like going anywhere today. Just wanted a nice relaxing day at
home. Hopefully it will be a quiet weekend.

9/21/06 - Today I got to work a bit late. I was just running behind schedule. Not cause of late
night drinking till 1am in the morning. Today I wasn't feeling well. At work I had free apple juice
in the cafeteria. I was drinking it and it tasted like alcoholic apple cider, or woodchuck or
whatever it was called. Danielle looked at it and she  noticed this white film at the bottom of my
drink in my very fine. I almost puked. That was sick. Ish, never drinking that stuff again. Today
Kickballw as cancelled even though it wasn't even raining that hard today. I think there was
some special sidebar action going on. I stayed home and just relaxed. I feel tired. I was
supposed to goto downtown Minneapolis tonight for Kristin's thing.

9/20/06 - I was thinking of a time when I could just really take a whole day off. Then I realized
that was all of last week. So enough of the flashbacks. I was focused on getting through they
day today. I was focused on poker. I wanted to win and get a bracelet. I know kind of corny for
the VFW and the Tournament of Champions. I just can't believe I havn't won it all there yet. I
been close. Tonight. I played scared, kind of like a little girl. I made the final table though. But
just didn't have enough. I drank alot too, I drank my sorrows away. I had lots of fun though.
There was a astronaut in the building. Not everyday you see a breathing living astronaut from
space. Hahaha.

9/19/06 - Today I took the bus into work. It was kind of odd doing that again, taking the bus
that is. There wasn't too many weird people or anything. But I felt like I went back into time.
After work today I was over at Andy and Jenni's and we had a hamburger helper like thing. It
was pretty good. Tonight at kickball we won 15 to 6. It was a tough game, hey played well. I
played very well actually for once. I was very focused on winning. I made a guranteed we would
win on the message boards. So I am glad we won. Tonight I got home and just went to bed.
Waking up at 6am again. I had trouble getting up.

9/18/06 - I had a hard time getting back into the work flow today. I did alot of catching up.
Basically a weeks worth. Me and Danielle had lunch today, well we went togo get food at Cub
Foods. I also went and got a bus pass. Figured I would need it since my car will take forever to
get fixed. I got home today and I was just tired. I didn't even want to paint. So I just watched
some MNF. Interesting enough, I been thinking about doing something drastic lately. Lately I
feel, pretty good about things.

9/17/06 - We all had breakfast at Embers. Then we made our nice long drive home. I had a nice
little vacation if you can call it that. It was overall good. I got home a little later today and I was
just tired. I didn't sleep much this weekend at all. I guess I was just recouping from alot of stress
and relaxation at the same time. Doesn't seem like much, but I been feeling physically warn
down these days. I don't do much like I used too, but I feel tired alot now. Tonight, I lay down
and watch alot of t.v. Its going to be hard getting back into the work week.

9/16/06 - Woke up and went to get the rent a car. I was jsut going to rent a crappy Ford
Escort, but they gave me a good deal on the convertible. I figured why not. Me, Andy and
Joey went up to Braham and picked Jenni up. We ate at The All American grill at the Miller Hill
Mall. We tried to goto the haunted mansion, but the good showings were done for today. We
went down to Canal park, I was there once, but very brief. We had lots of things to see and do.
Just will have to check out the pictures and videos on the website. We went to and got some
drinks and stuff.

9/15/06 - Lots of painting today. But I still didn't seem to get alot of done. I don't know what is
slowing me down. I am really ticked off about that car part and that company that screwed me
over. I still can't believe it took them over 2 weeks to tell me they dont have the part and they
billed me for it, fucking canadians. I went to go eat with Joey for dinner. Then we went to the
mall and hung out for a bit. I went over to Andy's we just played Madden all night. I basically
wanted to save money for Duluth. I havn't been up there in over 3 years. Last time I was up
there I was visiting Brian and Lisa. So we shall see how things go.

9/14/06 - Today was a bit odd. I was up early, real early. I tried to work on Peter's computer ut
for some reason it wasn't working. So I got lazy and took a nap. Then I went to go eat lunch
with Joey at Pizza Hut. I went home and did alot of painting. Since I was a bit behind schedule. I
just wanted to do as much as I could. Tonight at kickball we won 13 to 5 I think. I struggled
again with my kicking. Although it was a faster pitch then usual. I sucked pretty bad. I think its
my carelessness now. I don't have the desire to be the best anymore. I am just intrigued with
being out with everyone. I been doing some thinking and I was looking at past teams compared
to the ones we have now. There is alot of change. Personnel is different, personalities are
different. I do miss the old days. The other team said we were a bit whiney tonight. I wont
comment, but maybe we just were. I dunno. I am happy go lucky right now. Wait I take it
back. My sister just started a fire in the kitchen. Wow, this one was worse then mine years ago.
My dad woke up and took care of it. I was trying to put it out. Black smoke is all over the place.
Crazy night... I am ok though..

9/13/06 - I woke up around noon today. Actually Lindsey called and woke me up. I probably
could have slept for another two hours. I got more painting done today. I don't know if I have
allergies or not, but its slowing me down with the painting. I just realized I forgot to return my
movies. Son of a bitch... I was going to try to stop having late fees. Today I had dinner with
Jamie. We talked some things over and stuff. It was at Fridays, I had a few beers ahead of time.
Even the bartender asked where I have been, Since I havn't been there for happy hour lately. I
guess its part of my being sober thing lately. I sucked at poker again tonight. Actually I was
trying to lose, but I kept winning. This could have been my night to win, but I was very not
interested in winning it.

9/12/06 - I was slacking a bit today with the painting. I have a hard time dealing with the fumes
from the paint. Plus taping everything really takes up alot of time and also the fact that I hate
painting cause I am not very patient at all. I found out today, that the part I ordered isn't
coming after all. I guess they said they don't have the part even though they billed me for it.
Fucking canadians. I hate them all. Next time I will order from the US only. Today we won 18 to
3 at kickball. I did fairly well. I went back to my normal style of kicking. I got home and I could
smell the paint pretty bad in my room. I will sleep with the door open tonight. Hopefully I don't
die or anything.

9/11/06 - I woke up this morning, and was getting ready to goto work. Then I realized I was on
vacation. It was kind of odd. Anyways, I made a run to Blockbuster to rent more dvds of
season two of LOST. Me and my dad then went to Home Depot to get some paint and order
some carpet. Looks like I got alot of work tomorrow. I watched the Vikings tonight. I was not
impressed, even though they won. It was quote impressive they won on the road and even
out doors. I am guessing the outdoor stuff will become a myth now. Looks like I had a good
fantasy football weekend. I am glad about that. There was alot of memorable 9//1 tributes
today. I hope everyone got to get some remembrance.

9/10/06 - I woke up around 2pm today. I havn't done that in like 2 or 3 years. I kind of miss
those days of sleeping in. Today I drove to Blockbuster and they finally had a copy of Season 2
of Lost and disc one especially. So I got disc one and two. I did watch both of them today and
got all of that and my football fixins too. Now that my vacation is now in tacked. My parents
decided to put me to work. They are going to have me paint the whole lower level of the house
and put carpet in. So it looks like I have a week long home improvement project. I wanted to
do something to retool my self, so I guess I am using tools to fix stuff, the house and
subconsciously my self.

9/09/06 - Today I woke up and I wanted to do  alot of different things. I drove to Blockbuster
and I wanted to get Season2 of Lost, but Disc 1 was out of stock currently. I was a bit upset. I
am addicted to that show. I almost drove to Best buy and just bought the whole damn thing.
Later on that day Chris came over and we had some pizza and beer. We then made our way to
the VFW. I sucked once again. I am starting to hate poker. I might need a week away from
poker. Thats how upset I am. I can't take any more bad beats. I was fairly drunk when I got
there. Atleast Chris made it to the final table. After the V, we went over to the Palmers again and
played some poker for real money. I lost again, surprise surprise... Atleast Chris won the
tourney, I told him if anyone of us makes the final two we are going to Perkins. So that is what
we did. I got home around 5am I think.

9/08/06 - Friday is here and I was very thrilled. Why do you say, well I am on vacation now. I
have all of next week off. I got home today and I picked up Andy and we went over to Mary's
house for some poker. I ended up losing about $40 bucks. This is why I hate playing  poker for
money. I never win. I did do some serious drinking though haha. I have been on a cold streak
with poker. I need to get better soon. I had a lot of fun though, its always a fun night when
Mary is strangling me. I am tired tonight. I should sleep well tonight.

9/07/06 - So I was sporting a new red polo today. Nobody noticed of course, just kidding I
don't mean to be quite the drama queen. I had subway today. I am still working on my diet and
slimming down faze of the season. So far so good. After work today I got home and realized
how much I miss my car. That part should be arriving anytime now. I still can't believe my bike
is jacked up. Its been a rough week for me riding any type of vehicle with wheels. So I
scheduled my dr's appointment for September 19th. Some thing is wrong deep down inside.
My body isn't reacting the way it normally does. Tonight I made my return to the B squad. I did
farely well basically average, I had another drop again. For some reason I am struggling with
pop ups. This is usually really easy for me. Some people say my vision has gotten worse, or
maybe its the fact I have my inner peace now and I no longer have my killer instinct, who
knows... We lost 8 to 14 against the Crushinators, basically the Welnas. It was fun playing
them. They are friendly so its always a friendly kickball game.

9/06/06 - I was feeling a bit tired this morning. I havn't been tired lately too work in a long time,
but it just seems I feel tired alot lately. I think its the aftermath of a summer gone by. Today I
was focused on doing well at poker, but it was the same old story lately. Alot of tough beats.
The hard part was they were all in a row. Lately I been on a very bad streak. Just no luck at all.
Joey came and we had a drink or two. We then went to Legends for Dave's party. We hung
out with the gang there for a bit. Well we were already there last Sunday too.

9/05/06 - So today I got on my bike and rode off to work. It took about an hour to get there. I
have lots of hills on the back roads so it wore me out. Especially when I am coming from the
east going to the west. Work was nice and smooth today. Nothing chaotic, but simple as can
be. Things went well today. I went to the bike store on my way home from work to by a bike
lock. Biked to Andys and we went to the game. We won 18 to 3 tonight. I had  a hard time
kicking, but I was solid everywhere else. I am trying to hard, normally I kick to 3rd base and
run. Andy sprained his ankle in a game he was subbing in, which is not good at all. Tonight, I
biked home from Andy's and I ran into a curb at the Middle school, and i flipped over my bike.
My front tire was bent up. I was able to ride it home, but it kind of sucked. I am in one piece,
but I have a feeling my hip is going to hurt tomorrow.

9/04/06 - I woke up around noon today. I miss doing that. I had to help with alot of things
around the house today. Basically we had alot of people at the house. I was the bbq grill guy.
So I spent two hours infront of the grill. I was also manning the deep fryer for the chicken
wings. I burnt my wrist, that was alot of splatter from the oil. It kind of sucked. I cleaned my
room today. It still sucks not having carpet. Since today is labor day. That means tomorrow
Season 2 of LOST comes out on dvd. I just want to get through this week, cause next week I
am off for a whole week.

9/03/06 - Today was a nice relaxing day. I sat at home and did alot of nothing. I am basically
just relaxing since today I get to enjoy doing nothing all day. I did some light work outs, but I
wanted to take it easy since my calf and my knee is finally kind of healing for once. Tonight, it
was Dave's actually bday today. So tonight, we went to Gameworks. I havn't been there in a
very long time. I was actually surprised how busy it was downtown for a Sunday night. I was so
excited, I love arcade games. Joey made me play dance dance revolution or what ever its
called. Later on we decided to all goto Legends instead since Gameworks was only open till
midnight I think. Played some pool there, decided to call it a night.

9/02/06 - Saturday, what a wonderful day too. Everyone said it was supposed to rain today. I
was pretty confident it wouldn't. I went to the Fair with Joey and her kids today. I love the fair. I
miss it so much. I ate some greasy food. I just like walking around and I love being around
crowds of people. It makes me feel like I am the King of the world. I always seem to run into
Mark and Anne every time I am at the Fair though. Funny actually. Later that night I just chilled
and hung out. Just enjoying labor day weekend.

9/01/06 - Friday went by pretty quick. I wanted to go by very fast actually. Lately, I been
feeling kind of old lately. Gone are those days of going to downtown Minneapolis on a weekend
and spending lots and lots of money. Gone are the times of going to the State Fair 3 or 4 times.
Tonight I stayed home after work and did nothing. I decided to take a night off tonight. I been
trying to figure out whats going on for my vacation in 2 weeks. Not sure what I am up too, but
I will figure something out. Tonight, I went over to Joeys to hang out.
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