09-30-2012 Vikings win again
The Vikings are off to a 3 and 1 start. They beat the Lions in Detroit. Convincingly
actually. Its weird we are dominating games all of a sudden. I hav a feeling it will all
come to an end though.

09-29-2012 Blair tree of hope
Got up real early today for the tournament. Our first game was at 8am. We played 7
games through out the day. It was a very tiring day. We got 2nd place though,

It was also Jaimes bachelor party tonight. With me being so tired from the
tournament. I wasn't sure how long I would last. We ordered the strippers a bit late
and we decided it wasn' worth it.

09-28-2012 Legion
Another Friday night. Another night of drinking. I talked to Che for a bit. He actually
let me borrow some money. Since the atm was out. It was a fun night. I think we got
Soap Factory all figured out.

09-27-2012 Steamer close one
We played an 0 and 3 team and we almost let them beat us. We won 6 to 5. But it was
way too close for comfort. I was getting nervous. This spring we had some nail biters
that we didn't quite walk away from.

09-26-2012 Twins
Becky an I went to the Twins game. I have been really excited to go to a day game for
some time now. So when Jonette got me the tickets I was really excited. Of  course
they were playing my beloved Yankees. Of course the Yankees stomped them, but it was
a fun time.

09-25-2012 My night off
I really only get one night to really relax and thats Tuesday night. I found my self
really enjoying it. Jillian has been gone all week since shes been staying at her dads
house, with the dogs. While her dad is on vacation.

09-24-2012 Vball
We won 2 out of our 3 games. We lost to Guano Loco. For some reason playing short
gave us problems. I had a good time though. We raced to the Legion afterwards for
Heidis birthday. It was a fun night. I bought shots for her and Julie too. Since it was
her bday also.

09-23-2012 Vikings win
The Vikings might have pulled one of the biggest upset in their history. They beat a
49ers team that crushed the Packers week 1. The Vikes dominated the whole game. The
replacement refs almost let the 49ers back in it.

09-22-2012 Renfest
Erika and I took Kobe to the Renfest. It was a lot of fun. It has changed over the
years, since I have been there. I don't remember it being so big. There was so much to
do and so many acts going on at every turn. It was a good time. But we sure spent some

09-21-2012 Lazy night
I really didn't want to do much tonight. With all the stuff going on this weekend. I
knew I needed the night off. Especially trying to save money and all. So tonight, I got
a good nights sleep.

09-20-2012 Steamers
We had Spry play for us. Hes going to be the permanent 3rd baseman and I can move
back to the outfield. Plus we got that much needed long ball guy. We won of course. It
was a fun night. But it was a  late game.

09-19-2012 Kyota
They finally opened the Kyota in Roseville. I really been excited for them to open this
location for a long time. This is where the old BW3 used to be. I have been to there
apple valley and Maple grove location. It was good. I took Dan there for his birthday.
They took and added some things on the lunch menu. It was worth the $15.99 though.

09-18-2012 Dinner parties
Nancy had me and Karen over for dinner. She made lasagna. Which of course is my
favorite thing in the world. It was so good. Especially with the pepperoni in it. We had
a good time.

I drove to South Minneapolis for the Fry a thon. Which I made eggrolls the night
before. They turned out good. Al though the casing fried funny, but oh well it tasted

09-17-2012 Vball
With a two week absence. I didn't know how we would play tonight. We won all three of
our games actually. None of them were really close. We just gel'd from the get go. I
had a lot of fun. I was tired, but I needed to get home and get some sleep.

09-16-2012 Marthas wedding
Melissa and I went to Marthas wedding. It was such a perfect day for an outside
wedding. Al though it was odd seeing golfers around. It was really beautiful though and
the food was good. Of course hanging our with friends was always fun. I had a good

09-15-2012 Lazy day
I went and got some exercise in. Which was really nice. I needed to sweat a bit today.
I used up so  much energy. I had nothing left for tonight.

I just stayed home tonight. Cleaned my room and just cleaned through out the evening.
I needed some much needed alone time.

09-14-2012B-Dale club
I thought I have been to every bar in Roseville. I was wrong. I have never been to the
B-dale club. Its hidden away on dale and county road B. It was like a VFW like
atmosphere. Marco came out there for his bday. I had a good time tonight.

09-13-2012 Kickball
I was really trying to get a home run today. I even tried to stretch out certain plays,
but I got out. We played a easy team. I think we won 9 to 0. Short handed again of

09-12-2012 Dodgeball
I felt I did pretty good tonight. It was funny, we had all the minorities on one side.
We did pretty well. Especially since we had all the girls. It was fun though. I had to
leave early though.

Death pool draft. I was happy with the people I drafted. I went with Billy Graham,
Mohammed Ali, Stephen Hawking, Paula Deen, Queen Elizabeth II, Wild card pick was
Macauley Culkin. He looked really rough as of late.

09-11-2012 Relaxation
I was really tired today. I have been struggling with sleep again. I havn't been wearing
my mouth piece either. Its hard for me to get used to it. Today has been one of those
days. I just wish I can get past.

09-10-2012 No sleep
I had a hard time sleeping the past 4 days. Tonight all I could think about was sleep. I
went to happy hour and it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed drinking as much as I did.
Plus I had wings. You know that makes me a happy man.

09-09-2012 Vikings opener
I had people over for the Vikings opener. I got the house all cleaned up and ready to
go. The Vikes won which was even better. It was one of those games, they should have
lost. We usually end up on the short end of the stick.

09-08-2012 Long nights
It was one of those nights I was pretty annoyed with. A classic battle of my old room
mate and my new room mate. It was odd and retarded. Made me kinda angry actually.
Girls have way too many emotions. I can't take it.

09-07-2012 Mary and Dave wedding
Me and Melissa got there and got some drinks. It was a ll the way down in Lakeville. It
was a quiet wedding, but it was nice to see a lot of familiar faces.

Afterwards we drove back to the city and stopped at the Legion. It was fun. We met
up with Kelli and Joe.  The drive wore us out. So it was a quick night.

09-06-2012 Steamer win
We played a good team, but not a really good team. We easily won. Which was fun. I
took it pretty easy though. My foot was tough to move on.

09-05-2012 Bringing in food
I have really done a good job of bringing in food from home lately. Its really saving me
a lot of money. Plus I don't feel bad if I leave earlier. Even though I shouldn't cause
everyone at work does it anyways. But I always get in trouble for some reason. Your
only as good as your yard stick. Dumb Mine must shoot to the moon.

09-04-2012 Catch up
I was trying to catch up on tv shows that were recorded all week. I finally got my
chance. It was a lazy night on the couch. I really need to go back to the gym. With my
foot hurting. Its tough. I did watch Hunger Games tonight. not bad movie.

09-03-2012 Labor day at the Fair
I went with the sole purpose of bringing in booze and drinking pop to go with it. I made
a long 9 hour day at the fair with drinking. It was a lot of fun. Best part. i only spent
about $40.

09-02-2012 Quicky at the Legion
I wanted to do something fun tonight. So I went tot he Legion. I brought Jillian and
Tyler with me. We didn't last too long. Tyler was a bit drunk and passing out. So I
drove them home.

09-01-2012 BBQ
It was one of those days I just wanted to lay low all day. Then I had the urge to go
out. I made ribs for the boy. He liked that as usual.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”