Old Journal

9-30-08 Danielle b-day
Today went by pretty fast. I was just in a good mood overall. For lunch today Me and Nancy
left early to get Danielle's cake. We met up with everyone for her bday lunch at Applebee's. We
took it easy on her desk this year. We took her chair apart and put it back in the box. Then she
had to reassemble it. After work today we made our way down to Benihana's. We had a group
of ten. I didn't know they could fit more then 8 people. They squeeze it in somehow. We went
to Majors, only to find out the Twinkies lost. After a drink or shot or two. We made our way to
Bullwinkles. Then after that we went to the Corner bar. Heather was working so I said chatted
with her for a bit.

9-29-08 Nothing like Raw
I over slept a bit this morning. I was feeling so sleepy. I have been trying to figure out ways to
save money. So far, my results are not good. Looking at my checking account since Friday. I
got a lot of things going on this week. For lunch, me and Danielle went to a late lunch at Buffalo
Wild wings, so we could watch the Twins game. Too bad it was rain delayed. I went to meet up
with Chris tonight at the VFW. From there we made our way down to the Target Center for
Monday night Raw. I havn't been to one of these events in like 7 years. So I was very excited
to go. Keith hooked me up with tickets. I wasn't expecting much, maybe nose bleeds
somewhere. When I walked away from the will call booth I noticed they were lower level by the
ring. I was so happy. After the show we went out for drinks. It was a fun night. Oh, and I found
out my kickball team won 21 to 1 with out me. The week I decide to skip out they play against
a crummy team. On my drive home on County road C. There was a cop car infront of me.
They turned on their lights and pulled over to the right. I pulled over in the front of the cop car.
The cop car ended up doing you U-turn and I got the heck out of there. I was so scared. I
thought I was a goner for sure.

9-28-08 Aching all over
My back was in a lot of pain this morning. With my back aching so much. I need to get a firmer
bed. I watched the Vikings suck today. I can't blame the quarterback anymore. So now I can
blame the coaching. I am glad I didn't goto the bar with my friends to waste my money and
watch them lose. Atleast the twins won today, but so did the White Sox. So its all down to the
make up game the sox gotta play. If they win, twinkies gotta fly down to chicago for the
decisive game. I feel like I have been trying to play catch up with most of my tv shows. I can
only watch so many of them online. I realize that its time for me to just deal with it and try not
to be on top of it. I went to the Blue Fox tonight. I wanted to be out. It seems like I have been
there almost every Sunday. I just can't seem to shake the pain away. Alcohol doesn't seem to
help as much. Hmm, maybe I should get some treatment. I have been craving good food again
lately. This week coming up, I will be going out for nice dinners again. I miss those days.

9-27-08 Action packed day
I woke up and did some stretching. I knew today was going to be a super busy day. I had to
run to the mall to pick up some new shoes. I wanted to get some running shoes. With me
retiring from all competitive sports. I am going to be doing some jogging starting next week. To
atleast try to stay into shape. I know my stamina has been my worst weakness. So I am trying
to fix that. After that I tried the knew kicks out at dodgeball in uptown. I knew i would be able to
dominate at times, but at times I would get lazy and stand around in the back and get out. I
was out of breath the first game. I was gasping for air, like I just ran a marathon. I was
worthless after that. Only showing spurts of greatness. I get careless and go for those
uncatchable balls. It was funny to jump up and go down. My body was pretty beat up. I don't
want to know how sore I will be tomorrow. I was so winded I had to take a break and sit out
too games. I picked up Kate and Amy and we went towards the dome. We were going to meet
Lunzer at Kierans. They are closed till 5pm on Saturdays. So luckilly I remembered Dan Kellys
was in the area. After that it was off to the game. Twins lost, of course. Luckily the White Sox
lost too. It was hard not to eat as much as I usually do. Cause of tonights festivities. After I
dropped the girls off. I was off to the VFW to meet up with everyone. We then went to Fogo
de Chao. I have been waiting for this moment a very long time. We had a long wait, but after
we all got seated for all 12 of us. I was eating like a king. Unfortunately I wasn't able to eat
anymore and got a bit sick. It was good though and it was worth the money in my eyes or
should I say stomach.

9-26-08 Relaxation
For lunch today. I went to the mall food court. I went to that Japanese place. It was terrible this
time around. I don't think I will ever go back. I have been working on a way to not spend a lot
of money the first weekend that I get paid. It seems like thats the only time I spend a lot of
money. I got home and did a lot of laundry. I have been slacking in that department. I bought
a bottle of wine and went over to Annie's to watch the twins game. Twins were sucking, so we
played ping pong. I lost, but only cause it was weird rules. Well I think they are weird rules. It
was an early night tonight. It was nice to just relax and rest up.

9-25-08 Transformation
It was a solid day for me this morning. I have had a lot of good news as of late. For lunch
today, we went to Chianti's. That wonderful place across the street from my work. It seems like
I am always there for lunch. Its also the picture that nobody can guess on the front  page of
my website. I had some gross food today though. The chicken caprese sandwich was a let
down. I guess lately, people have been noticing how happy I am. Everyone just assumes I have
a girlfriend. Well thats not the case. After work today I went to pick up Chris since he was in
town or a job interview. We went to Flat earth brewery. Beers were pretty good. We then went
to Buffalo Wild Wings to met up with very one else for the Twins game. Twins made a dramatic
come back for the win. After I got home last night. I had to decide about a lot of things lately.
The whole big announcement thing wasn't anything major. I just decided my sports career is
coming to an end. I have no more desire to be competitive anymore. I had my time and I am

9-24-08 Sasshole reunion
It was another wonderful day outside. I can't complain though. We had one of the most boring
meetings in history. We did have an ice cream social afterwards. I like my ice cream. After work I
picked Andy up and we went down to Champps on 7th street. Lawrence, Jonette and Dan
were there too. I tried to drink as many margaritas that I could. We won tonight 14 to 2. I went
3 for 4. I was a little intoxicated. Nothing I couldn't handle. I have been so busy lately. That I
easily forget things now. Last year, I forgot about Heidi's birthday. This year I made a point to
not forget her birthday. I went right to the VFW and I hung out with everyone for a bit.

9-23-08 Rain and more rain
I am really getting pissed off on why 36 gets so fricking busy in the morning. First thing I did
this morning was calling to make a Dr's appointment. I am usually very lazy when it comes to
this. So I got to eat my fish tacos at Baja Sol today. Their was a split decision needed to be
made between Lee Ann Chins and Baja Sol. Thank goodness, Danielle chose Baja Sol. I can't
stand Lee Ann Chins. It rained heavilly tonight. So i didn't have to go exercising. I guess the
weather gods decided I needed to get a bit fatter. I just stayed home tonight and watched tv
online. Well all my favorite episodes from Monday that I missed. But atleast it was alcohol free
for once.

9-22-08 Different time zones
I was so tired today I had no clue where I was. I am sure I had a big case of the Mondays. I was
trying to seek refuge by getting some caffeine in me. I stayed pretty late today. So I decided to
just stay in the area and go to kickball right after. I went to Fridays for happy hour. I was trying
to just get some relaxation in. It just feels like I was hung over all day. I got to Texatonka for
pre game drinking. I really didn't do much of that. We lost 7 to 3 at kickball tonight. The other
teams pitches were way to fast for us to figure it out. I knew this was going to be an issue. We
got a young team. Its part of the growing process. Hats off to the other team. They made
adjustments right away. I played well tonight, kicking and big D. I just wish we would have won.
Oh well, next week. On th drive home. i decide to drive over the 35w bridge. I would have
wondered what would have happened if I would have gone to the corner bar that day. Last
minute changes, I decided not too. Timing wise. It would have been close. Either way, the new
bridge is kinda pretty and huge. Its big, enough said, but cool too.

9-21-08 Viking return
I woke up this morning. I was watching the fox pre game show. Frank caliendo was doing a bit
on all the pregame shows. Stating why there are so many people on them. I usually think hes
not funny, but it made me laugh pretty good this time. Watching the game today. I knew the
Vikings were going to win. Since I am a self proclaimed football analyst. I knew it was going to be
a easy victory. I went over to Andys and Jenni's for dinner. I was so out of it last night. I was
tired, I am always tired now that I think about it.

9-20-08 Mall of America return
I was so hungry today. I ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. I feel so retarded
today. I was walking through Best Buy and I was in the mood to buy  a cd. I ended up buying
the Jonas brothers cd. For some reason I wanted it, cause of one song on a cd. I am sure I
wont hear the end of this one. I went to the mall of america to buy a few things. With the extra
cash I have. I went on a spree. I was walking around and noticed how this mall has changed so
much. I know the mall pretty well from my time working in it back in the day. Ahh good times. I
was so tired from just being all over. I called it an early night tonight and watched some movies.
It sure helped out the old body.

9-19-08 Reality check
Today was one of those days, I just wanted to get home and right to bed. I have had a lot of
pressure on me this week. So I just need the weekend to relax. I got a few movies from
blockbuster in the mail today. I plan on doing that this weekend. I have lots of thoughts over
my decision about sports over the next winter. With my back getting worse. I am running out
of time. I don't want to have to use a walker to get across a room when I am 50. I went out to
Two Stooges for some darts. Their was a dart league. So we ended up going to POV's. We had
teams and i was paired with Katie. She was not so good at darts, but luckilly. I dug deep enough
to pull out with the win. I got dropped off at my brothers house. Since I gotta baby sit in the

9-18-08 Twins hanging
I was really hungry today. For lunch we had Chipotle. Ofcourse I went for the burrito. I was
feeling pretty satisfied. Every time I want to steal one of those bottles of hot sauce. I never do,
but I can't seem to understand why I want it so badly. Is it the young buck in me who wants to
steal things to get the rush. I have no clue. But I am going to just buy one. I had Cara take
more driving lessons with me. She did a lot better this time. I wasn't as scared sitting in the
passenger seat. At Majors tonight. Dan requested, we do shots for certain things during the
twins game. 4 shots total is all I have to remember. Twins made a stunning comeback by the
way. I had an announcement  for tonight, but not everybody from the team showed up. I am
tired I better go to bed.

9-17-08 Senor Wongs
So at work, right by my window. There is this tree. I always get excited in the spring when I see
the tree budding. Or even in the fall when it starts to change color. So far, it hasn't changed
colors yet. Today was the first day we all brought in food from home and ate in our cafeteria. It
was odd. I guess it brought back memories of going to school and eating int he cafeteria. I
remembered to make reservations or Danielle's birthday at Benihana's. I would have felt silly if I
forgot too. I drove to down town St Paul. The next sip n Sample event was at Senor Wongs. It
feels like a Chino Latino. With out less ritzy kids. Its a bit cheaper, but the menu doesn't
compare. The food was good, I liked it. I got home and I was just tired. I watched a few movies
and called it a early night.

9-16-08 Back to gaming
I wonder if anyone else ever gets that urge to just do something dangerous at work. You
know, the typical I am going to run around and call everyone a fucking idiot and blah blah blah.
I don't have any reason too. I just thought about it. I have been in pretty terms here lately. I
havn't screwed up in awhile. Can't be perfect all the time. I guess I just like sticking it to the
man! Tonight, was more of a laundry night. Nothing to exciting. I am saving money and
drinking less. All part of the plan. I played video games on my computer. Back to good old
Counter strike. Shooting up people. It felt good to just do it again. Listen to idiots on their
microphones talk, about how cool they are by saying things online. Knowing nobody can touch
them. I guess its a geeks way of being a bad ass.

9-15-08 Electrifying downgraded
I think I was going to pass out at work today. I had a hard time staying awake. I was out way
too late last night. I had a hard time eating today. I felt like my life was just passing me by. Ok,
maybe I am being a little over dramatic again. After work today I met up with Andy and
Lawrence at Chili's. It was 2 for 1's. I was some how convinced to go. I don't even know how I
was able to consume anything at this point. I went over to St Louis park. I was changing in the
mini van. I was kinda stumbling over to the fields. I think I did fairly well. I did well actually now
that I think about it. I was watching the ball and it seemed so blurry to me this week. We won
14 to 2. I caught a ball and I went low to get it. Both my knees hit hard on the ground. I got
home and I went right to bed. Ofcourse, I was unable to sleep when I needed to. I hate my life

9-14-08 Cloudy and rainy
I really love waking up to football. Especially watching the Vikings just fall apart and lost the
game. I am sick of watching the Vikings. I am already jumping of the bandwagon. Your not
supposed to lose games when your running back rushes for 160 yards and your defense is
playing pretty good. Also, your not sup[posed to lose to teams who have a beat up qb and a
make shift offensive line. Just shows we need a new coach and qb. Their qb came back a nd
won them the game. Ours can't do it at all. Afterwards I went out and had a few drinks. I
figured I would take it easy since I spent some money this weekend. I got home and I was
laying low watching some tv.

9-13-08 Dan & Brooklyn wedding
I forgot how much I hate ironing clothes. Especially shirts. Once I got moving along. I went
down to POV's for the volleyball banquet. I just wanted to go, so that I could check out the
other night of champions. I was curious to see what kind of teams were there. I realize they
were tall and athletic. They would give our teams serious issues. Regardless, I enjoyed my free
beers. I got back home and got dressed for the wedding. I got a little choked up. I held back
the tears. It was fun overall. I think I had too much wine. That or Jameson who knows. Its nice
to see most of the peeps. Hage some how caught the garter with a beer bottle. I am sure Erin
was thrilled about it. If that doesn't say God wants this. I don't know what does. I was driving
home and I got egged from another car on the other side of the median. I smiled and realized
what goes around comes around. I used to do that back in the day. Just couldn't believe it
came full circle.

9-12-08 Night at the mall
It felt like I was at work for ever today. Today was a pretty quiet and lonely day  at lunch. I
went to Taco Bell. I heard about their Volcano taco. I was interested to see how it was going to
taste. Its just a plain taco with a spicier, maybe chipotle-ish cheese sauce. Not bad I was simply
impressed. I went to the mall and got a lot of shopping done. With my weight loss, I had to find
some clothes that fit. For a wedding tomorrow. My dressy clothes just didn't look right. I had to
buy a new collection basically. I bought some greyish slacks. I hate fall weddings, cause I
couldn't figure out the color assignments. I was matching the pants with any shirt I could find. I
didn't realize this would be so hard. I guess I am just a bit out of date. I got home and I was just
too tired to go to the bonfire tonight. I needed rest badly.

9-11-08 Evolution of a softball team
I really didn't like waking up to the rain this morning. What a horrible day for it to be raining. The
temp was just right. Since Mario won a $200 visa gift card. We forced him to take us out to
lunch today. We went to Applebee's. Where I got my favorite thing on the menu. Which is a
steak. After I got back I wasn't feeling so good. I went to go pick up Cara. Today was her first
driving lesson. We took back roads, practiced in the parking lot. Well practiced parking that is.
Went to Majors for some happy hour before the game. Tonight, we made history. We won our
first game 15 to 6. We won our 2nd game 18 to 8. Amanda was subbing for the other team.
So that was fun to see her out. I was just happy to get a win. We finished 2 and 8 this year.
Our pitching and fielding has gotten a lot better. Our hitting would come too. Joy was a huge
boost for our offense and defense. I went to Elsie's after the game for Dan's bachelor party. We
made our way to the Chalet and the Deuce. I knew I had to work, so I had to leave. It was a
really late night for me.

9-10-08 Recovery is the key
I had such a hard time moving this morning. Reality is starting to set in. I know deep down
inside. I havn't been feeling to good lately. I am awfully tired. Usually I try my best to have a
decent conversation. Lately, things have been very hard for me to comprehend. I think its the
change in weather. My moods do heavily swing depending on the seasons. This would suck
every 4 months. Maybe I should just live in a state that has the same season year round.
Today, I finally was able to bring in food from home and actually eat it. Well I went over to Andy
and Jenni's to let Rudy out. On my way back i was going to stop at taco Bell. Except, I forgot
my wallet at work. I got home and I knew I had a lot of things to do. I took a small nap and I
never woke up. I missed out on Dan's bachelor party tonight. I was so angry, but at the same
time. Saved a lot of money. Since I woke up at 9pm. I knew I was going to be up late tonight. I
realzied it wasn't Dan's bachelor party till tomorrow I lucked out.

9-09-08 Sick day
I woke up this morning and new I was not going to make it in. I ended up waking up around
2:00pm. So I knew something was really out of whack. I really geeked it up today. I watched 8
episodes of Stargate SG-1. I really didn't leave the house at all today. I was just sleeping all day.
I was starting to think I had mono or something. Not really much going on. Just nice and quiet.
I was looking at ways to help budget my money. I decided I am going to get a $10 a day
allowance. This would basically be my spending money. Not sure how this will work.

9-08-08 Viking disaster
I was feeling awfully sleepy again this morning. I just can't seem to figure out why I keep getting
more tired as I go. I wanted something very easy today. Easy on my stomach that is. So I
figured it would be safe to goto Jimmy Johns. I need to eat a bit healthier anyways. I have really
been pigging it out the past 2 weeks. Tonight, it was our Monday night kickball league. Once
again I didn't know what to expect. We got half of the returning team and half new faces. I was
1 for 4 tonight. The lead of guy sure sucked tonight. I did play well at pitcher and got a home
run. I finally did some thing electrifying for once. I bruised up and scraped up my elbow and
knee. Other then that. I am in a decent mood. I watched the Vikings suck terribly tonight. I
have been saying it since day one. The Vikes wont be good with Tavaris Jackson at
quarterback. Just like I said Daunte all those years back would suck for us. This is going to be a
waste of a season.

9-07-08 Volleyball championship
I tried my best to sleep in today. Of course I knew it was going to mess me up by doing this. I
woke up to football this morning. I forgot how much I miss my football. My fantasy team did
not start off well this year. I am a bit sad about that. I went over to my brothers house. We  
had a family gathering. I was a bit full from eating. I actually pigged out. After that, I went to
POV's for volleyball. Tonight was the big night. We are currently in 1st place. A game ahead of
the 2nd place team. That team ended up losing 2 games. Therefor. All we have to do tonight is
win 1 game and our the championship was ours. It was a tough game. We got of to another
slow start. We won by about 4 points. We lost the 2nd game. We actually got blown out. I
wanted to win the 3rd game. I was not going to get handed the championship. Knowing we lost
2 games.

9-06-08 Pub crawl
I was feeling pretty lazy this morning. The fact that I have been tired all week. I really got to
sleep in today. I was awake around 1pm. I havn't done that since I was like 21. I went over to
Andy's for a bit. Had some chili the girls made. I think Jen made my drinks a bit strong. I went
over to Shamrocks. Met up with everyone there. I was feeling a bit out of it. My headache was
getting pretty bad. I sucked it up and made it through. We went to some other bar. I forgot
what it was called. All the locals just stared at us when we walked in. Even the drinks were made
crappy. I think the drink Kate had tasted like lighter fluid. I picked up Steve and we made our
way down to Ne Minneapolis. I had another greenie or two.

9-05-08 Soccer preview
I was so happy it was Friday. I was just waiting ever so patiently for that clock to hit 5pm
today. I was being very cheap today. I got the gang to goto McDonalds or lunch. Its amazing
how many creepy people who hang out there. I went to Byerlys to grab some things for grilling
later tonight. I went over to Chad's and we played some soccer at the park. We just wanted to
see how we would do. I sucked pretty bad. My stamina didn't hold up to well. I was huffing and
puffing within the first 30 seconds. I had spurts of energy. We looked pretty bad. I don't think
we can hang with the hardcore soccer players. We played some ping pong tonight. I was doing
pretty good. I don't remember being so good at it. Maybe its the asian in me.

9-04-08 One second away
I think my mind was just all over the place today. I did more multi-tasking then the human brain
should have to deal with. I had lunch with Jessica at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was funny she
wanted to put a McCain sticker and a Coleman sticker on my car. Stupid politics. After work
today. I drove down to the fields. I was feeling very confident today. I batted 1.000 tonight. I
caught about 5 balls to the outfield. No drops or anything. I think I am progressing pretty good
so far. Lost 13 to 12 the first game. We were down 13 to 5 . Huge rally. Bases loaded. Matt is
up. Hits it to the girl in right field. His slow ass is coming home. Catcher barely gets him out.
Ump calls it an out. If he would have just ran harder. We would have tied. They crushed us the
2nd game. We went to Majors after. Pitchers there are so cheap. How can we turn it down. I
was so tired tonight.

9-03-08 Cold, very cold
I can't think of the last time I was feeling this cold in the morning. For lunch today I got lazy and
had Wendys. I was really hungry for some odd reason. Maybe all the food I have been eating
for the past week or so. I wasn't sure what I was doing tonight. I was sitting outside on the grill
making some chicken. I was trying to perfect a certain chipotle flavor on my chicken. Anyways,
I went to the vfw and played cards. I lost, but for once I was going really good. I left and went
to the CC Club for Daves birthday. I forgot how much I just think there is a lot of weird people
in there. Oh well, a birthday shot and some beer. I knew it was time to go home. It was nice
catching up with everyone again. On my drive home I was so hyper. I was thinking ahead for
some reason. I think next week is going to be extra special.

9-02-08 Battered and bruised
It was very hard getting up for work this morning. Especially since I have been sleeping in a bit.
I had lunch with Lawrence at Taco Johns. I get so disgusted every time we look at our tray.
There is just so much food on it. Still taste great though. I was having a hard time staying
awake at work. I drank some pop. I rarely drink pop anymore. This weekend kind of got me
back into it. I got home from work today and just shut my phone off. I just wanted to be lazy
all night. I just need a bit more time to relax. I tried watching the RNC stuff. I just get really
bored watching it. It's not like I am asking them to add a little pyro or maybe a band. Just
something to jazz it up. I suppose this is a republican event. The soreness is still hurting me. I
can't work out till it feels better.

9-01-08 Labor day craziness
The wind and the lake washing up on the shore just never gets old. I was so sore this morning.
We went on the boat and I got my first taste of wake boarding. When I mean taste, I mean fall
face first right into the water. I fell three times in a row. I just couldn't master it. It was already
hard enough for me to jump into the lake with the life jacket on. I almost had to have some
one push me in. We checked the out dam. I fell when I was messing around on the swing set. I
wanted to see how far I could jump off. Well when I was in the air I realized there was a boat
trailer right in front of me. i had to land awkwardly to miss it. We had ribs and kraut for lunch it
was yummy. Then it was time to head back. When I got back I made my way to St Paul with a
few friends for the RNC. Nothing is as fun as hanging out at ritzy hotel bars with republicans. I
was also yelling bomb every time I saw big groups of cops walking around. I am surprised they
didn't take me seriously. Arizona and Nevada reps. They are weird people.
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