Old Journals

9-30-09 Outback dinner
I have  stopped taking pills. I decided I got tired of taking all these different
prescription meds and vitamin pills. I felt it was making me so crazy lately. Part of the
new change. I needed to get back to my list of things to do for 2009.

We went out to dinner for danielle's birthday at Outback. My steak was a bit over
cooked but I still loved my ribeye regardless. I just love eating the fat. How could you go
wrong with that.

9-29-09 Slap chop
I was so excited to give Danielle her birthday gift today. Since she was gone tomorrow. I
figured I would give it a day early. I got her the slap chop. Its something I always wanted
and I was trying to find vegetarians in the building that had some veggies. I was slapping
my troubles away. One slap at a time. Just like the commercial.

Tonight at kickball we lost 3 to 11. The defense didn't look interested this week. I made
errors also. I dove for a few balls. I hurt my left butt cheek. Theres definitely a cherry
there for sure. We just got beat this week plain and simple. Its hard for me to turn it on
and off. Tonight I had it off.

9-28-09 At 92 percent
I went to my Dr's appointment this morning. I was so nervous, I didn't even want to go. I
almost got there late. Luckily I sped through some stop signs. They decided to remove my
cyst. This time cutting around the edges and take it out for sure. Last time at a clinic
they just cut a slit and squeezed it out.

I was so tired from this weekend. I  took a nap when I got home.  I slept or so long I
missed the first volleyball game. I felt so stupid. I really felt bad. They didn't do well I
hear. I was focused and ready to go. My leg is at 92%. We won the next two even against
a good team for once. I was quite satisfied.

9-27-09 Vikings
For once in our life The Vikings did something extraordinary. The main point of this. We
weren't the ones on the receiving end of the disappointment. We were the ones that got
the good fortune. It was a ugly game to me. I felt we stole that game we wanted to give
away. Like how I worded that.

Our volleyball season ended tonight with the opponent being a no show. It was a hell of a
season we finished 41 and 13 I believe.

I wanted to hit up the bars tonight. So we did a little bar hopping. I wanted it to be a
fantastic night. A night to remember. Crazy! Traditional old school tony style.

9-26-09 Matt and Renee wedding
I was so exciting for their wedding. I love going to weddings. I chilled with Carlene and
Jeff most of the night. It was so fun to see them again. I missed them. I will have tog et
back in the swing of things. I always get so teary eyed at weddings. I am a sucker for
love. It was a great night. Luckily Erika drove me home. I probably would have tried to
drive drunk.

9-25-09 Friday fun day
I enjoyed part two of my day off. I had so much to do. I felt I needed to get out and get
a lot of things done. I spent a lot of time at home cleaning and getting things ready.

I went to the mall and got some shopping done. I bought my halloween costume and got a
dress shirt for tomorrows wedding.

We lost 5 to 3 at kickball tonight. My leg felt good until that guy ran into me. Well I ran
into him and I bounced off of him.

9-24-09 Heidi birthday
I spent most of the day just lounging around. I wanted to do absolutely nothing at all. I
did some laundry. I did some shopping at the mall.

I went jogging with Jen today. I promised her I would go for a run. My leg didn't hold up
very well at all. I felt it wanting to buckle out from underneath me. I did my best and we
ended up walking fro awhile. I might have over done it.

I went to Ol Mexico for Heidi's birthday. It was a lot of fun. I was trying to practice
drinking on a budget and I felt I did a good job of it. I got a nice buzz and didn't get
drunk enough to be a danger to the roads. I have been working really hard to drive drunk
a lot less.

9-23-09 Pot luck
Today was my Friday. With me finally getting some time off. It was kinda nice to just
know it was Friday for me. I just know Scott is squirming around having to pick up the
extra slack. When I am gone, the boss gotta do the work. Kinda funny though, I am off
tomorrow and hes going golfing. What a slacker.

I went to go play dodgeball today. I got a lot of my anger out this way. I didn't play as
well as I would hoped. I just couldn't move as fast as I wanted too. I was a sitting duck.
My arm strength was a bit disappointing also. A good work out regardless.

I have always been a very forgiving person my whole life. I may have jumped the gun a bit
early on this one. Stupid tony.

9-22-09 Finished the game
I finally finished a game of kickball with me walking away in one piece. I was not going a
good job of kicking with my left leg. So I mustard up the strength to kick with my right. I
got one base, but I was in a good amount of pain.

Tonight I have been trying tog et things off my mind. I have been so done and out as of
late. I realized I have made some bad decisions lately.

9-21-09 Rise from the ashes
I wasn't really in a good mood today at work. I was pretty out of it. I think I walked out
of a meeting, because I didn't want to hear about stuff. I guess my moodiness has taken
over. I lost a lot of interest really. I didn't even care we had volleyball tonight.

Tonight at volleyball. I told some team mates that I didn't even care if we lost tonight.
The burning fire to win just wasn't there tonight. We ended up losing all three games. I
felt I played well with my injured leg. I think we had a tough schedule tonight playing the
three better teams. We are just barely over .500 right now. Our inability to beat the
better teams has killed us.

9-20-09 I tried
I tried my best to not injure my self tonight at volleyball. I didn't go for those exciting
diving plays. I just sat there and watched the ball drop. Maybe its my lack of motivation.
Who knows. I was for sure in a funk. I had things on my mind. I even tried to jump and
spike a ball. Of course I just ended up hurting my self. We lost 2 games to one. We didn't
even try the 3rd game. Which is fine. We could beat the best team if we wanted too.

9-19-09 Heidi bday party
It was such a busy day today. When I got home I was just running all over. The egg rolls
took forever. I am just glad I made it to Heidi's surprise party before she got there. I
was running pretty late. The ending of the night didn't go well. I have never felt the way
I did in a long time. Not since well I can't speak of her name either.

9-18-09 Still got it
Tonight I got a chance to see how my leg was holding up. I played very well I thought. I
felt I made some key plays out there today. I think I had two double plays in  consecutive
innings. I was quite proud of that. My leg was in a lot of pain as the game went on. We shall
see how it feels tomorrow.

9-17-09 Time off
I really didn't do too much tonight. I have been so tired this whole week. I finally get a
nice day to my self. I am not sure why it takes so long for me to get days like these.
When it does come around though. It is quite refreshing.

I iced up my quad a bit today. I plan on playing kickball the whole game tomorrow.
regardless of how much pain I will be in.

9-16-09 Pho in September
We decided to get pho today for lunch. Its almost that season where were going to eat it
like once a week when its cold and cloudy out. I was so full from breakfast I had a hard
time eating my soup.

I went to get some fresh air tonight. I went to the old Rice and Arlington kickball fields.
Just to see some gold old fashioned kickball action. I remember the old days. Those days
are long gone.

9-15-09 Finally being smart
The real test tonight was at kickball. I was jogging down the hallways at work. I figured I
was ok and good to go. Well I sat at 3rd base the first two innings. A ball went my way
and when I ran towards it in foul. I felt that not so friendly pain. I knew I would hurt it
pretty good. So I didn't end up kicking and sat the rest of the game. I just knew I
couldn't go. I am hoping I will be ready next week.

9-14-09 Monday night lights
Tonight at volleyball we won 2 and lost one game. We once again was unable to beat a
superior team then us. I get tired of beating the weak teams. I did all I could, but I was
not the same speed as I was before. Just gotta home I am ready by tournament time. We
did well though.

9-13-09 Viking opener
I woke up early and got everything all packed up. I didn't want to miss the season opener
for the Vikings game this year. We stopped at the local burger in Hinckley for breakfast.

I watched the first half of the Vikigns game while cleaning and putting the camp gear
away. The 2nd half I drove to Guldens to meet up with everyone during the game. I felt a
change in scenery was good. Since the Vikings struggled in the first half.

At volleyball tonight we won all three games. The other team didn't show. I am starting to
wonder if the season is just perhaps over.

9-12-09 Hiking day
The total idiot that I am. I brought my gas stove, but I forgot the propane tank at home.
I had to drive back into the city and get some propane gas at the gas station, which was
15 miles back into Hinckley.

We went hiking during the day. Climbing over dead trees, walking by the river, through
the forest. It was over 2 hours long. My leg could not handle it anymore. I convinced them
to walk back on a different path.

9-11 Off camping
After work today. I picked up my nephews and off camping we went. I have never been to
The St Croix State park. I hear its the biggest state park in MN. I felt it was pretty. It
wasn't the nicest I have ever seen. The first night we set up camp. We took it pretty
easy. I had some things planned for them tomorrow.

9-10-09 Quiet time
I was quite bored tonight. The more and more I sat at home. I just had that urge to go
out side and do something. I was trying to figure out places to go. I decided to make a
friendly stop at the Legion. Casey and Erika stopped by too. I was so tired at the end of
the night. I dunno if the Fox was a good idea after or not. I had fun regardless.

9-09-09 Taco day
Today was dubbed taco day to me. I made tacos for lunch and I was kind enough to make
enough to share. Not that I had a choice. You don't really make tacos for one meal right?
I am not a fan of soft shell tacos, but I wish I had a way to bake the hard shells.

I was so tired today after work I just went home and did some cleaning. I was tired from
a long weekend and now is my chance to get some rest. I couldn't go anywhere anyways,
with my leg. It just has been annoying. I guess I will just have to take it easy, for now.

9-08-09 Career ending?
I was so excited to try to play kickball today. I was trying to sprint at work in the office
hall ways. I was limping still, but I felt I was ready. Tonight, I went up to kick the ball.
My first swing, I fell right to the ground, and injured my self worse then it was before. I
tried to play through it, but it was obvious I was hurt. Not even "Tony Cu" Can play
through this. I started to realize the pain I was in. I knew my whole season for all fall
sports may be over. This time I am not being over dramatic, but more realistic. Tonight is
a sad night.

I drove over to Guldens for Abby's birthday. It was fun, I wasn't expecting too much but
I had a good time. Its nice meeting cool people at volleyball. It was so close to home I
couldn't say "no". Now I know why people love having a bar next to their house.

9-07-09 The Fair part 2
I woke up all groggy this morning. I didn't know where I was. I forgot that I was
supposed to meet everyone for the Fair. I ended up making it there a b it late.

I was unsure how much I would be able to handle today. Walking around I meant. My leg
isn't healing the way I was hoping it would. I think I made it worse by walking on it all day
at the fair today. I had a great time regardless.

9-06-09 Stabby's
I decided my favorite place to eat brunch is Stabby's for now. I don't know why I like it
so much. Its not overly fancy or anything. I mean it takes them a long time to prepare my
food, but I am in no hurry.

I was feeling pretty tired and sick still today. I laid pretty low tonight and just took it
easy/ My cough and sore throat has been taking a toll on me. I just want it to go away.
Why wont you go away.

9-05-09 VFW Return
I spent most of the day just lunging around. I finally got a chance to watch some movies I
have put aside for awhile. It was nice watching the Gophers pull out a squeeker.

I made my return to the vfw tonight. There was 36 people playing and basically nobody
didn't even know who I was. Of course the regulars did. I was talking all night about my
triumphant return. I did end up winning it all.

I drove down to Richfield to celebrate my winnings. Well I was basically loaded from all
the vodka I drank. Just gotta be extra careful with all the cops out this weekend.

9-04-09 Friday quiet time
When I got home today. It was a sigh of relief. I was tired and weak from this week. I
dunno if it was the injuries or feeling sick. Regardless, I was just pooped. I turned the
phone off and decided to just relax and do some laundry and relax as much as I can. Its
been a long August for me and I am just out of it. Time for me to just get some sleep in.

9-03-09 Not much going on
Things have been rough for me as of late. Today, was just sucky. I had this terrible
throat feeling today Not sure what it was, but I could barely breathe. I didn't know if I
was getting sick or not. I missed work today. I guess I needed the rest anyways, so
maybe it was a blessing in disguise.

9-02-09 Learning to be silent
Today was one of those odd days. I stayed late at work. I ate somewhat healthy and well
I was just in alright mood. I havn't pondered much about nothing lately. This was one of
those times I decided to. I realized I have done so much so far this year. I have only yet
to begin.

9-01-09 Can't move it
I was unable to move my leg this morning. No matter what I did. It was quite painful.
Walking up stairs is like running into death. I had to take the elevator all day to get to
different floors. I realize this will put me on the shelf, but I look to rebound next week.
I always felt my body heals fast and if I can get through the stiffness. I would just play
through the pain.

We lost tonight at kickball. We lost 1 to 3. I wish I was louder, while I was watching. I
told everyone to run the bases aggressively. We need every run we can get. I felt I let
them down.