09-30-2011 Fridays
I was so tired, I didn't really feel like doing to much tonight. The full week of sports
has worn me out. I was playing in two games tonight. We beat the all girl team barely
once again. I played for the Dipsos and we beat the Maniacs. We went to the CC club
after. I forget how much the people who work there suck at things.

09-29-2011 ZG disaster
We got destroyed tonight in softball. I don't think we have ever played this bad
before. We made a lot of mistakes the 2nd game. We all didn't do well. We played a
tough team too. It was hard, but we made it through and we were all smiles at the end.

09-28-2011 Steamer train
The train didn't take off this week. We were flat and they loaded their outfield and
we kicked right into it. We had some many people it was hard to get a rhythm. I guess
it will make things interesting for the end of season.

09-27-2011 Ass in class
We won our 5th game this year. 3rd with me playing on it. We have a big showdown
next week. We will hope for the best and try to win it. My legs are tired already. This
is gonna be a long week.

09-26-2011 Vball return
I subbed for Mike and heidis team. Mike is out with a shoulder injury. I will be
finishing up for him the rest of the season. I struggled at first. I shanked a few balls.
I didn't have time to warm up. erika wanted drinks in the bar for some reason. We did
well 2 wins and 1 loss.

09-25-2011 Vikings 0 and 3
The Vikes blew another 1st half lead. We were winning 20 to 0 for god sakes. The
announcers kept saying we keep letting teams come back. I reall thought they had their
issues fixed this time. We lost in over time. Amazing, how you can dominate all 3 games
and lose.

09-24-2011 Blair tree of hope
I finally got to play in one of these tournies. We got 2nd place. It was a long day of
kickball. 6 games I believe. It was fun, we got free chipotle burritos. Which aint a bad

Tonight was Heidis birthday. I was so exhausted I tried to just stay awake as long as
I could.

09-23-2011 Maniac loss
The Baby shakers got a big upset win tonight. 3 to 2 over the Maniacs, my former
team. We played good defense and just shut them down. We got a tough one against the
Charm school drop outs next week. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going.

09-22-2011 Crab legs
Every one knows how much I love crab legs. well today, I was checking some emails
through Yahoo and I found a ad for Treasure island for free comedy and magic show. I
got excited and decided I was skipping softball for this. I thought the show was great.
The main act sucked though. We had crab legs of course. it was delish.

09-21-2011 Steamers keep it going
We won by a good amount today. We once again rocked a 3 person outfield. Teams tried
to kick out there, but we just lock down on them. I had 2 monster kicks today, but one
of them was caught by a girl in the outfield. The other just sailed.

09-20-2011 Subbing it up
Tonight I subbed for Ass in Class again. We did pretty well, but my kicking was
terrible. I was aiming for the fence. With the heavy winds. I popped up for easy outs.
I did lock down on defense.

09-19-2011 Monday fun
Lots of wings. Thats all i can say about what I had for lunch. Dan decided we should
eat 50 wings total. HE ate 26 and I ate 25. They gave us an extra one. I never felt so
full. It was kind of embarrassing, but oh well.

09-18-2011 Sunday food day
The Vikes once again blew another big lead. I was pretty sure they wouldn't do it
again. Of course they did and it was quite depressing. For a team with somewhat big
expectations. This has been a failure so far. Throw in Ponder. Season has already been

09-17-2011 Green isle tourney
I have been wanting to play in one of these tournaments and finally timing just worked
out. I wasn't to worried about playing under different rules. I have played in so many
different kickball leagues. That this would be nothing to worry about. We made a lot of
mistakes in this double elimination tournament. Too many drop balls, people trying to
tell others what to do. It just wasn't a cohesive enough team to win. Which I blame my
self for. I should have given my thoughts.

09-16-2011 All girl team
It was a big night for me at kickball. I did not want to lose to the all girl team. They
made us work thats for sure. We made so many mistakes, but we somehow made it
through. I played like my life was on the line.

09-15-2011 Night off from softball
We had a break before our 2nd session begins. We all went to Psycho suzies for drinks.
I had a good time. I bought a big fishbowl like drink. It actually had booze in it.
Compared that cheap stuff we bought int he Foshay tower.

09-14-2011 Steamer train
We won our game tonight. It was a big game, we really needed to win. I was quite
exhausted. We were short in the outfield and it was just me Joey and Guppy. All in a
days work I guess. I was practicing my low kicks. It paid off.

09-13-2011 Subbing
I ended up subbing for Ass in Class. They were a fun team. We got a lot of runs in. So
it was a nice work out for me. We won 15 to 3 or something like that. I pitched. I had
fun getting easy outs all night.

09-12-2011 Kball night off
I watched Erika play for her HLS team tonight. I just sat back and had drinks. It was
fun. We took it easy tonight. I have been pretty tired all weekend. I need to continue
my healthy ways.

09-11-2011 Remembering
It is amazing it has been ten years since this has happened. i still remember it like it
was yesterday. It is a proud day for us to bounce back and still be strong. Proud to be
american today.

09-10-2011 Cowboy wedding
Cara got married to Scott today. It was a cowboy themed wedding. I had to buy a big
belt buckle for this occasion. I also bought a cowboy shirt. It was alot of fun and we
went to Mad Jacks afterwards.

09-09-2011 Kickballs
We lost another close game. We are now 0 and 2. Am I concerned? Not really. There is
playoffs in this division and thats all that matters. We went out to Shamrocks for
drinks after. Andy won 2 lobsters out of the lobster crane game.

09-08-2011 The split
We split at softball once again. We wont he first game in convincing fashion and some
how struggle the 2nd game. I am not sure what it is. Some say its the booze, but I
allow to say that is the reason.

09-07-2011 Steam train
Our team don't normally drop balls, but it was bizarre how everyone was dropping balls
tonight. Even for me, I dropped a easy catch if I would say so my self. We won by a
lot, but it was just one of those nights. We got a tougher game next week.

09-06-2011 Tuesday night kball
Well not exactly,. We decided to goto the Bloomington fields to watch Nagma vs ZDL.
It was a good game. It was nice to just sit back and watch. It has been a long slow
week so far. I am tired and taking it easy.

09-05-2011 Labor day
We went back to the Fair today. Andy came with and we walked around and ate. We
tried to get into Maroon 5. Erika actually found a little hole she can see through to
see the stage. She was happy for the moment. I did have to hear her whine about not
seeing him for the rest of the night. If she wanted to see him that bad. She could have
bought tickets.

09-04-2011 What to do on a Sunday
We fried some chicken wings outside today. I have been craving chicken wings for
awhile. It came out pretty good. I had to try 3 different batters to get it right
finally. Well I should just not hold back on the seasoning.

09-03-2011 Still low key
We took it easy tonight. We went down to St cloud. Her dad was making some type of
Pittsburgh ho dog. It was a chili dog that was basically on steroids. It was pretty good.

09-02-2011 Low key
Me and Erika were pretty tired tonight. We had a couple options of things to do. We
decided to just stay in and take it easy. We were both to tired from the long week. It
was nice to just not have the pressure of drinking and we just watched the IT Crowd
on Netflix. It was a nice night off, for a Friday.

09-01-2011 New softball era
We wont he first game with a walk off hit. We came from behind and got the win.
Everyone was going nuts. The 2nd game we kept it close. Till we had the bad inning
where we let them score 9 runs. We just couldn't stop them. Oh well, a split is good
enough for me.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
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