9-30-2016 Scenic
I totally didn't know what to expect. But, it was beautiful out there. The mountains
were breath taking. The hikings was wonderful. Everything I could think of was great.
We went to Bear lake Emerald lake and dream lake.,

9-29-2016 Colorado
Me and Dorothy got on  our flight to meet Amanda in Denver. trhe cabin we got was
sketchy in a good way. It was in the mountains on a very scary road. Buit it was worth
it. I had such a good time so far. We tried some gummies that night.

9-28-2016 ZG win
It was snow cone night tonight. It was so much fun, we got a big win as well. Our
offense is really playing well. I am happy with how things are turning out for us.

9-27-2016 Lazy
I honestly, didn't feel like doing any work. I was just done with everything and just
can't wait till vacation. But I plugged through. Tickets are getting so tough at work. I
don't even want to write about it.

9-26-2016 Cowboys
We went to Cowboy jacks after work. Met with the volleyball team to think of
strategy to make our sleeves better for this next season. it will be fun, but tough.

9-25-2016 Vikings
The Vikes had  a very big win today against Carolina. I was feeling very happy.

i made thanks giving dinner in September today. I was very fun and we had quite a bit
of people over. I was happy how it turned out. Green beans could have been better.

9-24-2016 Lazy
There was Blair tree of hope today. I didn't play this year. Just felt like taking one
off and relaxing all day. I was tired anyways. I had happy hour today. Gordon came out
and beat me at darts. I was feeling pretty good.

9-23-2016 Friday
I really didn't want to stay home tonight. I called Becky and forced her to go out with
me tonight. We went to the Hoggsbreath. It was fun there. We ran into Kristen and
Che there.

9-22-2016 Out
I promised I would stay in all week and I am still going out. I just need a reason to
stay in. I did make a PS4 purchase hoping it would help me stay in. I am so excited for
it to arrive.

9-21-2016 Happy hour
I was a bad influence tonight and pushed for happy hour. I stayed out later than I
wanted too. I was so tired at the end of the night. But its helping with work being so
crazy. I never needed alcohol to cope. But lately its been feeling that way.

9-20-2016 Taking
As I type this. i wanted to take a break from drinking. I didn't really do a good job of
doing that lately. I need to slow down. With all my trips coming. I am so excited.
Tonight I booked my flight to chicago.

9-19-2016 Case of the Mondays
I've just been kinda down lately at work. it's hard. We try our best to get things
done. But tickets are getting harder now and its overwhelming.

9-18-2016 Vikes
I went over to Kristen and Ches for the Vikes game tonight. We had a lot of food. But
it was so much fun. With the Vikes winning of course. The puppies got to play. So
thats good.

9-17-2016 Fry party
I went over to John and Naomis for their 4th annual fry fest. I made egg rolls for
this. It was pretty fun, they had a commercial fryer. Everything turned out pretty

9-16-2016 Sleep
I have been so tired lately. I been getting up so early for work now and I just can't
get enough sleep. My body wants to stay up so late at night. Tonight, im going to rest.
Thats for sure.

9-15-2016 Walking
With my strong week of steps. I kept it up and kept going tonight. My legs are tired
and sore. But I don't care. Just trying to do as much as I can. Mind over matter type
of thing.

9-14-2016 Zero Gravity
We played very strong tonight. Best game of our  team history. Defense and kicking
were strong. Plus everyone was having fun. Which makes it even better. I was very
happy tonight. Plus it was grilling night.

9-13-2016 Steaks
I figured I was doing so good on the exercising. I wanted steaks. So I made Ny strips
tonight. It was good, my mashed potatoes were on point. I am not a big potato fan by
the way.

9-12-2016 Sore
I got over 22k steps today. Which is quite a bit. I just don't want to lose this week.
So I got off to a good start. I wont be able to replicate this all week. But I will try.

9-11-2016 Rest
I had a quite a bit of drinks yesterday. It was a full day of drinking and I need a
break. I took Zoomie for a nice stroll. I am determined to get a lot of steps this week.
Nobody should beat me.

9-10-2016 UFC fight
We had our volleyball banquet today. It was fun, free drinks and free bowling. I had a
really good time.

Tonight was the UFC pay per view. CM punk was making his debut. Well he got his butt
kicked and it was fun to watch that.

9-09-2016 Finally
With this the crazy busy work week from hell. It was nice to just get out of it and
just enjoy the weekend. I can't wait to just get out and enjoy the night. I actually
stayed in, but I figured I would save my energy for tomorrow.

9-08-2016 Laundry
I didn't have anything to really do tonight. So I took it easy. I have ben trying to
catch up on some things. I need to do a better job at looking at my bank account. With
all my trips. I need to just do a better job.

9-07-2016 ZG
We played tough today. But we struggled. We kicked away and made too many mistakes.
Until we play better. We aren't going to beat anyone. We fought well though.

9-06-2016 Busy
Today was just a horrible week for me. It was just hard and I hated it. Nothing I was
doing was working and it gets frustrating when everyone else is kinda having troubles.
The energy is just low around here.

9-05-2016 Labor day
I really didn't do too much today. I just sat back and enjoyed the day. I took Zoomie
for a nice walk. I wanted to get my steps up for my fitbit. I have been slacking lately.
I need to do better.

9-04-2016 Happy hour
I wasn't planning on going out at all today. But with it being the holiday weekend. I
figured I could get away with it. This week is gonna be tough at work. I need time to

9-03-2016 Drinks
I spent most of the day at home just relaxing. I have been so tired lately. I need to
get back in shape. Summer is over and fall is here. Time to push my self.

9-02-2016 Drinks
I had happy hour with Andy and Sarah. I was sober for almost 5 full days. But I needed
to get some drinks after work was so busy this week.  I went home and got Zoomie and
I went over to their place and hung out and played darts.

9-01-2016 September
I totally realized today. That it was September. Summer has gone and is almost over.
The state fair is almost over. But Fall does bring some great times. I am excited for
my trips later this month. Till we see you again Summer.
“For having lived long, I have experienced
many instances of being obliged, by better
information or fuller consideration, to
change opinions, even on important
subjects, which I once thought right but
found to be otherwise.”