9-30-2017 Busy
It was a busy day today. I was running all over the place today. I went to Kristen and
Ches house so Zoomie and Billy could play. Those dogs like to really ware eac hother

9-29-2017 Steamer win
We made easy work of the Kicksters tonight. So far this year. Things have been very
easy for us. With all of our upgrades. Ee are playing so well.

9-27-2017 ZG loss
We have struggled this year to get some offense going. Our defense is making small
mistakes. Its been a tough year for us. But it was still a good year. we got one week
left to make it to .500.

9-23-2017 Streak ends
Today was our volleyball banquet and we had free food, drinks and bowling. I went to
Cowboy Jacks at happy hour and I was hurting pretty bad. It was nice return, but I'm
going to be feeling it in the morning.

9-22-2017 Steamer win
We got a nice win today. I have had a string of drops lately and I finally got passed it.
I was pretty frustrated, and I believed it was old age. But my vision was just
struggling with those lights on the field.

9-20-2017 Winning
Zero Gravity got a nice 5 to 2 victory today. We needed it. As we have been struggling
as of late. But we did well. My ham string is still a big concern. Its not healing with
me playing two nights of kickball.

9-18-2017 Sober
I decided to be sober for at least a week. It will be difficult for me , but with me and
Morissa trying this sober thing. I figure i have someone to help me do it.

9-17-2017 Happy hour
I had happy hour today. Today marks the last day of me drinking for awhile. I just
want to go on a sober run for awhile. Which hopefully will make me feel better. I have
been working out a lot. But it seems the alcohol is stunting my weight loss.

9-13-2017 Double Header
We had a double header today and we lost both games. We just couldn't get our
offense going and the Defense is slowly letting in runs. I hope we can get it together
soon. We need the offense and my ham string isn't healing.

9-9-2017 Dball
As I slowly get my arm strength back for dodgeball. I notice my arm is hurting more
and more. I literally am just not able to heal as fast as I hoped. My arm hurts all the
time now when I play.

9-8-2017 Steamers
We played really well today. We are having a lot of fun on this team. It was nice to
finally get my revenge against Charm school. My life is now complete.

9-6-2017 ZG
Zero Gravity had a big 16 to 1 win last night. Our offense has been struggling as of
late and we needed it. We did well. The other team had some good subs. Things are
looking good lately.

9-4-2017 Labor day
Another Labor day at the Fair. Its been a sad end to summer. It rained and got very
cold. A true sign. Summer has ended. I had a lot of fun at the Fair today. Just ate and
drank and hung out.

9-2-2017 Dball return
I havn't played dodge ball in such a long time. I made my return to MLK on Saturday.
They had new floors and my arm just didn't have the type of power I had before. I will
slowly have to get back into it.

9-1-2017 State Fair part 2
With Ashley and her fiance in town from New York. The only chance i had to hang out
with her was at the fair. It was nice to hang out with them for a bit. I really enjoyed
it. I met up with the old Legion gang after wards. I had a fun time tonight. Just went
home and slept. Oh and I got like 27k in steps.