Old Journal

9-30-07 I woke up and I didn't know where i was. I had andy pick me up, and drive me
downtown to get my car. I never felt so crappy, I felt like I was going to pass out. I was so
dehydrated. I was freaking out, last time I had my car downtown it got towed and I had to pay
$200 to get it out like 4 years ago. Luckilly it was still there. I got home and puked some more
and I was feeling numb all over and my face was feeling numb. It felt like I was going to die. It
was really weird and scary. I don't think i will be drinking for a while. I was really freaking out. I
laid in bed kinda nodding off and trying to watch the horrible Vikings. I am glad I wasn't fully
coherent to watch it. I tried to eat something and it would not sit. I was at home all night. Until I
needed air and I had to get out. So I went bowling by my self at Saxon. Its real cheap there. I
bowled 5 games and it only cost me $10.65. I went to Cub foods and did some late night
grocery shopping. I just wanted to try to get some healthy things.

9-29-07 I went to cheapo today. I don't know why I like to go there so much. I think I just like
the annoying sound of cd's getting flipped through. Its the whole independent thing. Everyone
is just looking for stuff and I just enjoy the quiet time. I went to uptown to get some food for
lunch today. I am just into trying different places. I love to eat ofcourse, even though i havn't
been eating as much as I normally do. I went to go eat at Boston market for dinner, I have
never really eaten there before. It was surprisingly good to me. The mac and cheese is just so
good. I went to the vfw, and played cards. i lost right away. i was even trying tonight. I still
sucked, well I got raped on the turn and the river. So atleast I was winning. I was itching to go
out still. I was texting everyone in sight last night. The refuge sure kicked my ass. I made my
way over to Rios bachelor party. I was not feeling well. I had Emily drive me back. i left the mini
van down town. I have never been so drunk in my life. I felt like I was almost blacking out.

9-28-07 Today went by pretty fast. I was feeling a bit sick today. I think there is something
wrong with me lately. Maybe I am getting bored, and all this sitting home on my vacation has
made me lazy. I have been trying to stay away from the computer and now be online as much.
So far so good. It was pay day and that always makes me very happy. Especially since most of
my bills are always due towards the end of the month. I went to cub foods and bought some
pork. I was going to marinate the tenderloin, but I got lazy and decided I was going out to eat.
Its amazing how easilly I can just flip like a switch and change my mind pretty easilly. I went
over to Andy's and we just played Maddens all night. I wanted a low key night. I am trying really
hard to slow down. I got nothing to prove anymore. Just want to stay in shape and have fun in
a lower level. What ever that is supposed to mean. i don't even know what I meant by it, when
I wrote it. Oh well. Tomorow should be an action packed day. I better get ready for it.

9-27-07 I woke up early again. I guess i really have made my body and mind think i can get up
early. I had lunch with Mario today. We met up at subway. I am thinking about doing an indoor
soccer league. I think it would be fun and it would be something to keep busy in the winter
time. I went jogging around the block today. I was so tired, but its part of my 10k training for
next year. I started off strong, but got tired fairly quick. I am glad I did it though. I just wish I
was more physically ready. I went to play football tonight. I had a feeling we might do well. We
lost 34 to 12. We scored in double digit's this week. We even had 5 interceptions from our
defense. Maybe they are finally getting used to the zone defense now. It was alot closer then
the score lead on. I am glad we all had fun. I tried to spread the ball around. it still felt like I was
running for my life at qb. We went to the Corner bar for drinks and food. I am just glad we all
had fun. Thats the reason I played, just so we can all hang out. It made me really happy inside.
I went to Dave and Busters in Maple Grove. For Susan, I got her a couple drinks, her sister was
getting hit on by some guy. It was pretty ridiculous. I laughed my ass off, what a fricking loser. I
am glad h got worked over and bought drink or everyone and he would play the girls at the
basketball game, but didn't want a piece at Tony cu in hoops action. He would have gotten
owned and he knew it. I had fun tonight. We had lots of tickets and Susan cashed them in for
alot of wacky gifts.

9-26 My external hard drive case came in the mail. My old computer hard drive had alot of
mp3's I have been saving up since I first owned a computer. So I was able to take the mp3's off
of that via usb 2.0 style. I was so happy. I had over 20 gigs of songs. Joyous day for me. I
loved my old crappy songs nobody has heard of before. I went to Olive Garden to have lunch
for dan's going lunch. Me and Danielle were both on vacation, but we still made the visit. Nice to
see every ones faces. I went to the vfw for happy hour. Tim met up with me and we sat
around and caught up with things. Its been awhile since I saw him. I guess this week has been a
week of visiting the past. Speaking of the past I was thinking lately. I thought about how I have
forgotten about Evelyn, and I have done well at it. Its just lately. I don't have anything to fall
back on. Its in the back of my mind, when I was with someone. It seems like a long time ago.
About 4 years to be exact. How can someone be alone for so long. i don't know to tell you the

9-25-07 I picked up Lawrence and we went downtown to have lunch with everyone. Shea,
Lunzer, Andy, and I just bs'd. I just wanted to hang out. 8th street grill bought back alot of
memories for me. I spent alot of times there for happy hour or just lunch. Times have changed
now and now its just another place to me. I basically did laundry all day today. Just cleaning up
here and there. i went over to Andy's, I lost at Madden 08. We went to the Chalet, we missed
happy hour, but oh well. I went to watch the games tonight. It was a bit cold, good thing I
brought my jacket. I was having fun just cheering people on. I don't care to play as much
anymore. Puff N stuff lost, I really wanted them to win. I got home today and I was just feeling
wide awake. i just watched some crappy tv shows and fell asleep. Tonight I had alot on my
mind, some pleasant, some good, and some crappy. It all works out. I am just glad I got things
figured out. I was watching the food network and I was watching the top 10 places to pig out
on. i was just starving after i saw that.

9-24-07 It was a bit different for me, not having to get up early. Being on vacation all week is a
good thing. Time for me to re-think things, even though for once I don't need to change much
right now. I started off the day with a nice drive to burnsville. I was visiting Susan. I was hoping
things would be going good for her, but they weren't as good as I hoped. It was a odd
adventure for me. I was craving a smoothie and I was being so picky at the mall. I ran some
errands and just got tired again. I was lifting weights and I think I hurt my shoulder. Kickball got
cancelled tonight. So I got to watch Heroes tonight. I was really excited about that. I also
watched the other two new shows. "Chuck" was surprisngly good, but "journey man' was not
good at all. I gave it a chance and was bored all the way through it. I booked the rest of my
week up for things to do for the day time. Its a good chance for me to catch up with everyone.
I feel distant lately. Just seems like we are growing apart as we grow older. I did eat alot today, I
just couldn't control my appetite. Should be another exciting week. I can't wait for it. i hope it
goes slow. It never does though.

9-23-07 I was a bit tired this morning. I just didn't want to get out of  bed at all. It was a nice
warm day today. I had to be out and just not inside all day. I was going to watch a movie
today, but I decided it wasn't a good idea since I would be able to do that all week. I am just
excited for this week. i can do nothing all week and just relax. I am tired and warn down from
this summer. It really feels like I am out all the time. I can't stay still at all. I watched the vikings
tonight. They sucked liked they always do. I get tired of it. it should be an exciting week next
week as Brett Favre comes to town to break the NFL touchdown record. i went to the Legion
tonight to play cards. I lost right away. I tried this week, but still lost. I didn't care for the
consolation table so I lost at that too. Lenny was buying me drinks cause I was cheering him on
while he was wasting his money away at pull tabs. Until he hit his $500 big money winner. I wish
that would happen to me. It would make me so happy. I drove Mike home, since he needed a
ride. i wanted to stay out late, but I am getting to old for that. I got alot of resting time this
week. I truely need it.

9-22-07 I got up bright and early and had lunch at taco bell. That wasn't the smartest idea I
have ever had. I went to go see The brave one. I am a Jodie Foster fan for some odd reason,
so I have to see every movie shes in. I think she just is a good actress and she makes it
believable to me. I went to the mall to get a gophers t-shirt. Surprisingly I didn't have any
gopher gear at all. I went to uptown to goto a vietnamese restaurant for dinner. I just wanted
to grab a quick sandwich. I met up with Chris at the VFW and we went down to the dome. It
was fun just to try to cheer for them. The guy sitting behind us was a big fan, he was actually
an idiot. He gets so upset when they make mistakes, he just looks so disgusted he wouldn't
even talk to us. Fucking loser hahaha. Well it was a high scoring game so we got to see alot of
touchdowns. We went to uptown to Stellas. Emily Laura and becky were there. We stayed for
a quick drink and got out of there. I was feeling tired. Plus I didn't feel like drinking tonight.
Surprisingly I only had one beer at the game.

9-21-07 I was so tired this morning it wasn't really funny at all. Lately I have been figuring things
and things seem a bit more clearly. i think the older wiser thing has been taking over. I have
been tricking my mind to think I am not as hungry. Arbys was ok today. I had their sub and it
isn't anything spectacular. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do tonight, funds were a bit short for
the rest of the week. I just wanted to take it easy any how. I went to the blue fox. Chad and
danielle were there. It was an 80's band that was playing. I was surprised how much I
remembered all those 80's songs. Well when they did their skits I didn't know any of them
though. I drove my fellow drunk colleagues home. I wasn't tired at all and I was going to be
wide awake anyways. Tonight was what I wanted, just a nice low key night. Even though there
was possibly a chance of it getting out of hand. I am glad it just didn't get screwed up. Cause I
was having a good time. I would have started to punch everybody in sight if something would
have happened. How dare they happen to ruin my good time.

9-20-07 I was crabby today. Not for any specific reason. I think the clouds just make me that
way. I did cheer up after some mountain dew though. I have just been tired, it seems like I am
out every night. Well, I guess I am out every night. I had lunch with Lawrence at Taco Johns.
He was excited about some new tacos. I figured why not, I sure love them potato oles. I
checked the weather forecast and there were just big storms coming. I knew our game was
going to be canceled. I spent the day at home and I did some cooking. I think I have been
exhausted, even after cooking I was just too tired to eat even. I was watching Burn Notive my
new favorite tv show. I think I am just one of those wacky Bruce Campbell followers but
anyways. Its a great show. Mario called and wanted me to go out. I guess him and Liz were
going to a Latin bar, well it was 1st ave, but it was latino night or something. I was kinda
nervous, I felt like a minority in a different way in there. I learned how to "merengue" dance. My
hips sure were hurting after that. I think I am sore now. It was a totally new experience for me. I
just havn't been downtown on a thursday night since I was like 23 years old. Brought back old

9-19-07 I wish I never woke up today. I had a great dream last night. I was at the Main event in
Vegas for texas holdem and I lasted 6,100 other people to be in the final 5 people at the
tournament. I was so happy, then i woke up and then I was back to reality. sad, so sad. I am
proud of my self. I made food at home and I brought it in and actually ate it and didn't go out
for lunch it was a first. Another feeling rejected moment, not by a girl but by the damn vending
machine. I was craving cheetos and I accidently hit the wrong button and got a honey bun
instead. The look of defeat on my face was priceless. I was forced to eat a 380 calorie piece of
crap. Went to the vfw for some happy hour action. Well I needed dinner to and the only thing I
could find on the menu was chicken cordon bleu. John(Pops) handed me gopher tickets since
he couldn't go. i wasn't going to take them, but hey they looked like nice seats and I can't say
no to Pops. Gophers suck, so maybe I can cheer for Purdue. I went to kickball afterwards and
we won 6 to 0. I think I went 3 for 3 again. I got lucky, but atleast I can say the streak is at 5
again. It was just a good night overall. I was a bit tired. Next week we get to play Kickn balls and
taking names. We shall see which team they bring for the championship.

9-18-07 It was more of a relaxing day for me today. I wasn't going to lift weights or do
anything at all. Just basically stay on the Down low if you know what I mean. After work I was
feeling somewhat creative again. I was in a cooking mood. I went to cub foods to get more
food. I was going to make goulash tonight. Its a hungarian thing if anyone cares, but I guess
we do it american style and its not soupy like the authentic version. Anyways, it turned out
pretty good, I always like to add my own things to spice it up. I went to Halftime rec tonight for
rich's bday, everyone was so drunk. It was nice to see that, but it as crazy how out of control
everyone was. i was drunk too, but I knew I had to slow it down. Cuervo shots will do that. I
visited Joe at the VFW in white bear lake. It was a nice place for a vfw. I was feeling drunk. Crazy
night, I got home and just passed out. So much for my low key night. It seemed alot more
action packed then I thought.

9-17-07 Me and Scott went to the gas station for a light snack. Well I was craving ice cream.
The manager lady was telling her employee that she " is the manager and her job is to not pay
attention". I just thought that was the funniest thing I have ever heard. Food for me today was
not good at all, I was craving mall food since I needed to grab something at the mall. Stupid
rosedale, oh well. I had chinese at some place and I forgot how awful it was. After work today I
was feeling the need to cook. I went to Cub Foods to get some ground beef. I was making bbq
meatballs tonight. I was just craving it. They turned out pretty good, I made it a bit spicy since
I wanted to give it a little kick. I went to play kickball in St Louis Park. I played like horse shit, I
think I went 0 for 3. My ego was so blown up from doing so good last week I was trying to be
the hero and kick it to the outfield, since they only had 2 outfielders. I am having a hard time
adjusting to these rules, pitchers can laser it in, and they can heavilly spin the ball. I forgot we
got decent players on this team I should just know my role is to get on base, just like my other
teams. Oh well, we went to Texatonka lanes for some post game drinking. I hope my kicking
doesn't carry over to Wednesday night. That wont be good for playoffs.

9-16-07 I woke up this morning feeling full of energy. I didn't really drink to much last night. All
in moderation I guess. I went to the mall to eat some food and do some light shopping. i am
looking for athletic pants, but still no luck. I went home to do some laundry. I watched the Vikes
suck it up again. Wow their offense sucks horribly. I am still going with 5 and 11 this year. I
went to the Vfw and watched parts of the game. Drove down to POV's and we won again, well
we got another forfeit. I think we finished the season either 2nd or 3rd in the standings. It was a
shame, we really improved as the season went on. I was craving volleyball still, atleast we got a
scrimmage in. I think I stepped in some glass, I felt a cut on the bottom of my foot. Stupid
POV's. We all just hung around and drank for a bit. We did karoake, well most of us did.
Christine didn't make it to the microphone. Heather did most of the singing for our group. I
even got up to sing. Christine's new lover seems to like her. I didn't think he did as much the
first time I met him.  Me and Heather just stayed and hung out till almost closing time. It was
good bonding time. It was fun evening. I was watching all the people who played texas holdem
at the bar. I used to do that late nights. I don't do that as much anymore. I guess alot has
changed since then. I have always wanted to change my life style. I am doing a good job so
far. Its all about looking forward and not back I guess.

9-15-07 I decided to buy some light bulbs and see if that was the problem. I put the new ones
in and it still didn't do anything. I went to check the fuses and went back to Checker auto parts
and bought a fuse device to see if its broke. Sure I can look to see if it broke, but its not as cool
as getting a new gadget for me to look at. Checked all my fuses and I was just frustrated. Then
I went to the lights again and I realized it was one of those its gotta lock into place for it to work
type of lights. I was so pissed off. It should have been like a 15 minute job, which ended up
being like 2 hours. Lame I say. I went to go to northtown mall. I was looking for some athletic
pants for the colder weather. I was unable to find anything, I was a bit sad about it. I can't help
it, but I am way to picky. I went to go see Mr Woodcock at rosedale. It was an alright movie, it
had is good moments, but it wasn't super hilarious or anything. I met up with Chris and he had
to tell me about his date. I was excited for him. I went to Burnsville to meet up with Susan for
her bday. I havn't been to the Chammps down there before. Oh I miss her so much, I havn't
really made time to see her much, thats my fault. We did get a couple good pictures in and I
got her shots. Then it was up to Pickle Park where GB Leighton was playing. I was not a fan of
his. I think his music was boring and just background noise. It was nice to see Chris, Didi, and
Renee again.

9-14-07 I am so glad we got paid today. I needed the funds. I have been working real hard to
pay things off lately, which leaves me short on cash. Which is a good thing, so I don't spend
much on other things. Ceil needed help with the TIES lawn furniture, shes having people over
this weekend, so we loaded up the van full of it. Thank goodness for the extra space. We all
went to Sarna's, the food was better this time compared to last time I ate there. I got home
today and just lifted some weights. I was freaking out, because I couldn't figure out what was
wrong with my back rear lights on the passenger side. They just weren't turning on. It was
getting dark, so I couldn't figure it out. I chose to stay in tonight. I needed some time off, and I
wanted to watch a few tv shows. It was nice for me to just relax. I don't get to do that much.
Its all part of the less drinking thing I am trying to do. So far so good. It was nice to get an email
from Evelyn again, even if it was just plain harmless ripping on me. But hey I miss it.

9-13-07 I was in a great mood today. No reason really, I was just really talkative and I couldn't
shut my mouth if I tried. I had to eat alone for lunch today. I was craving chicken, so I went to
KFC, since I wanted some crispy chicken. Then when I was sitting there. I realized how nasty
there food was. Mashed potatoes suck, and so does there mac and cheese. I have been losing
weight pretty quick as of late, quitting on beer sure has helped. I havn't had a chance to visit
with some old friends as of late. I plan on doing that this weekend. We played a team that lost
12 to 34 in football this week. We lost to them 35 to 6. I was pretty frustrated the whole game.
We played like we never had those 2 practices. People not staying in there zones, dropped
balls, people coming late, not wearing our shirts and I got confused who was who. Just minor
tidbits. They added up and I was just fuming. I got kinda pissed off when one of there guys
pushed Danielle hard to the ground. So ofcourse, me being the revenge type. i took a little shot
at the guy when I had a chance when he went deep. It was clean but I bumped him to the
ground pretty hard. the game should have been alot closer this was a team we should have
competed atleast against.

9-12-07 I couldn't decide if I liked the weather outside or not, then it hit me. I like this time of
year. The only reason its somewhat depressing is because of the fact that snow is coming.
which doesn't bug me anyways. I havn't had a market fresh sandwich in a long time. i was
craving it from Arbys. It was really delicious. After work today, I was craving food again. I didn't
feel like eating at all yet. I went to the VFW to get a quick drink in before tonights festivities. I
went to the liquor store to get 36 lbs of ice. I really didn't think they carried 18 ls bags, but I
guess they do hahaa. I was the main grill cook guy, which I don't mind doing for some reason.
Watching over food is a stress reliever for me. I am weird like that. My hitting streak ended at
10, I was a bit sad  about that. Now I guess I can focus on other things. We won 4 to 3 in extra
innings. It as a close game, but this is one of those teams we should just beat. I was tired, and I
went home to relax a bit. I was just feeling gross actually, all the grease and smoke was all over
me. I had to clean it off. Just a silly factoid I thought I should share. I am 49 wins and 18 losses
and 3 tie lifetime for MUSA.

9-11-07 I am sure everyone still remembers where they were when the twin towers fell. Its an
image we will never forget. It was a day of remembrance. Today started off with quite a bang. I
couldn't really get out of bed today, so I basically just rolled off my bed and fell right onto my
dumb bells I had sitting next to my bed. Let me tell you, it hurt like hell. I was solo for lunch
today, nothing too exciting I just went to cub foods and got some chicken and mashed
potatoes. After work today I wanted to go roseville 4 to watch a cheap movie, basically movies
I missed this summer. Ofcourse I went to go see "Knocked Up". Which is probably my favorite
movie of 07 so far, besides Transformers. I knew russ and rich were making hot apple cider so I
decided to go watch some kickball tonight. I just wanted to be out and about anyways. I have
always liked the colder air so I figured it wouldn't hurt to just be in it. I took it easy tonight, I
wanted to recharge a bit. I have been a bit out of it lately. I think I am going to cut my hair

9-10-07 I am feeling good today. I had an extra pep in my step. Must be cause I was excited
about a few different things today. I have been feeling exhausted as of late. Ever since I have
been working out I have had alot of extra energy. I brought my gear with me for kickball
tonight. I took the back roads to St Louis park basically. I just cut through downtown and that
was that. I watched these teams and I didn't know what to expect. The first games I saw
mediocre teams playing each other. I was told that we would be playing a team that hasn't lost
in 3 years. I played well. I went 3 for 3, scoring all 3 runs. We won 3 to 2. I did basically
everything I could to win. I felt like the hero. I played a perfect game. Tarsi your next... The
team we beat, was basically like the Unmentionables, but with more kicking power. We took
advantage with pitching like a dick. There isn't any rules of pitching to fast or spinners. Ofcourse
I was trying to control my ego the hold time, but I am just glad we won. I can't help I am just
so amazing, I did hear someone say "hes the best kickball player I have ever seen". I guess this
year I finally bought into the whole team aspect of things. Once everyone buys into it, we play
good as a team. I guess thats why i am doing well for the sassholes. I know my role is to just
get on base. There is a "TO" in "tony"...  Hahaha, We went to park tavern afterwards and got
some drinks. It was fun hanging out with everyone. Still trying to figure everyone out and
getting to know everyone.

9-9-07 The football feeling was back in the air. I was excited since it was just that time of year.
Fantasy football, cheering for your favorite team. What ever the case, I enjoyed it. I was
watching the Vikings game and I was surprised they won. The offense still needs alot of work. I
don't care Adrian Peterson did well, but I am not sold yet. Its not like this is the same Falcons
defense a couple years ago under Jim Mora. I went to the Legion to play some cards, but I lost
and I just wanted to play cards again. I like mingling with everyone and its my moment to just
get out and talk. I went to POV's to play volleyball, but I guess the team we were playing didn't
show so I guess thats a 3 to 0 win for us. I was told next Sunday would be our last week. I
thought our last game was last week. But hopefully we get to play someone. I don't care if they
are the best team or some team Pov's puts together. I am out to destroy and be the
underdawg like I always am. We ended up just drinking at the bar and hanging out. I was
having a good time. I just wanted to be out and about. Tonight, I was thinking about today,
my friend Lynn texted me and she made it sound like I disappeared off the map. I felt bad, since
I am the nice guy and I really havn't asked how she and her baby are doing. At the same time, I
remember how great I am, and how amazing I can be. No matter what, I will always be the nice
guy. I am just better then alot of people, who think they are...

9-8-07 I woke up and wanted to watch a few college football games, but it was pretty boring
today. I didn't really care for anything. I couldn't do to much today, since my right big toe was
still bruised up. I was looking into some movies to watch, but nothing was really intriguing to me
at all. We did some how schedule a impromptu football game though. It was good practice for
Thursdays. I was surprised how well I did, for running around of course. I was out of breathe,
but not as bad as normal. I am getting into better shape. Speaking of our scrimmage, both
teams were able to move the ball on offense and we were both playing zones. I figured a way to
change up our scheme, and hopefully we will do better on Thursdays. Its alot of work on
progress, but we will improve. I picked up Lunzer and we went to the Yacht Club for Dan's
engagement party. Russ and Rich and Erin were there also, so I had people to talk too. I was
kind of nervous I wouldn't know anyone. I called it an early night, I am still trying to take it easy
and drink less. So far so good. I just watched some tv and passed out.

9-7-07 Friday came so quick. It really didn't even feel like it to me at all. I have been feeling a bit
of energy as of late. I think the extra hour of sleep really does make a big difference. I am have
tried really hard lately to change things. I get bored easilly, so I always will crave more. Feeling
like I havn't done enough. Just high expectations I guess. Tonight, I was going to lay low but I
ended up going out anyways. I went over to Chad and Danielles, and we went to some bar in
Maple Grove. Mario and Liz made the drive up too. I guess we were a bit curious about seeing
Christine's new interest. Which is always exciting to me since I am a drama freak.We then went
to Montes for a drink. I havn't been to that place in a long time. I usually am not to much of a
fan of the place there. Silver strike sure made going to that bar that it was ok. I was so bad at
playing that game, it wasn't even funny. I wanted to take it easy tonight, its all part of the new
tony cu wellness program.

9-6-07 It feels nice that its already Thursday. I guess having a day off during the week really
does make a difference. I went solo for lunch today. I had nobody to go eat with. So I went all
alone. I went to taco bell. I was craving tacos big time today. I felt pretty dumb for a bit I
wanted the new cheesy beefy melt, and the guy was like what are you talking about. Then  i
pointed to the huge banner when I walked in and he was like "oh, I just got back from jail" or
something like that. I even second guessed my self. I was confused. I got off work and went to
pick up Jenni for football. I knew what we would be going up against. I already knew, it was
going to be a beat down. We lost 58 to 6. Technically the score is going to only be 44 to 0. To
make the league look competitive or something. Well, in the final 2 minutes we finally scored a
touchdown and it felt like the bet thing ever. The other teams girls were all wearing cleats and
football gloves. They were quite hard core. We had to cover a 6 foot 6 giant. They basically
just threw it sky high like kickball practice and let him catch it. We had 3 guys around him. But
were unable to stop him. I think we will revamp our defense a bit next week and maybe use
more plays this week. We were able to move the ball a bit. That was a plus. I went to go play
kickball with Dan in Minneapolis somewhere. Me and Jen then went to go visit Andy and his
bowling team at Flahertys. We just sat in the bar, I needed a good drink after todays work out.

9-5-07 So I got a call today, it was one of them dating agencies that I happen to sign up for
back in the day. The lady gave me a call, I guess they would just match me up with someone
they feel would be a good match. Its called justlunchtwincties.com or something like that. I
figured it wouldn't hurt at the time. I never really called the lady back, since I figured this isn't
how I wanted it to be since I am so busy with my every day life. I was intrigued by it until she
told me how much it would cost. I guess its $910 for 6 months of dating and $1400 for like a
year. I was like "Hell No". I guess I can go back to the drawing board. Haha. Who in their right
minds would pay that much money anyways. I went to the VFW for a quick drink, well I ended
up playing poker, it kinda sucked, cause I was trying to lose anyways. Even if I was there trying
I still would have sucked. I got crap cards anyways. I would have only won 2 hands. Luckilly I
was at a table where I can feed the money in a losing manner to my peeps. I went to kickball
tonight. I am not sure what is going on, but we looked like the team the first week of the
season. We all did well. I don't remember what the final score was. My hamstring was tightening
up again, but it didn't hurt ass bad this week. I am still searching for girls for football on
thursdays. This was alot harder then I thought. I thought finding girls for kickball was hard. But
football is just another story. Its like me and my love life. Sucks horribly.....

9-4-07 I was excited when I woke up today. I took it easy all weekend to see if my hamstring
would hold up. I went to Walmart with danielle for lunch, she has all week off anyways. We were
looking at cheap shirts and we are going to screen print on them for football. Afterwards we
met up with Mario and had Arbys, Once again, my taste buds were lacking flavor again and my
food just didn't even taste as good as I hoped. We are still short girls and I am freaking out
about football. I went to St Louis Park today. I guess I can't keep it a secret anymore. I am
playing kickball two nights a week again. I am playing for a team in St Louis Park on Mondays. I
saw they needed a player on craigslist and I offered to play. I figured it was a great way to meet
new people and stuff too. We practiced by the fields we would  be playing on. It looks like its a
combo of the big and heavy csc ball and the smaller Musa ball.  It should be fun. Although I
think i re-injured my hammy. We went to Park Tavern afterwards and had pizza and drinks.
Sounds like we are going to be going out drinking after every game. Which I miss doing. I had
fun though.

9-03-07 I woke up and just needed some fresh air. I took the laptop outside and was just
sitting on the deck. There was alot of food for the family bbq. I ate so much, that I just sat
around. I played with the nephew a bit, Cameron is getting big and he can say somethings. It
makes it more exciting that way. I was just laying low today. I was tired, so I took a mini nap. I
really didn't sleep, but I as just in that in between stage. I went to the Corner Bar tonight. Emily
came out too. I don't get to see her every day. Heather made some good drinks tonight. I was
feeling good, maybe I was just happy to drink cause I am actually in a great mood lately. It
must have been the exciting weekend I had. Or maybe apart of me is sad that summer is gone
now. I found out we are going to have a shortened roster for football. I am in desperate need
of another girl and maybe another guy. I will just have to post it on craigslist tomorrow. I didn't
want to deal with this for football, but all the current peeps I know are already doing kickball
Thursdays. We havn't even gotten shirts made yet, and with it starting this Thursday I am
freaking out.

9-02-07 It is Sunday today, but it really felt more like Saturday. I guess its been awhile since we
got that extra day off for a weekend. I kind of got confused anyways. Today was more of a
relaxed day anyways. I needed rest, I was tired and out of it. I was testing out my hamstring,
So I jogged around a bit. It didn't really feel to hot. I went to the VFW to get a couple drinks in
me. I then went to the Legion and played poker. I had no distractions tonight, since we
normally have volleyball. I could finally try for once. I got 2nd place, which won me a GC but I
think I drank my self out of this tournament anyways. I got home and just napped the rest of
the night. I guess it was an early night for me. I didn't want to be out late. I am trying to keep
my sleeping habits in check. I think I am just slowly keeping track of he little things and taking
care of my self.

9-01-07 How depressing is this, its September already. Which means its going to get colder and
we are losing daylight. Kind of sad, but thats life I guess. It was a interesting day today. Action
packed, but I wanted to stay busy. Its the whole not being able to be alone thing. I went to
uptownish nicollet area. I went to some ethnic restaurants. I was craving some weird ethnic
foods. I went to the VFW to do the meat raffle. i was feeling it, and I knew I was going to win. I
was confident for once in it. I won some nice rib eye steaks. I was so proud of my self. I went to
The Maxx since Jessica was up there and Amour was playing. I dragged Chris out and we got to
talk to Jess for a bit. It was way over in Ham Lake. Which isn't too bad of a drive. It was cool.
Poor chris had his molars taken out he was in pain haha. We somehow convinced the
bartender to make him a chocolate shake. I was just tired, I guess I must be getting old I can't
stay out till 2am plus no more.
Daily Journal