9-30-2013 5 days
All I need to do is just get past the next 5 days. After that I am on vacation. It will
feel so nice. I been needing some much needed time off.

Volleyball went well. But I noticed my knee was starting to swell up. I hope it gets

9-29-2013 Lazy
I was feeling pretty lazy today. I was supposed to goto the gym. I decided to do a
work out at home. I ended up eating almost all my left overs I had from the past
couple days. My healthier diet begins tomorrow.

I watched the Vikings actually win a game. Apparently they can only win in London.

9-28-2013 Dball Siren
I woke up pretty early in the morning. We had to leave at 8:30am. I met up with
Marjan and Nina and we took my car all the way to Siren, WI. It wasn't too b ad of a
trip. Those girls are pretty entertaining.  We won the tournament. Not much of
competition. But I had a good time playing.

9-27-2013 Friday night
After work today we all went to holy Land for Danielle's birthday. Which was pretty
fun. The food was pretty good. I havn't really eaten there before. There was so much.
I had a lot of left overs.

We had people over for games night. There was no games played, but we all just hung
out and had a good time. I was not feeling the best. But I just kinda pushed through it.

9-26-2013 Steamers
We played well tonight. We had the whole game. They tied it to go into extra innings.
We actually went into 11 innings. We lost int he end though. Which sucked, but its kind
of a common thing for us. But we really enjoy our selves doing it.

9-25-2013 Dball
Well Dball was cancelled today. I didn't really know what to do with my self. I was
going to goto the bar. But I decided to just take it easy. I went home and did some
laundry. Not the most exciting night, but I could use the rest.

9-24-2013 Stir fry
Sarah has been wanting to get happy hour for some time. Today she had another
function. I told her to just come over for dinner and call it good. I tried to make the
stir fry healthier. Which I did a decent job of. Its already bad enough.

9-23-2013 Vball
My ankle has been very tender. I knew playing volleyball was not going to help it. I had
a good time. My legs were sore though. I knew I had to take it easy. I had fun though.
I did struggle at times.

9-22-2013 Sunday
Another Vikes game and another loss. I knew we would lose this game. We had one of
the easier teams in the league and they traded away their star running back and had a
3rd string in. But we found a way to lose.

9-21-2013 Low key
I woke up early today. I had to get a few things done. I drove my car to tires plus
today. Walked back home and got a lot of things done today. I really do enjoy my
weekends. Just get to spend a lot of time at home for once. I got a call from Tires
Plus. It was only a patch job needed. I thought I was going to need two new tires.

Becky came over and we just caught up on episodes of Camp. Its such a silly show. But
I like it a lot. I need to save money till next pay day. Even though I just got paid

9-20-2013 Friday night buffet
Dan knew I was a bit crabby all week. He took me to a chinese buffet. Knowing that
would cheer me up. I didn't eat as much as I hoped. But we went to the other side of
the strip mall. There was a Best Buy Mobile. I finally just went in and got a new
phone. I have been with out a phone since Monday.

9-19-2013 Flat tire
I replaced my tire today. It was flat in the rear. It was a big deal to me today. Cause
about 7 years ago. I tried replacing a tire and the jack gave out. I was traumatized
ever since. Today was a break through though.

9-18-2013 DB
I had a nice game tonight. I was back to my regular form. Accurate strong and I was
catching tonight. Which is something I have lost over the years. My vision is just
getting worse.

9-17-2013 Bills
I decide Tuesday is my designated day to do bills. I wanted to have a better grasp on
my money. So I guess I can be a old man and sit at my computer doing bills. I should
have plenty of money. i don't know where it goes.

9-16-2013 Vball
I havn't played in about 2 weeks it seems. I was a bit rusty but it felt normal again.
My ankle was very tender today. I didn't want to push it. So I took it pretty easy. I
had fun. The weather wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

9-15-2013 Vikings
Me and Gordon went to the 508 to watch the Vikings game. Andy met up with us later.
It was a lot of fun. Even though we lost. I got plenty of drinks in me.

I went out with Christina after. We went to Barbette. I always wanted to go there.
We just got a glass of wine and oysters. We went to some coffee place. I forget what
it was called.

9-14-2013 Quiet Saturday
I knew I was going to spend quite a bit of money Sunday. So I wanted to take it easy
today. I went to dodge ball to get a work out in. I got home and just laid low all night.
I was tired. I finally got to sleep in. It felt so nice.

9-13-2013 Wild Bills
With a change in the wind. I needed to do something tonight. Original plans didn't work
out. I went to Wild Bills. I needed the night out. I got nice and drunk.

9-12-2013 Kickball
We lost today. I didn't really get a chance to touch the ball much in left field today. I
had a fun time with everyone though. Even though we lose. We are all so happy and
having fun.

9-11-2013 Dball
I wanted to push it hard today. I have been feeling a bit chubby as of late. I think I
have been really eating a lot emotionally lately. Which is not the best thing. So much
stress lately.

9-10-2013 Tired
I got behind on sleep again. I think the long weekend just wore me out  I really wanted
to attend more music fairs this summer. It didn't get too happen as much. I am looking
ahead to this winter. There are a few things I want to see though.

9-9-2013 Drive home
Christina rode back with me. It was a lot of fun. It really made it feel like a short
trip back. We stopped at my favorite place to eat in Duluth. Which is the Duluth Grill.
I got the buffalo pot roast. It was really tasty. I really love eating here.

9-8-2013 Jon and Naomi
I woke up at 6:30am to goto Michigan. My little rental car was pretty tiny. It was a
Chevy Spark. I liked the car. Touch screen and I got about 42 miles per gallon. Can't
go wrong with that. I was a bit tired once I got there. Their pastys for dinner was not
the best. I had fun with everyone. I wanted to party all night.

9-7-2013 Shannon and Chaz
It was a pretty good wedding. I had a good time. Dinner was pretty good. I think it
was the best wedding food I've had in awhile to be honest. I had to call it a short
night. I have a long drive to Michigan tomorrow.

9-6-2013 Hell
I went out with Erika tonight for happy hour. We had a good time, but then she was
dumb enough to let her bf come to the party, with out my consent. Put me in a bad spot.
Guess she wasn't thinking. One of the worse nights of my life. I had to leave. Can't
believe some one you care about would do that to you.

9-5-2013 Steamers
We lost 12 to 2 at kickball tonight to HLSHHH. WE did the best we could, but it
didn't matter they had a pretty sweet team. We all still had fun playing though. Thats
all that matters.

9-4-2013 Dball
I did pretty well at dodge ball tonight. I had a hard time moving around, but I got a
good work out in. It was a lot warmer in the gym then I expected. So I sweated a good

9-3-2013 Lunch
I had lunch with Christina today. We went to Pamera bread. I havn't been there in a
long time. Everything is still the same. Over priced for and smaller portions.

9-2-2013 Fair 2
Went back to the Fair. It was a long day, but I got pretty tired. I was pretty excited
to use my sack bag all day. I snuck in booze and drank one bottle. I wasn't really in the
mood to drink the other one.

9-1-2013 Fam bam
I stopped over at my parents house to do some stuff. My mom and dad lectured me
separately if I wanted to pick a girl from Vietnam. I thought they gave up on this.
This whole thing is so out of date. I am not going to have them try to address my
relationship life. They know I like white girls only. I dunno, I don't know why they just
have to go this route.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”