9-30-2015 Things I can't say
I put on my contacts for the first time today. It took about 50 minutes. About 25
minutes an eye. I felt very good about my vision today. I met up with Andy and Chee at
happy hour. Then I went to dodgeball. I wanted to test my vision tonight. I felt very
good about it. I was happy with my results. Even my throwing power seemed normal. I
was worried with the weights effecting my power. It has disappeared for a few weeks.

I went to the bar afterwards. I had trouble controlling my emotions today. Things have
been hard my whole life. I know its just another thing, I learned in my life. Cherish
every moment with everyone. You never know if you may get sick or have a friend pass
or losing a special someone. Just make every moment count. Thats why I have been
honest/caring about things in my life the last 2 weeks.

9-29-2015 Gym
Today I looked in the mirror and I was impressed with my results. I am starting to
look pretty buff. I always don't believe what I should see. But today. I felt great.
Today was a good day. I will stick with the heavy weights and the cardio. I just hope
my body can handle it. Its been telling me to slow down as of late.

9-28-2015 Flag football
I had a rough outing tonight. I had no offensive line protection. I threw 2
interceptions today. Just wasn't my day at all. I was pretty upset about it. At least
it gave me something else to think about.

9-27-2015 Laying low sort of
I was kinda bored all day. I sat home and watched football all day. I needed the rest.
My body was tired. Really tired. I ended up staying home and making my style of booyah
soup. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it too. But It was super healthy with no salt
in it.

I went over to my sisters and we were drinking quite a bit. I made my way tot he
Hoggsbreath and I drank with Cass there. We had so much fun. I really had a blast. I
shouldn't have driven home.

9-26-2015 Blair tree of hope
I really didn't want to play in this tournament. But I was convinced to do it. It was a
early morning for me. I got up at 7am. I was so tired. But we had fun. We got 4 games
in. We made a nice little run. I registered to be a bone marrow donor. I did my purpose
for today.

9-25-2015 Partying
I really wanted to go out tonight. I met up with Jeff at the Hoggs and got pretty
liquored up. I was feeling so happy. But I knew I had to get up early tomorrow for the
kickball tournament. For Blair tree of hope. I was asked last minute.

9-24-2015 Steamers
We had a pretty easy team tonight. We won 17 to 0. I was a bit tired. I even subbed
earlier in the day for another team. My body is sore thats for sure. I had fun thuogh.
The ball was wet, but I barely was able to grip it.

9-23-2015 Dball
I havn't lifted weight since Saturday. I hurt my left shoulder and I ws unable to lift
weights. I wanted to see if my arm would be a bit stronger. It did get stronger. But I
need to work on things. I just don't have the zip like I used too.

9-22-2015 Dinner
I went out with Christina for dinner tonight. We went to Prima. I wanted italian
tonight. We got a bottle of wine. Since they had cheap wines for like $25. It was a
nice night. I had a good time. We havn't talked in awhile.

9-21-2015 Forest City
We came up a little short today at football. We played well. But we went against a
pretty good offense today. We did well though. Our girls were short. They had no
breaks. We went to Lola for pizza. It was really good. But spendy.

9-20-2015 Football
Spent the whole day at home just resting my body. I was so tired from yesterday, The
Vikes did well. Which was good. I wasn't eating healthy. But I really wanted to splurge

9-19-2015 Kickball tourney in Little Canada
It was a early morning, but we got going today. It was a long day. We were at one
point out of this tournament. But we got in thanks to some help and crushed everyone
in it. I want Little Canadas prize. It felt good.

9-18-2015 Mary and Jeff wedding
After work I got home and cleaned up for Jeff and Marys wedding. The church portion
of it was really close. About 2 minutes away and the reception was at the Legion which
was 5 minutes away. It was fun and I had a good time. I ran into Heather and I hung
out with her all night. We danced a little. I had fun.

9-17-2015 Night off
Kickball got cancelled tonight. Due to rain all day. I had happy hour and I met up with
Erika, I needed a friend tonight and she was there for me. We had a lot of fun. We got
pretty drunk at TGI fridays and blasted music in my car in the burger king parking lot.
Its nice when I can be myself again.

9-16-2015 For now
I had dinner with Ashley at D-spot in Maplewood. I actually originally was gonna go
here with her a long time ago. I never been to there new place. I kinda like it. We went
bowling after. We played three games. She beat me. I was pretty sore. But thats no
excuse. We had our talk finally and I think things are where they need to be. But I
think we know deep inside we will talk again.

9-15-2015 Fogo part 11
I took Dan out for his bday at Fogo de Chao. HE brought Hannah and I had Shawna
come with. We had a lot of fun. I was so full as always. We went to Oceanaire for
dessert after. It was really good.

9-14-2015 Lemon Zest
We won our first game. We had a much for efficient offense. I threw two touchdowns.
Zero interceptions. Our shortened offense. Really worked well. I didn't try to do too
much. Just move it slow and easy.

9-13-2015 Sunday fun day lite
It was football season. I watched some games. But got bored and wanted to go out. Joe
convinced me to go out. So we went to the Legion. I made my way to the Hoggs for
more drinks with Kristen, Che and Becky.

9-12-2015 Betti Dangers
Taco Daze tourney we got 3rd place when we drafted teams. I drafted a fun team. I
was happy with them. I was cramping up so bad. I almost didn't finish. I had to lay on
the ground. Since I was cramping up every where.

Betti Dangers. Not sure what the hype is about this place. It just seems like another
themed place. But it works. People pay for it. The ferris wheel was fine.

I want over to Erin and Renee's after, we played games. I don't usually like to do that.
But I was in the mood to have fun.

9-11-2015 Never forget
Crazy how 911 was 14 years ago. How time has passed.

I made eggrolls for Ashleys party tonight. I wasn't sure if I would be welcome. But I
show up anyways. Things are always so complicated.

9-10-2015 Steamer win
We had a easy team. So, I was messing around quite a bit. I was reworking my kicking.
I have been popping it up too much. I umped the next game. It sure was cold tonight. I
was freezing.

9-09-2015 Dball
I once again struggled at dodgeball. I just can't throw it. I honestly believe its from
working out with weights every day. But, thats no excuse. My accuracy is also very
off. Its kinda depressing.

9-08-2015 Fall season
With summer over. Its time to move on and figure out what I want to do. Right now. I
am where I started. I have no idea. Things are good. I'm happy with where I am at
right now.

9-07-2015 State Fair round 4
I met up with Mary, Joe, Dan, Mike and Mindy at the Midway mens club. It was so busy
today. I couldn't believe it. It was busier than I have ever seen it. We spent most of
the day walking around checking stuff out. It was the typical stuff. I was tired, but I
had a good time. Summer has officially ended. Which made me sad.

9-06-2015 Practice
We had football practice today. I drew some plays up. I felt a bit more comfortable
with throwing the ball this week. I struggled with some throws. I kept lobbing it.
Instead of throwing it normal. I need to just throw it.

9-05-2015 State Fair round 3
I picked Gordon and Dave up and we went to the fair. We met up with Nina, Jeff and
Karl and Kendall there. We walked around and tried different foods. It was fun. I had
a blast. This was a good night out for me.

9-04-2015 Hoggs
I really wanted to go out tonight. I had things on my mind. Nobody wanted to go out.
SO I decided to just go out by my self to the Hoggsbreath. I met a old high school
friend there tonight. We traded stories. It was fun catching up. I was feeling pretty
good. The cops were all outside and the cops told me they can smell the alcohol on me.
So I walked to the Flameburger. Had a meal and sobered up a little.

9-03-2015 Stair Fair round 2
After work. I went to the fair to meet up with Joe, Kristen and Che. I only hung out
for a few hours. I got back to my garage at work and my car was locked inside. The
garage door wouldn't open. I had Jesse drive me to kickball. Which was kind of
embarrassing. But I got there and we tied. Which I was mad about. We had a 4 to 0

9-02-2015 Tired
My body has been pretty sore lately. From working out a lot. I needed a break. So no
dodge ball for me today. I drove Ashley to the airport for Vegas. I really wish I could
have gone. But its coming in January. I got home and just relaxed. I really needed it.

9-01-2015 State Fair round 1
I went and picked Ashley up and we made our way to the fair. We havn't really seen
each other in awhile and I was  happy to goto the fair. So it was a pretty good chance
to catch up anyways. We ate quite a bit of food. Andy Grammer was at the Bandshell
for free. Which was pretty cool. It was a fun night. I had a good time.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”