9-30-2014 Rest
I really needed the rest today. I skipped the Maple Grove volleyball tonight. I wanted
to play, but I knew something was seriously wrong with my foot. I figured the more
rest I get. The better off it is for now.

9-29-2014 Sub
I subbed for Mindys team tonight at volleyball. We won 2 out of the 3 games. We
played well. The 3rd game we laid a giant egg. I didn't play to well. But it was fun.
Icing the ankle tonight.

9-28-2014 Ankle
With my ankle beaten up. I didn't play volleyball tonight. I was hurting so bad. I could
barely walk. I truely believe I have a fracture or something broken in my foot. I will
have to goto the Dr to get it checked out.

9-27-2014 Night out
this was probably one of the oddest nights of my life. I went out with Gordon
downtown to Cowboy Jacks. I got called an assshole by like 2 different woman. It was
so weird. I am sure the first one was bi polar and the other. I have no reason why she

9-26-2014 Memory Lanes
I decided to give Memory Lanes a go for vball. They have tougher competition there.
This one guy yelled at me for not hitting the ball hard enough. What a douche. My arm
was hurting from dball. So i needed a night off. He really thought he was the shit
though. Him and his stupid asian girl friend too.

9-25-2014 Bye
We had a kickball bye today. I went to the Hogs to get some drinks. Actually Marya
killed me I had 4 drinks and I was feeling it pretty good.

I went to the Legion to get my football picks in. Seems liek a tough week for it.

9-24-2014 Buffs vball
So the lady told us we already clinched the championship today. Baically we missed the
first week and had to forfeit since we signed up late. We still have a week left. Just
to show how much we dominated. Today I was short a person. So I had pick a guy out of
the crowd. Luckily Shannon's hubby was there to help me out. We still won.

9-23-2014 Grove
I tested out my ankle a bit more today at volleyball. The deeper sands at Maple Grove
is tougher to move. i felt pretty good today thought. It was windy. So it took me
awhile to adjust. But I had fun.

9-22-2014 Dball
I played dball with the boys tonight. Just to try to stay in dball shape. When the time
comes for me to return fully. My arm seemed weaker then normal. My arm was hurting
also. I just was not in dodge ball shape. But I was getting back into the swing of

9-21-2014 Church
I havn't been to church in awhile. But thought it would be funny to throw it in the
head line.

I played well at the vball pickup at the church in Champlin. I dove and played well. My
bumps were good. my hitting took a few steps back. I wasn't hitting that hard.

9-20-2014 Wonderous punch
I had my lets get wasted feeling. I took Becky to the Red Dragon for some stiff
punches. We only needed one. we went to Station 280 and we met up with Che and
Kristin there. It was a long fun night. Those punches are just dangerous.

9-19-2014 Last chance
Me and Kumar gave it ago one more time at the bags tournament. We were feeling good.
We won our first round. Kumar was on fire. He made 4 in a row. Which is sick. But
tonight their was some really good teams. We got knocked out. Our season was over.
We played well. Just wasn't enough.

9-18-2014 E
I went to meet up with Erika to catch some happy hour. We went to a couple different
places. I had a late kickball game and we went back to the Legion. I was feeling pretty
good tonight. I sure was tired though.

9-17-2014 Lost
I seem to have lost my marbles. I have forgotten so many things the last day or so.
seems like everyone has to remind me of all the random things that are going on. I was
trying to put things in my calendar, but it just never seems to help me.

9-16-2014 Grove
Tonight at Maple Grove. I was playing vball and my ankle just popped on me. It just
can't seem to heal properly. No matter what I do. Seems like this nagging injury is
lasting longer then it should.

9-15-2014 Slow
With work slowing down a bit. Things have really slowed down quite a bit. I had a lot
of time to do whatever I wanted at work.

I plan on eating in all week this week to keep up the healthy eating. we shall see how it
goes the rest of the week.

9-14-2014 Easy
With the last few days. I really wanted to take it easy tonight. I have been on the go
for the last few days. I am just tired. I ended up staying home and getting a lot of
things done. Mentally I am just wiped.

9-13-2014 Cowboy Jacks
For happy today. We went to Cowboy jacks to get some $2 drink action in. We powered
down about 5 drinks each in an hour. Since we got there a bit late. after we made our
way to the Hoggs. It was a good time. I was feeling pretty happy to be honest.

9-12-2014 Another one gone
Me and Kumar looked to rebound at bags tonight, We requested Erins team right off
the bat to start the tournament. I had a bad feeling. We historically don't play well
the first game. Especially with it being inside. We lost 21 to 14. We just couldn't get
the offense going this week.

9-11-2014 Cold
It was so cold today. Well 50 degrees for early September is pretty odd if you ask me.
I refuse to turn on the furnace. I know it will warm up a bit. But I actually like the
cold. Maybe I was meant to be in Alaska.

9-10-2014 Time
I went to volleyball today. My ankle wasn't ready. But we were short. I ended up
hanging out at the bar with Amber for awhile. It was nice for us to just catch up and
talk. We havn't really done that in awhile. It is always so important to decompress in

9-09-2014 Left overs
With a tight budget. I ate some left overs for lunch today. I really didn't want to go
out to eat. Since tomorrow I will be going to Davannis to meet up with Nancy. To see
how shes doing.

9-08-2014 Car troubles
My car was sputtering pretty good today. I stayed home from work today. I bought new
spark plugs and installed them. That didn't do the trick. So I went ahead and tested
the coils. One of the coils were off. So I replaced it and it was working again. Too bad
the coil was around $80 though.

9-07-2014 Family greet
My sisters fiances family was in town. So there was a lot of food and drinking. It was
a pretty good time. We were doing shots left and right. It was so much fun. But I was
feeling it pretty good. I stayed strong though.

9-06-2014 Shaun and Lauras
Drove all the way down to Lakeville for Their house warming party. I was feeling
pretty good tonight. I was kinda tired. So I didn't want to drink too much. We had a
fun time. It was out in the country thats for sure.

9-05-2014 Wedding catering
I woke up[ and got to Dans house around 10:30am. We wanted to get as much prep work
done for the food as possible. We were on such a rush. Trying to get everything done.
Plus set up and everything. I was nervous about starting the outdoor grill and playing
the ceremony music. But it all worked out. So far so good on my first attempt.

9-04-2014 Steamers
We played a pretty easy team tonight. Everyone was going for home runs. Since the
wind was blowing out. i tried my best. But I didn't kick to well. With my knee still
bothering me. I just wanted to take it easy and be careful.

9-03-2014 Vball
We got rained on our last game. I think were going to make it up next week. I wanted
to hang out and drink for awhile. I still had some beer left. I was watching the games
on tv. I knew I was going to take it easy.

9-02-2014 Back
I havn't been to work since Wednesday. So It was kinda nice to just be back. But it
was hard for me. Good thing it was pretty slow for me today. My legs are feeling
better. I am getting closer to being able to walk normal.

9-01-2014 Labor day fair
I went to the Fair finally. Me and Ashley walked around and hung out with her brother
and  his girlfriend. I didn't really need to do too much. I just wanted to watch
Homefree which was free.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”